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Executive Chef Kahlil Wyche Creates Master Recipe for Successful Dining and Mentoring Youth


Chef: Yes! I actually built a team when I first came to Bethany. Two years ago I had a team of 7-9 people. As of today I have approximately 50 people. Out of the 50 I have one assistant chef, two prep cooks and because I like to leave thin gs to the next generation, I have a lot of teenagers. This is not somethin g that was done in the past. I use the teenagers because they want to leans more about the field.

Lindenwold, NJ - The name Chef Kahlil is synonymous with the best of catering hospitality and the ultimate in all aspects of the personal chef world. Chef Kahlil's success in the culinary arts field has translated into a plethora of opportunities that has allowed him to make a name for himself as The Executive Chef'''.

Collins: What advice do you offer to those young people who want to enter into this industry?

Culinary arts has always been in his heart since a young a ge when he first encountered the world of food by watching his Aunt dili gently make baked goods daily for the neighborhood kids. As a young chef, he began creating some of his family's favorite dishes at home which then extended to him workin g in various restaurants throughout high school. Kahlil then decided to "formalize" his training and pursued a career in the illustrious United States Army. During his tenure in the US Amsy, Kahlil worked his way up the ranks to Sous Chef gaining vast experience with various cuisines. KAUl had the opportunity to work in one of the busiest units at Ft. Bragg that served over 4200 meals per day. He went to work at Clyde's Steakhouse and Italian Eatery as well as Don Pablo's where he took a position as the Assistant General Manager to get a feel for working the "front of the house." But he soon found his way back to the kitchen, which he affectionately termed the "heart of the house." In 1999 feeling burned out, Chef Kahlil put his chef coat away for a suit as he shifted careers and entered the world of bankin g _ After moving up the corporate ladder at Commerce Bank, and doing some personal catering for friends and family on the weekends, Kahlil rediscovered his passion for food and cooking. Chef Kahlil spent many years watching his Mother nm her own business and soon decided that if he was :ming to get back into the food business full time, it would have to be under Isis terms and with the intentions of working for himself. Soon his company, Catering To Your Whims, was born and has been very successful ever since. This New Jersey born, acclaimed chef has gained a diverse clientele list that includes athletes, churches and entertain- ers. His passion for cooking has fueled Isis innovation and creativity for mixing exotic herbs and seasonings to create some of the best American, Seafood, Creole and Nouveau Soul Food cuisines for clients such as Bishop TD lakes, New Jersey Nets starting guard Devils Harris, comedian Jay Anthony Brown and songwriter Phil Hunt. In addition, he is in char ge of running the full catering operation at Bethany Baptist Church for Bishop David G. Evans, which has over 27,000 members and entertains guests quite often. Giving back to the community is an important ingredient in Chef Kahlil's recipe box that he attributes to being the key to having a successful business and personal life. Kahlil is actively involved in many philanthropic endeavors and charitable oraanizations, including preparing over 300 meals annually on Thanksgiving and Christmas day for the homeless, senior citizens, and low income families in Iris native hometown of Camden, NJ. He was also chosen by Glory Foods as the featured chef to speak at the National Black Family Reunion in Washington, DC, which attracts more than 500,000 people each year! He serves as a ministry leader at his church where he has an opportunity to utilize both his culinary and banking background by teaching various classes on cads subject. In Chef Kahlil's latest efforts he will be launching a non-profit organization, Chef Cares, which will host an annual culinary cooking camp for the young future chefs, beginning in June 2010.

PAGE 3 Collins: Do you have a team of chefs that work wills you here?

Chef Kahlil with Students Kahlil II & Kahliyah Rememberin g_ his own family's influence, one of Chef Kahlil's goals is to use cooking to bring families back to the dinner table. Busy lives and obligations have taken away the enjoyment and importance of bringing families together with food. He hopes to have a hand in changing that throu gh a series of DVDs, which are soon to be available to the public. In addition, Chef Kahlil is scheduled to release his first cookbook in the spring of 2010. He is also currently working on nationally distributin g his own line of barbeque & hot sauces. Recently, the editor of the nation's premier faith-based and urban professional newspaper, "The Anointed News Journal", had an opporhmity to visit Chef Kahlil as he shared his outlook with Ilse readers. Collins: What is your position here at Bethany Church? Chef: I am the Executive Chef of Abundant Harvest Catering. Collins: How long have you been in the catering business and what experiences do you have? Chef: I've been in the catering industry roughly for about fifteen years. I started out with what some mi ght say is the corny way by watching my aunt bake. All of the kids would come over to her house after school because she would always have cakes, pies, cookies, etc. it was interesting to me to see people having a good time eating. Then it went from baking to cooking and having small barbeques at the house. During my high school days I worked in several restaurants and then moved on into the military. While in the military I did some food services, During my military years I also had the opportunity to work in some hotels and restaurants as a Sous Chef. When exiting the military I pursued opportunity in the front of the house part of the restaurant business as a manager. While learning that craft the interest dwindled and I went back into the kitchen: Actually I was burned out and left the industry all together and went in to banking at the former Commerce Bank for nine years. While at the bank I did some moonlighting in the food industry and now I'm back. Collins: Wills your many experiences in the industry, has the transition into being Executive Chef for one of the largest ministries, Bethany Baptist Church, wills more titan 20,000 members, been an easy one? Chef: For me it was a pretty easy transition. Being in the military we had to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for 2,000 people earls time. Being at Bethany Baptist is somewhat like being in the military.

Chef: My advice is do not get discouraged. Stay focused on your short term, mid term and long term goals of what you want to get out of this industry. Always remain a strident of your craft. If you have to purchase food maaazines such as, "Bone Appetite" or watch the "Food Network" or go to different events around the country specializing in foods and chef outings just to stay up on the craft while learnin g the newest and greatest thin gs out there. Just like anything else, if you become stale you cannot advance and you cannot be the best at your game. Collins: What is the difference in being a chef at what might be considered a me ga church, compared to being a chef at a restaurant or hotel? Chef: The most important difference comes from what we leant from our leadership here at Bethany. That is to always strive for excellence. That has always been in my DNA make up anyway. Here you get a chance to implement that practice. For instance a few weeks ago I had the chance to cook for Bishop T.D. lakes. There's always a varying crowd here. You never know who will be coming through these doors. Last year we had Creflo Dollar. You always have to have you're a-game on and I think the difference is in the caliber of the folks we serve. Collins: As a chef M the secular industry, have you had the chance to serve any big name celebrities? Chef: Yes. In fact I still run a business in the secular world where I cook for a few athletes. One athlete I just signed was Devon Harrison of the NJ Nets. Also Pervis Ellison of the Boston Celtics and J. Anthony Brown of the Tom Joyner Morning Show. I've had my share of working wills celebrities and it has been exciting. Collins: What type of services does your company provide? Do you just do large numbers or offer private sittings as well? Chef: I do anywhere from a setting of two (2) people up to two hundred (200) people. One of my goals for 2010 is a new campaign I'm launching called, "Get Families back to the Table". Many of us now are involved in many activities and we kind of grab things on the go. So I want to bring back the good nutrition and good values we use to leans while sitting at the table. This is what we did years ago. I'm guilty of it myself because I aet caught up sometimes with my hectic schedule. However, I always try to make time every Sunday, where I sit down wills the family and talk about things that have gone on throughout the week. Collins: How can one acquire your services? Chef: either visit They can at us or if you want acquire a personal chef you can visit . You can reach us by telephone at 856-383-8600 or 856-782-6767.

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Continued from page 3 Collins: What's next for Chef Kahlil? Chef: Some things that we have on the horizon is the release of a BBQ sauce cook book, and putting together a mentoring cooking camp for youth that is due to commence in June 2010. Collins: Have you had the opportunity to do any speaking engagements, seminars or workshops? Chef: Yes. I spoke at a workshop for single parents where approximately 50-60 parents came out. I gave a cooking demonstration that supports my theme of getting families back to the table. However bein g as though we live in a time starved world the focus of the meals were "20 minute meals with Chef Kahlil". I did some healthy meals that could be done on the George Forman Grill, which has become a house hold item in everyone's kitchen. I also had a speaking en gagement December 3, 2009 at Camden County College for a pro gram called, "Fear". This was Reared towards at-risk youth that were reenterin g the coinmunity. Many of them have been victims of dru gs, child abuse, assault, etc. and I thought it would be a great idea to speak to them while offering encoura gement to get not only the physical in order but also the nutritional value.

The Larger The Order, The Lower The Price!!!

Collins: In conclusion, what do you want to say to the readers of the • Anointed News Journal? Chef: I want to dedicate this message out to the youth. A long term goal of mine is to get more African Americans recognized. When we turn on the food channels and other networks we see many Caucasians featured. We are just as prominent in this field as anyone else and I want to see us gain more recognition.

The Ambience... An astonishing site in Lindenwold, NJ. Our extravagant facility offers exquisite cuisines. Your next event will be a day or night to remember with our professional staff. Choose our elegant ballroom or one of our conference rooms to host your next affair.

Collins: Would you consider contributing editorials and/or recipes to the Anointed News Journal?

The Food... Abundant Harvest Catering enjoys a four star rating which indicates excellent cuisine prepared individually. Our award winning Executive Chef Kahlil Wyche, heads a trained staff offering a variety of dishes that are incredibly delicious. Nontraditional and customized menus are available. We offer also offer health conscious entrees, upscale entrees and comfort foods.

Chef: Absolutely! I would love to share some different tips and things I've learned over the years.

The Price... You will find our prices are much more moderate than expected. To book your next event please cat our Assistant Director Tranay Parker for details 856.782.6767 or call us toll free at 1.800.499.6071

Collins: The nation's premier faith-based and urban professional newspaper, "The Anointed News Journal", would like to salute Chef Kahlil Wyche for his continued service to the food industry. For being a leader among God's people and willing to give of himself not only to the people of God but also as one of our military heroes. Chef Kahlil also offers holiday menus to make things easier for those families that don't have time to handle the kitchen detail. Chef Kablil's philosophy of "Making Your Culinary Wishes a Reality" has gained him notoriety by bringing a new level of innovation, inspiration and creation to the culinary arts world. Chef Kahlil lives in Southern New Jersey, with his wife, Elena, and his two children, Kahlil II & Kahliyah. By Chris Collins Kahlil Wyche Executive Chef/President, Catering To Your Whims Executive Chef/VP, Abundant Harvest Catering Voice 1.866.374.7131 or 856.383.8600 Fax 1.866.374.7131 Facebook Business Page - www.CTYWHIMS.COM Linkedln - www.linkedin.comfin/chefkahlil Twitter - http://twittercom/chefkahlil MySpace - Blog - littp://chefkahlils.blogsporcom/

"Serving Excellent Food to Groups of 2 to 1000 people" "Since 2003, Fully Licensed and Insured" Abundant Harvest Catering, Inc. 10 Foster Ave, Suite A-1 Gibbsboro, NJ 08026 www.abudantharvestcatering.corn Continued from page 11 Collins: What's next for Dawn M. Bunch? Dawn: To follow my intuitive nudge and deliver a message that was given to me. To help people identify, transform and motivate their lives to living a life in abundance as I am. Collins: What do you want to say to the readers of the Anointed News Journal? Dawn: I have a connection with the law of abundance and it prevails and abounds all around us on our planet. A life of abundance means to live without lack, limitation or scarcity. It is to be content with what you have and rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.


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things are possible but you must put action behind those possibilities. We all have desires and dreams but you also have a vision for those dreams and desires to manifest. "Ain't Life Grand"! Collins: Dawn M. Bunch is now working on a touring schedule to prothote her book. She has a website . The nation's premier faith-based and urban professional newspaper, "The Anointed News Journal", salutes Dawn M. Bunch for her mission to encourage you the readers as she shares the law of abundance. We encourage everyone to get a copy of the book, "Ain't Life Grand" and contact her for speaking engagements. Dawn M. Bunch is the perfect role model for young women in today's society. Although she has made it to the top in sports and entertainment, she is no stranger to hard work and perseverance.

Chef Kahlil in The Anointed Journal  

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