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Issue 2| April 2017 


GAGGAN Being the Best - Yet humble

INDIAN STREET FOOD Trend never fades

COURGETTE FLOWER Ingredient of the Month 

KARNAVAR Featured Restaurant


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Chef Pillai's Column











11. Delhi ,  27. Gunpowder restaurant tasting 




Editor's Letter BOBBY RETNAKUMAR GEETHA We are so grateful and happy that Chef Gaggan Anand, India's best Chef in International Platforms, and owner of Asia's best restaurant for three consecutive years, agreed to be on our cover page.

We hope you are influenced by his humble beginnings, and see how passion and hard work has brought him into the limelight. 


I would personally like to thank Chef Suresh Pillai, Chef Sajeev Nair, Chef Manoj Karnavar, Abhilash Soman, Afshar K Ashraf and Ms. Meenakshi for contributing to the magazine.

We urge all Indian chefs around the globe to contribute your recipes and articles for our future issues. We are also looking for promoters, through product placement advertisement. 

Please write to

With Gratitude, Bobby


Our Vision: " To be the world's best  fine dining Indian cuisine website and magazine"     We strive to achieve this by providing a platform for all Indian food lovers around the globe.




Star Chef of the Month Q . How did you convince your investor or partner? Was there any groundwork already?  This restaurant is a result of a drunken night. Me and my partner were drunk and I just said: let’s open up a restaurant. And we started working towards it. I quit my job, the one which I had. And we worked on this project. And with all the blessings good we took this decision. And we did it.   Q. How did you get into the radar of the World’s Best Restaurant awards?  You learn a lot when you start working on an international platform. You come in contact with many people who know more than you. You learn from them. And most importantly you say yes to all the opportunities that come your way. Pull it off by hook or by crook. Keep working towards your goal and keep making your food better without doubting your creativity and also assessing the market you are thriving in. All that comes with experience and struggling in various fields and there you are suddenly noticeable while moving towards your goal.  

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Gaggan Anand Chef Gaggan Anand shows us that anything in the world is achievable when you have a burning desire and passion, and you back this up with hard work and never taking shortcuts. He keeps the Indian national flag flying high, and we are proud to write about Chef Gaggan. 

"I remember him as a very passionate but ordinary student. He was not into cooking much, but Gaggan was brilliant in marketing and canvassing. He almost single handedly sold out one of  our college's themed dinners. " Senior Chef Instructor Dennis Mathew IHM Trivandrum




Q. How did things in El Bulli turn out for you?


Bon Bon White chocolate crispy shell with surprising green chilli and mint spice water 

Inspired by pan puri  street food of India

I was in Spain, in the lab of El Bulli, for 3 months. The techniques I learned there helped make my roots stronger. You need to have a strong base. From there, you can emerge and move forward. That will take you to places. Adapt the techniques but create your own identity. You can copy once or twice. That will do extremely well for a few months. But if you don't have your own creativity then you will die out very fast. This formula worked for him really well. And it helped him. Q.What would you have done as a chef if you were not influenced by El Bulli?  I would have found inspiration from somewhere else. You are born with the passion to question how you are growing up, what you are doing and what you want to do. If you don't question your purpose of doing things then you will not push your boundaries. So, that would have got me somewhere else. Or I would have created something entirely on my own. Ha... ha!  It's quite possible. Whether it would be as successful or not, that we don’t know. But only a series of failures can describe your success. Only someone who has zero fear of failure can succeed. I have no fear of failure. I learn from it and try again.




Basil sponge living moss with lime mousse, red chilli sorbet and edible butterfly

Q. What were the advantages and disadvantages of being an Indian chef outside of India?  It was never about being an Indian chef that was the obstacle. Bringing Indian food to the limelight was the challenge. Indian food all over the world was considered as heavy greasy curry that was usually eaten after heavy drinking with heavy naan bread. Which you do need sometimes, but India is blessed with many cuisines, due to all the different cultures and weather. I saw that and I had the urge for the world to see it. 

That was my inspiration - and the challenge was how to present it in a new way, a way in which people who have never tasted those flavours would fall in love with them. And I had to deal with that challenge. I always say "food is the hero". Now we have a very international team who know the flavours very well. So, it’s never about the creator but always the creation.   Q. What are any current or future projects that you have? We are always coming up with something new. We will keep coming up with them. The more ideas, the more projects. I can't reveal them all or someone with more resources will make that idea happen tomorrow.  




Quail marinated in Chettinad spices 

Q. Anything you would say to the future generation?

What you read and how you keep updated. How you get new ideas?

Work hard, stay focussed, believe in yourself and truly love what you do. There is a process and a journey one

Innovation and creation is what contributes to life.

has to go through. Keep an eye on your goal but at the

Whether you are a chef or from any other

same time, don't deny the journey. Take everything as a

profession. IF you stop learning and you think you

part of growing up.  There will be many ups and downs

know it all then that would be the end of it. I read a

and many failures and some success. Embrace all of

lot, watches documentary. All kinds coming my

them. Running straight after success will leave you with


nothing. Go through the grind. To achieve gold, you have to go through the fire. There are no shortcuts in

Q. Any pep talk for Indian chefs who dream big?

life. Slow and steady wins the race.  Patience, perseverance, passion, productivity and  Q. With your family, how do you manage your time? 


One has to. It’s all about priorities. If you

Q. Fun question - as a Famous Indian chef, who do

value something, then you will make time for it.

you pick in your brigade? Including yourself to run rest for a day. Choose Kitchen porter, apprentice,

Q. From where do you draw motivation and inspiration?

commis, chef de partie, sous chef, head chef, exe chef? (Seems he cleverly avoided this one...)

From everything. You should always have the intention of seeking inspiration. If one has that, you will see

Most times I am a bit of a loner but friendly. I find

inspiration in everything. And you will know what I

time to rest with my family and my team, my

mean. Nature, colours, seasons, animals, people,


pictures, art, music. Everything.






There is no substitute for hard work. Q. How do you judge a young chef, and how do you test him/her?   Attitude. That's most important. You can teach skills. Attitude towards learning is important.   Q. What makes you say "wow" in terms of food? Is there an incident to mention? Maybe after becoming No.1? (He finds this as a bit of an irrelevant question...) Being No. 1 is part of the journey. There were many "wow" moments to be No. 1. So, I appreciate all those "wow" moments.  

Paturi sea bass marinated in Bengali mustard and wrapped in cider leaf


0 4 -





H e a d

C h e f

M a n o j

h a s 2 0   y e a r s

o f

K a r n a v a r

c u l i n a r y

e x p e r i e n c e

i n

s t a r

i n t h e

h o t e l s

a n d

U K ,

D u b a i ,

C l a r i d g e ' s M a n d a r i n

L o n d o n

t r a d i t i o n a l

K a r n a v a r

a n d I n s p i r e d

I n d i a n

M a n o j

o p e n e d

r e s t a u r a n t

R e s t a u r a n t S o u t h

S a v o y ,

O r i e n t a l .

c u i s i n e , c h e f

Q u a r t e r

i n

s h o r t l i s t e d

i n

Y e a r

2 0 1 5 ,

F r o m

C a t e r e r

o f t h e

M e n u

U K C a t e y

M a g a z i n e . T h e s e c o n s i d e r e d f o r

t h e

E n d .

K a r n a v a r R e s t a u r a n t

Featured Restaurant

f i v e I n d i a

D u b a i -   M a r r i o t t ,

F a i r m o n t

b y

l e a d i n g

C h e f s .

t o

b e

w a s o f

t h e

A w a r d s

a r e t h e O s c a r s




62 SOUTH END, CROYDON CR0 1DP RESTAURANT: 020 8686 2436            EMAIL:

Karnavar is something new with the concept of "a creative twist in traditional Indian cuisine" and running with a passionate team, they are trying hard to be very unique in every aspect of what they offer to guests.  The restaurant has featured in many renowned food magazines and award categories in London. A snippet from a recent feature: "With this delicate cooking and spectacular service, Karnavar is certainly doing his best to put Croydon on the culinary map, while also looking to expand into the capital with a second site on the cards." Chef Manoj Karnavar's vision for the restaurant: “I have a dream to take Indian cuisine to the next level,” he says. “Every day I believe we’re cooking better and better. There are still thousands of dishes to introduce to the market, and I’m determined to introduce them to a UK audience.”






lotus temple


Delhi, the capital of India, has a strong historical background. It was ruled by some of the most powerful emperors in Indian history. The history of the city is as old as the epic

When we write about street food Delhi is the best pick to showcase

Mahabharata. The town was known as Indraprastha, where Pandavas used to live. In due course, eight more cities came alive

New Delhi, as it is known today, designed by

adjacent to Indraprastha: Lal Kot, Siri,

Lutyens, has wide-open lanes, avenues and

Dinpanah, Quila Rai Pithora, Ferozabad,

buildings that are worth traveling across the

Jahanpanah, Tughlakabad and

globe for.

Shahjahanabad. Chandni Chowk Area: When you are in Old Delhi, Delhi has been a witness to the political

you just can't miss the food there. The streets

turmoil for over five centuries. It was ruled by

buzz with activity and are filled with the aroma

the Mughals in succession to Khiljis and

of food. For the connoisseurs, there are

Tughlaqs. The best time to visit Delhi is from

restaurants like Karim's.

October to March when the weather is at it's best. During this period flowers are at their

For the food historians, there's a chance to taste

blooming best, the weather is pleasent and

Butter Chicken at Moti Mahal. Street Food Old

enjoyable to experience incredible Delhi.

Delhi Food Chandni Chowk, often called the

Modern Delhi, popularly known as Lutyens'

food capital of India, is famous for its street

Delhi, bears a striking contrast to Old Delhi

food. The variety consists of snacks, especially

with respect to architecture, building


materials and layout. If you wish to enjoy it, shed your high-brow However, Modern Delhi itself dates back to

attitude to soak in the flavours and delicacies.

over a century when the British shifted their

Come on, everybody... Yes, it's a kind of

capital from Calcutta to Delhi.

celebration in congregation.





Chandni Chowk resembles a fair everyday. The streets are lined with halwais (sweet-sellers), namkeenwallahs (sellers of savouries) and paranthewallahs (sellers of rich, flaky breads soaked in ghee).

A good idea would be to start with the Paranthewali Gali. It became a famous gourmet locality when the parantha shops moved here in the 1870s. This lane has been the haunt of many celebrities of India.

Modern Delhi has some popular temples of Modern India that are known not

"Delhi is not just a national capital, it is one of the political ultimates, one of the prime movers. It was born to power, war and glory. It rose to greatness not because holy men saw visions there but because it commanded the strategic routes from the northwest, where the conquerors came from, into the rich flatlands of the Ganges delta. Delhi is a soldiers' town, a politicians' town, journalists', diplomats' town. It is Asia's Washington, though not so picturesque, and lives by ambition, rivalry and opportunism.”

only for their religious significance but also for their experimental designs that challenge conventional architectural standards.

The Lakshmi Narayan Temple (Birla Temple), built by the Birlas, is dedicated to the worship of Lord Lakshmi Narayan (Vishnu).

Another temple worth a visit on your tour of Modern Delhi is the Lotus Temple built by followers of the Bahai faith. Built in the shape of a blooming lotus, the temple draws thousands of tourists each day.

jan morris

YOGA TIPS I am Abhilash Soman, my friends call me Abhi. I am a chef instructor and yoga guru, who is always concerned about the health of others and I am practicing yoga for the last 10 years. I will share important lessons In future issues of finedining-indian magazine. Yoga is the union of the mind, body and soul. As far as I am concerned, breathing is the prime thing. Most of the people that I have seen are breathing wrong which is the main reason for their challenges.

Once you breath properly, 50 percent of your health issues will be solved. Once your breath is in your control, slowly your mind will come under your control and once the mind is in your control, then the body is in your control. That’s what happens when you practice yoga.

Here I am going to tell you how I came into this beautiful science and what made me follow it to become a yoga teacher. People make resolutions every year to stay fit but at the end of the day, nothing will happen because the focus is not there and they give priority to different things.     The balance is not there and yoga can give you that balance to take care of everything, that’s my experience. The preparations mentally and physically, which I have done to get into the yoga zone, have given me a lot of benefits - I haven't visited a hospital for the last 10 years! 








Yoga heals the soul People want to be fit and somewhere something is

One day one of my colleagues told me that my

always pulling them back. They start and are not able

eyes are red and I was feeling suffocated. I went

to continue. What I did was to visualise myself the

to see the doctor and she checked my blood

way I would like to look physically and I would always

pressure and started prescribing medicine which I

see that picture before I sleep; this gave me motivation

denied and told her that I will come back in two

to practice my yoga. Initially I focused on basic

weeks’ time. I learned that certain breathing

breathing exercises and basic asana which I continued

exercises and yoga asana can regulate the blood

for many years. I never thought about any other

pressure. The same evening, I went back and took

advanced asana. Whenever I feel lazy I change my

the yoga mat from the cupboard and started

mindset and do more practice on that particular day.


Fix a time for yoga - it may be in the morning or

After two weeks I consulted the doctor and she

evening. Morning is the best time and try to practice

was stunned by seeing the changes in my blood

with an empty stomach. The place has to be dust free

pressure and asked me what I have done. That

and should have good ventilation as well. Most of the

was the eye opener and life changing moment

asana has physical benefits as well as mental benefits

which I cannot forget. Since then I started

which most of the people don’t know. For example, if

practicing on a regular basis without any stopping

you do sarvangasana (shoulder stand) on a regular

which gave me a lot of courage to face any kind

basis your thyroid and parathyroid gland is safe.

of situation in life. I became stronger mentally and

Always learn from a good teacher who can teach you


the right and safe way to reach that particular asana.

I have taught more than a thousand people

Don't follow videos and do it yourself, this can lead to

around the world from different countries. Also


associated with many trainers from China, USA,

It all started in 2007 when I got my shoulder injured

France, Sweden, Russia. From them I have learned

while playing club cricket. While doing rehabilitation,

lots of things. Also conducted 3 yoga and wellness

my physiotherapist asked me to learn yoga to


strengthen my shoulder. I followed his advice and learned yoga. After that,

My upcoming retreats are in Mumbai from April

I folded the yoga mat and kept it in my cupboard like

27 - May 1 2017 and in Kerala from 18 - 26

most of the people do.

November 2017.





CHILLI IN IT'S VARIOUS FORMS ENHANCES INDIAN CUISINE. YOU MUST BE VERY LUCKY TO FIND ANY SAVOURY DISH WITHOUT CHILLI OR PEPPER. Chillies are available in many different ways. We can buy them fresh, dried, Chilli is the fruit of the plants from the genus

powdered, flaked, in oil, in sauce, bottled

Capsicum. Chillies are cultivated mainly in

and pickled. The south Indian varieties of

tropical and sub-tropical countries. India is the

dried red chilli have incredible fire power.

largest producer and major exporter of chilli.

When buying fresh chilli, make sure it is

Indian food without chillies is like summer

crisp and unwrinkled. It will be bright green

without sunshine. Gundur is the south Indian

in colour and unbroken. Like all ground

state of Andhra Pradesh and produces 30% of

spices chilli powder also loses its strength

all the chillies produced in India.

and sparkle after a few months.

Andhra Pradesh contributes 75% of India’s chilli

Whole dried chillies can keep up to a year if

exports. Chillies are classified on the basis of

stored in a dry and dark place. Exposure to

their colour, shape and pungency. There are two

light and air can spoil the colour and

major varieties of chilli – ‘Capsicum annum’ and

flavour. There are different varieties of

‘Capsicum frutescens’. These are the two major

chilli powder. Chilli powder is the dried,

varieties grown and eaten all over the world.

pulverized fruit of one or more varieties of

There are three more varieties of chilli too. They

chilli pepper, sometimes with the addition

are ‘Capsicum chinense’, ‘Capsicum pubescens’,

of other spices also sometimes known as

and ‘Capsicum baccatum’. ‘Capsicum annum’

chilli powder blend. Chilli powder is

includes many common varieties such as bell

sometimes known by the specific type of

pepper, wax, cayenne, jalapenos, chiltepin and

chilli pepper such as cayenne pepper. It is

all forms of new Mexico chilli. ‘Capsicum

used in many different cuisines, including

frutescens’ includes malagueta, tabasco

Indian, Tex-mex, Chinese, Thai and Korean.

and Thai peppers, piri piri and Malawian

You can buy several forms of chilli powder


like paprika which is mild but does not store well and cayenne which is extremely hot.

Fresh unripened chillies come in various shades

Chilli powder is widely available and needs

of green from lime to olive. The ripe chillies are

no alternative.

red. Some of the Indian chillies are long and fat and round like cherries or small and slender.

Chillies are also used for some medicinal

Chillies have a strong aroma and their taste

purpose. Capsaicin, the chemical in chilli

ranges from mild to dynamite. The level of heat

peppers that makes them hot and is used as

is dependent on the amount of capsaicin

an analgesic in topical ointments, nasal

present in the seeds, veins and skin of the

spray and dermal patches to relieve pain.

chillies. The contrast in colour and appearance

Chillies are very high in vitamins A and C

makes chilli plant interesting as a garden plant.

and have more vitamin C per gram than many oranges.




Besides capsaicin, chilies contain antioxidants, including vitamin C and carotenoids, which might also help improve insulin regulation

Capsicum chinense

Chillies are also added to medicines which relieves sore throats. Chilli are a good source of most B vitamins and vitamin B6 in particular. They are very high in potassium, magnesium and iron. Chillies are present in many They are sometimes used whole or in large slices, by


roasting or other means of blistering or charring the skin.

Capsicum chinense

In India most households always keep a stack of fresh hot green chillies at hand and use them to flavour most curries and dry dishes. It is typically lightly fried with oil in the initial stages of preparation of the dish. Fresh or dried chillies are used to make sauce, a liquid condiment. Hot sauces are found in many cuisines including harissa from North Africa, chili oil from China and sriracha from Thailand. 

Capsicum annum

The capsaicin in chillies is highly irritant to skin. It makes a burning sensation when touched with bare hands. So be careful when preparing them. Try to avoid contact with the inside of the fruit and wash hands with soap and water immediately after use or wear gloves when chopping. Keep hands away from the face. To reduce the pungency of chillies, discard the seeds and soak We have given few hand picked recipes from our cook

them in cold salted water.  

book '`Beyond Curry' where we use Indian chillies which is

Capsicum frutescens

spicy in nature. They are green when raw and turns yellow, then red once ripened.

Chilli can be added to the dish at any stage depending on which form you are using. If it's raw paste or crushed fresh chilli it's best used in the beginning so the pungency and raw taste gets  balanced. Powdered chilli can be used in adjusting spice level at the end stage as well as in the beginning.





Photos provided by : Afshar K Ashraf , Follow @ 





Indian Street Food to Restaurants

Street Food Cheap Food !! This was just a thought a few years back, but now it's the most sought after food trend. Fine-dining-Indian editorial team had a meaningful conversation with Chef Suresh Pillai. He shared some amazing ideas and thought how few great Indian dishes can be adapted to Indian restaurants. Any country in the world has a few places where they are famous for its street food. When

Pillai's Column

you travel and want to enjoy the culture, you must eat food from local street food ventures.

Delhi – while you are in Delhi, there are two sides:

A few of the famous street food dishes that

New Delhi and Old Delhi . Old Delhi is the place

made their way into Indian restaurants are .

you must visit to treasure some of the best street food. Nizamudin – you must visit Karim's – for

Paani Puri / Gol Gappa

famous burrah kebab and nihari. Chandini Chowk

Paav Bhaji

– paratha wale gali or otherwise kao gali – try out

That Dosa / Mini dosa Pakora different types

freshly made stuffed paratha and amazing lassi. There are plenty more but these two are on top when you don’t have time to visit others

Chaat of all kinds Kothu roti / Kuthu porotta

Street food, when prepared in a hygienic

Kolkata – streets of Kolkata have so many of the best street food vendors and it's hard to choose. One suggestion is Vivekananda Park – for Kolkata

environment, is safe and fresh. Most street food vendors prepare food for one service so it's

style chaats, phuchkas similar to pani puri, dal pakori. There is Golmarg crossing – for the famous

fresh, as they don't have the equipment to chill

Calcutta fish fry, Kabiraji cutlet made with fish or

then use the next day .

minced mutton, clearly with a colonial influence

In India, there are some great places which are famous for their street food . Chef Pillai has given a few suggestions you must try out when you visit India.

from fish and chips. Park street – famous for khatti rolls from Zaika restaurant.




LONDON IS SAID TO BE THE CULINARY CAPITAL OF THE WORLD: HEAD TO SHOREDITCH AND YOU FIND THE STREET FOOD CAPITAL. Indian Street food needs to explored and adapted for Indian restaurants. street foods are amazing delicacies made with easy and simple cooking techniques.


- the capital city of

Tamilnadu is famous for its chettinadu cuisine; you may have heard of chettinad chicken . Chennai also accommodates few famous street joints. Marina beach – sundal, a chick pea preparation, and Kalan, a mushroom stir-fry dish .

“Street Food, I believe, is the salvation of the human race.” Anthony Bourdain

Kacheri road – Rayers Mess is a very famous traditional Tamil food joint. Kai Yendhi Bhavans – famous Street food trucks or wheelie carts where


– the financial capital of India where Indian film

you get dosa and kothu roti or

stars and billionaire business people compete to maintain


their status quo. You may end up eating with Sharukh Khan


or Amabanis (richest Asian on Forbes list) on a street food

– the business centre

of the southern state Kerala has very active night street

outing. Mumbai street foods are so hard to ignore. Juhu food joints. Famous for Kappa Chowpaty Beach area – famous for all forms of chaats, Pani poori. Crawford Market – Kheema pav and pav bhajis.

and potti – a dish made with cassava and goat intestines.

Bhendi Bazaar – for biriyanis and kebabs. The famous

Kothu porotta a best recycled

Grant Road – Iranian pastries, bread and chai.  

dish where pieces of porotta,


curry and egg are smashed

- The Silicon Valley of India. You find few good

street food joints, most will be packed with I.T professionals. VV Puram – famous for spicy Masala Dosa.

together. Kappa Kanji – a savoury rice porridge with cassava and green chilli.

Jaya Nagar – creative sandwich vendors and chaat stalls.




Courgette flower pakora, baby courgette chutney Yield: 4 portions Prep Time: 15 min

by chef

suresh pillai

Total Time: 20 min



4no. Courgette flower

20ml Coconut Oil

20g Black olives sliced

2g Asafetida

4no Baby courgette

5g Crushed chilly

5g Green chili paste

1no Green tomato

5g Sea salt

10g Crushed coriander  

2no Green chilly  

10g Tempura powder

5g Ajwain

2no Shallots

Oil for deep frying

10g Ginger paste

20g Roasted split chickpea

10g Garlic paste  

10g Ginger

For Pakora batter

2g Turmeric

50g Coconut grated

200g Gram flour

5g Baking powder

3g Salt

20g Rice flour

10ml Oil

For Tempering

20g Corn flour

Salt to taste

10ml Oil 5g Mustards  2no. Whole dried red chilli 


5g Curry leaves  

For Pakora batter

Mix the flour and sieve, add the all ingredients to a mixing bowl. Add enough

water to make a light batter consistency, stir well and rest for 30 minutes.

For Chutney

Slice the courgette and green tomatoes, heat the pan, add oil and sauté the

courgette, tomatoes and green chilli. Slow cook for 10 minutes. Cool down then blend together with rest of the ingredients to a fine paste. In a separate pan temper with mustards, red chili, curry leaves  .

For Flower i n

a tray arrange courgette flower filled with sliced olives, season with crushed chilly

and sea salt. Dip flowers in batter to coat, drop in batches into hot oil, fry until the pakoras are golden brown on all sides remove and drain on paper towels and serves immediately with courgette chutney.  

Three pepper tandoori Halibut Yield:  2 portions Prep Time: 15 min Total Time: 20 min

Sajeev Nair

Executive Chef One Michelin Star | Trishna


30g Ginger garlic

5g Telicherry pepper


5g Pink peppercorn

5g Salt

400g Halibut filleted

10g Lemon juice

80g Full fat soft

5g Garam masala

60g Raw papaya

15g mango ginger

25g crushed roasted

10g Green chilli


15g Wild garlic

40g Samphire

15ml Fish sauce

4no. Heritage baby

20g Palm sugar


5g Salt

3g Red chilli flakes

10ml Olive oil


FOR HALIBUT In a pan, dry roast all the three whole peppers and make a coarse powder. Cut the halibut in to equal sizes of 100-110g each and apply lemon juice, salt and ginger garlic paste. Keep it aside for 1hour. In a mixing bowl, add soft cheese, garam masala, mix well. Apply this mixture on the marinated halibut. Skewer the halibut and cover it with the broiled mixed peppercorns evenly and cook it in pre heated tandoor or oven. Maintain a temperature above 220C for about 5-7 minutes. Apply butter/ghee on top. Serve it along with raw papaya and samphire chaat.

For Chaat Heat the palm sugar and add mango ginger, wild garlic, chilli flakes, green chilli, fish sauce, salt and olive oil. Cook for about 5 minutes. Cool the dressing and keep it aside. Mix the peeled and shredded raw papaya, samphire, heritage baby tomatoes, crushed peanuts, the above dressing in mortar and pestle; crush it until everything is mixed well. Serve it along with the halibut. 




King Prawn, fine beans & coconut 

from finediningindian cook book

Yield: 1  portion Prep Time: 1o min Total Time: 15 min



• 1 No. King Prawn (180g - 200g Size) • 1/2 Teaspoon Ginger Garlic Paste • 1/4 Teaspoon Turmeric Powder • 1/2 Teaspoon Lemon Juice • 1/2 Teaspoon Chilli Powder • 1/4 Teaspoon Rice Flour • 4 No. Curry Leaf Finely Shredded • 1 Teaspoon Tamarind Paste • 2 Tablespoon Water • 1 Pinch Salt 30g Oil to Fry

• 4 Tablespoon Fine Beans String Removed & Sliced Fine • 1 Table Spoon Freshly Grated Coconut • 1 Tablespoon Coconut Oil • 1/4 Teaspoon Mustard Seed • 5g Fine Chopped Garlic • 1/4 Fine Sliced Green Chilli • 1g Turmeric Powder • 1g Salt • 3no. Curry Leaf

For King Prawn 1. Split the King Prawn through the shell length-wise. Remove the black thread-like structure, before giving it a wash. Drain and keep aside for future use.

2. Apply lemon juice on flesh side of the prawn. Sprinkle some salt and turmeric, spread evenly, with your hand. Leave in refrigerator.

3. Make a paste with ginger, garlic paste, chilli powder, curry leaf and rice flour. Apply this mix to the prawns, starting from the flesh side and then all over.







4. Heat oil in a non-stick pan over medium heat. Start by searing the flesh side, pressing down using a spatula to prevent the prawns from curling up. Cook for 40 seconds, while pressing down. Turn the prawn so that the shell is now touching the pan. Cover and cook for 1 minute. Remove from the heat, and keep at the side for plating.

For Fine Beans 1. Heat the oil in a small sauté pan, adding mustard seed. After 30 seconds, add chopped garlic. Then, sauté lightly until it gets a warm, golden color.

2. Now, add all remaining ingredients together. Sauté these until the beans are cooked, but still keeping their bright green color.

3. Finish with freshly grated coconut and check the seasoning. Keep in warmth for easy plating.

For Plating 1. Remove the pan-fried prawns to a kitchen a towel. 

2. Spoon the fine beans on a plate, placing the prawns on top with flesh side facing up. Now, bring the pan back to heat and de-glaze with tamarind and water. Adjust the seasoning if needed or if you would like to reduce it to a thick, sauce-like consistency.

3.Pour around the prawns, as shown in the picture. You can finish with edible flower as decoration to give the dish a little more depth and style.



Spiced chicken wings 


from finediningindian cook book

Yield: 1 portion Prep Time: 1 hour 10 min Total Time: 1 hour 20 min



• 2 Pc Chicken Wings

1. Marinate chicken wings with lemon juice and all of the mentioned

• 1 No. Red Onion Medium Size

powdered spices as well as some salt. Keep refrigerated for 20 minutes.

• 40g Size Pink Hopper

2. Meanwhile, lightly crush the peeled ginger, garlic, shallots and curry

• 2g Ginger Peeled

leaf in a blender. Mix with chicken wings, and make sure to keep checking

• 3g Garlic Peeled 

the seasoning. Lightly roll the wings in the rice flour, always making sure

• 10g Peeled Shallots • 1g Turmeric Powder  • 2no. Curry Leaf  • 4g Coriander Powder • 6g Red Chilli Powder  • 3g Fennel Powder 

to keep the lollipop shape. Place back in the refrigerator until needed. 3. Heat the coconut oil in a deep frying pan, with ideal temperature being around 170C. Slowly drop the chicken wings straight from the refrigerator rather than leaving them out. This helps to prevent losing marinade in oil.  4. Fry until the chicken is cooked, but reduce the heat to medium if it’s getting color too quickly. Drain and keep in a paper towel until needed.

• 3g Garam Masala 5. Bring down the oil temperature to 150C, and then slice banana shallots  • 2g Salt length-wise very thinly using a knife or preferably a mandolin. • 5g Lemon Juice   6. While peeling the onion, be sure to try and keep the root side. It helps • 10g Rice Flour  to keep the shape when frying, if possible. Once the onion is crispy, • 200ml Coconut Oil to Fry remove it and keep it on the paper towel. (Can Substitute with Neutral Flavored Oil) 1g Edible Flower

7. Lightly warm your pre-cooked pink hopper in a microwave, cutting it into small squares, as shown in picture. Arrange the pink hoppers on plate, and then place the fried chicken wings and fried shallots. Sprinkle around edible flower petals to add another level of depth to the plate itself. You can also squeeze a slice of lemon juice on top if you feel that it could use a little tartness.


Article by Meenakshi I am not the first one writing about Focus. Many have

I completed my grand diploma. The experience was

written about Focus and it's Importance. I can share the

great yet I was not there per se. I still love to cook for

experience that I have had to bring my focus back. My

friends and family. It brings happiness to me. But, I knew

father was and still is my mentor. By looking at him, I

I was not created to be a chef in the kitchen. I am a

studied Law and became a lawyer. The focus was to be

people’s person. My current boss Gaggan maybe had

like him. But I forgot about what I really love to do. I did

the talent to spot me or just wanted to give me a job

really well as a student but, could never bring my focus to

because of my crazy mad attitude. I don't know. But

it. After sad practice of broken and slow law, I lost my

that’s another story how I started working at Gaggan

heart to it. Being stagnant for me is an unhappy feeling. All

which is nothing less than a miracle in itself. I have

I wanted was to do something that would make me

been here for the last 3 years. I am surrounded by chefs

happy. I was always judged as someone who can't stick to

and their inspirational stories. Everyday I meet new

a career and who has no focus. Well I am glad I never got

people who want to be successful and be like Gaggan.

discouraged by those comments and kept doing what I felt

All I see is the focus they have to be like someone,

like. I kept listening to my heart. It wasn’t easy though.

which is great. But, the most important thing I learned

Cooking always brought me happiness, so I decided I

is that you must believe in something that brings you

wanted to take a sabbatical and be a chef. I went to study

happiness. It could be cooking, writing, painting or

at the Le Cordon Bleu in Bangkok, Thailand.

anything.Some people are motivated by passion and some are motivated my money.







Both are correct. The idea is just to keep going. You

So, my friends. While working hard, keep going

must say yes to the opportunities coming your way. You

through your journey. Keep enjoying it as well -

are opening doors in life. The key is in your hands. Start

that’s equally important. Keep appreciating every

appreciating what you do and keep working towards what

bit of it. 80% of daily routine is our work. So, it has

you wish to do. And stick to the journey. Be in the journey.

be something that you love. I am not saying quit

We end up learning more during the journey that we hate

your jobs and be jobless. Appreciate what you are

so much because we focus on the goal too much. You will

doing right now as that will surely teach you

fail many many many times.

something that will come in handy in the future. And keep aiming to look for more that will bring

Criticism is part of it. But, dress up and show up and start.

your next goal. Keep connecting the dots. For me

As long as I keep moving things keep happening. This is

there is only one distraction when I am not happy

the first article I have ever written, and I have always

doing something. That’s when I know it's time to

wanted to write. I was asked if I would like to write.

look for something more exciting. So far, I am doing

Without any fear of being judged or fear of failure, I am

great. But, I know I am not there yet. I still have

writing this.

more coming my way. Focus on now and aim for new stuff. And keep moving on your career path you are on. … Surely you will be successful… Successful in completing the journey..  

“Focus on your goals, not your fear. Focus like a laser beam on your goals.” Roy.T.Bennet


Gunpowder | London INDIAN HOME-STYLE KITCHEN Gunpowder is a very small restaurant, mainly a

Yes, it's different from all other Indian restaurants

street food outlet. The result is that people end up

in London - neither fine dining nor a curry house.

queueing, as there are no bookings and the restaurants only seats 20 or so.

We were doing market research for a project of ours in Earl's Court, an Indian small-plate

Is the food that great that it is worth the

consultancy project for a new restaurant opening.

queueing? Our mind-set was to try and follow

Our research brought us to Gunpowder.

where the crowd goes. Let's look at who the crows is - restaurant-goers who are not looking

The dishes we tasted are in the pictures. We taste,

for tamed Indian cuisine in London, which generally

take notes but mostly only go back to pictures.

lacks the punch we Indians are used to to. So it's

Notes are there so that after a few weeks, one can

natural that when word of mouth spread that

realise what memories the dishes bring back. The

there's now a restaurant that gives spicy Indian

ones that taste amazing are already stuck.

food - it was automatically seen as authentic.







Rasam Ke Bomb Spicy, mostly only a tomato flavour, instead of the traditional combination of pepper, curry leaf, garlic, with a hint of tamarind.

The two dishes that stood out were the lamb rack and the crispy crab.

It's best not to call our tasting experience as a restaurant review - for a perfect review, you should visit a restaurant atleast three times and judge the average for consistency.

"WE PROUDLY PLACE THE FINEDININGINDIAN SEAL OF RECOGNITION ON THE CRAB AND THE LAMB RACK." Molten Chocolate and Chai Custard It was not molten in the centre, instead it came fully baked. Chai custard lacked flavour and very runny to call it a custard. The recipe needs revisiting.

Lamb Chop Kashmiri I’m assuming this is based on the famous Tabak Maas, a great recipe from the Kashmiri valley. This is a great lamb dish which stood out from the entire tasting - nicely chargrilled yet succulent.

Karvari Crab Crispy fried soft-shell crab with a nice tangy sauce. Another stand-out dish, though since the sauce had been poured on top, the crab was a little soggy in places.







Indian cuisine small plate Revolution

Beyond Curry

Here in this second issue of finediningindian we have selected two recipes from our books one is from "Beyond Curry" and other from our New Book "Indian cuisine small plate Revolutoion"

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