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hen you read this issue, you are bound to notice how horrible my writers are to me. In at least two articles, I am insulted. First my football team (Fulham are the best) and then my femininity – which I’m still not convinced is really true; yes I like cocktails, and yes I do enjoy the odd Hugh Grant film (never seen one I don’t like) but does that make me a girl?

Regardless, the writers ain’t too bad. This issue’s pretty awesome (as are all its predecessors, not the point) so please take a read. And if you like, ram Jake and Connor’s inboxes with hateful messages supporting your favourite Editor. Enjoy,

Gareth Davey - Editor

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Matt Cardle has experienced a whirlwind of new beginnings in recent years, starting with the X Factor and leading on to two top 10 albums, with a third due in October titled ‘Porcelain’. We catch up with Matt once again after his recent team up with Mel C for their new single ‘Loving You’ - which was released August 18th. With a love of beer, Alan Partridge and music where can Matt go wrong? Do you think you can achieve the dizzying heights of your first album again? Absolutely! That's what I'm working towards….and more! Why do you think some x-factor runners up have outshone the winners in the chart? Because your popularity isn't always going to be ranked at 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. as it is on the show. Stuff happens after everybody leaves! What's important is that you are doing what you want to do and that your fan base are enjoying it. How do you measure your own success? As long as I'm still selling albums and selling out tours, I'm happy. What is your greatest achievement to date? Probably having 2 Top 10 albums so far.

Do you ever miss the quiet life where nobody recognised you? Sometimes it's nice to just go to the pub, chill out with my friends without being recognised but I knew what I was getting myself into. Anyone of my generation and younger knows! Everyone is always lovely so I guess it's cool!

How has the writing process differed between this album and Fire? Lyrically there is a greater variety of themes… more honesty and sometimes saying things I probably shouldn't! There's more attitude but also some really tender moments. With regards to co-writes I think there are only 2 writers involved that were featured on any of my other albums. Otherwise it's more me plus some new people.

More albums, m to take a holiday

What separates you from other musicians? That's probably not for me to say, other than I do what I do!

How would you We would all spe Alan Partridge no swimming pool.

Has the world seen the best of Matt Cardle yet? They are about to!

Katie Collins @Katyjanecollins Katiecheerup@gm

To what extent do you experiment with your musical style? This album is definitely more melodically rich than The Fire. The Fire was pretty rhythmic in its style. This time, it was all about coming up with some classic melodies as opposed to be led by the feel of a track. On this album I've incorporated more styles than I previously have including blues and funk. I always love experimenting with the background vocals to create interesting textures. I did that on The Fire and that's the same on the new album too. How hard is it to write a truly personal song? It's probably easier than writing something that isn't personal. If you've lived it and you feel it, then you are just being honest and that's easier than faking it. What can we expect from you in the next few years?

are really looking so I'll probably be time over there.

What is your ul how much has i Factor? My ambition rem make music, p happy!

more tours‌ and for me

y, at some point! Things great in Europe for me, e spending quite a bit of

ltimate ambition, and it changed since the X

mains the same. It's to perform live and be

CheerUp the world? end 24 hours watching on-stop in a beer filled

Great Expectation In case you're wondering, yes. The title of this column is indeed aimed at you and the majority of everyone else out there. Think about it; we're always looking forward to the next big thing. Whether it’s a Tamagotchi as a child, for your birthday, only the best GCSE results as a teenager, or the pick-up day for your new car as an adult. And the real point of realisation is when you see that those who have nothing appreciate each day for what it is, regardless. Why is that? More and more countries are becoming endlessly materialistic. It's only when it gets to crunch time and we have to fork out money for a car, or university, or whatever that we realise - we really could of done without that costa lunch yesterday. Don't deny it, you've been there.

Myself, like others I'm sure, are grateful for family, friends, happiness, health, a full jar of nutella etc. Maybe it's time we just took a moment to sit back and enjoy the simplicity of life? For example I got back from my holiday and the day after I looked at where I could go next year, followed by returning from reading last month and within hours I thought about putting aside £200 for the next festival. My problem is list writing. Whether it’s on the notes section of my phone or in a snazzy pukka pad, I write lists, and if they’re not in the perfect hand writing I re-write them till they are… this is OCD planning right here guys! We always have to have something planned. Now this may just be me (don't judge) but I have a countdown on my phone for my birthday and Christmas. Desperate attempts to have as much to look forward to as possible? I think so. I mean come on - I'm already planning my 21st and it's two and a half years away, for crying out loud. Sure, we all have future plans like buying a home or a certain career path we want to follow, but let’s just go back to being kids now and then. Let’s just get up throw on any outfit walk out the door and do something random. New Year’s resolution (four months early): plan less and live a little!

I am slightly ashamed by this but I have formed a small addiction to My Super Sweet 16 on TV. It’s a complete waste of my life sitting there with a bag of chocolate m&m’s indulging despite having no reason to what so ever, but I can’t help myself. These spoilt brats just waltz around demanding life size cutouts of themselves, spray painted sheep and brand new cars worth hundreds of thousands. It is ridiculous - I mean I’m sure they’re lovely off camera but the side we see just shows what is wrong with the world. If you can Katie Collins afford to buy 3 dresses all worth @katyjanecollins about £4,000 each then come on over and high-five me because that sounds fab, but to milk it and get 2 colours of each and 6 pairs of shoes for one night because ‘you could change your mind’ is pushing it. Rant over.


This month we were invited to try out Ed’s Easy Diner; an all-American, retro style diner which is rapidly expanding across the UK and also in South Africa. The diner also has several other versions of the chain, including: Ed’s Shake Stands, Ed’s Shakes ‘N Dogs and Ed’s Outside- which is the one we visited after its recent opening, in Milton Keynes city centre. Once we arrived we were warmly welcomed in by Ryan Glaser, the manager of the branch; from the start, we were impressed by all of the staff members, who were extremely welcoming and fantastic servers. First we ordered our drinks. I asked for the chocolate shake with malt whilst my colleague Darryl got the banana and peanut butter shake. Both were incredible! The consistency and flavour was out of this world; having visited America myself, I found the authenticity phenomenal. Then we ordered our food. Ryan recommended that we try a combo plate- the choice of burger or hot dog, accompanied by onion rings, coleslaw and fries. I had

the ‘Slick Dog’- a hot dog with melted cheese and bacon. All parts excellently represented the classic USA favourites. Darryl ordered the all-day breakfast burger, again with a side of onion rings and coleslaw, however this time with sweet potato fries- rather than the cheese fries that I happily devoured. The hamburger- consisting of bacon, hash brown, griddled egg and American cheese- was mountainous to say the least! We both agreed that our meals were indeed filling, yet pleasantly portioned. The fries, although a little larger than traditional American fries, were complemented by hot melted cheese. The all-day breakfast burger was sweet and rich in flavour; no part of the meal was at all greasy and the way it was put together was perfect. Finally for dessert, we ordered the pancake stack which came with vanilla ice cream, maple syrup and melted Hershey’s chocolate sauce. Yum! You are given three pancakes per serving, which although looks small, is in fact plenty after such a large meal. They are deliciously sweet and the ideal thickness. Both sauces came in separate pots- however, mixed together they really finished off the taste.

The vanilla ice cream is possibly the best ice cream I’ve tried; it was so creamy and had a significant burst of vanilla at every mouthful. Overall, the meal was delicious. Having looked at the menu beforehand I could have happily chosen anything at all, not only because of the food options but also because of the general presentation of the menu itself. The location was central and easily accessible, which is fantastic for local students and businesses based around the city centre. Ed’s Diner is family friendly and a fun experience; we were also informed that at some chains if you request a song, they’ll pop it on the speakers for you! The main thing that really caught my attention though, was the general atmosphere of the diner; it was authentic and vintage which suited the desired theme to the best of its ability. Our meal totalled around £35 for the both of us, which was great value for money- it’s about £12 per person for a basic burger, fries and a soft drink. However, if you wish to go all-out and try a combo meal or add in some

extra sides or a cheeky dessert, it is well worth the money. The chain also has some excellent incentives showing great customer loyalty. For example, if you simply fill out a form to join Ed’s Club then you are entitled to a free burger when you buy any soft drink and fries. You also receive a free shake on your Birthday! So whether you’re looking for a quick bite-to-eat or a full-on sit down meal, head over to your nearest Ed’s Diner as soon as possible to enjoy an authentic taste of the all-American lifestyle! You can check out their website at to find your local branch. Katie Collins @katyjanecollins

Gutsy Thrilling Action V: the game that all others have to beat.

What can I say - this game has been lengthy in its development, hyped up to the max and massively anticipated...has it been worth it? Oh, it’s been completely worth the wait. You begin the story the same as previous GTA's; broke and a petty criminal. Then you meet your mentor and that's where the similarities end and your options become endless. Now the game comes into full spectrum and you can truly appreciate the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into the making of this gangridden video game. Three stories, integrating as one, flowing effortlessly and seamlessly. Each character with their own agenda and missions, crossing one another's paths but with the same final destination. The graphics are great but they're not perfect; a few games spring to mind with more realistic looking people



other can compare with the size of the game play area, with no load time or glitches. Sometimes you've got to make compromises and this is not a disappointing one. Now on to the important stuff: the cars, the weaponry and customisation features. The selection of cars is massive - let alone the modifications that can be done to them. The Mods remind me of something from Need for Speed. That aside, the extra options of bikes, planes, boats and even a tank, means your garage, hanger or dock will never be lacking in the vehicles you love and you will be deeply envious that this game isn't real life. The weaponry is pretty much the same as previous GTA's, but this time with the ability to add attachments, similar to Call of Duty. The shooting range has the added challenges to complete while in there, and will definitely help increase your shooting accuracy. Rockstar realise that you can't be in front of your console every hour of the

day, so to fix this issue they have released the the iFruit app. From here you can "pimp your ride", check out your statistics and even train your dog.....if he's not happy in your app, he's not happy in the game!

I've played this game for a week and I'm still discovering parts I've never seen before. I have also enjoyed that online play has been held back for two weeks from release date, giving you the full impact of offline gaming before taking to the streets with your "crew". The release of the online aspect of GTA V will be hotly received, it’s no doubt. Rockstar have raised the level of gaming with GTA V. The question is can the new COD due for release in November match it, let alone beat it? I'm not so sure, the bar has been set high.......very high. Atari Joystix @atarijoystix

Frank Turner has had one hell of a journey, going from the lead vocalist of the hardcore punk band, ‘A Million Dead', to a successful folk artist (with a punky edge) accompanied by his backing band, The Sleeping Souls. After being in the punk scene, Frank has been able to successfully merge folk and punk genres, allowing a vast variety of people to enjoy his music. After five successful albums (each more successful than the last) Tape Deck Heart has secured Frank stats as an accomplished musician, featuring the songs 'Recovery' and 'Four Simple Words', to name a few, his blockbuster album has led to sell out tours across Europe and once again being offered a slot at his childhood favourite festival, Reading and Leeds. Frank was kind enough to take some time out of his US tour schedule to answer some questions for CheerUp Magazine. How are you finding your USA tour so far? I love touring in the USA, it's an endlessly fascinating place. I've been coming to the States pretty regularly since about 2007. What is your favourite country to tour? America is up there, as are Canada and Germany. Of course, I have a soft spot for home country shows as well - the UK is always great.

Who inspired you to create music? Initially it was Iron Maiden, my first musical love. After that, well, a host of people. I love nothing more than finding a new record that reminds me anew why I love music. The new Jason Isbell record made me feel like that actually. Do you miss being a member of a band, as you were with Million Dead, or do you prefer being the main focus? I kind of have the best of both worlds these days. My regular band, The Sleeping Souls, have been with me for 5 years now, and they're the band for me, we're like a normal touring act in many respects. But in others I still retain the control of being a solo artist, which is what I want. I'm having my cake and eating it.

How did it feel to be part of the Olympics opening ceremony? It was cool to be part of, certainly a unique experience. It was all a little surreal, and in the end we were small cogs in a massive machine, but yeah, it was nice to be asked by Danny Boyle. When did you realise that you had made it as a successful musician? Did you get chased by some obsessed fans? Or get flashed by a women, or man? I'm still not entirely comfortable with the idea that I've "made it" as such, I don't think my status is assured or anything like that. I also don't hold myself in the same mental category as "big bands" or whatever, it's not how I think about myself.

How well do you feel the new album has been received from the public? Pretty great really, this is relief; not just because I get nervous before every new record, but also because in many ways it’s a darker, more difficult record than some of my previous efforts. So it's nice that people sing along at shows and so How hard is it to open yourself up on. completely, as you have done on songs like Father Day, and reveal personal I wanted to know a little bit more insights into your life to the public about Frank Turner and how he felt through song? about being involved in some It can occasionally be hard, but then it's impressive events. how I personally find a way of making

art which I consider t also some definite lin it were, for me. I do private, for my own s

If you could have a who would it be and I'm really into travel like Paul Theroux a Fermour, it might be with them. Beyond just like to have a pin friends who I don because I'm on the ro

How would you Cheer I'd give people more own lives, and en believe in themse unfortunately, unable the recent Reading due to a monoto touring around the gl 200 days last year! Th shows how much Fra enjoying the success hard work in music in more importantly it s commitment to the fa so many opportuniti as well as providing f of his gigs on the web things will continue for Frank Turner a Souls, and with a n dates announced a gives the UK a chanc bandwagon and enjo got to put your feet u cup of tea soon thou chap.

Jake Sanderson Jakescheerup@gmail @jakeEJsanderson

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erUp the world? e control over their ncourage them to elves Frank was, le to play guitar at and Leeds festival onous amount of globe, over his just ank is of all his ndustry. But shows his fans, giving them ies to see him live, free live streaming bsite. I only believe to go on the rise and The Sleeping new stadium tour across England it nce to jump on the oy the ride! You've up soon and have a ugh, you deserve it


Sophie etc CheerUp columnist Sophie Neal is left to appreciate life bliss free with not even a spark of electricity #NoTechnology



Keep Up To Date With Sophie

No I haven't gone bonkers and turned my column into an appreciation of that (rather addictive) 'reality' TV show with Nicole and Paris, so calm yourselves. This years summer holiday was to Greece - my family chartered a yacht for a week and we spent it sailing round the Ionian. Bliss? Hell yes. Other than being the epitome of a 'packing light' holiday, (40kg between four is harder than it sounds) it's the most relaxing vacation, and my family and I always come back looking pretty damn tanned. Two fingers to the English summers and hello all over tan. (Not all over, you cheeky monkeys) It's luxury in a different way though - luxury because I totally disconnect myself from the world and spend the week swimming, eating and living out of the smallest wardrobe ever. (gulp) But shut the front door.... I DIDN'T TAKE MY MOBILE PHONE. I hear you all gasp; no Twitter, no Facebook, no texting and Instgramming my tasty Greek food evoking jealously in each of my followers. To be honest, that idea did fill me with an inch of dread before we went. By the second day I'd pictured myself sitting on the deck, rocking - 'Need. To. Snapchat.' What? It's quite addictive. Don't judge. I digress. I didn't need to worry about 'missing' my smartphone, because I didn't miss it at all. In fact, I enjoyed the holiday as much, if not much more, without it. As a blogger, I essentially live and breathe social media, there is never a moment when my phone isn't beeping with PR emails, Tweets or Facebook notifications (damn all them fans), so it was pretty nice to go away knowing that my blog posts had been scheduled along with all of my promotional tweets, so I didn't even need to be next to my phone or computer to post the updates. Technology is insane right?

Social media complicates life IMMENSELY just through your phone, you're essentially peeping into lots of other people's lives. Am I really that bothered if I miss the moment in which Victoria Beckham Instagrams a photo of a portion of chips? Probably not. And I'm probably not even bothered if I miss the exact moment when @KarlLagerfeld (Mr Global Fashion Genius) follows me on twitter. (HA I wish) I'm slightly more bothered if I miss the moment when my blog hits a follower milestone, but then again, it's not going to kill me. You don't need to Instagram every meal before you eat it, because really, who cares if you had extra large fries with that? Okay maybe I would a little bit - but only because I'm nosey... So, you can do it, you can do a phone free day. I believe in you. I bet you get tons more done. If you're anything like me I'll spend ages scrolling aimlessly through twitter or clutching at my phone waiting for a reply to a text. (That makes me sound like such a saddo, oh god.) I guess what I'm trying to say is PUT THAT PHONE DOWN and stop bothering about other people's lives. It really is possible to live with technology. We can live a little simpler if we try hard enough and spend a little more time living in reality rather than the virtual world of the Internet. The irony is, you're most likely reading this on phone, tablet or laptop.... #awkz

Jakes Columnec Cock Up Your U Greetings to my 2 person fan base, although they consist of my mum and the dog (I don't own a dog o.0). I want to thank you for consistently reading about my turmoil of a life and my almost stunningly terrible advice! This issue I thought I would try and give you guys some actual proper advice for your university applications next year. Now some of you may be thinking "hey, that's not relevant to me right now being that I've just moved to university and everything went tits up" - all I can say is that I don't care, I'm in the same boat! To let you know what has happened for me to be annoyed about my circumstances, I shall give you a brief catch up ... I'm an idiot in grown up on-goings and leave everything to last minute! As are all real men, thus my first point is:

change. It is the best advice I can think of. Not one of my male close friends has successfully completely their first year university application, whether it be UCAS or student finance, without the help of a women... apart from maybe Gareth, but he is basically female anyway with all his female drinks, looks and clothes. So if you're like my buddy Gareth, practically female, then just go for the sex change, you have nothing to lose! But to all the hurly-burly men like myself, you must realise that a world full of women is a better place, plus you'll defiantly hook up more because all women are lesbians after a few drinks! So it'll be a win win win situation ... the other win being my plans to take over the world and to stop the repopulation of humanity muaha, wait .. ah rats !

STEP DEUX: Do not trust Student Finance! I have All men should change their sexuality to female! been waiting for my student finance for 3 weeks Yes that is right all men should have a sex now and I still have zero idea when my money



cipe: How To Not Uni Application... for food, rent and general life will be arriving! Do this immediately - do not dilly dally about it just do it, if you're bored and cba just do it. If you want to fulfil a kinky fetish of wipe pizza down you spinal cord put the pizza down you big weirdo and do it! Even if you're not going to university DO IT. They truly are knob jockies!

be worse, right?? But seriously guys make sure you do this one. Also save up for a deposit because student finance doesn't kick in till a week after freshers, which, once again I didn't know!!

So to summarise what I said: I want you to become a female. I know its sucks but you have to do it! A female who has no weird sexual desire to wipe pizza anywhere on their body so you can crack on and win at life! Now in an ideal world, personally, I would want to be a lazy, fat, grumpy man, who drinks beer whilst watching the football and who shouts racist remarks about cats to cats!! Peace.

JE SUS PAS OUI! I'm not sure if I said that right but it clearly says get into student accommodation! It is my first year at university and I cocked up (well I blame the university but apparently it was my fault) my application on time and then sending an appeals form, on time, but because the website did not make it clear you had to reject your offer then appeal for it to be even noticed and considered for an Jake Sanderson appeal I did not make it into accommodation! Bogus right! BOGUS! So now I’m in some shared @jakeejsanderson flat, out the loop of what is going on and it feels shit. But hey my flat mate is a stoner so it could




Ones To Watch

Catfish And The Bottlemen There aren’t many better names in the world of music than Catfish and The Bottlemen. So let’s get to know them…just a little. What does it mean to be a band in the modern era? It means we're a lot cleaner than bands who came before I guess? They were scruffy buggers back in the day! Where does your music come from? The Maldives.

It depends how many people get behind the band really but judging by the support people are throwing our way it could be before Christmas haha. Seriously though, I'd bloody love too. Do you feel like great musicians? Not at all, we're surprised people haven't rumbled how bad we are yet! or maybe they have and they're just being nice? How would you CheerUp the world? I'd snog EVERY LAST PERSON ON IT! And I'd be completely naked but I'd shave my eyebrows off to make people laugh about it. So it'd be like a sexy kind of comedy double whammy.

If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be? In Ewan McGregors Bathroom, I imagine it's pretty insane in there haha. Gareth Davey @gdvaye2 Can Catfish and The Bottlemen rule the world?

Mooli Ben Copeland and Kristine Smith make up the band, whose video for new single Automatic is taking the viral world by storm. Here’s what they had to say: How does it feel for a piece of art, like Automatic's music video, to be accepted so massively throughout the viral world? K: It’s taken us a bit by surprise, as it has been a storm of good feedback and amazing support which has made me feel like nothing is impossible when you put the work in. B: The reaction to the video has been amazing actually. Seeing an idea come to life in the first place, you know- getting the video Director to understand the basic concept, without laughing at us, was in itself an achievement, (laughs) and then for so many people to be into it, and sharing the video with their friends and retweeting it, and that kind of stuff has been pretty mind blowing to be honest, whereas it could have gone the other way and blown up in our faces. So it’s really satisfying, and more so cos we had a blast making the video. Where do your ideas come from? K: When I write it normally is a mixture of words that flow from the heart based on how I'm feeling at that time. Sometimes if I'm writing to a piece of music the lyrics and melody stem from the mood of the music, and how it’s making me feel at that time. B: Generally on the lyrical side of things, it tends to be real life experiences that either we’ve been through , or friends have talked about, which often manifest into song ideas. Where do you sit in the modern world of music? What is your role? K: I wouldn't like to sit anywhere. I appreciate where ever we land. That’s my pedant side coming out. We appreciate the people that love the music of Mooli. Right now, this is all an adventure, and I’m just enjoying the journey wherever it

takes us. I feel I have a role to be confident but also respectful to myself. I like and aspire to be the sort of strong Artist that people will look up to, especially young people, who think their dreams are miles away and settle for second best because it's easier. I want people to see you can be a successful singer without going through talent shows like 'x factor'. It's much more rewarding when you know you have worked for it and are in full control no matter what sacrifices have to be made along the way. B: To make music which leaves you feeling good, but also can provoke thought too, when you delve deeper. We strive to make music that we love ourselves first of all, and which isn’t just 3 minutes of easily consumed vapidity . It’s not all serious or depressing, but we try to say something meaningful where possible, and hopefully in a way that we won’t be too embarrassed to listen to in years to come. What do you want from the next few years? K: I would love to be gigging non stop as on stage is my favourite place, festivals, events, showcases, launches!!! Throw me at them!! I'm ready now more then ever to gig my socks off. Would love Ben and I to finally give everyone the first Album we have done together and that to go viral and explode as Ben has written some amazing songs that need to be set free. B : Want to make some tunes that we’re really proud of, get to play them in some cool places, and catch the dream. How would you CheerU0 the world? K: I would cheer up the world by telling them to listen to Bob Marley - 'Three little birds’ B: I’d make all the leaders of the world take part in international hug day.

Life's Too Short One of things that most annoys me about planet Earth is ‘work’. So many people spend the majority of their lives working in a place that they do not like, doing a job that they aren’t passionate about, surrounded by people they can just about tolerate. Take my driving instructor. He clearly doesn’t care about his job; he doesn’t encourage me or tell me how to improve, just tells me to do it again. To him, the job is money. To the world, a job is money. Wrong. Well, not completely. I will not argue that a job isn’t money. But why is everyone so insistent that jobs should just be for money. Wouldn’t it be brilliant if you could do something you enjoy? I do. I work a couple of jobs at the moment; teaching, and this. And I love them both, and am therefore able to throw myself into each and every thing that I do.

I am fully committed to every project I take up. I don’t do things for the sole objective of money. If I had the option to not to work, I wouldn’t take it. And that’s what the world needs.

I’m not saying more people like me; that’d be a little like blowing-myown-trumpet. Instead, well, maybe I am saying more people like me. OR at least, people with my mindset. Don’t just go through life hating what you do. Hell, why would anybody do that to themselves? It’s mental just thinking about that. I get it with part-time work, but full-time work is a significant portion of your time. For God’s sake don’t settle for some bollocks sales job (unless of course, you enjoy bollocks sales, in which case, please forgive me) and actually go for something you love. Ya egit. Gareth Davey @gdavey2

Some would say that true rock ’n’ roll is on its way out. That few bands represent the golden age in rock. Others, however, have listened to Heaven’s Basement. We greet the band in a dark changing room at the back of The Craufurd Arms- the only real venue in Milton Keynes, which is also a converted pub. Very rock ’n’ roll. During the entire interview the lead guitarist, Sid, plays riff after riff on his guitar – softly – as background music. Rock. And. Roll. Baby. The band is grouped around a pair of tatty sofas and we’re part way through the interview when in walks a stranger. Grabs the butter and bread. Then uses the lid of the margarine to spread the lardy goodness on his slice of bread…the rock meter was about to explode. With constant tours, as well as regular summer festivall appearances – including Reading, Leeds and Download – the Manchester quintet are sure to rock everyone’s world in the imminent future. LONG LIVE ROCK! How have you coped with the line-up changes? SID (lead guitar): It’s just natural. Loads of bands go through it. CHRIS (drums): If someone isn’t right, then there’s no point keeping them the same. ROB (bass): When our original singer backed out of the band a couple of days before the tour, we had to get a mate in.

CHRIS: We met Rob two days before our German tour. We made some calls, got some bass players down – it was fine. How do you cope with being called one of the best live bands? CHRIS: I’d say you should watch Rage Against the Machine. SID: It means a lot to us, because that’s what we really care about. The only reason we got the opportunity to play with Bon Jovi was because we were a great live band – that was our 6th gig. How did that happen? CHRIS: We were supposed to go and play Wolverhampton, and we heard that Bon Jovi were looking for support, so we just went for it. What was funny was, that when I rang up the owners of the Wolverhampton venue, they called us ‘fucking assholes’. What’s the difference between a band that isn’t on a big record label like Red Bull, and one that is? CHRIS: The obvious is that you can record an album in America, but we are still like an unsigned band in our mentality. ROB: The main difference is getting singles out there and doing videos for it. Usually we win people over with our live set, but now we’re picking people up from the radio shows. What is it that makes your live shows so good?

SID: It’s just raw talent. (Laughter) ROB: I think it’s just that people can see us getting into it so much. They can see we love it and that rubs off on the crowd. What do you listen to musically? ROB: It’s not just rock music for us – we like to have a break from rock sometimes because that’s what we do every night. SID: I listen to lots of RHCP, Biffy Clyro, AC/DC. Do you feel like British Rock industry is still thriving? SID: No. I don’t think it is. AARON (lead vocals): We aren’t a classic rock band – if we’re going to be a classic rock band we need to be known in twenty years or so. SID: I think we’re one of the only true rock bands left.

crowd were so mental they all spilled onto the stage and broke it. We literally couldn’t finish our set – I went up to the balcony and watched from there. What are you thinking about for the second album? CHRIS: Well we intend to tour this album for another year at least. Then the anticipation will be so big for the next album that it will go down (just) as well.

Are you guys always writing music? AARON: All of us musically, will do. When somebody says something I go straight to the lyric book. ROB: I think it’s easiest with lyrics, because all you need is your brain! How would you CheerUp the world?

Would you rather play small venues for the rest of your careers or would you like to move on up? CHRIS: We’re trying to go smaller and smaller. We’ll be in bathrooms soon! ROB: We’re really lucky because we can play a big mixture now. It’s good to play venues that are so small that crowdsurfers hit the drummer in the face. AARON: It’s good that we can play small venues and sell them out – we can see our progression. This is our biggest tour to date and it’s sold so well. SID: We played one show, I think it was in Stowe, where the

It’s easy to see that Heaven’s Basement are already speeding out ahead of the rest of the pack in terms of their power. They play their music with a passion, and their live shows are out of this world with heavy riffs and crowd pleasing. While Basement exists, there will be no death of Rock. We promise. Gareth Davey @Gdavey2

Yes this piece is about football. Yes, most of you will not care about it at all. Am I gonna write about football anyway? Yes.

Football is like a time-machine that thrusts most men (and women) into a Neanderthal state, where sentences no longer break the 5 word barrier. The only exception to this is "F*ck off Ref, you cheat, that was a pen!" (also take note of the length if each word).

So what causes these primal instincts to suddenly come out? Some will argue that it's based on your loyalty to the area you grew up in. You develop a do or die attitude towards your hometown team with an almost irrational hatred to most other teams. This hatred flows even more prominently for teams that are close geographically to yours; Arsenal & Tottenham, Everton & Liverpool, even Chester & Wrexham. Surely this doesn't make sense though? 'Love thy neighbour unless they live a mile down the road, then you must blindly detest them! A lot of it is pushed on you by your family (Dads especially) who tell tales of defeating the old enemy 2-1 back in 1963 and how that it should never be forgotten.

This 'hatred' is then brought forward to your friendship groups. Where most of the time you'll find something like 2 Arsenal fans, a

, Chelsea boy, a handful of glory t supporting United followers (sorry l for that), the solitary Spurs fan (COYS), and then one foolish fan in the case of our editor. Not to say t Fulham are terrible, but they are. It ) seems crazy that 99% of the time e you and your mates get along like 5 peas in a pod, then suddenly... o Match Day. For that day (and t longer in the case if the loser) Bill e and Bob seem to remember that they aren't such good friends. Abuse flies left, right and centre l with no regard for feelings. Your ? Dad will say "Ha. Feelings? No n room for that when we're beating w the scum!". This tension and angst e builds to melting point, then after n 90 minutes it's over. Also by next l Saturday all of this is forgotten and s it's not another team you e inexplicably hate. e ; So is this right? No. Should & something be done to change it? & Probably. Would I change it if had the chance? No way. Because e having something to be this ' passionate about is one if the e greatest things going! Sharing your t pure joy, utter disappointment and u furious anger with thousands of ) other fans gives you one thing. d Although football is something that w shouldn't get you worked up about, at least you are not alone when you do. t . Connor Furness @connorfurness1 d a





Dell Latitude 3300

Ma Cost: £270+ Features: 13 Inch, low budget laptop, that doesn’t feel low budget. Dell haven’t skimped on design and it features an impressive touchpad, vivid display and a good responsive keyboard - the processor is an Intel Celeron processor, but can pay a little more for the Core I3 CPU and faster Hard-drive. For students who have worked out a budget and have accommodated their needs, this is the perfect laptop for getting the job done, low cost, high quality, and person’s dream.

Cost: £160+ Features: It’s cheap, it’s light, and it does all the things you need a chrome book to do as a student. Running from Google’s chrome browser centric OS, the 2.4 pound chrome book is on another level. It lasts around 7 hours on charge, so it can last a day of lectures, coffee breaks and the harassing of celebrities on twitter; the students dream. It’s great for video streaming and gives you great instant access to Google drive for all your important lecture notes, which usually make no sense to the typical student after around 2 weeks. Overall the Samsung Chrome Book Series 3 is a great buy for us students who don’t all enjoy the taste of Scrumpyjack.

Lenovo Id

Samsung Chrome Boo

Cost: £700+ Features: Depth 0.68 inches weighing 3 pounds, highly responsive keyboard and 9.5 mountain lion software with a notification centre and being able to last a solid 9.5 hours the MB Air is simply the best laptop out there, but as good as it is, it’s pretty darn pricey - so unless you don’t fancy eating for a few months or Mummy and Daddy are paying your way, then this could be just a little too steep.

Cost: £644+ Features: It’s a hybrid. Since Windows 8, a lot of laptops can also become touch screen tablets and this is no exception now don’t be put off the stupid name of it - it can actually do stuff. The lid can do a full 360 degree turn like an owls head! It has a snappy keyboard has a high resolution screen and with the super awesome and user friendly Windows 8, it’s a great hybrid laptop.

deapad Yoga 13

ok Series 3

Student Finance

ac Book Air

Acer Aspire Cost: £451+ Features: The 8.5 hour battery life shows that you can get a lot out of your laptop for a low cost - sure they haven’t been the most creative with their name and it’s going to be difficult to give a good tag line, but maybe the people who were working on the name were focusing on making the laptop top quality? It has a powerful Intel core I5 CPU, a seductive aluminium look which is locking up a world of earthly computer desires, including Cloud Docs, Mediasharing, Social-jogger and Social-media Aggregator… I think I know where the name guys went.

As I sit here, writing another column which doesn’t have a set theme and contains nothing but poor structure, I wonder about how much my life has changed in the last month and what it could be down to. Is it to positive thinking? Is it down to taking opportunities? Is it just pure luck, or

have I sub-consciously set myself up to doing well without realising. I couldn’t tell you if I wanted to. I mean I have taken more opportunities of late; I’ve gone to job interviews, I took the opportunity to change university and to start cycling eve-

-ywhere and also to do different things and experience life more. It sounds stupid, but cycling allows you to have some quality alone time to just relax and think about life. I am on the

verge of tutoring, which will set up my own pre conditions to do informal development teaching as a career. I have changed university to do a degree I actually want to do, again setting myself up nicely for the future. The craziness all of this change has happened so quickly and has occurred as I have taken more opportunities. Maybe the positive thinking has come through a lot of good happening and is a chain reaction, so I have been subject to random circumstance which I have associated to taking an opportunity, and this has made me feel good, and has made me want more and take more opportunities. Either way, positivity is in the air, and with the start of a new job and university and getting my own place, life seems to be pretty darn good. Again, as I now think about how this column never really seems to have a point, I brought to my experience of my 1st festival last weekend as I saw an array of bands, drunk an array of alcohol and had an amazing time, I think about how many friends I made for a day, and how their seemingly, little impact has had more of an effect on my life than others could only

imagine to have, how a 20 dance with a fellow nirvana fan or the consumption of a punnet of strawberries in a field with some girls and even the singing of wonderwall with an acoustic guitarist will be embedded in my mind till the day I die and will remind that for all the shit that life hits you with, all the crap which faces you every day all the pain and suffering you have can be cured and pushed aside by a few strangers who are also looking for a few days of escapism, it’s amazing what humans can do by just being themselves . The final part of my column is on something which even now blows my mind to tiny little pieces of matter and its simple it’s about colour. There is the potential for colours that have not yet been discovered to actually exist, in another universe there is colour that no one has ever seem or experienced to appear, I just find that truly amazing. The next thing is that the colour that I am seeing and experiencing could be nothing compared to the colour that somebody else is seeing, the Green, Red and Yellow of my Google Chrome Icon, could be coloured completely different to someone else than they are to me, so we could all see things differently, I’m sorry but I think that’s amazing and that’s it really I am in a deep thoughtful state of mind. And it shows. @grahamfindlay

Drinking Buddies

Drinking Buddies features Olivia Wilde, best known from Tron: Legacy and In time, Jake Johnson well known for playing Nick Miller in the TV program New Girl, Anna Kendrick from Pitch Perfect and the Twilight Saga and Ron Livingston from The Conjuring and Swingers. A group of several work colleagues working in a beer brewery in Chicago and drinking in the local pubs at night. This has to get messy. Focusing on Kate (Olivia Wilde) and Luke's (Jake Johnson) growing friendship, things get tense as the two close drinking buddies are both in separate relationships. Luke is in marriage talks with his long term girlfriend and Kate is dating her music producer boyfriend Chris. It’s clear from the start that both Kate and Luke are meant for each other but both oblivious to the fact that they would make a great couple. What makes the friendship line really blurry?..... Beer. And in this film there is a lot of it. This comedy won’t have you rolling around the floor in laughter until your insides hurt but Luke is a very relaxed and funny character. The camera sometimes moves and entwines with the characters, portraying the “home movie” feel which in turn enables the viewer to be right there, in the story. If you like the TV series New Girl, it’s definitely worth a view.

POP Album Review – The Feeling- Boy Cried Wolf We all know The Feeling. Upbeat songs like Love It When You Call, have etched the 21st century success story in the minds of any man or woman with the gift of hearing. Known for the classic make-me-feel-better song, The Feeling have always been able to raise a smile. Now, they’re back. And with a surprise. Boy Cried Wolf is dark. You can still hear the usual chirpiness behind the heavy chords; it’s clear that The Feeling are still present in their tracks, but the lyrical and melodic context within the songs have developed into a multi-dimensional, catchy yet eerie, album. Pianos are present throughout, and choruses soar – certainly Anchor is incredibly loud, with Dan Gillespie almost screaming I’m not your anchor anymore, you can go sail another shore at the top of his incredibly unique voice. The album has a certain ballad-esque feel throughout. Musically, everything is written elegantly and emotion can be found dripping in every track; however, it doesn’t feel like The Feeling. I listened to the album hoping for happiness. The joy that they bought in previous albums hasn’t been recaptured, and that’s the band’s intention, but listening to each track, it just feels so heavy. Boy Cried Wolf has some upbeat moments, but they are all within songs that cause sadness. Gillespie has been hurt, obviously, and that’s greatly upsetting, and has caused some fantastic ballads to be written. But please, we just want the old Feeling back. Gareth Davey


Reggae Rock Album Review – Pepper- Pepper Reggae rock, from Hawaii, doesn’t come much better than Pepper. Self titled Pepper is the new album from the three-piece, and it is a fantastically punchy, funky masterpiece. The single Fuck Around feels like a Train song, with its excellent sway-ability (it’s a new word, and it’s going to stick), and comes hand in hand in with suspicious sounding grunts, from Front man Brett Bollinger. Tracks like Higher Ground are vaguely reminiscent of Survivor, with fast lyrics and a vibrant energy coming off of the track. Pianos, Bass guitars, and electric combine wonderfully with the vocals to create an album that is perfect for a reggae/rock disco. The tracks are so excellent produced by Pepper, that they don’t seem out of place in either rock or rap. The middle ground that they so wonderfully sit in extends both way. You can rock out, or you can bob your head to the album. Songs like Hunny Girl feels more on the reggae side, but it’s all created with the same excellent vibe. Pepper is an album that should be listened to with friends. It should be played on a giant speaker, whilst everybody else smokes weed, or plays drinking games, or throws a few moves, swaying gently all the while. They even touch on a moving ballad in the form of Undone. A multi-dimensional album is what has been produced here, and it needs somebody to take a step away from it and just admire the excellent minds of three men from Hawaii. Gareth Davey



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