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chef Source 2011 Spring Selections easter & mother’s day

Chocolate decorations

12083 10139 12836 10516 12078 13824E 13748E 14016E 14496 14511E 13480

Dark Chocolate Flower Dark Chocolate Easter Egg Assortment White Chocolate Flower White Chocolate Puccini Green Comma White Chocolate Pink Domino Square White Chocolate Cigarette, 2.2”, Ivory & Green White Chocolate Cigarette, 2.2”, Ivory & Red dark chocolate spoons, 3.75” White Chocolate curls, party mix White Chocolate pastel fans White & dark chocolate Mother’s day hearts

Dobla Sweet Swiss Dobla Dobla Dobla Mona Lisa Mona Lisa Mona Lisa dobla Mona Lisa sweet swiss

76 CT 112 CT 76 CT 295 CT 500 CT 425 CT 425 CT 108 CT 8.8 lb 168 CT 112 CT

dark chocolate flower

white chocolate flower

easter eggs dark chocolate spoons

puccini green comma

pastel fans

pink domino square

ivory & red cigarette

ivory & green cigarette

party mix curls mother’s day chocolate hearts

transfer sheets

& Sugar decorations

seasonal items subject to availability. order while supplies last!

Sugar Decorations & Transfer Sheets 10145 10080 10103

Sugar Easter Bunny Assortment, 1.5” Transfer Sheets, “Happy Easter” Transfer Sheets, “Happy Mother’s Day”

KenCraft Sweet Swiss Sweet Swiss

144 CT 12 CT 12 CT

easter transfer sheets

easter bunnies

mother’s day transfer sheets

Chocolate Cups 10281 12972 10281 14509

Dark Chocolate 1.5” Petite Four Pastel Dark Chocolate 2.625” Tulip Pastel Dark Chocolate triangle, 2.25” Dark Chocolate Petit-Fours Asst.

Mona Lisa Mona Lisa Mona Lisa Mona Lisa

152 CT 36 CT 60CT 200 CT

all 4 shapes in the petit-fours assortment stand .8” high. Length and with dimensions for each are shown to the right.





2.62” Tulip


1.5” Petite Four

dark chocolate assorted petite fours

dark chocolate triangle, 2.25”

cookies 11236 11233 11235 11239

Chocolate Chunk, 1.5 oz Heath Bar, 1.5 oz Hope’s Royal, 1.5 oz Lemon Cooler, 1.5 oz

213 ct 213 ct 213 ct 213 ct

Chocolate Chunk

Heath Bar

Rich chocolate chunks wrapped in an all butter cookie dough meet in perfect harmony for a smooth, rich flavored cookie. Incredible right out of the oven!

Chopped, crispy, crunchy Heath Bar candy hand-blended into an award winning, all natural ingredient dough.

Hope’s Royal Hawaiian macadamia nuts, fresh coconut, and semisweet chocolate make this cookie dough explode with flavor. This is the richest cookie of them all and Hope’s personal favorite.

Lemon Cooler An all natural cookie batter infused with lemon zest and white chocolate.

Mini Desserts 11197 11176

Deluxe Assortment, Mini Petits Fours Asst

Cateraid Inc. Cateraid Inc.

132 ct 2/84 CT

deluxe assortment A wonderful combination of flavors that are perfect for any special occasion. This assortment of ten desserts includes chocolate macaroons, crème brûlée tarts, strawberry pyramids, lemon curd barquettes, coconut almond bites, shortbread tuxedos, chocolate raspberry shortbreads, rum balls, strawberry cream puffs, and chocolate mousse cups.

Strawberry Cream Puff Delicate and flaky mini cream puff generously filled with a strawberry cream mouse filling.

Chocolate Macaroon French chocolate meringue sandwiching dark chocolate ganache and dipped in white chocolate.

Lemon Curd Barquette Boat shaped pastry shell filled with lemon curd garnished with a script letter “L.”

chocolate mousse cup Milk chocolate mousse in a chocolate cordial cup garnished with white and dark chocolate-crisped rice pearls.

Crème Brûlée Tart Miniature version of classical baked crème brûlée in a bite-sized hazelnut tart shell.

Chocolate Raspberry Shortbread Raspberry flavored chocolate shortbread dipped diagonally in white chocolate and garnished with a red butter cream rosebud.

coconut almond bite Chocolate cup filled with coconut and garnished with an almond.

strawberry pyramid Strawberry and white chocolate mousses layered in a pyramid design and contained in a square tart shell.

Rum Ball Rum soaked pecan pound cake mixed with a coffee French butter cream glazed with chocolate and rolled in chocolate vermicelli.

Shortbread Tuxedo Buttery English shortbread wafers partially dipped in chocolate and garnished in a white chocolate tuxedo motif.

petits fours

Enjoy 10 amazing flavors in traditional easter colors. The perfect way to bring in the holidays.

Mini Desserts continued 14512 11286 11291 14497E

Tea cakes Asst. Cheesecakes Mini Asst. Mini Fancy Pastry Asst. Pralines, Belgium, Asst.

alessi bakeries 120 CT Alessi Bakeries 2/56 CT Alessi Bakeries 2/56 CT ickx 115 CT

tea cakes

6 flavors

package contains 20 of each of the 6 flavors

double chocolate



black & white



mini cheesecakes



chocolate chip

butter toffee


key lime



belgium chocolate pralines rondelette

praline with sugared almond


mousse au chocolat

chocolate mousse with cocoa nibs



chocolate cream with biscuit

honey & crunch

praline and liquid honey

lemon cheesecake

lemon ganache with mascarpone cream


trio dark


praline with crepes d’entelles

praline with hazelnuts

almond praline with crepes d’entelles

10 flavors coffee caramel

almond praline and florentine biscuit

cakes individual selections and assortments

Cakes 11285 12273 11200

Carrot Elite, 9�, 14 cut, Vanilla Bean, 9�, 12 cut, White Chocolate Chambord, 14 cut,

Lawlers Lawlers Cateraid

4/75 oz 4/87 oz 2 ct

Vanilla Bean

White Chocolate Chambord

Cheesecake infused with vanilla bean flecks baked in a vanilla cookie crust and layered with white chocolate vanilla mousse and vanilla whipped cream.

An elegant mixture of creamy white chocolate and raspberry liqueur combined in a New York cheesecake base is decorated with a brilliant raspberry glaze and decorative line work.

Carrot Elite Subtly spiced and generously covered with cream cheese icing, this delectable cake is filled with freshly grated carrots, sweet crushed pineapple, and walnuts. A dusting of ground pistachios adds a touch of class.

Cake Assortment 13461

Banquet Cake Assortment, 16 cut, Cateraid 4 ct

only $1.40 per slice!

Two Layer Chocolate Banquet Cake

Carrot Cake

Apple Flan

New York Cheesecake

Two Devil's Food cake layers and chocolate mousse, topped with chocolate ganache. Garnished with chocolate cookie crumbs.

Two moist layers of carrot cake sandwiched with traditional cream cheese frosting. Garnished with chopped walnuts.

Rum flavored pastry crust, filled with apples, accented with raisins and cinnamon-flavored cream custard. Topped with a brown sugar crumb topping. Excellent served warm with ice cream.

Deliciously rich cheesecake with whipped cream topping. Original Lindy's N.Y. recipe.

Danish 13593 13595 14476 14477

Assorted Mini Danish Breakfast Selection Assorted Mini Danish Mix café pack 3 danish assortment, 1.25 oz café pack 5 danish assortment, 1.25 oz

cinnamon raison roll black cherry burst

BelPastry BelPastry french gourmet french gourmet

apricot medallion

café pack 3

225 CT 120 CT 275 CT 275 CT

almond bear claw

blueberry pocket

lemon cheese pillow

café pack 5

breakfast selection

danish mix

mini butter croissant



mini pain au raisin butter

mini pain au chocolate butter cinnamon whirl apple

maple pecan

Croissants 13850 13809 13851 13594

Cappuccino, 3.53 oz, Ready To Bake Chocolate, 3.53 oz, Ready To Bake Multi-grain, 3.53 oz, Ready To Bake Pretzelcroissant, 2.82 oz, Ready To Bake



BelPastry BelPastry BelPastry BelPastry

60 CT 60 CT 60 CT 90 CT



hand made tart shells & elegant cones

La Rose Noire

Tart Shells -Sweet

1 13992 2 14537 3 13535 4 13868 5 14221 6 14482

Sweet, chocolate, round, large, 3.25” Sweet, Vanilla, Round, Mini, 1.5" Sweet, Vanilla, Round, Small, 2" Sweet, Vanilla, Square, Mini, 1.5" Sweet, Vanilla, Square, Small, 2" Sweet, Vanilla, Triangle, Small, 2.25"

45 ct 210 ct 100 ct 432 ct 96 ct 90 ct

Tart Shells - Savory

7 13689 8 13688

Savory, Tart, Round, Mini, 1.5” Savory, Tart, Square, Mini, 1.5”

336 ct 432 ct

savory 7



1 4 1.5"



8 1.5"




1.5" 2"


Cones, Savory & Sweet 13870 13813 13814 13817

3D tart shells

Sweet, Chocolate, 3" Sweet, Green Tea, 3” Savory, Black Sesame, 3” Savory, Tomato, 3”


83 ct 83 ct 83 ct 83 ct



14261 14282 14262 14260 14281

Rectangle, Sweet, Vanilla 120 ct Round, Savory 180 ct Round, Sweet, Vanilla 180 ct Square, Sweet, Vanilla 126 ct Square, Savory not shown 126 ct

1.5" 3"


black sesame " .75



Rectangle, Vanilla


Round, Savory

tomato green tea

1.5" 3"

green tea can also be used for unique savory ideas!





Round, Vanilla

" 1.0

Square, Vanilla

hors d’oeuvres 13774 13238 13772 13447 13876 10991 10990 10993 10994

Artichoke, Parmesan with Goat Cheese Crab Cakes Lobster Cobbler Pizza, Four Cheese, Mini Quiche, Spinach (florentine), Mini Saté, Beef, Teriyaki Marinated Saté, chicken, Thai Marinated Wellington, Beef, Mini Duxelle Wellington, chicken, Mini Duxelle

Artichoke Parmesan with Goat Cheese A breaded artichoke filled with Parmesan and Goat cheese.

Spinach Quiche A delicious blend of cheese, spinach, and herb custard in a flaky pastry dough.

200 ct 60 ct 100 ct 96 ct 200 ct 100 ct 100 ct 100 ct 100 ct

goodwives thyme & truffle goodwives thyme & truffle goodwives amuse amuse amuse amuse

Crab Cakes

Lobster Cobbler

Four Cheese Mini Pizza

Sweet succulent crab flavored with garlic aioli in a toasted bite size morsel.

Lobster and crab with green peas, carrots, shallots and Parmesan cheese topped with bread crumbs in a crisp butter tart shell.

A mini pizza with a blend of Mozzarella, Swiss, Cheddar, and Parmesan cheese, topped with a layer of classic tomato sauce.

Mini Beef Wellington A classic in a miniature version with tender morsels of beef and duxelle wrapped in a buttery puff pastry.

Teriyaki Marinated Beef Saté Teriyaki marinated beef strips woven onto a skewer.

Mini Chicken Wellington A classic in a miniature version with tender morsels of chicken and duxelle wrapped in a buttery puff pastry.

Thai Marinated Chicken Saté An Asian fare with strips of chicken breast marinated in Thai BBQ sauce.

olive and truffle oils 14499E truffle oil spray, white 14500E truffle oil spray, black 14360 olive oil, bag in box, california

d”allesandro d”allesandro olivista

250 ML 250 ML 2.5 gal

•costs pennies per use •eco friendly nitrogen •highest quality infused oil •airtight bag in opaque can means no oxidation •2 year shelf life

black truffle oil spray

white truffle oil spray

California grown

fresh pressed extra virgin olive oil Olivista olives are cultivated differently than their Mediterranean ancestors.

efficient flat storage

easy open spout for bag_in_box style dispensing

Because the Central Valley floor is flat, the groves can be planted in straight rows. The olive plants are trained along trellises, much like wine vines. The plants first grow directly upwards, then their branches drape over and down allowing the olives to be harvested 100% mechanically and very rapidly. This incredibly efficient means of harvesting allows the olives to be crushed and processed within hours of being picked.

olives 12989E 14430E 14445E 14443E 13038

Green and Black Hot Tunisian Mix, with pits nicoise, pitted picholine, with pits red cerignola, pitted Tapas Mix, with pits

barnier roland roland roland olivera

6 lb 7.7 lb 7.7 lb 2.2 lb 11 lb

Tapas Mix Assorted cured Beldi and Nicoise olives, green chilies, red peppers, garlic, and fava beans in an herb sauce.

Hot Tunisian Mix A tantalizing and colorful blend packed with heat. Pulpy green and black olives absorb pepper spices and are mixed with hot pimentos and zesty lemon slices with a piquant undertone of cinnamon.

Red Cerignola

Picholine with pitts


These olives are from Italy. they are an extra large size olive with a delicious bite. These olives have a firm texture and are perfect for olive assortments and antipastos.

in contrast to the more common “green� olives have a strong olive, woody flavor. Picholine Olives are medium size and greenish. They have a tart flavor and are imported with the pit. Packed in a brine solution, they are a full bodied olive with a balanced flavor.

Nicoise Olives are a 100 percent natural garnish black olive, packed in the Provence area of France. The olives are imported without the pit, and have a unique tart flavor. They are graded for uniform size, flavor, and are packed in a brine solution. Nicoise Olives provide a hot or cold dish with a very different flavor or accent.

rice, peppers & tomatoes 10947 12936 14498 13793 14444

peppers, peppadew, whole rice, red Himalayan style rice, gaba rice, bamboo tomatoes, yellow, oven roasted

peppadew chef source chef source chef source roland

3/70 oz 10 lb 10 lb 10 lb 6/32 oz

bamboo rice Bamboo rice is short grain white rice infused with pure fresh bamboo juice. This product is all natural. When cooked, it is pale green and tends to be quite moist causing the grains to stick together. This rice is great for sushi.

gaba rice Germinated brown rice or GABA-rice is an innovation that started to gain significant attention. Germinated brown rice comes from the process of bringing brown rice into germination. By itself, brown rice already contains many nutrients such as dietary fiber, phytic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E and GABA (gammaaminobutyric acid).

Red Himalayan rice Red Rice contains more of the Natural Bran than does White Rice. For this reason it requires a longer cooking time and has a nuttier more complex flavor than processed White Rices.

yellow, oven roasted tomatoes

peppadew peppers

slowly roasted for a fresh, vine ripened flavor and marinated in oil, garlic and oregano. Product of Turkey and Star K kosher. The bags are resealable, packed 6 per case. Refrigerate post opening and product will remain in excellent quality for up to 5 days.

Peppadews are sweet Piquante Peppers . Piquante peppers are native of Central America. Delicious in toasted cheese sandwiches, on salads, and in dips. These peppers can be stuffed and even candied. Used for both hor d’oeuvres and desserts.

salts 14441E 14442E 14446E 12663E

fine sea salt coarse sea salt crystals Fleur De Sel truffle salt

roland roland roland sabatino

26.25 oz 26.50 oz 8.8 oz 14 oz

fine sea salt

coarse sea salt

fleur de sel

truffle salt

Sea Salt is the result of the evaporation of sea water. It is 100% pure with no additives.

Sea Salt is the result of the evaporation of sea water. It is 100% pure with no additives.

Fleur de Sel is the hand harvested surface salt from a sea bed, which results when sea water evaporates. It has a distinct flake particle form, which creates a unique presentation and texture. Magnesium and calcium carbonates are added to prevent caking.

This Sicilian sea salt is mixed with dried summer truffles. Feel free to use this seasoning anywhere a recipe calls for salt, including marinades, dressings, corn-onthe-cob, French fries, steak and popcorn. The skies the limit with Truffle Salt.

Chef Source 2011 Spring Selections

macaroons 11330

Macaroons Asst. Six Flavors


4/72 CT

6 flavors







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