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OBE-SCL 101; What is 18-19 it all about? Best Student

"Life is like a box of chocolate. You'll never know whatcha gonna get "

The exuberance magazines have been a tradition for AFTAS. It is privileged and honor for me to play my part in contributing in the effort in publishing this magazine. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone in editorial board who have gave their undivided commitment in the production of this magazine. It has been a thrilling journey for me and the editorial board in the production of this magazine. The main concern was trying to dispense a message relating to the branding of AFTAS due to this important task to introduce AFTAS in a new face. We have push ourselves in ensuring this new concept will be comprehended by the fast track students. I hope this magazine you will benefit you and inspire to strive to the greater success through the excellence legacy of fast track students. Embracing the prestigious profession. Che Ku Mohamad Hakim

programme leader fast track Praise to Allah S.W.T who has guided us in gaining beneficial knowledge and experiences pertinent to our self-development and for contribution towards the society. Our gratitude also goes to the one who has blessed us with numerous goals achievements, which we could not have done it by ourselves. Now, we have come to the end of 2012 and without we realized, another great year will soon pass us by. Throughout this year, we can witness numerous amazing and wonderful events that were organized by the AFTAS committees One of the most successful events being managed by AFTAS throughout every semester is the AFTAS Futsal Night, which we can be proud of in promoting a well-balanced accountancy student in both academic and sports activities. A round of applause I shall give to the AFTAS committee members who have tirelessly and diligently organized various activities for the students. To the students who have not involved and experienced to join any of the student associations, take the chance and be part of the committee member of AFTAS. Improve the leadership skills and polish the interpersonal skills. Lastly, not to forget to the Exuberance Editorial Team who have spared their precious time to make this year’s Exuberance an accomplishment. Last but not least, I would like to wish all of the Fast Track students a very productive and successful years ahead.


APR 13 THE NEWLY ELECTED PRESIDENT Muhammad Amjad bin Shaiful Arbi

5th of May 1992 - 21 Years Old From SMK Seksyen 7, Shah Alam - UiTM Puncak Perdana - UiTM Shah Alam Puncak Perdana : Aftas 2011/2012 in sports and recreation bureau Program director of Aftas Wellness (jun 2011 - oct 2011) Shah Alam : Program director of Futsal Night (sept 2012-jan 2013), PPW (mar 2013-jul 2013)

Thank you, Mohamad Ezrien Mohd Kamal

IZHAM SYAZWAN AFTAS PRESIDENT (2012) Assalamualaikum, Alhamdulillah thanks to Allah with His bless AFTAS managed to complete this magazine after tremendous amount of energy have been contributed and sacrificed by the committee. I would also like to thank the committee because they managed to hold Aftas Annual general meeting even half of the committees are doing their internship.

you know what you need as a student and trust me CGPA is not everything that employers look for. As for the new committees I wish the best for them and use this opportunities wisely. Take full responsibility with the trust given by the faculty and serve the student with the full commitment as per during the interview. Thank you.

I would also like to encourage for new students to participate and involve in student association as this is the stage for students to learn a lot of new things that we cannot get in the classroom. This is the time that we cultivate out to be better students and employees after graduating. Trust yourselves because

trust me cgpa is not everything that employers look for


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KPMG, known to be one of the “big four” auditing firms .KPMG in Malaysia has grown to be a part of the global success of KPMG’s network of firms. The Malaysian firm now has 60 partners and over 1800 staff located across 10 offices. Last year, we presented our idea on the transformation of AFTAS to the Managing Partner, En.Raslan. In support of our initiative to reposition AFTAS towards a professional image, KPMG sponsored the AFTAS signage plaque that is hung proudly in front of the AFTAS office today. Furthermore, En Raslan agreed to take some time out of his busy schedule for us to interview him. In this interview he gave us a glimpse of life would be when we join the work force.

"Because I see a great future for accountants" " En Raslan Managing partner of KPMG

Qr code to the video "


EXCHANGE STUDENT PROGRAMME Sawardi khrap... greetings from Thailand!


Syukur alhamdulillah, for Allah S.W.T has given us His blessing to be a part of a priceless opportunity. What we are about to share with all of you is our tremendous journey to Thailand, a neighboring country in the Asian continent. We are considered the lucky ones having been chosen as representatives of UiTM to participate in the students exchange programme for 6 months at Rangsit University. The university is located in Bangkok in Mueang Ake province. Bangkok is also the capital city of Thailand. Rangsit University is a private higher learning institution listed among the best private universities in the country and to top that, it is also branded as the most expensive university to study in Thailand! Prior to the selection of the students, we didn’t have much knowledge of the country or the university we are going to be placed for the exchange programme. As soon as we learned that we will be packing our bags for Bangkok, we smiled to one another to the thought that we will be sent not so far away from the Asian community. Nevertheless, on second thought, what is so bad about Thailand? We decided to take on the challenge and accepted it even if it was just a few miles away from Malaysia. The greatest magnitude of this programme wells in the whole new experience we will benefit from. On our arrival in Bangkok, it came to our surprise that the Thais cannot speak English at all! In Malaysia, we have been told by our friends that the locals are able to converse in English. As the Malay idiom goes, “indah khabar dari rupa”. The first two weeks in Bangkok were remarkable one because we communicated with the locals using body language. Haha... so that is one great thing we would not have gotten if we were to be in an English-speaking country. Asians are being recognized as courteous people and that goes without saying for the Thais. They show a lot of respect to the elderly with high self-discipline being practiced as part of their daily life. For example, the students and lecturers will queue up, forming a long line to use the elevator despite the fact they are late to attend a class or lecture. This is something we do not see or practice in our country in general and in UiTM particularly. We really hope that we can start making changes. During our tenure at Rangsit University, we took four (4) subjects; namely Thai Politics and Business, Thai Language, Conflict Management and also Psychology in everyday life. The university does not offer any accounting subjects. However, it will embark on the proposition for the first time next year and for that reason, it was a leap moment for us accounting student being able to leave the ‘devil’ aside for 6 incredible months and guess what? We do not even have to struggle with numbers and FRS! Haha.. They are truly an amazing group of people to be friends with and we will surely miss them when we leave Bangkok. Till then, this is our story. Salam from Thailand...Izham, Munir, Hakim, Nina and Julia.


AFTAS FUTSAL NIGHT 7TH OF MAY 2012 When it comes to AFTAS Futsal Night, no further explanation needed. The anxiety, excitement and commitment were shown on 7th of May 2012, by not only from the players but also from all the fans that came to support their friends. This AFTAS’s event of the year involved a total number of 300 accounting students from both UiTM Shah Alam and UiTMPuncakPerdana. One of the objectives set is to unite all accounting students through this sport event, and by the end of the programme, everyone went home with a smile on their faces shows that the objective has been well obtained.

AFTAS FUTSAL NIGHT 28 NOV 2012 Here it comes again. Accounting students’ ‘World Cup Tournament’, The AFTAS Futsal Night. Featuring teams from all batches, they are competing for not only gold medals but also for pride. 200 students involved in the event which includes the players and the supporters. Rain pour down during the event but it does not break the players and the supporters spirit as team from Part 6 claims the glory for man’s category while team from part 8 swept aside other teams to claim the gold medals under the woman’s category.



Do you think you are fit enough? The answer is NO. Not until you join AFTAS ECO RACE. AFTAS ECO RACE was held on 7th October 2012 at Wetland Park, Putrajaya. With the tagline ‘Survival of the Fittest’, AFTAS had brought

us, the students to a different side of students’ life by joining this challenging activity. With the total of 5 participants in a group, all of them need to race and complete all games in every checkpoint. Parts of the games

were cycling, kayaking, lake crossing and many more! AFTAS ECO RACE had indeed challenged the participants’ mental and physical abilities in doing tasks assigned to them.

Do you think you are fit enough?



On 12 sept 2012 aftas committee had conducted a forum which has been held at Dewan Serbaguna Kolej Jasmine, Uitm puncak Perdana. The forum was attended by a popular novelist and motivator, Ustazah Fatimah Sharhah binti Hj. Mohd Nordin and her beloved husband, Dr.

Farhan Hadi Bin Mohd Taib. The main objective of the forum is to create awareness among uitm students regarding the social boundaries between boys and girls. Ustazah Fatimah explained about coupling issue among students while Dr. Farhan Hadi used science as his

method to convey the message about the effect of “zina”. Although it started with a very low attendance, in time, more and more students came to the hall and the result was outstanding. The program which started at 9 o’clock ended with great satisfaction among the spectators.



Having problems with FAR 430? We got the solution. “Crash Course FAR430�. This program was held on Saturday, 16 June 2012 at Level 11 Menara Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah. The main objective of this program is to help part 5 students understand better in this subject and get good grade in


the final examination. We are surprised that students participate this program is more than what we expected. AFTAS has invited one of the best lecturers in faculty of accountancy, PM Hjh. Noraini Bt Md Nasir to give lecture to all participants in the morning session. In the next session, the

students were divided into several groups and were asked to answer past year question to test their understanding. We are thankful that this program was managed to reduce the failure rate of this tough subject for the semester


On 30th September 2012, All Part 4 Degree Students need to report themselves to this respective program. With the objectives to strengthen the relationship between faculty management and students and to expose the students on the important information about the faculty, this

program was started with a talk by the counselor followed by Explorace. Brought to you by AFTAS, Explorace activity was meant to introduce important places to the Part 4 students such as Dewan Agong Tuanku Canselor (DATC), HEP, Sports Centre, Dewan Sri Budiman and

many more.


Profesor DiRaja Ungku Aziz



The Renaissance of AFTAS

2012 have been a milestone for AFTAS. For this is the year

AFTAS have gone through significant changes for the benefit of our beloved association and for the best interest of the fast

track students. The renaissance of AFTAS is a great leap for-

ward and an inception of a new era of excellences. The changes that have been done is not merely for cosmetic purposes, rather it’s an effort to reform the whole association from head to toe. The initial step for this transformation was the change of the AFTAS logo. We believe we needed a symbol that can truly

represent who we are, accounting students. Thus, the change

of the logo was regarded imperative for the success of this transformation. This initiative was fully endorsed by our Vice Chancellor himself Dato' Prof. Ir. Dr. Sahol Hamid Abu Bakar

, who shares the aspiration and hopes for this transformation. Rome wasn't built in a day, it takes time for changes to take into effect. The previous committees have work tirelessly to strive for this cause. However, we confidently believe under the new lead-

ership of Muhammad Amjad, this transformation progress will continue rapidly towards to the vision and mission of AFTAS.

Meaning behind the logo design This logo is based on the concept 'coat of arms'. The colour

scheme chosen is the highlighted version of Satin Sheen Gold which is to represent the prestige respected account-

ing profession. The arrows pointing upwards represent the

tenacious efforts of fast track students to pursue success. The seven daisies which is the flower that carry the symbolism of

purity and the sincerity of fast track students to delve into the

knowledge of accounting. The three books represents the en-

deavour to procure the vast knowledge of accounting. The filigree pattern that decorates the outer shield is to add

elegance to the logo thus increasing it's aesthetic value. The UiTM logo that is positioned on the top of the emblem signi-

fies the fidelity of the students towards the university.

ac 220 8a

ac 220 8b

ac 220 8c


ac 220 8d

ac 220 8d

part 8 september 2012 15

ac 220 8c

ac 220 8c


ac 220 8b

ac 220 8b

part 8 march 2013 17

OBE-SCL 101; Wha Students will be responsible for meeting the many levels of learning outcomes by:

Student-Centered Learning (SCL) Adhering to notional Student Learning Time (SLT). Actively engaging in all learning opportunities (Face to Face and Self-Learning).

Aware of academic requirements, rules and regulations.

Proactive in constructing knowledge from multiple sources (print media, online media, peers, lecturers, society, environment).

Students Responsibility 1. To know your Program Outcomes.

2. Students Learning Time (SLT)

-What you will gain throughout your program. -Characteristics that describes your ability at the point of graduation. -Description of your future employment. 2. To be well aware of your program plan. 3. To know that each course (subject) outcomes contributes to your overall success in the program. 4. To know that Student Learning Time (SLT) is a guiding compass to manage your academic life. 5. To monitor your own learning through student portfolios and seek guidance from your Academic Advisor.

Translating SLT for Diploma Program (5 days per week for 17 weeks) Total Credit = 90 credit Translates to 90 X 40 hrs SLT = 3,600 hrs SLT for a 3 year program. This translates to: 1200 hrs a year 600 hrs per semester 35.3 hrs a week 7 hrs a day (YOUR COMMITMENT)


Translating SLT for Degree Program (5 days per week for 17 weeks) Total Credit = 120 credit Translates to 120 X 40 hrs SLT = 4,800 hrs SLT for a 3 year program. This translates to: 1600 hrs a year

800 hrs per semester 47 hrs a week 9.4 hrs a day (YOUR COMMITMENT) 3. Students Assessment There are multiple methods of assessment: Continuous Assessment: During the course (Quiz, Test, Project, As signment, Oral Presentation, Performance, Artifact, Soft Skills Enhancement). Final Examination: Written and taken at the end of a course. Percentage between Continuous Assessment and Final Examination is assigned according to the programme/course. A pass indicates attainment of the course outcome. Excellence is indicated by an A+ score or 4.00 GPA

at is it all about? Student-centered learning in OBE means students will be equally responsible for their own learning. Engagement of both students and lecturers will be visible in the teaching and learning process.

1 2

OUTCOME BASED EDUCATION AND STUDENT CENTERED LEARNING Introduction to OBE-SCL and their importance to higher education in Malaysia.









"As we witness the launching of the 6 modules on OBE-SCL for July 2010 and onwards, I am confident that we are moving forward and also embracing the spirit of change in the teaching and learning process through demonstrating the varied approaches in our pedagogical knowledge. "



"Life is like a prison where we need to break free" Muhammad Nassar bin Sanusi

Name: Muhammad Nassar bin Sanusi Date of Birth : 13th August 1990

Student figure academic Muhammad Nassar bin Sanusi is one of the high achievers among the fast track students. He was awarded with the Best Student Award, Faculty of Accountancy UiTM Shah Alam in the year 2012. So, how did he manage to obtain this award? So, the Editorial Board decided to uncover the secret behind his success. He was born on 13th August 1990 in Kuala Lumpur. He has 9 siblings

and would want to be a businessman someday. He received his early education in SekolahMenengahKebangsaan Agama (SMKA) MaahadHamidiah, Kajang. He was the school’s Vice Head Prefect for the 2006/2007 session and he was named the Sportsman of SMKA MaahadHamidiahKajang in the year 2007. There, he obtained decent results for his PMR and SPM. He managed to achieve 7As in

PMR and 7 A1 and 1 A2 in SPM. In UiTM, he was awarded with the Vice Chancellor Award for Diploma in Accountancy (Fast Track Programme) in 2010. Besides that, he obtained the Dean’s List Award for Semesters 4, 5 and 6 in the Bachelor in Accountancy Programme.

extracurricular Besides academic, Nassar is also active in his extracurricular activities. This is proven by his active participation in various programs and tournamnets. At the international level, he represented Faculty of Accountancy, UniversitiTeknologi Mara in Student Exchange Programme to Teesside University, United Kingdom 2011, represented Teesside University Malaysian Society for Global Leadership Outreach Program in London, United Kingdom 2011, participated in Nottingham Games 2011 (Futsal), United Kingdom, participated in Community Service Programs Cambodia & Vietnam 2009 & 2010,participated in Community Service Programs Vietnam 2012 and participated in Australian Mathematics Competition 2007.


For those who want to follow in his footsteps, here are some tips he would like to share: • Although our presence at the university should be on top of our priority list, focusing on the subjects and syllabus should not be our only agenda. Do not be afraid to try and grab the opportunities around you. • Success in university is not measured by how consistently you achieve good grades. Enjoy your student life. Balance it with the activities that can build your character. • Never stop learning. There is always so much to learn. Seek as much knowledge as possible for being a knowledgeable person will differentiate you from the others. • Nothing is impossible. No mountain is too high, no ocean is too deep. If others can do it, you certainly can do be better than them. • Do not delay your prayers. Do not forget your duties as a Muslim even in good times. Always strive to be a better Muslim.

"The sky is the limit" Muhammad Ariff b Mohd Mustafa

Name: Muhammad Ariff b Mohd Mustafa Age : 21 years old

Student figure business Our faculty’s role model in this business section goes by the name Muhammad Ariff b Mohd Mustafa who’s going to be 21 years old this year. Ariff, who likes to play sports especially tennis and reading motivational books also shared with us about his other passions – selling sausages and being an insurance agent! Since a few months ago, Ariff had been selling sausages and other

kind of snacks at level 8 in Menara SAAS UiTM Shah Alam. If you hadn’t notice, there’s a corner called ‘Sweet Corner’ that offers you sausages and snacks in case you’re hungry or bored while in class. On the other hand, Ariff has involved in freelance insurance since November 2012. He is a freelance agent under Tru Legacy which is working for Prudential Assurance, Malaysia. Until today, he has been

improving his skills and is taking some training programs. For your information, his inspiration and motivation has always been from his parents, his cousin who brought him into this insurance field and also his friends. The ultimate factor behind his achievements until today is himself as he always motivates himself to strive for what is best for him

work- study balance? Have you ever wondered how on earth he manages his time between studying and these two side jobs that he is doing? Ariff strongly holds to his principle which is to set his priorities as he is still studying. After all, it is our obligation as a student, right? Moreover, he would not make appointments with clients during crucial times especially tests, quizzes and examinations. Ariff also stated that as a freelance agent, you must never give up easily and this is the most important factor to survive in this field. Committing to these two businesses bring many challenges. Handling one business is difficult enough, imagine two. For instance, he had to wake up as early as 6 a.m. to get ready to sell sausages and prepare the snacks. There was also a time where his accumulated profit had been stolen. In addition, he will have to restock his products every week. In the insurance field, the worst case is that Ariff had been cursed by the clients and sometimes, his appointments would require him to travel as far as Seremban. All the appointments are held at night after

class. As expected, Ariff has goals to achieve his dreams as he wants to commit fully in insurance agency after he finishes his studies. Another goal that he wants to achieve is to have an income of more than RM8000 – just as an insurance agent. With both of these jobs, the amount of money that he receives will surely amaze us all. In a nutshell, his determination and his hard work is something that we should follow. Time management is clearly an important factor for us to be a successful person in future. Just as what he quoted from a friend, ‘Jihad Business’. So what about you? What do you want to do in the future and how will you see yourself in 10 years’ time?


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