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The Giving Back Issue

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"MAKING A DIFFERENCE ONE CARTWHEEL AT A TIME" PLUS: A heart as big as Texas! The US cheerleader raising thousands for sick children.


Giving Back Issue

Top Stories: 8. Why walk for a cure when you can cartwheel! 12. The US cheerleader raising thousands for sick children 22. Cheer for a Cure - even more ways to give back 26. Will we see you in the Aussie cheer movie? 38. Who is featured in our Spotlight series this issue? Photo Credit: Bullets Allstars Amelia, Charli, Emily, Ella, Bec and Jasmine

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CONTENTS Our Giving Back Feature articles: 8.  Cover Story: Chelsea talks about her charity and how she uses her        cheer spirit for the greater good.  12. Calista Colwell: The story of a girl who raises thousands for sick kids. She       has a heart as big as Texas! 14. Fit for Fire! A firefighter shares his tips on how he stays in shape. 18. Kind craft to help you share the love. 22. Cheer for a Cure:  How cheerleading squads around Australia are raising money       for childhood brain cancer. 26. The new cheer movie featuring Aussies! Who can you spot? 36. Hair with care: The teens who are donating their hair to help others. 38. Spotlight on! Whose name is up in lights this issue?

Our Fun Stuff:

My favourite thing about helping about is just a sense of making a difference

11. Your spirit animal with give you ideas on how you can give back. 17.  Create our very cool Heart 2 Heart hairstyle . 21.  What are you thankful for?  Use our guide to help list your gratitudes. 24.  Book Club - What's on our bookshelf this issue?  27.  Movie Reviews - Get out the popcorn and put up your feet for our kindness        flicks. 28.  What Would TJ say?  Check out the Cheer Kids advice column 29.  Check out the Cheer Kids word search 30.  Get in the kitchen with Jordan as she shares her healthy smoothie 31.  More cooking - Try our sweet potato nachos 33.  Tips on how you can make a difference. 34.  How embarrassing! Who won our most embarrassing story prize? 42.  Kindness quotes - some inspiring words to keep you motivated. 44.  More details about "Going For Gold" the new Aussie cheerleading movie.  46.  Insta kids! Did your insta photo make it into the mag? 48.  Create your own bow and your own cheer uniform 50.  Letter from Ed 51.  The Cheer Kids team


"Why walk for a cure when you can cartwheel!"


I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of five and I am a JDRF young advocate. I love Cheerleading and Modelling. I want to be a teacher or a diabetes educator and design my own school for children with T1. I am the face of Cheering for Chelsea, cheering for children with T1 diabetes. 

Chelsea cheers with Adrenalin Cheer and Dance

WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT CHEERLEADING? I love travelling around the country and also overseas with my best friends. I love hitting the comp floor as there is no better feeling then running off, listening to the crowds excitement and knowing you gave your heart and soul into the routine. 

HOW DO YOU CREATE SUCH A LARGE SUPPORT BASE? To fundraise, my amazing coach ran cheer workshops and we did displays. We also hosted Discos, masquerade parties and my club was heavily involved in my Pump It Up challenge. I am blessed to have a strong support team who are as passionate as me. 



With having raised more than $50K, being awarded the JDRF State Young Volunteer of the Year award, and organising our town's very first colour run (JDRF one walk in colour) the future is looking bright! I’m in the process of creating a profile with the Government and I would love to meet the Prime Minister in 2018 and talk about increasing awareness with the JDRF team. I have created a large support base and am visiting newly diagnosed children in hospital.

The person that inspires me most is my grade 4 teacher Mrs Landsbry. Having T1 can be isolating and difficult to get by day by day, but she is one of a kind and always made me feel so special. Mrs Landsbry, although terrified to begin with, made T1 part of the class! Everyday she did a finger prick when I did and discussed the outcome with the class. She taught us about compassion and over-coming our fears.



My aim since 2014 has been to spread awareness and raise money for children and adults living with this horrible disease. Every year JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) hosts a walk to spread awareness for children living with T1 Diabetes. We decided to get involved by combining my two loves together! That’s when Team “Cheering for Chelsea” was created! I'm not a huge fan of walking but I love to cartwheel so our logo is “why walk for a cure when you can cartwheel!” 

Find something that you are passionate about and always give it your all, don’t be frightened of failure just go for it! There is no better feeling than kindness and giving back!

WHAT ACHIEVEMENT ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF? My biggest individual achievement is my Young Volunteer Award. I’m also proud of my Adrenalin Cheer mini hip hop team which was the first mini team in our club to win a bid to the DC games in Hawaii in 2016, bringing home a silver, then we backed it up in 2017 with another bid. We were all so proud of how far we went.

The Animal Test




You are playful, funny and kind-hearted. A kind word from you will make someone's day. Example: tell someone that they have a nice smile.

You are brave and trustworthy. Your peers can always come to you for help. Example: stand up for what you know is wrong.



You are a leader and role model. Other people look up to you, appreciate all you do and often follow suit. Example: encourage others to be kind in all they do.

You are clever, outgoing and proactive. You make use of your time and other people enjoy being around you. Example: help a friend with homework.



You are hard working and compassionate. Your small acts of kindness make a difference within the world. Example: pick up rubbish.

You are strong, courageous & can achieve anything you put your mind to. Your courage helps you to help others. Example: help a charity.



You are creative and positive. You may not realise it, but your positivity can light up a room.Exampl e: help others to find a positive in every situation.

You are loyal and forgiving. Your forgiveness towards others mistakes is appreciated. Example: forgive someone when they bump into you.


Calista Colwell from Texas has been a helping hand in her community for as long as she can remember and loves being able to make a difference!! Emily was lucky enough to chat to Calista about what she does to help her community!


When did you start getting involved in fundraising and community work?

What is your favourite thing about helping out in the community?

Calista signing the cheque for St. Judes Children Hospital

Do you believe that everyone should take part in charity work?

What is your biggest achievement?

Who is your inspiration?

Anything you would like to say?




Firefighters are our modern day superheroes. They put their lives on the line every day doing their jobin this "Giving Back" issue we shout out to the brave firefighters who risk their lives every day protecting our communities. From battling building fires, to raging forest infernos, to rescuing trapped motorists and administering medical aid when needed- firefighters do it all. It requires them to be super fit and healthy and extremely brave! For this issue Rory was lucky enough to spend an afternoon with Simon from the Gungahlin Fire Brigade. During this visit Simon shared some amazing adventures he has had fighting fires and gave us a sneak peak into his weekly fitness regime so we can see exactly what it takes to be "Fit For Fire".


How long have you been a firefighter for? I have been a firefighter for 19 years and am currently the Captain of the Gungahlin Volunteer Brigade located in the ACT. Do you just fight fires in Canberra or do go to other places? I've been deployed all over Australia and even other countries. In 2015 I went to the USA to help during their bushfire season. I've also been sent to Canada in 2009 and 2017 to help fight fires. What has been one of your greatest memories? In Canada I was flown by a helicopter to the highest point of a fire. The mountains over there have very sharp ridges which meant the helicopter couldn't land. The pilot put one skid on the ridge and I hover-exited the helicopter and slid down the side of the ridge. We were so high up the helicopter struggled to take off again so it dropped over the top of me into the valley to pick up speed. I remember watching it fly away wondering how I managed to score a job where I could be left on top of a mountain in Canada for the day. What are you most proud of? I have been responsible for training over 250 firefighters. Having people come and tell me that my training has helped them to be better at their job makes me very proud.


When you are not fighting fires what do you do in your spare time? I have just started doing triathlons and help out with my boys sport. My boys and I love to fish and any live sport I can watch, I will. Mostly football. Being a firefighter takes a lot of energy and it's important that you keep fit and healthy. What do you do to make sure you are always "Fit for Fire"? Cardio plays a big part in my fitness regime. In our job technique is more important than strength so I focus on my technique. My weekly exercise schedule consists of the followingMonday- 2km swim. Tuesday- 8kms of interval running. Wednesday- Morning-60km bike . Afternoon- 25km bike ride. I also participate in specific fire training drills. This involves hose rolling, first arrival drills and skills maintenance. Thursday- 1 hour of indoor bike trainer followed by a 15 minute run. Friday- 2km swim. Saturday- 60km bike ride followed by a 2.5km run. Sunday- 8 km run in the morning followed by an open water swim in the lake in the evening.

Hair Love With India

Heart 2 Heart

1 2 3 4

Visit our You Tube channel for the video tutorial We love our "Heart 2 Heart" hair design. Perfect for this heartfelt "Giving Back" issue of CKM. Part the hair to one side of the head and again through the middle to create 2 side bunches. Secure with elastics. If you have a hair "needle" pull the bunches through the hair to the other side to flip the hair over and create a twist.

Create two plaits within each bunch and secure with elastics in readiness to make your hearts.

Because you'd threaded the hair through using the hair needle, its easy to create a heart shape that sits up high. Make the heart and pin into place. Thread your other heart through the first one to finish your Heart 2 Heart hairstyle.


The Kindness Bowl

Creating a lucky dip of kindness is a great way to promote a giving back mindset and a positive outlook. You never know who might need an encouraging word! Put one in your classroom, cheer gym, home or dance school and encourage everyone to add to it often.  

Craft with Rory

Hand write or type messages of support on coloured squares of paper, fold them in four and add them to a big glass bowl, coloured box or jar. Make your messages unique and remember that the words you say could make or break a person's day.


A variation on the same theme ....

Instead of a bowl, you could try creating an Advent style calendar with one month's worth of kind messages inside.Â

This one was created using a box that had egg cartons stacked inside so when the little doors open, there is a compartment to store your kindness notes. Other ideas include a little paper bag per day with the date on the front all pegged to a rope to hang on the wall. So many options!


THE Quick Craft With India


Kindness Rocks!


Need a quick craft idea for your weekend? Go rock hunting for some lovely flat rocks, then paint them in beautiful patterns, add some kind quotes, glue on some poms and glitter and BINGO! You've got yourself some Kindness Rocks. Because kindness really does rock.



I'm thankful for... I'm thankful for my best friend .................................. because .................................................................................................................................................................................. . I'm thankful for my family because ................................................ .................................................................................................................................................................................. . What are you thankful for?


I'm thankful for ........................................................................................................................ I'm thankful for ........................................................................................................................ I'm thankful for ........................................................................................................................ I'm thankful for ........................................................................................................................


What is the meaning behind “Cheer for a Cure” and what was the aim for the project? September is childhood cancer awareness month, and in August, 2017, I was contacted by Narelle (who is a part of The Adventurers, a group of people promoting awareness of childhood brain cancer and raising funds for medical research) to see if I wanted to help out by making cheer bows, with proceeds going directly to the Brain Tumour Laboratory at Telethon Kids Institute.

What was your inspiration for starting the project? It was Narelle who thought of the idea. She asked me to help out as she knew that I made cheer bows! I thought it was a great idea as I think it’s an important cause. My inspiration to join this project came from somebody I coached in 2016. One afternoon at cheer practice, she got hit in the head and had a suspected concussion. However, the symptoms lasted for days and after a MRI scan, doctors discovered a brain tumour. If it was not for her accident, it might still have gone unnoticed. Cheerleading saved her life.

What are the successes so far? I was immediately overwhelmed by how excited and willing many cheerleaders and clubs were. So many wanted to be involved with promotion and purchasing of the bows, so our campaign had a very positive and successful beginning. We were able to donate approximately $1,900.



How did the community become involved? The Adventurers were very lucky to receive donations and sponsorship, so we were able to offer prizes to those who purchased cheer bows. The grand prize was tumbling equipment for a cheer gym so there was an incentive to participate. Lots of gym owners were spreading the word and individuals who knew cancer survivors also wanted to be a part, it was very positive!

If people want to help, how can they get involved?  To help out, all you need to do is purchase our special cheer bows, as proceeds per sale gets donated! The campaign is now over, but will begin again in September, so keep your eye out for that.

Have you faced any challenges with Cheer for a Cure? The biggest challenge we faced was not being prepared for the demand. In the first day we received about 30 orders, so I had to make cheer bows very quickly. It was a little stressful!

If you could give any advice to someone wanting to   make a difference, what would it be? Be genuine and do it wholeheartedly. Remember, you have the power to make or break somebody’s day just by your actions and words. Be kind to others because you don’t know what battles they are fighting.


BOOK CLUB We've got old books, new books and everything in between. Here are some of the books we have on the Cheer Kids bookshelf right now.

"Everything, Everything" is a captivating novel that follows the story of a teenage girl called Madeline who has a life changing disease. She is allergic to the world and can't leave her house. Although she feels isolated her life changes when a boy called Ollie moves next door. They start to chat via text and get closer and closer each day. The fact that Madeline has the disease prevents them from seeing each other. Madeline needs Ollie to help her break free. This exciting book is filled with laughter, love and twists. It is hard to put down. I recommend the novel to not only teenagers but also to anyone who enjoys romance.

"Buttons the Runaway Puppy" is a cute and adventurous novel which would be adored by any pet lover. The book is about a girl name Sophie who is obsessed with dogs but doesn't own one. However, her neighbour does. Sophie is very fond of Buttons and their adventure begins. Buttons is a very excitable and adventurous dog but is also very intelligent which becomes prominent later on in the story. Read the book and become immersed in Button's adventures.

"Have you filled your bucket today?" is a fantastic book that shows how our actions can affect those around us and gives us some ideas on how we can do little things every day to not only make other people feel good but also make ourselves feel great. This books explains how we can be bucket fillers (positive and kind) and how taking the time to fill someone else's bucket by a simple smile or kind gesture will not only fill their bucket but fill ours as well.


How many Cheer Chick Charlie books have you read?

There are now 9 books in the series dedicated to cheerleading Every book follows Charlie's adventures as she makes her dreams come true. Buy them in Aussie bookshops, from Amazon, in online stores or directly from the author at

New movie alert!

Ohh Emm Geee! We have our very own Aussie cheerleader movie!!! "Going For Gold" is about US Cheerleader Emma who moves to Adelaide, South Australia, where she grabs people from all walks of life to create a cheer squad. It's a story about team work, vulnerabilities, strength, friendship, self love and stepping outside the comfort zone. Keep an eye out for Aussie Gold Cheer and Dance in the movie, as well as TLC Spirit Wear uniforms, and see how many Aussie cheerleaders you might know. Maybe you'll pop up in Going for Gold!




Feature Movie

Moana is a Polynesian princess who dreams of sailing the open seas and of great adventures but is held back by her father Chief Tu. When her Island and its people are threatened by a mystic force she sets off on an adventure of a lifetime with her trusted companion Hei Hei. Along the way she encounters Maui, the very selfish demi-god who was responsible for placing her Island in trouble in the first place. Will Maui see the error of his ways and help Moana in her quest or will he leave her to fight the mighty fire demon Te Ka on her own?? It is a wonderful story of courage, bravery and friendship with an amazing soundtrack that you can’t help to sing along with!

Check these out too! Ted lives in a town taken completely over by plastic with no nature in sight, with the help of the Once-ler and his story, will Ted be able to save the forest and grow Truffula Trees for his crush Audrey? A story of friendship and hope, young Sawyer sticks by his new dolphin friend whilst she stuggles with the treatment of her new tail, can Sawyer help his new friend cope?


Got a problem?

ld u o at w


J Tsay?

Ask for advice. T.J. can help! Life isn't always easy. In fact there are some days when even your best friend can't help. If you've got a problem, share it with TJ! There could be others who are going through the exact same thing and sharing your problem could help them too!

Dear T.J, I get really nervous before a competition. So nervous that I actually get sick and nearly throw up. Nobody else gets as nervous as me. What should I do? BM, 9yo Firstly, try and understand what you are nervous about. Are you nervous about your routine? Are you nervous about being in front of a crowd? Just know that everyone gets nervous even if they don’t show it. Keep practicing your routine until you know it backwards. That way you will be so confident in yourself that the nerves might go away. If not that’s okay. Turn those butterflies into adrenaline to help you jump higher and dance stronger.

Dear T.J, A lot of my friends are cheerleaders and have been doing it for a long time. I really want to join but am scared because I won’t be as good as them. RD, 10yo Everybody has to start somewhere. They were new to Cheerleading once too! Maybe start with some tumbling and flex classes to get your body use to the type of stuff you will be doing at training. Then start from level 1 and work your way up. Your friends will understand. Having friends already good at cheer is an advantage! They can help you and give you tips to help you improve faster. You will also have the opportunity to make some new friends at the same level and motivate each other to learn new skills.

Dear T.J, All the girls at school wear make-up and are really good at applying it. I have never worn it and would like to try it but don't want to end up looking silly and over the top. How can I learn? AL, 13yo Practise! Practise! Practise! If makeup is something you would like to try out I recommend searching YouTube videos on how to apply natural looking makeup. These videos are easy to follow. Don’t be afraid to ask people for help. Everyone starts somewhere. If you don’t want to look over the top try using very light makeup to enhance your natural beauty and keep things simple. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident. And don't feel pressured! Your natural beauty will always win out in the end


All problems are handled with the strictest confidence. Send your problems marked "What would TJ say?" to




Super Shakes




Sweet Potato Nachos 1 sweet potato (diced) 1 carrot (grated) 1 cup of spinach 1/2 cup of corn 1/2 cup grated cheese 2 table spoons of tomato paste





Here are some ways you can make a difference...




Embarrassing! Ever done something so embarrassing you just wanted to hide? It's OK, you're not alone! We've all been there. Three of our readers share their most embarrassing moments. In the morning before school I always get dressed, but leave my slippers on to keep my feet warm until it's time to catch the bus. One day I completely forgot and got on the bus with my pink bunny eared feet. We were half way to school before I realised! I wore them for the first hour of school. Mum wasn't very happy that she had to leave work to bring my school shoes. My nickname at school has been "Bunny" ever since.


r e n n i


During free study time at school I was singing along to the song that was playing in the background while we worked. I looked up to find everyone staring at me. It turns out nobody else could hear the music. I forgot I had my headphones on! Apparently my singing isn't that great.


It was only my second ever training session with my new squad and we had a drinks break. I was still learning the names of my team mates. I took a big swig of water at the same time as I sneezed and sprayed water all over of my new friends . I spent the rest of our break apologising and trying to dry them with my towel. Luckily for me they thought it was funny!



If you have an embarrassing story you'd like to share send it to No names are used. You could win a prize! Our winner this issue 34gets a special Cheer Kids key ring and a print copy of the mag.




Naomie Arjaelle, 12 I cut my hair to raise money for kids with Leukaemia, it was my best friend Zoe’s idea and we both did it together, all the fundraising and everything! We donated 30cm each to be made into wigs for children who are undergoing treatment for Leukaemia or who suffer from Alopecia. I’d never really had a hair cut before so it was kind of scary, but I’m really glad I did it.

Jenna McCarthy, 14 I completed the World's Greatest Shave in December with a teacher and a school friend to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation, we ended up raising a total of $3,000! The reason I chose to complete the World's Greatest Shave is because I had a neighbour who suffered from leukaemia and she finished the chemotherapy by the time I did the shave but I wanted to support her. It was scary but really fun! My friends Braith and Emily even got to do the shave!

Mia Pennay, 17 I donated my hair when I was 14 as I am lucky enough to be able to grow it back and wanted to give others who aren't so lucky the opportunity to have beautiful long hair. I know a lot of women take pride in their hair so to be able to give them something that made them feel confident was very rewarding. 



Want to donate?

Aussie organisations include: Variety Australia Angel Wigs Australian Alopecia Areata Foundation The World's Greatest Shave

18 year old Jessica Langdown donates her hair every few years and she's getting ready to do it again for the third time. If you would like to donate your hair Jess suggests that you keep your hair in good condition, stay away from colours or dyes and be sure you have enough hair to donate at least 30cm in length.


SPOTLIGHT ON Chauntell McNamara Advocate for adoption in Australia

Who is your inspiration? I am inspired by my kids who where the driving force behind us pursuing adoption. They wanted stability and a sense of permanency. My parents, husband and beautiful foster friends also inspire me as they are currently going through the adoption process with their kids.

A piece of advice for the readers!

What is your goal for your work with "Adopt Change"? To eliminate the double up of paperwork and processes with foster care to adoption, streamline the process, get carers recognised as parents. I would also like to promote the foster to adopt options as well as reduce the amount of time it takes for the adoptions to occur.

How does it feel knowing you are making a difference in children’s lives? I’m working on making a difference to the wider community. I have found that I receive far more back than I give away. By doing work with Adopt Change I have made some amazing friends and built up my community connections.

How do you overcome challenges when trying to make a difference? Patience and persistence. I’ve learnt nothing ever happens quickly in any system or government department.



SPOTLIGHT ON Dan Philippa 


Cheerleader, dad, full time employee and State Emergency Service volunteer

What got you into cheerleading? I did gymnastics when I was younger, and that was a very individual sport. When I was doing adult gym one day I saw some people doing cheer and thought that looked like fun so decided to get involved. It was a team sport which was completely different to gymnastics.

A piece of advice from Dan for readers with a goal!

What’s your favourite thing about the sport? I would have to say the teamwork. Everyone really unites and gets behind a goal. When there’s a big comp coming up, everyone puts other things aside and makes it happen for each other.

Who would you say your biggest cheerleader is?

Dan atop Carruther's Peak in Kosciuszko National Park leading a team of volunteers on a familiarisation tour.

I have a lot of family and friends who are really supportive of me, but I feel like my biggest supporter is myself. I decide on my goals and I’m the one that goes for them. I’m my own biggest supporter.

What do you do in your spare time? I don’t really have spare time because I fill it all up, I work, I travel for work, I do cheer, I’m a volunteer in the NSW SES and that takes up a fair bit of time, I also do other sports like mountain bike riding, aerials and hang out with family and friends.

How important do you think it is to contribute back to society? As a SES volunteer I find it’s a really valuable thing, I put a lot of effort into it but I get heaps of benefits out of like the skills I’m learning and I get to do some really cool things. I know its benefiting the community but I’m also enjoying doing it.

2010 Team Australia Dan cheers for Sirens Cheerleaders in Canberra



SPOTLIGHT ONÂ ACT Regional Cheerleading Where all squads come together in unity for a greater cause

What is unique about ACT Regional Cheerleading? ACT Regional Cheerleading is a collaboration between all ACT (and regional) teams dedicated to giving back to cheerleaders in the ACT and to the local community while promoting our sport in the process.

A piece of advice for the readers!

Every single competition cheerleading squad in the ACT come together to put on an annual cheerleading event that raises money for local charities while also raising money to bring in overseas and interstate coaches that every squad can access during a series of workshops. . It's unique in that the normal inter-squad competition is put to the side with every program part of the project management of the event. We have raised well over $20,000 for Ronald McDonald House and Cerebral Palsy Alliance over the last few years and we've increased the safety of our sport within the ACT with extra training for coaches and athletes. . What

is your goal for your with "Adopt Change"? How does it feel knowing you are work making a difference in your


Being able to present the cheques to our charities each year knowing that more than 500 cheerleaders have come together across all programs to make it happen feels great. There is an amazing sense of community where all squads collaborate for the greater good.

40 40


SPOTLIGHT ON Karis Luckhurst Pageants, cheerleading and raising money for children's hospitals

Who is your inspiration? Definitely Audrey Hepburn! I look up to her as she was a style icon and I would love to follow in her footsteps as a Model and Humanitarian. Audrey went on to be a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF and visit orphanages. She lived for helping others!

A piece of advice from Karis for readers who want to make a change!!

What drove you to make a change in others lives? I was in hospital many times either because I was sick, or from a surgery i've had, and realised, this is some peoples life. These children don't get to see the outside of these hospital walls. We hate being in hospital overnight but some children may have to spend their life in hospital.

Do you think everyone should get involved in their community? I think everyone should definitely get involved in their community! Even by donating small change, or donating a toy to the hospital makes a huge impact.

What is your biggest achievement? My biggest achievement is believing in myself. I wouldn’t be here if pageants and cheerleading didn’t teach me to be confident and spread awareness. I have raised awareness for numerous charities/ foundations including Starlight Christmas appeal, Perth Children’s hospital foundation, Multiple Sclerosis, and many more!

Any tips? Support a campaign through Instagram to spread awareness!. Making a change to the world isn’t something one person can do by themselves, helping spread awareness can make a massive difference!



Kindness Quotes! "When words are both true and kind, they can change the world." - BuddhaÂ

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." - Aesop

"Where there is kindness, there is goodness. Where there is goodness, there is magic." - Cinderella "In a world where you can be anything, be kind." "Throw kindness around like confetti!"




"Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns." "Remember you're the one who can fill the world with sunshine." - Snow White "A true hero isn't measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart." - Hercules "Good friends and kind acts will help you until you're unstuck." - Winnie the Pooh

"To laugh at yourself is to love yourself." - Mickey Mouse






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What great bow designs can you create? 48






A message from the editor Hello Cheer kids This week I drove past a man who was on his daily walk. He was wearing exercise gear, listening to music on his iPod and wore bright yellow sneakers. He looked like everyone else who was out exercising,  except that he was carrying a plastic bag and as he walked he collected rubbish that was blowing by the side of the path.   It got me to thinking that there are so many ways we can give back to our community.  There are big ways like planning events to raise thousands of dollars for charity and there are small ways like taking the time to bend down and pick up rubbish as we walk down the road.  The Giving Back issue is all about finding ways to  use our cheer spirit for the greater good.  Whether it be for our friends, family, team mates, the elderly, sick children, the homeless, our environment, animals, our local community or an entire nation, there are always ways we can donate our time to show kindness and a thought for others. What I loved most about this issue wasn't just the stories, but the fact that our editorial team had no trouble seeking them out.  We didn't have to look far to realise there is kindness everywhere. This is also the first issue that our Cheer Kids pretty much planned, designed and wrote the magazine themselves.  I hardly had to do a thing! It's a magazine written FOR Cheer Kids, BY Cheer Kids and each issue just gets better and better which I'm very proud of. Have fun reading our stories, creating the craft, doing the activities, spotting your cheer friends, designing your own uniform, trying the hairstyle and recipes, and reading about the new Aussie cheer movie.  I hope you get inspired to Give Back too!  




Contributors Writers for our Feature Articles: Hannah, Emily, Rory and Andii Content Creation: India, Jordan, Hannah, Emily, Rory and Tahlia, Fun Pages: Jordan Editor in Chief: Leanne Special Thanks to: Our advertisers, readers and the Cheer Kids who send in photos, contributions and great ideas!




Cheer Kids Magazine - The Giving Back Issue  
Cheer Kids Magazine - The Giving Back Issue  

This issue of CKM is all about sharing the love. The Giving Back Issue celebrates all those great Cheer Kids out there (young and old) wh...