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Indian Street Food to Restaurants

Street Food Cheap Food !! This was just a thought a few years back, but now it's the most sought after food trend. Fine-dining-Indian editorial team had a meaningful conversation with Chef Suresh Pillai. He shared some amazing ideas and thought how few great Indian dishes can be adapted to Indian restaurants. Any country in the world has a few places where they are famous for its street food. When

Pillai's Column

you travel and want to enjoy the culture, you must eat food from local street food ventures.

Delhi – while you are in Delhi, there are two sides:

A few of the famous street food dishes that

New Delhi and Old Delhi . Old Delhi is the place

made their way into Indian restaurants are .

you must visit to treasure some of the best street food. Nizamudin – you must visit Karim's – for

Paani Puri / Gol Gappa

famous burrah kebab and nihari. Chandini Chowk

Paav Bhaji

– paratha wale gali or otherwise kao gali – try out

That Dosa / Mini dosa Pakora different types

freshly made stuffed paratha and amazing lassi. There are plenty more but these two are on top when you don’t have time to visit others

Chaat of all kinds Kothu roti / Kuthu porotta

Street food, when prepared in a hygienic

Kolkata – streets of Kolkata have so many of the best street food vendors and it's hard to choose. One suggestion is Vivekananda Park – for Kolkata

environment, is safe and fresh. Most street food vendors prepare food for one service so it's

style chaats, phuchkas similar to pani puri, dal pakori. There is Golmarg crossing – for the famous

fresh, as they don't have the equipment to chill

Calcutta fish fry, Kabiraji cutlet made with fish or

then use the next day .

minced mutton, clearly with a colonial influence

In India, there are some great places which are famous for their street food . Chef Pillai has given a few suggestions you must try out when you visit India.

from fish and chips. Park street – famous for khatti rolls from Zaika restaurant.

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