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LAWSON The mould that all boy bands should be made of! We catch up with the boys to find out more about the secret to their astonishing success.

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Cilmi FHM Was The Turning point- New Style, New Sound Exciting prospects

EDITOR Dear Readers, We like to set our standards high at CheerUp, and this issue will not disappoint on that front. Excellent cover stars, mixed with fantastic columns, and some wonderful reviews make for our best issue yet, I like to think. Even Jake got serious with this issue; I think his article might be entirely politically correct, and also prompted me to argue for an entire morning with a juggler on Twitter.

A flat for sale was advertised on RightMove – with a picture of a Cannabis farm as the main promotional image. The flat was raided by police shortly after being tipped off – it se a good idea for the same co open day – we could have a on our hands.

Please enjoy our work. We’ll cry if you don’t – and we’ll send those tears to you via an email attachment. There’s no escaping our wrath. Gareth Davey - Editor

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Milton Keynes restaurant district is a tough place to beat if you’re a young person at the end of the month, who wants a break from the microwavable curry for one. Well, thankfully, there is light at the end of the tunnel; and that light has a giraffe silhouette.

lightfully, and were delivered in a perfect portion in a DIY style which really gave the effect of get stuck in a enjoy type meal.

We entered Giraffe at 1pm, and, like any good restaurant, it was already very busy. We were led to our table by a delightful waitress caked Amy. She asked for our drink order and we got the Fresh Lemonade and the Sunshine Iced, both which were brought out in these delightful glass jam jars with a sprinkling of mint to give the impression Mother Nature herself was in kitchen serving up the food & drink.

The desert was rocky road ice cream, a tower of marshmallow, chocolate, fudge and just about any other sweet they could shove in there; it was the perfect way to end the meal, for those with a sweet tooth, and who are ready to go for a long hibernation afterwa as it will fill you up. The ice cream itself hadn’t melted too much and the right consistency so it didn’t feel like you were trying to cut in mountain, or you had to drink it.

The starter course was Anti Tapas, which was a selection of mederterainian meats, vegetables, herbs and oils presented on a finely crafted block of wood. The food was brilliant to pick at, the atmosphere of the restaurant was casual and relaxing, and the waiters weren’t constantly badgering you. The decor was tasteful and modern, with a southern American feel. The great ambience was met with equally satisfying food and drink, which pleased the taste buds, and satisfied your hunger. The main courses were brought out in style, with the Chicken Pot Strips brought out in a small round wooden basket, and the burger being presented with a side of delightful fine cut French fries. The main part of the meal was everything you would want from a £40-a-head restaurant. The burger, called The Giraffe, which was tall and had two extra fillings of Bacon & Cheese, was delightful. It did everything it needed to do; filled me up and wasn’t too heavy on the stomach, wasn’t too dry and there wasn’t too much protein on the plate to make you hit a meat wall. The other main was the Chicken pot strips which were displayed de-

The meal was perfected by the delightful waiter Alberto-Pla who cle had a passion for the service industry, he was catered for our needs p fectly and allowed us to be in a comfortable environment. If the res the staff are anything like Alberto, then Griaffe’s service is impeccab Overall the Giraffe restaurant had great food, a feel-good atmosph and great service, making it the perfect place to go; the only thing t lets it down, like anything of such high quality, is the price. At £4 head you are looking as a young person/student to have this as the casional treat. 4 Cheers for Giraffe. @grahamfindlay

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early perst of ble. here that 40 a e oc-

Main processor •Single-chip custom processor •CPU: low power x86-64 AMD "Jaguar", 8 cores •GPU: 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD next-generation Radeon™ based graphics engine Memory- GDDR5 8GB Storage size-500GB Hard disk drive. BD/DVD Drive (Read Only) •BD x 6 CAV •DVD x 8 CAV Input / Output •Super-Speed USBx (USB 3.0) port x 2 •AUX port x 1 Networking •Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T) x 1 •IEEE 802.11 b/g/n •Bluetooth® 2.1 (EDR) AV Output •HDMI out port


It’s competition time again between Microsoft and Sony. The anticipation for the release of both the Xbox One and PS4 is upon us. The last time this happened, looking back now, it seemed that the PS3 won. The main difference was the PS3’s BluRay Player, where Xbox360 tried an external HD-DVD which pretty much flopped. No point being all nostalgic though - it’s time to look into what the new console has to offer. We have been assured that there is enough upgrades to make you want to buy it. The Spec below as provided by the UK Playstation website:

Speaker, making the controller a cross between the Wii remote and the Xbox 360. Graphically, the improvement to detail on games is dramatic. To me it’s like watching a HD channel on your TV compared to the standard signal. To imagine an improvement on the current PS3 you would be thinking it’s not possible but really just seeing the games being played is breathtaking, to be honest there is nothing I could write that would sum up the spectacular screen detail.

The console is currently available for pre order The best aspect at the moment is based around for the release date of November the 29th 2013 your recent purchases for your PS3. Selected at a starting price of £349.99, which I feel is a games if you buy them now on the PS3, we very reasonable outgoing on your bank achave been informed, that for a small extra count. To start with the rumours were that the fee you will be able to buy it on the PS4! To console would cost just shy of £500 so it has me this works great for new games like COD dropped significantly. Xbox One will cost you Ghosts, BF4 and Lego Marvel super heroes. more at a starting price of £429.99 with the Buying COD now at £39.99 on PS3 means on additional cost of having to pay to play online the PS4 release you could get it for an expected and no real extra difference. I feel this to be a £10 via an online download. To me this is bril- great improvement to the current system and liant because - why buy a game so close to the also will breathe new life into your PS Vita. release if you are going to stop playing the old The connectivity between both will be a lot console? We all say we will play the old games, more than just a small amount of remote play. but who really does once the new console is With the possibility that you could play selectout? ed PS4 games through the PS Vita. A major change is also within the controller. The look we have always had now includes an To Summarise I am as excited to have this integrated tough pad on it, which will have console released as a kid in a sweet shop with more interaction - similar to the PS Vitas ten pounds! functions. It also now features the connection for a wired headset and also a Built-in Mono Atari Joystix

We at Cheer Up were lucky enough to catch up with Aled Phillips from the British rock band, Kids In Glass Houses for a pleasant chat. Just before the release of their 4th studio album, Peace, we spoke about everything; from touring to pizza and everything in between. The recently released album, Peace, gave the band their 4th consecutive top 40 record in the UK. Perhaps the reason for this consistent success would have something to do with the recording process. Aled told us that it was "a really relaxed recording process for everyone in the band. All parts to each song were in place before we (the band) went in to studio". It seemed that, for the Welsh rockers, it was this comfortable atmosphere that allowed them to truly express themselves. Peace combines their previous sound with a more modern one that really puts their own 'stamp' on the record. It feels like a Kids In Glass Houses album, but without it using


the same sound from a previous record. This gives their fans new music to relate to, but also something new to discover at the same time. On a more personal level, Aled felt that, before the record, he was just going through motions. "It feels like a long time since the last album came out, like my life has been on autopilot - but the new album has got me interested again". Further to this he added "the album is a lot more personal to myself. Which can be harder (to write), but feels like it is worth it". This personal touch can belt felt through the record, in which the emotions are translated across to the listener. I'm sure that this relatable emotion will serve to strengthen the bond between the band and their fans. But also, crucially, it will endear them to an even wider audience. We went on to talk about touring and playing festivals. When asked if any

In Glass Houses specific performances were special to them Aled replied "every time we play Reading Festival (is special), for UK bands, playing there means that you have made it". We couldn't agree more - not only that their performances at Reading have been significant, but that Kids In Glass Houses have truly made it as a household name in the UK rock scene. One performance in particular stood out for the guys though. "Playing with Stereophonics on tour was amazing! They were really nice guys and helped us out. But playing in Cardiff especially was really special to us!"

Following this the conversation may have gone slightly off topic. Discussion ensued about different superheroes and superpowers, resulting in which was best. Aled decided that if he could have any power it would be invisibility, which I had to agree would be a pretty awesome power. Being able to dip in and out of attention of the public would have it's uses for the

frontman of a rock band, with no bad intentions in mind we presume... Finally I finished by asking Aled how would he cheer up the world - which strangely enough, ended up with a 5 minute discussion about pizza! He said that "I would cheer up the world by making pizza free". A sensible enough request, however, the debate surged from this. Aled said that the best pizza is a simple Pepperoni topped one. Please make your own favourite topping known to both us, and Aled on Twitter! The new album Peace is out now. Go and buy it! Connor Furness @connorfurness1

Have We Forgotten The Good Things? On the PlayStation 2, Fifa 2006 has the point of watching an awesome just frozen for the third time today. gig through a camera? You’re there for the show. Live in the moment. Initially, frustration takes hold. I had I guess that this is the point, in a nutjust reached the League Cup Semi-Fi- shell. When checking your phone, you nal with MK Dons – a great feat miss things. And the only way I can – but, very quickly, this frustration see this changing is through checktransforms…into a big cheesy grin. ing your phone in moderation, or when you aren’t moving. Then you Why? Because I’m firmly of the opin- might be certain that you won’t miss ion that technology isn’t everything. the little things that matter in life. Yes, okay, I’m writing this on my laptop. And yes, maybe you are reading Don’t be glued to your screen – you’ll this on your iPhone. So okay. Technology miss what is behind it. And that is is relevant to society and makes our what to live for really; not what Riday-to-day lives a whole lot easier. But hannah has just said on Twitter. what I am conscious of, and what I see more and more everyday, is a se- Keep using technology (otherwise we’ll vere societal dependency on technology. lose a lot of readers!) but make sure you don’t miss the real world when you do so. For example, a teenage girl checking her phone every five minutes. Gareth Davey Even in the middle of a gig, taking @gdavey2 photos of the act that is on. What’s

The 4 e


At the age of 19 I have the typical things you would expect a 19 year old in the 21st century to have; several tattoos (granted, very uniquely designed ones); a good group of friends; a good phone and a good education, and I have a great deal of drunken memories. As a 19 year old I also have some things that make me fairly unique - I co run a magazine, I have 2 decanters full of fine malt bourbon, I have a reel to reel player, stood in a local election and have been a youth member of parliament. But one of the things which is really taken me by storm is the fact that practically all my friends are in relationships. They are all entwined with one another - more entwined than a 15 year olds hand around the Xbox controller as he has to defend a late corner in an epic 2-2 match. I find it crazy that everyone I know is in a relationship, the 1st question you have to ask

is wil

Now d of my egoce colum it’s no the lar relatio in, I have a risks out on tramp by the arrow on to and m Don’t my p and ig proud messe I’ve ru but it how ships

I mea

extra wheels to my


ll these relationships last?

do not get me wrong none y friends should become so entric that they think this mn is about them, because ot (sorry). I am talking about rge picture. I mean from the onships I’ve been involved have made sacrifices that affected me, and I’ve taken and I’ve thrown my heart n the line, only for it to be pled on and shot to pieces e demon who stole cupids w and used it as a weapo make people miserable messed up in many ways. get me wrong I’ve played part in rejecting, blanking gnoring people and I’m not d of the relationships I’ve ed, up or the friendships uined by being a total idiot, creates an interesting idea; much does the relationwe are in now affect us?

an there are things I have

learnt, things I did wrong and things I did right. I’m now cautious about who I open up to, but I am now able to judge someone more on their personality than there looks. I think what’s really important is I am able to understand I shouldn’t put my life on hold for someone I have known for months and even years - I mean how well do you really know that other person? I have technically known my mum for nearly 20 years now, and I learn new things about her every day - doesn’t the same apply for relationships? I couldn’t risk making a major life decision on the influence of someone else . . . or could I? That is the confusing thing. We are influenced by the people around us - naturally you will be influenced by them, even if it’s on a sub conscious level. So even though I am saying oh I would never do anything based on the influence of someone else, I have and you have too.

The point of life is to make mistakes, be influenced by the people around you and to enjoy yourself, and to live it to the full potential. When you are a single, at University, on a tough weekly cycle of work, lectures and more work, it’s nice to have a few spare wheels to influence you and help you get you through it.

Graham Findlay graham@cheerupmagazine. com @grahamfindlay

Eden Lake:

A Lost Modern Classic As the British Film Institute recently celebrated the spine-tingling genre which is horror in conjunction with Halloween, it seems more than appropriate to explore the darker side of cinema. Since the release of Paranormal Activity in 2007, the horror genre has sky-rocketed in popularity and has produced some very memorable films. The Paranormal series and Insidious made record breaking box office hits nationwide. But it isn’t just the films in the limelight that bring a significant outcome to cinema. Eden Lake, which was released in 2008, isn’t among the big blockbuster movies despite being critically acclaimed by many reviews and audiences. Directed by James Watkins, whose most famous credits include The Woman in Black starring Daniel Radcliffe, Eden Lake combines the theatrical element of a typical thriller and the frustrating hide and seek theme seen in many horror films, both classic and contemporary. But perhaps because of its British origin and the lack

of ‘the household name’ actors at the time, it isn’t something widely seen or classed as a modern classic horror/thriller. It is the story of a young couple, played perfectly by young Magneto Michael Fassbender and Sherlock Holmes star Kelly Reilly (both with minimal screen credits at the time), who escape to the tranquil destination of Eden Lake, where Fassbender’s character plans to ‘pop the question’. Instead of getting the relaxing weekend they had hoped for, the duo end up being harassed continuously by a group of teenagers. Skins star Jack O’Connell leads the youthful rebels in their chase to traumatise our hero and heroine, which leads to near hit and misses, unexpected accidents and a desperate race to get out of the woods surrounding the lake where it all started. This is certainly not a film to miss; it is entirely captivating and resists every temptation to move in an expected narrative. It has been compared to films such as The Descent,

When A Stranger Calls and Wolf Creek but it has something that these other films don’t have. The lake and forest where the majority of the film is set gives this natural idyllic glaze, where the characters and the audience feel safe. The cinematography and use of colour also highlight this, which not only shows that it has been beautifully captured but also gives off an eerie quality. There are no monsters or serial killers hiding between the trees, just the reality of human nature and the consequences of ‘power’ and youthful confidence. Some of the greatest movies are the ones that we, as an audience, can not contemplate and that don’t offer narrative closure. Eden Lake is one of these movies that unsettles the soul and leaves you feeling vulnerable and uncertain. The director, Watkins, has manipulated human emotion perfectly – so even at the most repulsive and frustrating points we still find ourselves stuck in the story, unable to accept the fictional fates and actions of the both the ‘heroes’ and the ‘villains’.

Eden Lake is a highly entertaining and unsettling film; it captures the contrast between what is good and what is bad in human nature and has an ending far from what we anticipate. It also highlights the start of a leading role career for Fassbender, who since Eden Lake has become a most wanted actor and cinema heartthrob. All in all, expect the unexpected! _ See if you liked: Wolf Creek, When a Stranger Calls, The Descent, The Descent Part 2, X-Men First Class, Sherlock Holmes, Skins. Becca Barnes @Tears2Shed


In an age where all-singing, all-dancing boy bands rule the world, and solo-artists have more synth in their songs than Miley Cyrus has crazy in her head, it is a real pleasure to see a band that actually are a classic four piece group, managing to break into the popular world of music. Lawson is that incredible band. They have toured almost non-stop the past couple of years. They didn’t enter the world through a TV talent show. And they play music. Lawson is old school, and yet they’re relevant in a modern world. That is some achievement. We spoke to Joel, the day before yet another Lawson tour of the UK. We’re well excited for the tour. It’s the biggest one we’ve done yet. Why do you tour so much? We absolutely love touring. We’re a band, and touring comes naturally to bands. We keep doing our tours because we love it so much. We toured in a van that was knackered and just did gigs up and down the country. We played the Musician in Leicester to five people in 2009. Now we’re doing the O2 Academy and it’s amazing! Do you often get compared to ‘boy bands’? Yeah we get called a ‘boy band’ a lot, and there’s a whole ‘manufactured’ thing about that whole thing. People call us a vocal harmony group, which is an absolute joke. Andy has a fantastic voice, but the rest of us just get by. Lawson was fairly unknown three years ago. In 2010 you would probably have shrugged your shoulders at their mention. But now, after some impressive collaborations and more than a million hits on every official music video, Lawson are one hell of a force. And of course, there’s that video. Chaplain Square, peaking at number 4 in the UK chart, which has been re-issued and is now being released as Chapter Two, with plenty more songs for all the fans!

If somebody told you that you’d have Kelly Brook in your video, what would you have said? I think I’d have walked away (regarding Kelly Brook) – that was a big moment. She fitted the role of the video perfect. We wanted a Jessica Rabbit style person and she’s beautiful. She was perfect for the role. Do you write songs and have ideas about the videos in mind? We’ve had ideas for videos in our minds forever. Like Standing in the Dark, we’ve known what we wanted for ages. So how much control do you have over your videos? We have a lot of creative license over our videos. A lot of them are our own ideas and they just get made that way. What is the thinking behind Chapter Two? We reissued Chaplain Square because we’ve been writing music while we’ve touring. The album’s gone gold in some places…we just want everyone to be on board. We’re not ready to make a new album just yet, but we’re happy for the re-issues. The future for Lawson is VERY bright. They have every right to be the next huge band on the UK scene, and their ever-expanding fan base would certainly be in agreement. Here are the final questions from the interview: What would you like to see in the next couple of years? I’d like to see us keep touring – just to stay on tour and keep doing bigger venues. Maybe an arena tour, something like that. What questions would you ask your fans? That’s a great question. We’d like to have some constructive feedback, like what they’d like to see in this tour! How would you CheerUp the world? A MASSIVE free gig, where everyone is united.

Chapter II is out now, and the boys are The boys’ latest single is a 1920s style vid- on tour! Download Juliet, the latest single eo for Juliet. Oh, and by the way – did we too! mention that world famous model, Kelly Gareth Davey Brook, stars in the video? @gdavey2 How do you feel about the last three

years? Yeah it has been pretty wild. We never expected to be able to do what we’re doing; touring and having people listen to our music.

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Jakes Column

To Talk Seriou

Politics: a topic I do not indulge myself in a great deal, and I often ponder to why this is? Do I purposely alienate myself away from political affairs? Perhaps. Do I lack partisan alignment to a party, thus being disenfranchised from politics? I would think so. Am I the picture in the dictionary next to 'apathy'? I aspire to be, if there is no change - or revolution if you like. I wonder is this my fault? Why I have, nor want, a political footprint on society?

not agree more with Russell Brand. Brand speaks so passionately about the need for 'revolution' because of how the democratic system has, retrospectively, failed 'Great' Britannia. Can you disagree with him? Our options of whom to choose for our next Prime minister consist of politicians who would rather lie, make empty promises, allowing us to believe there might be a silver lining at the end of all this turmoil. But no, the man who shan't be named, has reinforced our doubts in the political system, creating an apathetic generation. So I ask I suppose you could say yes. Yes it is my fault because, as again, is it my fault I have no alignment with a political listed above, I do not have the interest, trust, or desire to party? I shall let you decide. this political depravity we so happily embrace. Or, you could argue, that in-fact it is not my fault, and I would Brand goes on to discuss how our government are curagree with you. rently in the EU courts opposing proposed regulations to cut bankers bonuses when an under class is being A recent interview between Russell Brand and Jeremy created through the ''economic disparity'' of which the Paxman really hit home. It sparked this enthusiasm bankers and government are fully responsibility for. It within me to actually get my voice out there, to voice is mind boggling. I personally, no longer feel that the my opinions on our current political state, and I could UK, and especially the US government’s, main agenda

necipe: How us Politics... is to serve humanity - nor is it to tackle the worsening environmental problems, but instead it is how to please the 1% so they can remain in power instead of the not to dissimilar Labour party. Now I'm not saying that I am right, it's just how it feels to me, hence the reason I am fully in favour of some sort of revolution, not to the extent of the French revolution in the 18th century with all the be-headings and what not - but just a change. So, I ask again, do you blame my apathetic outlook towards politics?

cause wherever there is profit there is also deficit. And this system currently doesn’t address these ideas. And so why would anyone vote for it? Why would anyone be interested in it.’ Brand may or may not be the right man to lead the revolution, but at least he is one of the few political figures who is making any sense to me right now. Is what he is saying a realistic aspiration? Personally I think so, but only if we do the cliché thing and ' be all in this together'. Once we start realising that we, the individual, do have a say in our lives and do have say in how our government is run, then things might start to change. If we carry on the way things are now then I can't see anything being resolved due to the enormity of our problems.

So what is the solution? As Paxman hounded Brand for the answer to my poised question Russell responded ‘I think a socialist egalitarian system, based on the massive redistribution of wealth, heavy taxation of corporations and massive responsibility for energy companies and any companies exploiting the environment… Jake Sanderson I think they should be taxed. I think the very concept of profit should be hugely reduced. David Cameron said profit isn’t a dirty word, I say profit is a filthy word. Be-

Ones To Watch

Hannah Georgos Hannah Georgos is destined for greatness; the Canadian songstress has already unleashed her unique blend of pop-synth music in her homeland…now it’s time for her to take over the globe. We spoke to Hannah – see her answers below. How exciting was it to grace the shores of the UK? I had an absolute blast! The shows went really well. I hope to be back very soon. Does anywhere compare to Vancouver? Amsterdam reminds me of Vancouver a lot. That may explain why I want to move there now!

Do you ever get homesick on tour? I do. I miss my bed and my own space sometimes. I miss my friends too. What are the keys to a successful music career? Surrounding yourself with people who trust and love. Staying true to your feelings and following your gut. Working really hard on your craft and your business. Not being afraid of failing.

If you could play any venue, in any country, where would it be and why? I would really love to play Radio City Music Hall in New York City because it’s beautiful and would be a serious accomplishment. I would also love to play Glastonbury in Somerset, England. If you could bring back one dead musician, who would it be? John Lennon What does the near future hold for you? I’m finishing up this year with more Canadian tour dates. I’m writing more material for a new record! I update everything here... How would you cheer up the world? Write sad/happy songs for people. Gareth Davey @gdavey2

Paighton With Lawson exploding on to the scene (also featured on our cover) we thought we’d give you an insight to the future of their genre: this is where we introduce Paighton. With their charming looks, and their even more so charming music, Paighton will be the future of music – should music have a privileged future! You have a very unique musical style, where has this come from? Right from the start we've always wanted to create something unique. We always wanted to be one of those bands that as soon as you hear one of their songs you know instantly what you're listening to and what they're about. Over the past few years we've just listened to a wider range of music and taken aspects of that to create what we have now. There's a lot of work that goes behind each song – we're real perfectionists when it comes down to style. How much are you looking forward to your big supporting slots coming up? We're absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to be touring so much this Autumn. For an unsigned band to be given the chance to play in front of so many people every night is a real dream. A big thanks to Lawson, Tyler Hilton & Cover Drive for having us on their shows this year – we can't wait to play! Are you fans of One Tree Hill? Haha! Joe (vocals/guitar) is a huge fan of One Tree Hill. Every time I went over his to practice he'd be showing me all the music he'd hear on there. We're all big fans of Tyler Hilton's music as well, it's rare that you get a chance to play with someone of that talent.

How can you have a positive impact on the world of music? I think we just want to show people that there are still a lot of bands out there that create real music. It takes a lot of commitment and drive to make your way in the music industry – that's exactly what we're trying to do. Where do you want to find yourselves in a year’s time? I'd like to say that this time in a year we'll be working on a fulllength album. For the past year we've built up a large repertoire of songs and ideas for it. As long as we keep getting our music out to everyone who we possibly can then we'll be happy. Can you remember the moment you decided you were going to be musicians? I personally remember sitting in front of the tv watching top of the pops when I was about 3 and hearing Hanson's 'Mmmbop' for the first time. I was obsessed with that song for a long time. I remember when I first met Joe at secondary school it was amazing finding someone who had the same strong passion for music that I did. Music has pretty much always been what we've wanted to do. How would you CheerUp the world? By showing the world that all styles of music have a place in the mainstream. There is so much music out there that people never have the chance to listen to. Nostalgia is one of the strongest feelings you can have, we want people to connect with this music in a way that they can't through simple words. Gareth Davey @gdavey2

Gabriella Cil


Not just anyone can say they were picked up at the age of 14, singing Led Zeppelin, and went on to have a single that sold over 2 million copies. It takes a special talent and a feisty individual to do so. Gabriella Cilmi ticks all the boxes. Her unique style and passion have rocked the world of pop and now she’s back with a new album and more fire than ever. It’s pretty early in the morning, so let start with something easy, a little bit of history, your home town is Melbourne do you think there is a contrast in music between the UK and down under? I think it’s quiet similar in terms of the band culture. I mean really it’s changing everywhere now. They did used to have that in common. I guess Australia is more garage rock music. There’s this kind of big hip hop scene down there at the moment, and I guess it’s all had an influence on me. I mean ACDC used to jam round the corner from my school, obviously that was quiet along time ago, before I went to school. Sweet About Me was really the hit that painted your name in people’s minds, what was the reason behind your big change in style both musically and appearance? I guess the real reason was my second record, 10. I personally felt like it was a very rushed experience - I didn’t feel like I was expressing myself through my music. I felt like perhaps the album wasn’t marketed right. I always saw myself on the cover of the Rolling Stone but I managed to end myself up on the cover of FHM. I guess the reason was I broke up with my management and label because my label said for my next record I could do a covers album and that’s not what I wanted to do. So I was left kind of on my own think what do I do next? So it was a fairly dark time? Well it was fairly tricky - it was all I’d know since I was 14 when I got signed. I mean the whole lessons to be learned record was a great experience and I’m glad I went through what happened or I wouldn’t know where I wanted to be now. Everything sort of happened naturally I started cutting my hair shorter and shorter, and I just started making g music I actually liked.

It was always really planned, although I did have a backup plan of being a museum tour guide if everything went wrong. But this was always what I wanted to do. How did your school peers take it? Well I didn’t tell them at first because I thought they’d just take the piss. But they did eventually find out, when I started missing more and more school. I went to a catholic girl’s school. They did not care what I was doing so I still had to hand everything in on time. I’d like to say they were really supportive, but it was more of an academic school. You mentioned you wanted to be a Museum Curator – that’s a huge contrast. I think I was just quiet found of history, I still like going to museums. That’s the great thing about living in the UK. I really wanted to hang out in a museum at night and see everything come to life. Your trip to Peru to raise money for breast cancer, we all agreed at CheerUp, was a really admirable thing to do. What inspired it and does it have an effect on you still? Breast cancer care approached me and asked if I wanted to do it and I was completely up for it because of my mum having breast cancer 10 years ago. Luckily she has been clear ever since but it had such a big effect on me and my family that I felt right to try and help as best I could for something so close to my heart. It came at the perfect time, just as I broken up with my management and needed something to focus my mind on. Being surrounded by huge mountains really gives you a sense of how small you are in the scheme of things. How does it feel to have done all of your growing up in the public eye? Well for me it was kind of a relaxed thing, I didn’t ever think I was being watched too closely. But then I look at people like Miley Cyrus, how look like they’re gone through their teenage rebellion stage now, so maybe I’m over due.

Can we expect any twerking soon? So would you say it was a learning curve? Yes that’s next record! It definitely was a journey! I think you have to go through these things to know what you want. If I We’ve been checking out your social media and espehadn’t well I wouldn’t have anything to write about. cially YouTube, It seems to us you have a really strong fan based and they seem to love the new stuff especially You mentioned the FHM front cover, what got you into ‘The Sting’! How does it feel t have such a loyal fan that position? base? Well you know what, I think it’s okay to show a bit of It’s pretty cool because a lot of them are the same skin if you’re the one in control and no-one if telling people who have followed me from the beginning! you that you have to do it. I don’t have any problem It’s so nice to see that the fans like it and that all the with celebrating the body at all. My problem was that work is worthwhile. it wasn’t coming naturally from me at that time. At the end of the day I did it so I take full responsibility. With the new sound do you hope to bring in new fans? I think it’s going to take some time, as this record Sweet About Me sold 2 million copies how did that feel isn’t what a lot of people are expecting, but I think it’s and do you think you can hit those highs again? Are important for fans to see the evolution of an artist. you even interested in hit those figures? It’s kind of weird - it was a bit of a surprise. It was one Can you sum up new Album ‘The Sting’ in 5 words? of those songs that kind of grew, it didn’t hit straight Heart, Ethereal, Auto Biographical, Red, Mountains. away, I remember it was re-release in the UK and just kind of sat on the charts for ages, but it was great. Thank you Gabriella. Finally how would you CheerUp Hopefully one day I can get there, the record was re- the World? leased in 2007 so I’m not sure what our record sales I would give them all a plate of my grandma’s pasta. are now but I’d love to of course It’s a pleasure to have people listening to my music. The Sting is to be released November 11th pre order now, or buy the single The Sting now. You were discovered at 13 singing Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stone covers. It must have been a dream to be Darryl Merkli @darryl_merkli picked up at such a young age? Yeah it was kind of fluky - it wasn’t really planned.

Food is my downfall. Isn’t it everyone’s? As I’m writing this I’m cooking dinner whilst watching Come Dine With Me, and am very much excited about The Great British Bake Off later on tonight. Ok, so realization number one; yes it is true women multitask like there’s no tomorrow, and realization number two; I probably like food more than the recommend percentage. But hey! I’d make a wonderful housewife. All I ever see (and often say myself) are things like ‘I’m so fat! But this cake right here though...’ So many people seem to be unhappy to a certain level with their appearance, myself included. Whether you are happy or not, the media force ‘perfection’ upon us in every way possible. By

d o o F r o F

the age of eighteen I wanted to be at my goal weight. I’m almost nineteen and I’ve probably gained like ten lbs. this year minimum. There really is no escape from excellent food unless you emigrate to the Amazon Forest. We even give ourselves ‘target events’ such as holidays or weddings. I lost a fair amount of weight in June for my holiday at the end of July, and then what did I do? I gave up. I ate my weight in BBQ food and inflated like a blowfish, two whole weeks before I even ventured to the airport. What a ridiculous waste (literally, healthy food is not cheap). I spend the majority of my evenings and weekends looking at images on Instagram of size 8 girls who worked their way down from 12 stone. Sitting looking at them

wishing I could look the same really isn’t going to help me, as unfortunate as that is. As I once read “you’re not going to get the booty you want by sitting on it” Touché. If blaming the poor Great British weather for your lack of motivation isn’t enough, I even had the excuse recently of ‘but I don’t have suitable shoes!’ Which to be fair I didn’t, but now I do. I bought a seriously attractive pair of Nike Flex Experience shoes in grey and hot pink. I did indeed colour coordinate these with my fitness wear making me a true girly girl. Although they did seriously dent my purse, it is totally worth it because I now have no reason not to work out. I live by a beautiful lake, work by another beautiful lake and we even have a free gym there which is by no means small or unequipped. So other than that occasional

motivational boost we all desire, this article is the final ‘slap in the face wake-up call’ to get myself up and on that pavement. I’m going away in six months (there’s that target event we all love - don’t lie you know you’re also a victim of the dreaded thing) so despite my usual Christmas diet that consists of mostly Terry’s chocolate oranges and mince pies... I have nothing standing in my way. Although hopefully by Easter I will have something to show for my hard work! And then bring on the choccy bunnies and mini eggs right? No, totally not the right attitude I know, maybe just one the one then. Katie Collins @katyjanecollins



POP Album Review – Matt Cardle- Porcelain Matt Cardle is bringing the ‘solo’ back into ‘solo’ artist. So often we see pop artists that barely had a hand in the production of their music, but Cardle has at least co-produced every song on his third album, Porcelain, and played the majority of the instruments featured. The opener, In Chains, reminds us why he won the X-Factor; his vocal range is astonishingly vast. The chorus hits octaves a few pitches higher than your average singer – and the song is fantastically catchy. The lead single, Loving You (featuring Melanie C) has already been received well by his fans (together on Twitter we decided they could be called ‘Music Lovers with Impeccable Taste – a bit of a mouthful, but you never know, it could catch on!) and it displays the phenomenal skills he possesses, both as a song-writer and a singer. The rest of the album runs smoothly, with Cardle hitting all the right notes, in all the right places. The beautiful lyrics, found in songs

such as When You Were My Girl, tell a personal story and Matt’s use of piano shines in songs like Hit My Heart and Not Over You. The album has a good mixture of soft melodies and powerful ballads – sometimes though, Cardle’s voice doesn’t lend itself to the truly punchy choruses. Mouth To Mouth, though a strong song on paper, isn’t delivered with the viciousness required, as Matt’s voice is softer than the song’s themes: this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Cardle’s songs are wonderful because of their soft notes – but punchier songs require some rough vocals – which Matt is simply too good for. That aside, the album has some belters, and is sublimely written. Keep it up Cardle, and you will easily be X-Factor’s most successful contestant! Gareth Davey @gdavey2

Alternative Album Review – Funeral For a Friend - Between Order And Model So here’s an example of a record not to go straight to, after reading the Matt Cardle interview. A hint; if you like Cardle, this probably won’t be your cup of tea – however we would pay a lot of money to hear FFAF cover Loving You!

that the song is bad – no I’m not suggesting that at all. If this kind of song reared its emotional head too often, then it would grow annoying; in small doses, such as this, it’s perfect.

This is a re-issue of the band’s first EP, keeping the same name. So we know how this sounds? Right?

Only one more newbie; The Getaway Plan. Dual guitars, battling it out in the intro, drums beating in the background, loud screams from Matt; this is the FFAF we know and love. The beauty here is, every single track could sit just perfectly on a new album.

Yes. We’ve sort of heard it before – the main difference is the remastering of tracks, such as Juno, and the inclusion of some rare FFAF songs that have been kept hidden under the welsh lads carpets for some eleven years. These include Storytelling Part 2 – which, you won’t be surprised to hear - contains some gnarly guitars, some screamo and some melodic singing. It’s classic FFAF, and if the original album had not only been an EP, it would certainly have fit in nicely with the album’s tracks.

The re-issue is completed with live tracks of all four original tracks – sounding just as heavy and gut-busting when taken from a gig – also keep your eyes peeled for the twelve page, never before seen book, featuring lines by Matt, Oli Sykes, and Josh Latshaw (Boysetsfire.) This is a killer re-issue, from a killer band. CheerUp 4.5/5

Hidden song Grand Central Station begins with some quite nice guitar string plucking, as well as the soft vocal tones of Matthew. This is a side to FFAF that doesn’t creep out very often – and this is a good thing. Not

Gareth Davey @Gdavey2

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