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Basil sponge living moss with lime mousse, red chilli sorbet and edible butterfly

Q. What were the advantages and disadvantages of being an Indian chef outside of India?  It was never about being an Indian chef that was the obstacle. Bringing Indian food to the limelight was the challenge. Indian food all over the world was considered as heavy greasy curry that was usually eaten after heavy drinking with heavy naan bread. Which you do need sometimes, but India is blessed with many cuisines, due to all the different cultures and weather. I saw that and I had the urge for the world to see it. 

That was my inspiration - and the challenge was how to present it in a new way, a way in which people who have never tasted those flavours would fall in love with them. And I had to deal with that challenge. I always say "food is the hero". Now we have a very international team who know the flavours very well. So, it’s never about the creator but always the creation.   Q. What are any current or future projects that you have? We are always coming up with something new. We will keep coming up with them. The more ideas, the more projects. I can't reveal them all or someone with more resources will make that idea happen tomorrow.  

Fine dining Indian food magazine april 2017  
Fine dining Indian food magazine april 2017  

Fine dining Indian Food Magazine for the Month of April is a an amazing Indian cuisine magazine . Featuring world famous Indian chef Gaggan...