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Mother’s Day 2010

Cakes 13461 Banquet Cakes Assortment

carrot cake

13860 Chocolate Cake


Cateraid Inc. 4 CT $91.50

Ney York Cheesecake



two layer chocolate

apple flan

4 CT $80.21

Chocolate Banquet Cake Two layers of moist chocolate cake sandwiched between layers of creamy chocolate filling and decorated with icing made from the finest chocolate.

Pies & Tortes 13695 11744 12904 11208

Pie, Key Lime 12CUT Torte, White Choc Mango Mousse 14CUT Torte, Choc Raspberry Mousse 14CUT Torte, Lemon Mist 14CUT

Lawlers Bakery Cateraid Inc. Cateraid Inc. Cateraid Inc.

4 CT 2 CT 2 CT 2 CT

$99.85 $38.80 $38.80 $59.90

chocolate raspberry

white chocolate mango

Key Lime Pie lemon mist


decorations & cups

Chocolate Cups 10281 Dark Chocolate 1.5” Petite Four Pastel 12972 Dark Chocolate 2.625” Tulip Pastel

Mona Lisa Mona Lisa

152 CT 36 CT

$88.00 $41.35 1.5” Petite Four

Chocolate Decorations

& Transfer sheets

13480 Chocolate Hearts for Mother’s Day 12083 Dark Chocolate Flower 12836 White Chocolate Flower 10516 White Chocolate Puccini Green Comma 12078 White Chocolate Pink Domino Square 13824E White Chocolate Cigarette, 2.2”, Ivory & Green 13748E White Chocolate Cigarette, 2.2”, Ivory & Red 10103 Transfer Sheets, “Happy Mother’s Day”

dark chocolate flower

puccini green comma

transfer sheets

Sweet Swiss Dobla Dobla Dobla Dobla Mona Lisa Mona Lisa Sweet Swiss

112CT 76 CT 76 CT 295 CT 500 CT 425 CT 425 CT 12 CT

2.62” Tulip

$25.50 $58.13 $62.76 $47.66 $79.96 $16.95 $16.95 $34.50

white chocolate flower

pink domino square

ivory & red cigarette

chocolate hearts

ivory & green cigarette

Mini Desserts

filled with cream cheese

13734 Brownie Bites, Assorted 13735 Muffins, Mini Assortment filled with Cream Cheese

Alessi Bakery Alessi Bakery

A decadent dark chocolate brownie bite topped with toffee crunch, peanut butter, double chocolate, toffee, cherry, mocha, cream cheese and Walnut. Every bite is so rich and moist it will wow the true brownie connoisseur.

2/56 CT 3/56 CT

$66.08 $76.30

The banana nut, zucchini and strawberry muffins are created using the highest quality fresh bananas, U.S. # 1 zucchinis, premium strawberries and walnuts. They are then filled with smooth cream cheese filling.

mini muffins

mini brownie bites

11176 11286 11291 11330

Petits Fours Asst Cheesecakes Mini Asst Mini Fancy Pastry Asst Macaroons Asst Six Flavors

Cateraid Inc. Alessi Bakeries Alessi Bakeries Panifrance

2/84 CT 2/56 CT 2/56 CT 4/72 CT

$84.96 $89.58 $106.40 $212.85

macaroons lemon chocolate pistachio vanilla coffee raspberry

petits fours amaretto


chocolate chip

butter toffee

mini cheesecakes


key lime



mini fancy pastry

chocolate mousse

italian rum

carrot cake

chocolate macaroon

german chocolate

double fudge

Croissants 13850 13809 13851 13594

Cappuccino, 3.53 oz, Ready To Bake Chocolate, 3.53 oz, Ready To Bake Multi-grain, 3.53 oz, Ready To Bake Pretzelcroissant, 2.82 oz, Ready To Bake

BelPastry BelPastry BelPastry BelPastry

60 CT 60 CT 60 CT 90 CT

$63.99 $59.99 $45.99 $73.98





La Rose Noire

hand made tart shells &

Tart Shells - Savory & Sweet 13689 Savory, Tart, Round, Mini, 1.5” 13688 Savory, Tart, Square, Mini, 1.5” 13535 13458 13868 13606 13567

Sweet, Vanilla, Round, Mini, 1.5" Sweet, Vanilla, Round, Small, 2" Sweet, Vanilla, Square, Mini, 1.5" Sweet, Vanilla, Square, Small, 2" Sweet, Vanilla, Triangle, Small, 2.25"



336 ct 432 ct

$139.87 $199.78

336 ct 160 ct 432 ct 192 ct 180 ct

$141.30 $93.00 $196.78 $119.04 $111.70

elegant cones

hand coated sweet



All La Rose Noire sweet shells are precoated by hand. Look for the artistic brush strokes giving these shells a unique and artistic appearance.

2" 2.25"



Cones, Savory & Sweet 13870 Sweet, Chocolate, 3" 13813 Sweet, Green Tea, 3”

83 ct 83 ct

$47.60 $47.60

13814 Savory, Black Sesame, 3” 13813 Savory, Green Tea, 3” 13817 Savory, Tomato, 3”

83 ct 83 ct 83 ct

$47.60 $47.60 $47.60





black sesame

tomato green tea 3"

3" green tea can also be used for unique savory ideas!


Danish 13854 13852 13803 13853 13855 13802 13856

Apple Crown, 1.5 oz, Mini Cinnamon Whirl, 1.5 oz, Mini Maple Pecan, 3.35 oz, Large Maple Pecan, 1.5 oz, Mini Raspberry Crown, 1.5 oz, Mini Raspberry Crown, 3.53 oz, Large Vanilla Crown, 1.5 oz, Mini

120 ct 120 ct 48 ct 120 ct 120 ct 48 ct 120 ct

$52.30 $52.30 $45.85 $54.95 $52.30 $43.85 $52.30

Apple Crown, Mini A smaller sized pastry is delicately folded around a delicious apple filling, creating a unique shape. Includes white icing for you to decorate with.

Cinnamon Whirl, Mini A breakfast favorite. Perfect, flaky pastry dough with just the right amount of cinnamon flavoured pastry filling make this mouth watering. Includes white icing for you to decorate with give this swirl a unique, but traditional Danish taste and appearance.

Maple Pecan,Large A delicious maple syrup filling rests in a plait of light, crispy pastry. It is then topped with pecan nuts and can be drizzled with the included maple syrup.

Maple Pecan, Mini Simply a bite-sized version of the large Maple Pecan selection. A plait of light and flaky pastry filled with maple syrup and topped with toasted pecan nuts. Includes additional maple syrup for you to decorate with.

Raspberry Crown, Mini & Large A combination of fresh raspberry filling and a delicate crisp texture, this danish is a sensational taste experience. Includes white icing for you to decorate with.

Vanilla Crown, Mini A fun, bite sized pastry made with an authentic, light and flaky Danish pastry dough. The creme adds juiciness and a hint of vanilla. Includes white icing for you to decorate with.

Mini Shown

Danish Assortments 13593 Breakfast Mix Selection, 1 oz 13595 Danish Assortment , 1.48 oz, Mini

Danish Assortment This selection includes all 5 mini danish shown above. A wonderful and classic selection of mini Danish pastries make this assortment perfectly balanced. Enjoy incredible flavors such as velvety smooth vanilla, rich raspberry, cinnamon, maple pecan and apple snow.

225 ct 120 ct

$59.99 $52.30

Mini Breakfast Selection A flaky, all butter croissant, raisin butter and melted chocolate butter Danish make up this incredible breakfast selection. Piping hot right out of the oven will keep them coming back for more.

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Mother's Day selections 2010  
Mother's Day selections 2010  

Chef Source Mother's Day selections