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quince paste


spring roll skins

Chef Source 2013 key-lime pie



olive oils panna cotta mix

wasabi peas

8 oz vanilla beans

mousse mixes

Cakes 11181 12904 13695 12273 11200

& tortes

chocolate decadence, flour-less, 16 cut chocolate raspberry mousse torte, 14 cut key lime pie, 12 cut, 86 oz vanilla bean cheesecake, 12 cut, 9", 87 oz white chocolate chambord cheesecake, 14 cut

chocolate raspberry mousse white chocolate chambord Chocolate génoise with a layer of chocolate ganache, chocolate mousse, raspberry preserves, and chocolate glaze.

Croissants 13851 14476 11304 13595

An elegant mixture of creamy white chocolate and raspberry liqueur combined in a New York cheesecake base is decorated with a brilliant raspberry glaze and decorative line work.

& danish

croissant, multi-grain, 28 oz danish assortment, café pack #3, 1.25 oz danish assortment, café pack #1, 1.25 oz danish assortment, mini mix, 1.5 oz

Cateraid Cateraid Lawlers Lawlers Lawlers

2 ct 2 ct 4 ct 4 ct 2 ct

chocolate decadence Two dense layers of flour-less chocolate cake made with ground pecans, semi-sweet chocolate, and triple sec, highlighted with triple sec chocolate ganache and covered with a shiny chocolate glaze.

vanilla bean

Key lime Pie

Cheesecake infused with vanilla bean flecks baked in a vanilla cookie crust and layered with white chocolate vanilla mousse and vanilla whipped cream.

This is truly authentic Key Lime pie! Refreshingly tart custard resting in a graham cracker and butter crust make this dessert stand out among the rest.

Café pack 1 Bel Pastry 60 ct French Gourmet 275 ct French Gourmet 275 ct Bel Pastry 120 ct



cinnamon raisin roll

Café pack 3 multi-grain mini croissants apricot medallion

black cherry burst

cinnamon raisin roll

Mini mix

maple pecan




cinnamon swirl

Mini desserts

14512 14781 11286 15514 10575

Macaroon assortment

tea cakes assortment macaroon assortment mini cheesecake assortment mini cheesecake lollipop assortment mini noble cup assortment

Alessi Bon Patissier Alessi Alessi Noble

120 ct 192 ct 2/56 ct 2/56 ct 5/30 ct

Cheesecake lollipop assortment


key lime

cookies N’ cream

Chocolate, white chocolate, raspberry, apricot, lemon, pistachio.


Tea cake assortment

double chocolate



black & white



Cheesecake assortment



chocolate chip

butter toffee


key lime



Noble cup assortment






Chocolate decorations, shavings 12083 12836 10516 12078 11480 13480 14616 15751 13229

dark chocolate flowers white chocolate flowers white chocolate green puccini commas white chocolate pink domino square white and dark Easter egg assortment, 1.5" white and dark chocolate mother’s day hearts curls, pink shavings, pink marbled shavings, rose duo

puccini green comma

pink domino square

T ransfer sheets 10145 10080 10103

Dobla Dobla Dobla Dobla Sweet Swiss Sweet Swiss Mona Lisa Mona Lisa Dobla

white chocolate flowers


& curls 76 ct 76 ct 295 ct 500 ct 168 ct 168 ct 10 lbs 4 lbs 160 ct

dark chocolate flowers

Easter egg assortment

rose duo shavings

Mother’s Day chocolate hearts

pink shavings

sugar decorations

sugar Easter bunny assortment, 1.5" transfer sheets, “Happy Easter” transfer sheets, “Happy Mother’s Day”

KenCraft Sweet Swiss Sweet Swiss

144 ct 12 ct 12 ct

Easter transfer sheets Mother’s Day transfer sheets

Chocolate cups

10281 10039E

& truffles

dark chocolate mini pastel tulip cups assorted chocolate truffles

hazelnut white chocolate



sugar Easter bunnies

Mona Lisa 152 ct D. Innovations 270 ct

milk chocolate

grand orange


mini pastel tulip cup assortment

pink curls

Spices, grains, nuts Grains 15320 15319 Nuts 15669E Spices 10672 14660 14661 14662 15284E 13274E Spreads 13849E 15668 15679 15680 15680E

& spreads

couscous, Mediterranean blend pasta legume gourmet blend

8 lbs 8 lbs

almonds, chocolate dusted

2 kg pasta legume blend

cajun seasoning (not shown) Marion Kay 6.5 lbs Mediterranean sea salt 7 lbs brisket/rib rub 8 lbs vegetable seasoning 6 lbs lemon-grass powder (not shown) 12 oz tandoori spice (not shown) 20 oz Ficoco fig and cocoa spread fig cake with almonds fig jam, fresh (not shown) fig jam, fresh, retail size fig jam, fresh, retail size

8.5 oz 5 kg 1.9 kg 10/7 oz 7 oz

Mediterranean blend couscous

vegetable seasoning

brisket/rib rub also available in a 1.9 kg bucket fresh fig jam

fig and cocoa spread

chocolate dusted almonds

Tart shells 13870 13814 13817 13871 10030


Mediterranean sea salt

& cones

cones, chocolate, 3” cones, black sesame, 3” cones, tomato, 3” cones, vanilla, 3” tart shell, flower shaped, 2"

black sesame

fig cake with almonds


La Rose Noire 83 ct La Rose Noire 83 ct La Rose Noire 83 ct La Rose Noire 83 ct Felchlin 270 ct


flower tart shell

Appetizers 10993 14848 15270 15293 14408E 15291 14849 14921 15289

Pasta 11165 12768 13051

enlarged to show texture

beef wellington, mini duxelle chicken fontina with sun-dried tomatoes chicken tandoori chicken, buffalo chicken rangoon, 1 oz dolmas, stuffed grape leaves duck, Peking pot-sticker seafood filo bundle vegetarian, mushroom tart vegetarian Thai spring roll

Amuse Gourmet Kitchen Gourmet Kitchen Amoy Divina Amoy Gourmet Kitchen Gourmet Kitchen Amoy

100 ct 100ct 100ct 120 ct 4.4 lbs 120 ct 100 ct 100 ct 120 ct

stuffed grape leaves

beef wellington

buffalo chicken rangoon

chicken fontina

chicken tandoori

duck pot-sticker

seafood filo bundle

mushroom tart

vegetable Thai spring roll

agnolati, quattro formaggi, striped ravioli, sun-dried tomato and mascarpone ravioli, spinach and roasted garlic

quattro formaggi

Joseph’s Pasta Joseph’s Pasta Joseph’s Pasta

6 lbs 6 lbs 6 lbs

sun-dried tomato and mascarpone

spinach and roasted garlic

Oils, vinegars, mustards, pastes Oils and Vinegars 15074E olive oil, arbequina, extra virgin, retail 15676 olive oil, extra virgin, Portugal 15676E olive oil, extra virgin, Portugal 15684E vinegar, saba, Italy

& sauces

Olivista Esporao Esporao Mitica

16.9 oz 6/750 ml 750 ml 200 ml

Esporao extra virgin olive oil


mustards 14791 sweet jalape単o 14792 honey comb

Old Beck Old Beck

4.9 lbs 5.04 lbs

honey comb mustard

Sauces and Pastes 15887E artichoke heart sauce 15890E black olive cream sauce 15889E mushroom, porcini mushroom cream sauce 13117E mushroom truffle cream sauce 16019E soy sauce, ponzu 13837E spicy pizzicosa sauce 13663E sambal ground chili paste

black olive cream sauce

mushroom truffle cream sauce

arbequina extra virgin olive oil

sweet jalape単o mustard

Menu Menu Menu Menu Kikkoman Menu Sambal Oelek

porcini cream sauce

27 oz 14 oz 27 oz 27 oz 15 oz 28 oz 8.5 lbs

artichoke heart sauce

pizzicosa sauce

ponzu soy sauce

sambal chili paste

unlock spring with fresh, new ideas. Try wasabi peas in a fresh salad or offer a light dessert with our panna cotta mix. These are just some of what we have to offer to help bring in the new season. Browse through our catalog our visit us online at for more ideas.

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chef source spring selections 2013  

chef source spring selections 2013