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Forged Series PB5000 Enhanced superior design. Ice-hardened for lasting sharpness, each blade is made to the highest standards with one-piece forging of German stainless steel. The seamless polypropylene (POM) handle is designed for maximum performance and comfort and fits perfectly to any hand size. NSF approved. Each knife has a convenient knife guard for storage and safety.

10" Round Tip Slicer, Granton Edge

ITEM: PB5000-SLIG-100 $45.00*

10" Carving Knife ITEM: PB5000-CARV-100 $45.00*

10" Chef’s Knife

ITEM: PB5000-CHEF-100 $65.00*

9" Curved Bread Knife ITEM: PB5000-BREC-090 $37.00*

8" Chef’s Knife

ITEM: PB5000-CHEF-080 $55.00*

7" Santoku Knife, Granton Edge

ITEM: PB5000-BONF-060 $38.00*

6" Boning Stiff

ITEM: PB5000-BONS-060 $38.00*

6" Utility Knife

ITEM: PB5000-UTIL-060 $37.00*

3.5" Paring Knife ITEM: PB5000-PARP-035 $27.00*

2.5" Bird Beak Peeler ITEM: PB5000-PEEL-025 $27.00*

Straight Fork

ITEM: PB5000-SANG-070 $48.00*

ITEM: PB5000-FORS-000 $37.00*

10" Sharpening Steel

Pot Fork Curved

ITEM: PB1000-SHAR-100 $19.95*

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6" Boning Semi Flex

ITEM: PB5000-FORC-000 $37.00*

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Ajax Chef Works Catalog MSRP