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Making correspondence a little more sassy

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The Cheeky Woman signature line of greeting cards is about relationships. It’s about connecting and finding the joy and humor in the lives we lead. Today women are busier than ever. We educate ourselves and earn degrees; we date and marry good, honest men; we break up with lousy men; we raise our children to be good citizens of the world; we have careers to provide for our families; we volunteer our time within our communities; and have girlfriends that we rarely see. We are the modern woman. Cheeky Woman wants to facilitate that woman-to-woman connection that we should make time for. We offer greeting cards and gifts for this very purpose. We are out to make correspondence a little sassier. Technology is more prevalent than ever. With smart phones and tablets being everywhere, there are apps for almost everything. Texting, tweeting, and “hanging out” on Facebook, has immersed us all in instantly sending a “greeting” to someone. Today, the handwritten note is more meaningful than ever. Taking the time to use a pen and paper and write a note, means a lot more today. Just imagine the smile you give by sending a greeting card in the mail. A little bit of joy in the midst of bills and grocery store fliers. With our signature collection of Cheeky Woman greeting cards, we have maintained a level of honesty combined with humor and sass. Because here at Cheeky Woman we like to say that given the demands of life, we can usually pull it off, and if we can’t, at least we can laugh about it.


Heather, Chief of Cheeky Correspondence


Giving Back Cheeky Woman cares about the welfare of women, which is why we donate a percentage of our profits to the Women’s Cancer Research Foundation and Sheepfold. We are dedicated to helping women when they need it most.

Women’s Cancer Research Foundation WCRF is dedicated to improving the cure rates of women with gynecologic and breast cancer through innovative clinical research. WCRF is providing women with newer more promising breast and gynecological treatments.

Eco-Chic We love our planet and want it to last a really, really long time. It was a nobrainer on choosing to manufacture our paper products in the USA. Our printer is local with environmentally friendly printing facilities. In addition, our paper products are printed on 50% recycled paper, using soy-based inks which are kind to our environment. The printing process using soy-based inks emit fewer volatile organic compounds than traditional petroleum-based inks. Who knew printing could be so environmentally friendly?


Signature Collection Birthday greetings with a little sass!

The Cheeky Woman feels anything but invisible. She’s experienced life and is ready to share her wisdom. To her, ageing gracefully is the only way to go. She knows that age isn’t a number, its a feeling. And she’s feeling fabulous! Boxed set greeting cards come in sets of 10, two of each illustration. MSRP $21.50 4.

Now that we’re older it takes twice as long, and a lot more money, to look half as good. Happy Birthday!

Some call it a mid-life crisis. I call it a mid-life celebration. Happy Birthday & have fun celebrating!

You’re not getting old.. This is what we refer to as pre-middle age. Happy Birthday!

Yep! You’re still hot. Happy Birthday!

I hope your birthday is as fabulous as I am. Happy Birthday! 5.

Signature Collection Thank you cards with a little sass!

She may be sassy, and even a little witty, but the cheeky woman knows the importance of gratitude. She is quick to express her appreciation; especially with a hand-written note. She believes nothing is more meaningful than sending a note of gratitude; even if it is a little cheeky. Boxed set greeting cards come in sets of 10, two of each illustration. MSRP $21.50 6.

The little acts of kindness you do are more than kind and more than little.

Thank you! That thing you did was just AWESOME!

You know that awkward moment when someone gives you a gift and you have to pretend to like it? This is NOT one of those times.

Thank you! For giving me something that I actually like.

Right now I am so full of happy. Thank you!


Signature Collection Greeting cards with a little sass!

You know you’re a Cheeky Mom when you can unfold a stroller, while chatting on your cell, with a baby on your hip and a latte in your hand, and still look great doing it! The Cheeky Mom can usually pull it off and laugh when she can’t. With her girlfriends and diet soda, anything is possible.

Boxed set greeting cards come in sets of 10, two of each illustration. MSRP $21.50 8.

I am so glad I went to college; so I can be my child’s chauffeur.

Book club is a great venue for stimulating conversation; About shopping, our sex lives , and the latest gossip. I’m looking forward to our next play date. Coffee + Gossip = Therapy

My boobs will never look the same. Unless I find a really good surgeon.

My kids are the picture of perfection. Too bad my house is mess. 9.

Signature Collection Greeting cards with a little sass!

The Cheeky Fashionista’s idea of a perfect afternoon is lunch with her girlfriends and shopping to follow. When listing her hobbies, shopping is always included. Upon walking into a store, count on her to scoop up the best finds in the place. The only thing that gives her the same high as a great pair of shoes is a great girlfriend.

Boxed set greeting cards come in sets of 10, two of each illustration. MSRP $21.50 10.

If the shoe fits, buy one in every color.

You never really know a woman until you walk a mile in her stilettos.

Live. Love. Accessorize.

I’m a luxury so few can afford.

Time to pull out the Little Black Dress. 11.

Signature Collection Greeting cards with a little sass!

The Cheeky Friend is the one friend you know who will give you the honest truth about your new haircut or how those jeans really make you look. She’s the one you borrow clothes from when you really need to look great. You are not afraid to call her at midnight when you need a listening ear. She knows all about you and loves you even more.

Boxed set greeting cards come in sets of 10, two of each illustration. MSRP $21.50 12.

I like your style. I’m so glad we wear the same size.

You are such a trophy wife. And I mean that in the nicest possible way.

I am so glad you’re as fabulous as you are. We couldn’t be friends if you weren't.

You know when you see people and wonder if they have a full length mirror at home? I never think that about you.

I don’t repeat gossip, so listen carefully.


Signature Collection Greeting cards with a little sass!

The Cheeky Foodie knows that it’s really chocolate that is a girl’s best friend. The therapy of a caramel macchiato should never be underestimated. And a frosted cupcake is pure happiness. It’s the everyday joys that make life a celebration.

Boxed set greeting cards come in sets of 10, two of each illustration. MSRP $21.50 14.

This is why we workout.

What do you mean? This IS my goal weight. I blame the cupcake.

Dessert. It’s worth every inch and pound.

Let’s not ruin this euphoric chocolate experience by feeling guilty.

The Cupcake. It’s a happy ending to a lousy day. 15.

cheeky 

Dress up your desk, or home office with the 2013 Cheeky Women Desk Calendar. Each month features a stylish illustration with a cheeky quote from our favorite Cheeky Women. Month after month our fabulous Cheeky Women will make you smile with their charm, wit, and sass. Stylish illustrations combined with a bit of sass and you have a Cheeky Woman 2013 Desk Calendar. Desk calendar features a different illustration and sassy comment each month. MSRP $17.50 16.















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Cheeky Woman 2012 Product Catalog  
Cheeky Woman 2012 Product Catalog  

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