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Most random News of the week Have you ever wanted to see a bunch of Spaniards build a pyramid in New York? Well if you went out on Wednesday 20th June in the Big Apple you would have been right in luck! The Castellers de Vilafranca, a human tower building team, which frankly sounds like the greatest team ever (and could probably beat England on penalties, much alike every other nation and set of sports people) were in New York on a tour of the states, tower building all over the shop. The picturesque Empire State Building with the Catalan’s before it were truly incredible. Welldone Spaniards. You’ve made me proud.

Un-sung Hero(s) of the Week The creator of a new app aimed at raising awareness of the conditions of refugees Jack Kent is our unsung hero this issue. The app allows you to take the place of the refugee and experience life through their eyes. It’s a truly brilliant idea, with extremely honourable ambitions behind the game. Thankyou, Jack Kent, for creating an insight into a world unlike our own.

“You know what really grinds my gears, I tell you what, the freaking Amish, building there barns all over the place, I mean come on!! Care to watch a TV anytime soon, No-one wants a barns anymore, get with the freaking picture. Also why has no-one ever tried to combine Dominatrics and Nugget Porn, Ahhhh Whipped Nuggets, and that people is what really grinds my gears! ABYSS RELEASE THERE LONG AWAITED EP “THERES NO WAY BACK”


It is safe to say the X-factor has revolutionised the music industry, turning everyday people, into global superstars through a gruelling processes testing there performing abilities to the max. Love or hate the show, it has to be appreciated as the main reason for pop music having some real talent representing it. The show proves that there are some real singing talents in this country, such as Marcus Collins. Fresh from the blocks, the Liverpudlian has burst straight into the charts providing an upbeat sound to lighten everyone’s day. Marcus follows in the footsteps of pop and soul heavyweights, such as the marvellous Cee Lo Green and the heart throb Bruno Mars. But Marcus isn’t just a voice. He has also co-written the majority of tracks on his debut album, which include the covers ‘Seven Nation Army’; and ‘Your Love Is Lifting Me Higher’ by Jackie Wilson. After seeing him live it is clear that Marcus appeals to all, both young and old. After the gig we had the privilege of meeting the man behind the music and asking him a few questions. Can you tell us something your fans don’t already know about you? Something they don’t know about me? I don’t know come back to me. What’s your favourite song to play live? Probably higher and higher because it gets everyone going, and everyone likes that song. Who is your biggest influence? Probably Stevie wonder, musically I think he’s great! He’s going to be playing at the queen’s jubilee. I’ll be putting a call into Gary, “Let me meet that man, otherwise you and me will fall out!” So hopefully we can sort that out. Where do you hope to be in one year’s time? Doing an arena tour and hopefully releasing a new album. How would you cheer up the world? By singing to them? Hopefully making them smile, that would be good.

After Marcus Cheerily shook hands with us he said “I’m trying to think of an answer to that first question now, something they don’ already know about me? They know too much about me, and it freaks me out!” perfectly summing up Marcus’s humble approach to stardom. The album is already out and available on iTunes, and the single Higher and Higher is also on sale now.

Twitter:!/Marcuscollinsuk Facebook: Youtube:

AWOL Not Going…AWOL Aaron Bruno is not going anywhere. Though the name of his musical project suggests otherwise. AWOLnation is the name of this incredible musical outlet for the American lead singer, who oozes charisma. After two previous tries, Bruno has finally found the ‘one’. The band that will make the difference, the band that has attracted loving fans from all around the globe, the band that thrust forward with their very own genre. Why, some may ask, is AWOL the project that reaps the rewards for Bruno? Well, it’s simple, as far as Aaron is concerned. “I went into my other projects thinking that I was the best, that I was destined for success. But then they didn’t work, and I set up AWOL as one last try.” Bruised and beat, Bruno took up Red Bull’s offer of free studio time and wrote the emphatic Electronic Rock that AWOL offer. The first, and currently, the only album released by this explosive act is the prestigious Megalithic Symphony, which scored a number one spot on the US Heat chart, much to the joy of Aaron Bruno. He is a natural front man, and, as proven by his success with AWOL, a natural underdog. Infact, it would be fair to suggest that AWOLnation represent underdogs; they fly the underdog flag. A band logo with the word ‘Underdogs’ scrawled across it would be suitable to the American. And what’s wrong with that? Everybody loves an underdog. There is no doubting the ambition of Bruno. He truly believes he has what it takes to soar with AWOL, and as do his fans. All hundreds of thousands of them. Despite the underdog status, the band are very much becoming rulers of the music scene today, with ‘Sail’ – the least radio friendly song written with the line ‘Maybe I should kill myself’, was picked up on Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show and broadcasted throughout the UK, making the band an instant transatlantic success. We spoke to Aaron on the day of his return to the UK, following a February show having to be cancelled due to a ‘severe case of the flu’ that left Bruno bedridden, expecting to die a the hands of the horrific flu. Needless to say, Bruno hated the virus. “When I’m ill I just want all my family with, my girlfriend, my Mom, so to be stranded in the UK with none of them was horrible. It was the first show we’ve ever cancelled, which was terrible, but there was no way I could do the gig feeling like that.” A trip to their headline show at the London Garage showed us why he has to feel at his best at every gig. Bruno was flinging himself into the crowd like he was made of cushions, not human flesh and bones. A man possessed, he screamed out the lyrics to ‘Sail’ from a comfortable spot atop a bunch of hands, holding him aloft. The gig was such a show of passion that it was almost impossible to recall discussing such wonderful topics as confectionary candy with the man, only a few hours previous. Atop his London balcony, Aaron Bruno’s day had, despite the astonishing view of London’s skyline, been a bit draining. Interview after interview, sat in the same chair, looking at similar faces, Bruno had grown tired, and his mouth grown dry, so when he spotted the pack of sweets in my bag, excitement grew. “Is that gum?” The man asked. “No, no, it’s a pack of skittles.” And so began the best part of conversation on that balcony overlooking the capital of England. Such an incredible turn of converse in the interview shall, hopefully, go down in history as the greatest sidetrack ever. Bruno loves the red skittles, more than the others. “But there’s no difference,” I argued. Alas, Bruno believes that the red Skittles are a gift from the overlord. Or aliens. Or the Skittle gods. The holy grail of red skittles is Aaron Bruno’s way of cheering the world up. “With music,” initially, the front man answered, greeted with minor groans from both my companion and I. ‘Music’. Pfft. Yes, we do understand that professionals take their work seriously, and use it as an outlet to change the world – we very much appreciate that Aaron Bruno wants to change the world. Frankly, we expect him to. But that doesn’t make good reading. The answer he gave after that though has created half an interview. With a mischievous grin, the blonde haired, shorts clad, incredible front man uttered the words “Or with red skittles.” And with that short addition to how he will cheer the world up, we conclude this interview with the world’s newest phenomenon. AWOLnation will rule the world, and Skittle Vodka will be their holy water.

AWOLNATION embark on a US tour in October – see their tour dates at

Up and Coming Where do you hope to be in one year?

What’s coming up in the near future for you guys?

We hope to become successful with Our main plans for the future are to the release of our debut 9-track EP, we firstly release this 9 track Debut EP, hope this will increase our fan base but also to thereafter produce a single and allow us to play bigger and better with professional production, using all shows! that we've learnt over the years to really impress people and impress the What is your main ambition? music scene. Also to generally play more gigs and bigger gigs. The main ambition for Abyss is just to continue making the music we love How would you CheerUp the world? and hopefully that other people will love too. We hope to become a bigger We would CheerUp the world.....with and bigger band so that more people out banter which sometimes gets us know about us and hear our music, into trouble but most people find it and hopefully even expand our fan funny. Obviously our music will cheer base outside of the UK. up the world... but we hope people see the band members behind the music and come to like us too

Young Guns Bones It is important in our wonderous modern age to recollect the incredible albums of our time. Should history to be anything to go by, the incredible album 'Bones' by Young Guns will be one of those albums. From the off, the feel of the album is clear. I Was Born, I Have Lived, I Will Surely Die begins the band's 2nd full length record in such an anthemic fashion that listeners will want to stand up and scream the chorus. This incredibley infectious roar of passion from Gustav Wood continues throughout the album, at least until the intermission at track 5. Dearly Departed, Bones and Towers fully emphasise the Young Guns potential for rock god-ness, with enormous choruses the size of their indefinite power in the rock scene. The intermissive song of A Hymn For All I've lost provides a - This Is Love ft. Eva Simons It’s almost impossible to listen to the radio without a synthesised auto tuned monstrosity deafening your taste and decency. The exception being The Brit loving Will.I.Am, his new song “this is love”, in the classic styling of the American Beat Guru includes an heavy dosage of the ingredients that seem to have corrupted the Pop scene, however Will conducts his productions with class, his new song being no exception, with ridiculous catchy lyrics and epic amounts of bass making it perfect for the clubbing scene.

beautiful, harmounious break from immensity, replacing the choruses with Borther In Arms and the proceeding track Learn My Lesson is astonishingly significant in both music and lyrics, with force oozing through the rich sounding track. Sadly, the track Everything Ends bring about the reminder that this amazing album must come to an end. But not before a few more gigantic songs, after a bizarrely placed Interlude at track 10 that could do with not being there, in honesty. The final two tracks, Headllights and Broadfields round the album off sufficiantly, a wonderful end to a wonderful album.

Chris Brown - Don't Wake Me Up Starting out this song revisits Chris Browns raw talent, the acoustic intro allows his vocal qualities to dance gracefully into anyone’s unsuspecting eardrums. Then suddenly progress is shattered through a shameful piece of auto tuning. Being a fan of Chris Brown, it is torture to listen to his unique vocals being shamelessly slaughtered. However Brown’s catchy lyrics and undeniable addictive tune gives forgiveness to any previous mistakes.

Playlist Maroon 5-Payphone Coldplay ft. Rihanna-Princess of China Katy Perry-Wide Awake Biffy Clyro- Folding star

Cheryl - Call My Name Oh dear it’s happened again, someone’s convinced Cheryl that she should release a new album. Depending on your taste, style and sanity, you may love or hate the young Geordie. This is the type of song that without a video accompanying it, it would not appeal nearly as much to a male audience. Respect to Cheryl she can keep up with the best of dancers but we wouldn’t call this one of her finer achievements.

You may have noticed your local community further diversifying to a new wipe off nationality. Fake Tans nothing new , it’s has revolutionised the cosmetic industry creating vast numbers of sales amongst young women with the ambition to look like a Wotsit dunked orange paint. This new fashion state finally makes it easy for ugly chicks to look even repulse even the most desperate of guys, therefore creating a fantastic new type of contraception.

Ever considered how your life would be if you were a over the top pompous half wit? Here’s a few questions to consider, if you answer any with yes then we have the perfect accessory for you! Do you ever look in the mirror and say “Yeah I would”? Have you ever conducted in sexual intercourse with your sibling? Do your parents send extensive amount of money on you to make up for not loving you? In the last decade a rising group of people , young and old have formed in our governments so called supported housing communities. These new people come with their own horrifically unique style. Many of our sporting brands have risen to the challenge of meeting the needs of these people, and who should rise to the challenge with huge popularity, of course Nike! This decent member of society can accept, however now the female side of this species have adopted their male companions monstrous choice in footwear, ladies and gentlemen I give you Nikes Air Max’s.

Woop the brand new section of CheerUp Webazine, the technology review, looking at what's looking good in the world of tech and I kick off the 1st ever edition with GREE. Gree is a multiplatform gaming app available for Iphones and android, its existence is prominent in Asia and china and is the 1st real multi platform gaming app the adds sophisticated across model social networking with in time gaming. The company behind Gree is set to break the western markets within the year and because of the in play markets which allow you to spend real cash to upgrade you animated characters, the company is set to make almost a billion in profit. Zuckenberg wowed us with the money Facebook made when it originally floated on the stock exchange, but Facebook is yet to successfully crack the mobile industry profit wise, Gree is carbon proof that its possible, and can be done to such a extent that in china more people use it than they do Facebook, over 700 million users worldwide Gree is addictive and is revolutionizing live real time mobile gaming.

•Low Cost of games varying from Free - £4.99

•Ability to play mates or randomize against anyone in the world

•The Beautiful In play gaming experience

•Variety of games on offer to download from chess - KO Fighting

Available to download On Iphones, Android and Windows 7 software from all Appstores. CheerUp Rating 8/10 Cheers

Backing Jake This week I decided to jump on Marcello because he’s a traitorous women snatcher, therefore I was doing a service to all women! Jack being the Robin to my Batman decided to get involved, look at the boy wonder go!!! 9/10

Wacky Ideas Umberella shoes Fed up holey shoes, and sadly not the glorious godlike holy, merely shoe wetting holes. These umberella shoes will help you out; a bubbly outer of shoes will stop the rain getting in!

What app app? There are too many apps. So now, we've thought a solution! If you play an app that you don't know, the what app is that app, app can tell you what app that app is.

Penalty Wall England need some form of blockage for penalties, just something! So we're going to make a petition that allows england to put a wall in front of the goal for them to have a chance of winning. Just a chance.

JESSIE J @JessieJ So funny to me when people see me in places like ikea and the doctors and are like 'What are you doing here'..... Erm... "Same as you?"

Will @WillyFerrell: I hate when I'm wearing my apple bottom jeans and I can't find my boots with the fur.

Paloma Faith @Palomafaith That moment when you find out your fave restaurant was closed down for health and safety reasons........

I was walking past a restaurant the other day, and I suddenly thought this. Why on earth do we feel the need to tip waiting staff after our meal? I mean, yeah, sometimes they can be nice and friendly, but at the end of the day they get paid for that, that is a job requirement. I mean, if we’re tipping them on how nice they are, just give them something other than money, they get that at the end of the day; a nice little card saying ‘Well Done, You Did a Super Job’ or something entirely patronising like that. Frankly, it probably exists because there is some old dirty man out there once decided he wanted to pay upfront to buy out some lovely waitress he fancied, and then it got misunderstood as a tip and he never got what he paid for. Well, maybe. But honestly, it is a mystery as to why nurses, and workers that actual make a difference don’t get tips, but people that walk from one end of a restaurant to another indeed do get extra dosh for their ‘hard’ work, but for a nurse to get a tip…well the only nurses that get tips these days are the bloomin’ strippers who get a fiver tucked into their pants, for no reason. So next time you go to a restaurant, tell the waiting staff to shove it if they want a tip, or to save a life or two.

2012: Eureceipe for disaster As norm, England managed to maintain a poor tournement standard through out the 2012 Euro’s. Here are a few steps, I believe, the FA association should have taken into account before our pathetic attempt at the Euro 2012. Step 1: The FA should of realised the fact that England do not have enough hench, wench or even dench (I think i’m down with the lingo) guys playing in the Premiership currently. The only resonable response to this horrific crisis was too clone the legendary tanks Emile Heskey and Akinfenwa. Once the cloning had been complete it would have led to teams running in fear from an army of Heskey’s and Fenwa’s!! Therefore we would of won the competition. Step 2: The FA should have not stripped John Terry of his captaincy BEFORE the friggin trial was held showing whether or not he was guilty (but we all know he was because everyone is a racist) which led to Fabio quitting the England job and the appiontment of Roy bludy Hodgson the defensive minded, unsuccessful, good team ruining monster. Roy Hodgson’s tactics were a key factor to why England played so shit during the Euro’s.

Step 3: : Sentencing Jordan Henderson, Stuart Downing, Asley Young and Danny Welbeck to death! By publicly hanging these players we would not have had to been angered by their involvment in the squad or by their very poor performances at the Euro’s.,these players ceased to exsist then Theo, THE OX and Carrol would of played at the Euro more helping us to lose in the quarter finals in a different way than we did against Italia, yeah with all my advice we would of stilll managed to fuck it up somehow, even with a game involving only men playing I’m sure John “sick man” Terry would of got distracted and performed his superpowers of wife shaggin, how could he resist with all those hot eastern europeans knocking around in the stands. I hear you ask the relevence to us losing and JT … there isn’t one he just a twat thus we would of lost.

Anyway i’m bored now of trying to entertain you, go have a wank or watch a World War 2 documentary and agree that I am right with my opinion. GOOD DAY! Here’s a review of Englands performance…

EURO. 2K12. YOLO YOLT YORO YOLNT But seriously. All faggy shit set aside… This is my entire coverage of all the best goals, games and upsets of the Tournament… Netherlands (LOL) But anyway! It will be some key moments in the tournaments from the group Stages and all the Knockout games that made us cry… some with joy and England in pain. And Portugal… anyway!!! WE BEGIN! GROUP A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So yea… we have Poland, Czech Republic, Russia and former Euro winners, Greece. It would’ve seemed this group was the weakest of the 4 and well… I guess you have to say… yeah. Anywho! The favourites to top this group were Russia and the Polish looked odds on to follow them into the Knockouts… First games saw the Pols and the Greeks draw and Russia Thrash the Czechs 4-1... Cech with a back 4 rather than a back 10... But the Goal of the Group came up in the 1-1 draw between Russia and Poland… with this beauty. KO1BKk1-r0 I mean the desire in that game to win was incredible considering the history of both countries outside of football. A stunner So yeah… Poland needed to beat the Czechs… and Russia needed a draw to go through… simple enough… Yeaaaah not quite. Greece won 1 nil and the Czechs beat Poland… the table saw the once 4-1 losing Czech’s top with Greece behind them! Crazy hey?! A weird but entertaining group! And now we have Gr.. GROOOOOOOOOUUUUUUPPP!!!!

B! So yeah… this was a pretty fucking BEAST group. Holland and Germany being favourites to come out in whatever order ( Both Odds in to win the Damn thing!) and Portugal who some predicted could cause an upset in the Group. And Denmark.. Ahhem. So first games played and It’s Netherlands 0-1 Denmark…. And 1-0 to the Germans against Portugal… No you didn’t read that wrong… Denmark did win as Krohn-Dehli punishes the wasteful Dutch and seals an unanticipated victory! Much to the shock of the wolrd… the Danish celebrated in top fashion… as shown here…

So yeah… it was a pretty shitty tournament for the Dutch as they went home before the knock outs! With the Portuguese and groups winning Germans going on to the next round! The best goal has to be either Krohm-Dehli’s or Van der Vaart’s! Oi. Nah. It has to be… Mario Gomez’ turn and strike… Pure class! Watch the Highlights of Germany v Holland and see… both Germany’s goals were very good! GROUUUUUUUUUUP. CCCCC So we had the Spanish, Croats and the Italians… And then there was Ireland. ( Fuck that.) So yeah no surprise that Ireland got no points as Spain Italy and Croatia are all 8th or above in UEFA ranking! But atleast their fans were something to look at…

And their fans seemed to control the place in times of unrest… Anywho! They were demolished by the Croatians 3-1 and then beaten by Italy… and to round it off served a 4-0 Spanking from the Spanish. 4-0! Here are all the Highlights for that game! Goal of the group goes to Super Mario (Balotelli) with this incredible goal! So good! He wants to get something off his chest… team mate has to cover his big gob! But all in all this group saw Spain concede their only goal of the whole thing! Shocking really! I thought Spain and Barcelona had been figured out!


ENGLAND! YEAAAAH! FRANCE! YEAAAH! SWEDEN! YEAAAAH! UKRAINE YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! CO HOST! Anyyyyywhoooooooooo… So England and France got the group started with a 1-1 draw after a poorly defended FK was put in by Lescott, only to be countered by Nasri’s long shot. FUCK SAKE. England play the Swedish in what has to be on of the games of the tournament! Highlights here : Contender for goal of the Tourny from Welbeck right?! WRONG. ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVICH! ACTIVVATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOALAZO GOALAZO!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!…. DAMN THAT’S SEXY… Here are all the goals of the group stages for you to pick and choose your personal fav’s! ated SO WE see ENGLAND. TOP the group thanks to Sweden’s effort against them! SO WE WILL FACE! ITALY! AND WE WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KNOCKOUTS! SO YEAH! We lost. Awwwwwwwwww FUCK SAKE. 0-0 full time after being dominated by the Azuri and seemingly getting through ET! We lost on FUCKING PENALTIES AGAIN! AGAIN! AAAHH!H!!!HH!H!H!H!H!H!H!HH!!!!!!! -______Moody Asian man. (FUCK YEAH) Highlights of that incredibly painful game! Right there That wasn’t the first of the Quarter’s but it was the most important! ;) My opinion anyway! … It’s the EURO’s I’m allowed to show some Bias! So yeah  next up is the rather cool German side against the poor old Greeks… Bailout maybe? Or even lose on purpose to them to help out? NO! GERMANS, ATTAAAAAACK! POW POW! 4-2! MARIO GOMEZ with 3 Goals! Leading goal scorer ahead of Mandzukic, who’s also on 3. But he has an ASSIST! VITAL! GOALS AND HIGHLIGHTS! THERE! Next was the Rather comfortable win for Portugal against the Group A winners. Czech Republic! It was comfortable in the sense that… they knew they were gonna score… just when… and who else but Mr Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo to step up and head in a beautiful cross! LINK ABOVE! WATCH! NOOOOOOOWWW!!!! LASTLY. SPAIN V FRANCE! France looked decent… at best… I mean I think England could’ve beaten them if they tried attacking for more than 20 mins! Anywho! 2-0! Shit France! Picked off quite easily by an under performing Spanish Side! Spain looked as though they may have to work a lot harder to retain their European trophy! BOOM HIGHLIGHTS THERE!

SEMI! Hard. I would be the above.. If England had gotten there! ANYWAY First was the Spanish against the Portuguese! A decent match I thought… but apparently it was boring. As nothing happened… ( No goals till penalties) But the Portuguese looked as though they could stop the reining Champions! Something other teams seemed to have lacked! With all the weight on his shoulders it was no surprise that Ronaldo couldn’t break the dead lock… I mean he’s one of the best players in the world but he isn’t a one man FUCKING Army! Poor guy always in the shadow of a 5’7” magician… Não é justo! Ey Ronaldo? HIGHLIGHTS!  NEXT! THE MIGHTY GERMANS WOULD TAKE ON THE STUNNING ITALIANS! ( sounds gay but nah.) IN WHAT SEEMS TO BE THE BATTLE OF! WHO WAS THE BIGGEST DICK IN WWII. ( Sorry to any Germans reading cause 1 you lost and 2 I actually love German people and am not a hater just cause of History! Germans are not Nazi’s! they’re people! SAME GOES FOR YOU ITALY! ) SO YEAH FOOTBALL! With the Germans favourites to win… the scoreline was a shock to many. Everyone including myself underestimated the Italians! But it took one man. One very childish man to step up. MARIO…. G…… LOL Nah MARIO BALOTELLI!

See what I mean?

Anyway the goals were sick! Amazing! Just pure class! GOALS AND HIGHLIGHTS IN THE LINK ABOVE! YEAAAAAAAAH! So… it’s come down to this… two teams… over two weeks have battled feircly for t chance to roll in glory… and only one will prevail. Will it be the Class of Italy… or the Beauty of Spain. Pirlo v Xavi Balotelli v Torres SPAIN. V. ITALY. Tika Taka about to be taken to a new level? Or will it be Forza Italia! Screamed by many?


I mean that’s just rape! Rape up the arse in an ally at night whilst the police just watch and laugh!. W GETS BEATEN 4-0 in a CUP FINAL! Shitting Hell Italy! Go out with some class! Watch for yourselves! It’s ludicrous!!!! And to make it even Fucking stupider!! TORRES GOT TOP SCORER! 3 goals and 2 assists for the Spanish Striker made him top scorer! JUAN MATA just about got his firs fucking few minutes before bangin in a goal! THEY WERE THE SUBSTITUTES! I think Spain were slightly underestimated after their poorer displays at the start of the tournament. But critics have definitely been silenced. For me… the top player of the tournament… was Pirlo. Apart from the last game. He carried the Itali by bossing the midfield and only against Spain in the final was he cut out from the game. And Italy ne looked like scoring after he was blocked off! Suprises… Are Alba’s performance. He was class to a high degree. And Now Barca want him back a the Camp Nou for around 3 and a half times less than Carroll is worth! What is it with Barcelona and wanting to buy back former youth players? Just don’t get rid of them! Another surprise was to see Torres with Golden Boot! He did his job when he came on as a sub! Spa needed goal. Torres got goal. But tbh his goals came with advantage Spain anyway. Imagine if Croa were still in it past groups… Mandzukic would’ve been on Fire! … It is done. Tournament Over. Spain Champions. Of the World. And of Europe (x2) Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy! CYA NEXT TIIIIIIIIME!

Politics Is A Dirty Word Politics is a dirty word to many people who live in our modern day society of starbucks, ipads and sunday golf with the father in law, they fill politics is just men in suits making craft handed decisions that mean that they pay ÂŁ200 extra in tax (thats at least 50 starbucks latte grande), however it isnt, theres more to the life of politics and you can change it. Its not simple but everyone should have the own self belief and empowerment to change the world, to revolutionise the way we live our life, to be in control, there are many steps in doing this, it takes time and it has a feel of fight club about it (minus the soap and insomnia). The first real step in turning the factory of politics which dumps polluted waste into the river of society is to question and not just accept, dont accept being lulled into your role in society, you are the change, when given a situation where there are various options some with larger repercussions than others, ignore them, look at the larger picture, take the options and as they are without the repercussions and do what you think is best, this isnt saying deliberatly be an non conformist, this is saying be yourself do what you want your on this earth once. The Second thing to do is to take everything as it comes, if you are hit by a bad and neagative situation then deal with it, accept it, mentally breakdown the pre conditions of ignoring the problem or being crushed by it, tackle it, your dumped? go out and find someone else, dont cry over what you could have, in a dead end retail job? quit, start again, start your life afresh, do what you want to do. Remember you could waste 20 years of your life working for tescos, or you could spend 20 years living your life. The third thing is to work together to create the inverse society spectrum of which the top 1% dont rule the 99%. The 99% should fight back, avoid McDonalds, Tescos, Coca Cola and Barclays these Transnational companies control you, assfixciate you, they choke you into the life they want you to live, where you spends thousands in a life time for artificial monetary products that when fail, cause a global meltdown that is completly invented by man. You pay them to pollute the waters of bolivia to make a sugary water drink that takes away some of your life, and you buy there homogenous product which you think is some amazing meal, whens its salt, fat processed meat that is killing you, but because of a cleaver marketing team and a unbeatable law firm they get away with it and we are forced to accept it, but not anymore. Finally remember, as much as people are crippled by this spoon fed society, this isnt it the way it has to be, fill the new era of conventional politics, with revolutionary thinking, politics and ideas dont bow down to the society thats crippling us, make it bow down to us, without you, the government coudnt govern, the companies would make no money and society would crumple, so carpe diem, and take back your society, your indpendence, your choice and your life. Graham Findlay

Boom another new section called lets revisit where we tell you to listen and watch an old CD/DVD that you have hiding in the back of the cupboard where you keep the rigged johnnies for special occasions.

CheerUp Issue 7  

This week we interview the talents of Marcus Collins and Awolnation, aswell as a round up of Euro 2012

CheerUp Issue 7  

This week we interview the talents of Marcus Collins and Awolnation, aswell as a round up of Euro 2012