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If you wish to buy a DSLR camera this year, perhaps you can add Canon EOS Rebel T3i as one of your selections. If you are in the photography business, you know that Canon EOS Rebel DSLR camera product line is very popular, with the Rebel T2i which already gained a huge hit in the market. What makes this type of digital camera really recommended by its users? The answer is simple, the features are good, it produce perfect image quality, lightweight and easy to use. It comes with advanced HD video mode to produce brilliant full HD movies. Now with their latest EOS series, Canon again will release EOS Rebel T3i with more advanced features and improved full hd movie mode. One interesting feature and should be on anyone consideration before buy other DSLR camera is the Integrated Speedlite Transmitter capability. With this new feature,the built-in flash functioned as the trigger, firing off- camera flashes (one or more) which have been set up as slave units. This will give more benefit to casual users when they want to start using this feature, which most pro users already familiar with this type of wireless E-TTL. Another feature that is worth to watch is the easy wireless setting, which is suitable for those beginner users of the wireless E-TTL. Easy wireless setting lets you to enable many options to shoot in wireless flash condition without confusing your time on setting up the camera. The Canon Rebel T3i comes with 18.0 MP CMOS and DiGIC 4 Image Processor that is perfect to catch high quality pictures with clear range and speed. It also offers enough resolution for cropping or enhancing the big images. With this DSLR camera, you are not only can shoot video, but it offers smooth frame rates, expanded recording with the new movie digital zoom and video snapshot features. The movie digital zoom will expand the image center by 3 to 10 times, thus at the same time it still keeps the image quality. On the other hand, the video snapshot feature will enable us to produce short video clips that can be compiled into a snapshot album. The album will be ready to share online to video sharing network sites or you can watch it directly on your HDTV. Whatever the shooting conditions, the new Canon EOS Rebel T3i is capable to shot picture from any angles, either low angle which is perfect when you want to get kids or pets pictures, or even on high angle for shooting at concert hall. The vari-angle LCD monitor is great for capturing images and details from variety of angles. Canon EOS Rebel T3i is designed with new feature guide that gives simple and short explanation of each function that is helpful for the beginner or casual users who just start to use this camera. With great features explained above, the Rebel T3i is ready to follow its previous model success, the EOS Rebel T2i.

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==== ==== For more info on Canon EOS Rebel T3 , click below ==== ====

Canon EOS Rebel T3i Review