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Chef Nancy's Weekly Lunchs: - Mo, April 1st Lunch: Pasta a la Carbonara

-Tu, April 2nd Lunch: Indian Chole & Whole Texmati Rice

- We, April 3rd Lunch: Stewed Potatoes & Beef

- Th, April 4th Lunch: Steak & Veggies Fajita

- Fr, April 5th Lunch: Thai Chicken & Coconut Rice

- Mo, April 8th Lunch: Spicy Chorizo Lentil Stew

- Tu, April 9th Lunch: Kelp Burgers & Jacket Potatoes

-We, April 10th Lunch:Korean BBQKimchi & Rice Noodles

- Th, April 11th Lunch: Stuffed Peppers

- Fr, April 12th Lunch: Veggie Lasagna

- Mo, April 15th Lunch: Mixed Meats & Cous cous

- Tu, April 16th Lunch: Green Peas PurĂŠe & Bacon

-We, April 17th Lunch: Italian Style Polenta

-We, April 18th Lunch: Roast Beef & Veggie Pudding

- Fr, April 19st Lunch: Thai Chicken & Coconut Rice

- Mo, April 22nd Lunch: Dill Onions & Seafood/ Veggie Curry

- Tu, April 23rd Lunch: Ham/Cheese Omelette & Green Beans

- We, April 24th Lunch: Seaweed Burgers & Spicy Lentils

- Th, April 25th Lunch: Whole Wheat Bolognesa Pasta & Beef

- Fr, April 26th Lunch: Stewed Potatoes & Beef

- Mo, April 29 th Lunch: Chole & Pork with Whole Texmati Rice

- Tu, April 30th Lunch: Lunch: Steak & Veggies Fajita

(Daily Deliveries for Tasty: $3.000CLP; Meat Lovers $4.500CLP & Veggie:$3.500CLP) Please, place orders to:

Chef Nancy April's Menu  

We're looking forward to hearing from you! Please check the attached PDF File and order to: