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holiday selections 2012

Decorations Decorate with style Sugar decorations and transfer sheets sugar decorations

10171 10578 15108 10577 15088 15109 15089

Fall Leaves, 1.5" Holly Leaves, 1.5” Merry Minis, Assorted Poinsettia, 1.5” Santa Bear, 1” Snowflakes, Assorted Wreath, 1”

Sugar Petals Sugar Petals Luck’s Sugar Petals Sugar Petals Luck’s Sugar Petals

128 CT 180 CT 353 CT 180 CT 150 CT 138 CT 150 CT

Sweet Swiss

25 CT

transfer sheets


Red and Orange paint

Holly Leaves

Fall Leaves

Santa Bear

Assorted Snowflakes

Chocolate 14016E

10515 13824E 13748E 13512E 10517

Dark, Spoons, 3.75”

White, Cigarettes, 7.8”, Strawberry White, Cigarettes, 2.2”, Ivory & Green White, Cigarettes, 2.2”, Ivory & Red White, Points, Curled, Assorted White, Triangle, Red

Mona Lisa

Dobla Mona Lisa Mona Lisa Mona Lisa Dobla280

Merry Minis



red & orange paint transfer

108 CT 110 CT 300 CT 300 CT 54 CT CT

chocolate spoons

ivory & red cigarettes

strawberry cigarettes

ivory & green cigarettes

red triangles

curled points

Toppings 14616 1 3601 15403E 15736 15736E 15751 15172E 13272E 15030E

Curls, Pink Curls, Ivory Pearls, Milk, Caramelia Pearls, Strawberry Pearls, Strawberry Shavings, Pink, Marbled Vermicelle CafĂŠ Vermicelle Dark Vermicelle White

caramelia pearls

pink curls

ivory curls

DessertSauces 1 5329E 15328E 10194E 15327E 15330E 10049E

Caramel Chocolate Forest Berry Mango Raspberry Strawberry

strawberry pearls

cafĂŠ vermicelle

Carma Carma Felchlin Carma Carma Felchlin

Mona Lisa 10 lb Mona Lisa 10 lb Valhrona 6.61 lb Callebaut 4/800 gr Callebaut 800 gr Mona Lisa 4 lb Cacao Barry 1 kg Cacao Barry 1 kg Cacao Barry 1 kg

dark vermicelle

pink marbled shavings

white vermicelle

1 kg 1 kg 1 kg 1 kg 1 kg 1 kg

Also available by the case! 6/1kg




2012 chef source holiday selections


forest berry




10960 Cheesecake, pumpkin, 14 cut 12273 Cheesecake, Vanilla Bean, 9", 12 cut 13461 Banquet Cakes Assortment, 16 cut

Cateraid 2 CT Lawlers 4/87 oz Chef Source 4 CT

pumpkin cheesecake Warm up this Autumn season with one of the best pumpkin cheesecake we have tasted. Perfect with hot cider or cocoa.

vanilla bean cheesecake Cheesecake infused with vanilla bean flecks baked in a vanilla cookie crust and layered with white chocolate vanilla mousse and vanilla whipped cream.

Cake Assortment

4 flavor banquet cake assortment

13461 Banquet Cake Assortment, 16 cut, Cateraid 4 ct

Carrot Cake Two moist layers of carrot cake sandwiched with traditional cream cheese frosting, garnished with chopped walnuts.

Two Layer Chocolate Banquet Cake Two Devil's Food cake layers and chocolate mousse, topped with chocolate ganache. Garnished with chocolate cookie crumbs.

New York Cheesecake Deliciously rich cheesecake with whipped cream topping. Original Lindy's N.Y. recipe.

Apple Flan Rum flavored pastry crust, filled with apples, accented with raisins and cinnamon-flavored cream custard. Topped with a brown sugar crumb topping. Excellent served warm with ice cream.

Desserts 15514 11287 11289 11290 14781 14512


Cheesecake lollipop Asst. Alessi Bakeries Cream Puffs, Filled, Un-topped Belgium Eclair, Filled, Un-topped Belgium Eclair, Filled, Chocolate Topped Belgium macaroons assortment Bon Patissier Tea Cake Asst. Alessi Bakeries

cream puff, un-topped

2/56 CT 160 CT 142 CT 130 CT 192 CT 2/56 CT

eclair, un-topped

eclair chocolate toped

Macaroons pistachio




Mini Cheesecake Lollipop Assortment apricot

white chocolate

6 flavors

Tea Cake Assortment

double chocolate



black and white

2012 chef source holiday selections




Ready to bake

13809 Chocolate, 3.53 oz, Ready To Bake 13850 Cappuccino, 3.53 oz, Ready To Bake 13594 Pretzelcroissant, 2.82 oz, Ready To Bake



Phyllo Shells 11281 11282

spinach, 1.75" Tomato, 1.75�

Athens Athens


2/45 CT 2/45 CT


BelPastry 60 CT BelPastry 60 CT BelPastry 90 CT



Hearty holiday pasta! Experience the quality and beauty of our filled pastas.

11171 12770 12768 11165

Carefully selected from the exquisite line offered by Joseph’s Pasta in Massachusetts, these filled pastas not only look great, they have the most fantastic fillings. The quality of Joseph’s Pasta is a direct result of the quality of the raw materials they use and their old-fashioned techniques. They roast fresh mushrooms and garlic, caramelize onions, and slowly sauté fresh vegetables, resulting in madefrom-scratch taste. They use in-house prepared stocks and reductions, and special blends of herbs and spices. Their pasta dough is made with custom milled, 100 percent stoneground durum semolina.


butternut squash shrimp and andouille sausage Sun-dried tomato and mascarpone Agnolati, quatro formaggio

6 lb 6 lb 6 lb 6 lb

All of Joseph’s Chef-developed products are prepared the way you would, if you had the time.

Butternut Squash

Shrimp and Andouille Sausage

Oven roasted butternut squash blended with Parmesan cheese, Amaretto cookies, and brown sugar wrapped in sage pasta.

Shrimp and Andouille sausage blended with roasted garlic, sautéed onions, fire roasted tomatoes, and roasted red peppers.

Sun-dried Tomato and Mascarpone

Quatro Formaggio, Striped

Sun-dried tomatoes and Mascarpone cheese blended with Ricotta and Parmesan cheese, spinach, onion, and garlic wrapped in red striped tomato and egg pasta.

A creamy filling made with Ricotta Impastata, Fontina, Parmigiano Reggiano, and Sardinian Pecorino Romano cheeses wrapped in a striped spinach and egg half moon pasta.

oils & vinegars 14499E 14500E 15684 15684E

Truffle Oil, White, Spray Truffle Oil, Black, Spray vinegar, saba, Italy vinegar, saba, Italy

Chef Source Chef Source Mitica Mitica

250 ml 250 ml 6/200 ml 200 ml



•costs pennies per use •eco friendly nitrogen •highest quality infused oil •airtight bag in opaque can means no oxidation •2 year shelf life

prepared by cooking fresh grape must over a slow fire for at least 16 hours until all the sugars have been caramelized and turned to syrup. Whole unshelled walnuts are added to keep the must from sticking to the bottom of the pan. Saba has an excellent shelf life and can be used in countless ways. It is a wonderful cheese accompaniment, especially when paired with aged Pecorino cheeses and blues. Saba also complements sweet treats like ice cream or cheesecake. If you want to do as the Italians do, you can use it to flavor soda water.


ig products festive fruit

Fig Products

15677 15677E 15680 15680E 15679 13849 13849E 15668

Chocolate Pajarero Figs Chocolate Pajarero Figs Fig Jam, retail size Fig Jam, retail size Fig Jam Spread, Fig and Cocoa Spread, Fig and Cocoa Fig Cake With Almonds

Fig Jam also packed as

Mitica Mitica Mitica Mitica Mitica Ficoco Ficoco Mitica

1.9 kg (not shown)

a touch of lemon blossom honey is used to enhance the unparalleled flavor of the Pajarero fig. the Pajarero fig has a delicate skin allowing the flavor of the fig to shine through. For the jam, figs are gently crushed and a hint of lemon blossom honey is added. The result is a jam with delicious chunks of figs.

Croatian Figs and Cocoa!

10/4.9 oz 4.9 oz 10/7 oz 7 oz 1.9 kg 12/8.5 oz 8.5 oz 5 kg

Fig and cocoa spread

Chocolate pajarero figs Plump and juicy Spanish figs are enrobed with rich, dark, earthy chocolate.

Ficoco is all-natural spread, sweetened only with figs and pure cane sugar without nuts, gluten or dairy. A delicious indulgence for everyone.

Fig cake with almonds

Our Fig Almond Cakes are made with premium whole Pajarero figs and Marcona almonds. It takes about 500-600 figs to create one 5kg cake. Workers de-stem the figs by hand. Today there are other companies importing fig cakes but they are a puree of stems, figs and other spices mashed into a bread.

spices & extracts Spices

12547 12548 12550 12572 12584 12585

cinnamon, ground cinnamon, ground cinnamon sticks ginger, ground nutmeg, ground nutmeg, ground

14661 brisket/rib rub 14660 sea salt, Mediterranean 14662 vegetable seasoning Extracts

10344 peppermint, true

1 lb 5 lb 8 oz 1 lb 16 oz 5 lb

8 lb new 7lb 6 lb 1 pt

Enjoy hot cider with a cinnamon stick or sprinkle ground nutmeg on your favorite coffee beverage. These spices bring out the comforting flavors of Autumn.

specialty items 12650 15319 15682 15682E 15737 15320 15321

Almonds, Marcona, fried and salted Pasta Legume Mix Paste, Quince, Membrillo Paste, Quince, Membrillo Mushrooms, Dried Morels Couscous, Mediterranean Blend Quinoa Blend, Red and Black

Mitica Chef Source Mitica Mitica Chef Source Chef Source Chef Source

11 lb 8 lb 2/2 kg 2 kg 1 lb 8 lb 10 lb

quince paste

marcona almonds

pasta legume mix

dried morels

couscous, mediterranean blend

quinoa, red & black

mustards 14791 15513 15513E 14792 15512 15512E

Savor the small things

Mustard, Sweet Jalapeño Mustard, Sweet Jalapeño Mustard, Sweet Jalapeño Mustard, Honey Comb Mustard, Honey Comb Mustard, Honey Comb

Old Beck Old Beck Old Beck Old Beck Old Beck Old Beck

honey comb mustard

4.9 lb 12/8.9 oz 8.9 oz 5.04 lb 12/8.9 oz 8.9 oz

sweet jalapeño mustard

Retail packs perfect for the holidays! hors d’oeuvres Seafood

15294 11012 14849

Crab Rangoon, 1 oz Lobster Cobbler Seafood Fillo Bundle

Amoy Gourmet Kitchen Gourmet Kitchen

Crab Rangoon

Lobster Seafood Cobbler


14951 11011 14850

Arancini Balls, Wild Mushroom Brie in Phyllo, Pear & Almond Samosa, Vegetable with Curry

Wild mushroom Arancini balls

120 ct 100 ct 100 ct

gourmet kitchen gourmet kitchen gourmet kitchen

Pear and Almond Brie

Seafood Fillo Bundle

100 ct 100 ct 200 ct

Vegetable Samosa

hors d’oeuvres Chicken & Beef 14622 15293 14848 15270 10994 10991

Chicken Blossom, Asiago Chicken Rangoon, Buffalo, 1 oz Chicken Fontina With SD Tomatoes Chicken Tandoori Chicken Wellington, Mini Duxelle Beef Saté, Teriyaki Marinated

Aiago Chicken

100 ct 120 ct 100 ct 100 ct 100 ct 100 ct

Buffalo Chicken Rangoon

Chicken Tandoori

Chicken Fontina

Mini Chicken Wellington

Assorted 15199

Athens Foods amoy gourmet kitchen gourmet kitchen Amuse Amuse

Assorted Pizza Quiche

Teriyaki Marinated Beef Saté

Gourmet Kitchen

Olives & grape leaves 10972E 10973E 14839 14408E

Green Olives Stuffed with Feta Green Olives Stuffed with Bleu Cheese Mixed Greek Olives, Pitted Grape Leaves, Stuffed, Dolmas

Bleu cheese stuffed

Feta stuffed olives

Divina Divina Divina Divina

100 ct

4 lb 4 lb 2/5 lb 4.4 lb

Greek olive mix

Stuffed grape leaves

holiday selections 2012

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2012 Chef Source holiday flier  

2012 Chef Source holiday flier