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Case Study: Albert Uster Imports (AUI) Swiss

About 100 new products are being introduced every year. The AUI Swiss brands include chocolates, confections, fruit products, sauces and purées—to name a few.

Up to date, Albert Uster Imports holds the distinction as a chocolate and confectionary specialist in the Luxury Hotel and Restaurant Industry. The Challenge As new products are being introduced, dozens of masterful recipe collections are also being cooked up by AUI Swiss which they aim to share to their diverse clientele. These recipes do not just act as available culinary resources for their customers, they also enable AUI Swiss to promote the use of their quality, gourmet products. Aside from recipe management, AUI Swiss likewise needed a system that would enable them to manage the pricing of their merchandise to suit the diverse needs of each of their clients.

Michael A. Motemaden Senior Vice President, Operations & IT


Overview Working with top Swiss companies, Albert User Imports (AUI Swiss) offers fine Swiss confections,




resources to the top trendsetters of the food industry for almost 40 years. The company is composed of prime professionals who are experts in the industry. Their products display their expertise and high regard for quality and optimum service which enables chefs to optimize their time and talent but without sacrificing taste, craftsmanship and quality.

For this Chocolate and Confectionaire Specialist, EGS has further developed their recipe and menu management software, EGS CALCMENU, to include a specially-designed resource site called Kiosk. The Kiosk is integrated into the AUI Swiss website and features an easy-to-use interface. It serves as a convenient source of recipes for the company site’s visitors and at the same time a creative venue to further promote the use of their gourmet products.

Pastry, Chocolate and Confectionaire Specialist in the Luxury Hotel and Restaurant Industry Location

Gaithersburg MD USA Software solution

EGS CALCMENU with Kiosk In use

The Approach Albert Uster Imports has sought the expertise of EGS Enggist and Grandjean Software in developing a special solution that would meet their specific requirements. EGS has been developing software solutions for over 21 years and has since made a mark in the industry through their intelligent desktop and web-based solutions, developed to meet the specific recipe and menu management needs of foodservice professionals.

Albert Uster Imports (AUI) Swiss

Since 2005


Creative and effective product marketing

Efficient recipe management and sharing

Improved communication process between AUI Swiss and their customers

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The highest quality products and services has made AUI the leader in pastry and chocolate products for the professional chef.

Likewise, a special sytem that enables AUI Swiss to manage and define pricing through a customized user log-in system, has been put in place.

Prices for common ingredients are manually encoded by the user while ingredients from the AUI Swiss brands are already marked with their respective retail prices.

The Technology Behind the Solution

The prices reflected in the Kioks are user-based— meaning, it varies according to the user/customer that is currently logged in to the system. This is made possible through the special log-in page which EGS has customized for AUI Swiss for better user-price management.

The various features in EGS CALCMENU provide AUI Swiss the convenience of creating numerous recipes which they publish on their Kiosk. These recipes not only serve as reliable resources to their customers, majority of which are professionals in the luxury hotel and restaurant industry, but as effective means of marketing their gourmet products as well. The Multiple-criteria Search feature in the Kiosk allows visitors to find more specific and detailed recipe search results from the wide database of AUI Swiss recipes which they can download or print out for use. A PDF of these recipes can also be sent via email to share to their friends or colleagues.

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Each recipe they create and share generally contains common ingredients (e.g. sugar, milk, egg, flour) and ingredients from the AUI Swiss brand. These branded ingredients are distinctly marked with a label which, if clicked, reveals more information about the product. The price of each ingredient is also included in the recipe along with the required measurements (shown in both metric and imperial measurements) which can be conveniently resized according to preference.

Results With a customized Recipe Resource Site or Kiosk in place, AUI Swiss has been able to: Organize and manage their still-growing number of recipes and products Enhance customer service and product marketing. They can actively market their products through no-fuss recipe sharing right onto their website Provide chef customers with new recipe ideas which already has a built-in food costing tool for added convenience

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