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Gourmet Seasoning

Our gourmet fries seasoning bring the tasty Freddy's flavor home to your kitchen. Gourmet fires seasonings can also be used to enhance the flavor of steaks, chicken, fish or pastas.

Fries Seasoning

Whether you're looking for the perfect BBQ fries seasoning or the right Lemon Pepper mix, we have it all. We also offer custom recipes especially on request.

Salt and Vinegar Seasonings

Arrange a special party for your love with a crispy rice snack drenched in savory and tangy flavors of Salt and Vinegar seasonings. You can also make Flavored Potato Chips that are a unique combination of great taste and good fun rolled into one great snack.

Spiral Potato

Make spiral potato chips, tornado potatoes and veggie snacks with this stainless steel constructed potato slicer. With a potato spiral cutter you can achieve so much and also have the very best time when you want to make potato meals.

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Gourmet seasoning  

Check out our wide range of hand blended sensational gourmet seasonings created by chef’s fun foods. Make sure you look out for the original...

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