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GENERAL INFORMATION: Name: Sergio Octavio Hernández Cervantes Role: Internal Comunication Manager 2014 LC: Guanajuato, México Mobile: +52 472 126 13 54 Skype ID: chekomurs • Contact: Languajes: Spanish: Native English: Good

AIESEC Conferences CONAL 2014 Chief Delegate January 2014 Puebla, Mexico 680 Delegates

-Writing: Excellent -Speaking: Good -Listening: Basic Italian: Basic.

AIESEC Experiences Internal Comunication Manager - At Present - All the newbies with myaiesec counts, roles in the system. Chief Delegate CONAL 2014 - Coordination of 40 delegates - The payments were made in the right time - All delegates assisted to the plenaries at time

GTO OCVP Logistics Final Event - Above Expectations - Attendance 60% - Lower fee of the year - Achieved venue for a hundred people GTO OCVP MKT Recruitment - At Present - 70% more diffusion in social networks compared to last recruitment

Tell us a situation where you have undertaken the organization of an event and what was the process and outcome. OC Final Event, the process was fun and good because the team had good ideas and we work fine together, the event was so amazing because the participants left with a smile and a happy face, the target achievement "The final event is more than a party" and it really was more. OC Recruitment, the process was very difficult because i could not go to the reunions and don't had so many information about the Oc. But i talked with mi OCP and she gave to me another opportunity and the process was great, i learned to take responsabilities.

Priority: An objective of work that must constantly work on it to move on to the second step or stage. Milestone: A task at which breaks down into activities to achieve an impact on the measurement system and performance. Do you consider this event important? Why? Because in this event we give the explanations to the processes to which take the challenge of an exchange, we present the opportunities they will have and we solve them any questions you may they have. Team? I believe that everyone is different and the best part of a team is learning to work with the "ways of being" you do not like of others. Pruporse of the event? Prepare the kids who take their exchange. Why do you want to be part of the organizing committee of this event? For impact the society in a positive way and contribute to the OC with my actions, strategies, solutions, ideas, participation and vision. “THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL.�

“Don’t Try to be the bes of the World, be the best for the world.” My profile is good for the project? Yes, because I have good ideas and love the my LC so I want the best for it, now i learned to take responsibilities and manage my time. Teamwork and problems? I'm a very very active person so i love help others, explain my ideas but i respect the others ideas, i'm very adaptable, with the problems I think listening is the best tool and accept that others may have reason. I don't like fight and i believe in respect others. Success? I can't make sure the success of this event but I can assure that I will give 1000% in the work delegated, i'll go to the reunions and the most important i'll make you proud of my profile and my work.



Reception, publicity and enroller Register, Reception, Coloquio Cervantino Promotion Muestra Turistica 2013 Logistic, register Final Event OCVP Logistic Recruitment OCVP MKT FIC 2013

Schedule Hora/ Dia



wednes day

Thursda y


Saturda y


7:00 am 9:00 am 10:00 am – 2:30 pm 2:30 pm9:30 pm 9:30 pm 10:00 pm 10:00 pm – 11:59 pm

Leisure (Homework, fun, etc) University LC Work

Timezone: MEXICO

SPECIFIC QUESTIONAIRE Applying for OCVP Logistics/MKT In such a short time of the event, how you think the event to properly manage the logistics of this successful? I have never liked the precipitated things, which is why I pledge to respect my time and equipment for everything to be on time. Place? I think, the event should be in a place with natural areas because the people need spaces to make games and activities. Maybe not the "Metropolitano" but a garden in an hotel and one hall for conferences would be great. Activities

Activities for meet more people Conferences

Roll Calls Q&A Funny Activities Secrets I dont knows its A world of possibilities

Recreational activities


For me, Marketing is an Area with two sides 1.- The creative Side 2.- The Disciplined side Doing Marketing for AIESEC is the chance to impact the society in a positive way and contribute to the network with my actions, strategies, SOLUTIONS, ideas and vision.

Creative Side The creative, emotional and caring side. Where we focus in try to find the originality and authenticity and in which the ideas we have in common are reflected. Here is the magic. MARKETING

Brand positioning? I read the manuals and wikis, my area is MKT so i'm aware of the status

Intermediate/ expert I’m still learning



Everybody deserves a second chance.

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