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Put me on the cover and I’ll expel you too! Issue 53 – Easter 2016

The Dark Knight Rises Vice Provost Rex Knight clashes with students as UCL Cut The Rent protests escalate Ifor Ramsey The Cheese Grater has already said it once this year (see CG 51), but it’s been another rough term for the previously mighty UCL Residences, and given the events of the past month things won’t be looking up for some time. If the optimistic projections of the rent strike’s organisers are to be believed, a movement that began as an isolated response to building works at Campbell House West will next term pit 500 halls residents and over £1 million in withheld rent against College

management. While the strike has proved a boon for the resurgent UCL left and slathering Independent hacks alike, College has responded with customary tact and grace: threatening to expel the President of Pi Media, admitting that they don’t consider low-income students when setting inflation-busting rents, and trying to pass off a rent increase as a cut during negotiations with campaigners. Despite the strikers demanding an immediate 40 per cent cut that some insiders privately admit is unachievable, Col-

lege’s bungled and mismanaged response to the Cut the Rent campaign has handed momentum – and public sympathy – to a group whose approach to negotiations most recently consisted of an enforced retirement party for their bête noir, Vice Provost (Operations) Rex Knight. The protest, initially billed as a premature victory party for rent strikers in Camden’s Max Rayne House – who have in fact yet to be offered special compensation of the Continued on page 3

Cheese Grater Issue 53 - Easter 2016  

In this issue: burning Vice Provosts, the depressing state of UCL's mental health and how the potato formed the modern women's movement.