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Quail marinated in Chettinad spices 

Q. Anything you would say to the future generation?

What you read and how you keep updated. How you get new ideas?

Work hard, stay focussed, believe in yourself and truly love what you do. There is a process and a journey one

Innovation and creation is what contributes to life.

has to go through. Keep an eye on your goal but at the

Whether you are a chef or from any other

same time, don't deny the journey. Take everything as a

profession. IF you stop learning and you think you

part of growing up.  There will be many ups and downs

know it all then that would be the end of it. I read a

and many failures and some success. Embrace all of

lot, watches documentary. All kinds coming my

them. Running straight after success will leave you with


nothing. Go through the grind. To achieve gold, you have to go through the fire. There are no shortcuts in

Q. Any pep talk for Indian chefs who dream big?

life. Slow and steady wins the race.  Patience, perseverance, passion, productivity and  Q. With your family, how do you manage your time? 


One has to. It’s all about priorities. If you

Q. Fun question - as a Famous Indian chef, who do

value something, then you will make time for it.

you pick in your brigade? Including yourself to run rest for a day. Choose Kitchen porter, apprentice,

Q. From where do you draw motivation and inspiration?

commis, chef de partie, sous chef, head chef, exe chef? (Seems he cleverly avoided this one...)

From everything. You should always have the intention of seeking inspiration. If one has that, you will see

Most times I am a bit of a loner but friendly. I find

inspiration in everything. And you will know what I

time to rest with my family and my team, my

mean. Nature, colours, seasons, animals, people,


pictures, art, music. Everything.

Fine dining Indian food magazine april 2017  
Fine dining Indian food magazine april 2017  

Fine dining Indian Food Magazine for the Month of April is a an amazing Indian cuisine magazine . Featuring world famous Indian chef Gaggan...