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The portfolio

The portfolio

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01 Resume

Name DOB Nationality Email Contact Address Lam Pam

Academic background

Chris Liu Chee Kang 28 April 1987 Malaysia +60 11 1298 0428 B-1901 Lorong Air Putih 21 25300 Kuantan AG/L 515 G 3115 2010-2011 2007-2009 2006-2007 2000-2005

Master of Architecture, UTAS, Aus Bachelor of Environmental Design, UTAS, Aus Diploma in Building (Architecture) TARC KL SPM qualification - SMKSAB, Kuantan

Professional background

2012-2015 Graduate Architect @ ASIMA Architects Sdn Bhd 2015-current Project Architect @ GARIS Architects Sdn Bhd

Technical proficiencies

Autodesk autoCAD (+) Adobe photoshop (+) Google sketchup (+) MS excel MS word MS powerpoint (+) Graphisoft archicad Lumion 4d Autodesk revit Autodesk Navisworks (+)

Experiences and scope


design architect 3D modeling Ideas sketching presentation works Drafting team work team leader collaborative works with overseas professionals coordination works project architect chair meeting authorities submission fire requirement and UBBL construction site experience contractual knowledge Revit modeling Revit clash analysis


Academic Portfolio

4th year design studio, 2010

tower Type : Tower in extreme sustainability experiment



Strategy : The flow of water and wind. Utilisation of the flow to form the towers which assist in harvesting energy from the flow itself. Orientation for cooling and heating, funnelling wind for maximum energy generation, facade system to automatically capture light. Underwater foundation of building to mimic mangrove root minimise force by current. Users will be mainly ex-convict, transported to site to form a self sustainable community which could only be achieved along with the building system. Overall project is predominantly experimentation to provoke notion of sustainability in terms of energy conservation and generation, social, closed-loop system and how each in relation to another.

4th year design studio, 2010

bina karya development @ jogyakarta Type : Social housing Site : Slum in Indonesia Strategy : Incremental housing Provided service core which allows for growth of community, sprawls to form its own unique urban fabric and value. Catalyst - while the new housing typology serves as a sample for neighbours, the carefully “planned and allowed to happen� village still promotes community living, improving lifestyle with minimal intervention

5th year design studio, 2011

Youth junction @ kuantan

Type : Mixed (school, recreation, arts and shops) Site : Kuantan


Strategy : the project features a contrasting touch to the development pattern, focusing more on the quality of spaces rather than the quantity. youth has always been the target in the scheme and with the introduction of a throughway connecting new and old shopping district, there will be increased chances of encounters and engagements in multiple levels between youth and other users groups, bridging the gap and accommodate mutual understanding between the cultural distinction.


Professional Portfolio

selected works Chapter 01 2012-2015


Kidex toll plaza

Kinrara-damansara toll plazas.



Featured an organic roof with carefully placed openings to allow for shades and lights. Color changing Leds – a beacon of light along the highway. Mimicking the relationship between a lighthouse and a boat. The curvaceous structure is also at the same time showcasing the achievement in the highway system in Malaysia, and to challenge perception towards highway toll plaza.


UEM riverbank @ brickfields

A high density, mixed use, infill development that breathes new life into an underutilized section of KL Sentral in Brickfields. Well-positioned along the “River of life” development in a semi-residential neighbourhood and fulfils the community goals of providing a “lifestyle” centre within a compact footprint, utilizing green building practices and offering concentrated community-serving cultural activities and retail. Nodes of cultural spots, public open square and terraced retails are tied together seamlessly in a meandering covered walkway, cantered around a floating amphitheatre, extending the activities beyond land.


Setia Putrajaya

Triangular site hosting both high-rise and low-rise residential. Pockets of sky gardens breaks the tower into 2 wings, providing breathability to the overall massing and pockets of green space to promote engagement between residents. Multi story carpark are masked and flanked by townhouses – sitting over the site contour allowing 2 units to stacked on top and facing away of each other. Drop-off is also an articulated entrance statement, located directly underneath functional suspended swimming pool, connecting the clubhouse to the facility floor.

Masterplan proposal

Ecoworld kinrara

Triangular site hosting both high-rise and low-rise residential. Pockets of sky gardens breaks the tower into 2 wings, providing breathability to the overall massing and pockets of green space to promote engagement between residents. Multi story carpark are masked and flanked by townhouses – sitting over the site contour allowing 2 units to stacked on top and facing away of each other. Drop-off is also an articulated entrance statement, located directly underneath functional suspended swimming pool, connecting the clubhouse to the facility floor.

Masterplan proposal

KIP Suara Ombak

We introduced a feature roundabout as a convergence point, connecting the public, commercial and residential. Commercial - a pod anchored the development, with 2 rows of dual-frontage shops face the main road and a central courtyard, activating the retail-scape and concealing the carpark. 2 towers with all units orientated towards the sea. Intermediate sky garden are carved-out to framed up views. Residential – terraced villas ensure unobstructed view, which then transcends upwards to form the apartments, articulated in height and protrusion to have a resemblance of “ombak�. The development is interlaced by multiple pedestrian bridges; connecting the beach, the shopping district and the clubhouse.

Masterplan proposal

Kwasa damansara city

The rubber plantation in Sg. Buloh consists of 2 lots, with 2 MRT station on each ends. The main strategy is to have a seamless connection between these stations, as a main spine serving all components on site. The spine meandered into various open spaces of different scale, giving birth to 2 central cores— the heart, derived from the idea of a centralized zone where public performances, activities and spontaneous play can take place. The heart of the development gives a sense of space and identity, a place where one is happy to call “home.� Distinct emphasizes are given to the open spaces, shifting the focus towards the playful landscape elements throughout, catering to all demographic groups. The aim is to create a new heartland for KwasaLand Township, serving as the new catalyst for economic and social growth. Forming a self sustaining development and a city by itself.

MRT apartments Mall offices

Transport hub


shops apartments linkbridge MRT apartments



On-going project

SDB sqwhere

A vibrant mixed development directly connected to MRT station. Components include an office tower, SoVo, and service apartment. Place making, the circulation and experience are carefully crafted with multiple courtyard spaces.

The buildings are well defined by clean, crisp lines. The blandness of repeated horizontal bands are avoided by sensitively articulated windows and openings. Ventilation blocks are introduced for sun light control as well as industrial resemblance to the context originality.

Sales gallery is completed in 2013 and is currently operational and ready for sales.

On-going project (completed 2017)

Ecoworld Ecosky

Working closely with the client, the main concept derived from the elements of sky. The 3 towers are crowned to represent the clouds, a narrative of “living between clouds and lakes”. The vertical elements running along the towers’ elevation represent the raindrops, pouring down into the facility’s reflecting pools and cascading water features. On the ground is where the “life” happens. The heart of the development feature a terraced open space, injecting vibrancy and rhythm for the 2 rows of shop offices. The open space is merely a courtyard, it is connecting a 4ac park which link the development to nearby supermarket and KTM station, reinforcing the overall pedestrian network with its context. The shops fronting the main road is highlighted by the signature pod, to house specialty and destination shops, which signifies the development and identity.

Completed project

Ecosky gallery (2013-2015)

Refurbishment of the existing Hicom building along Jln. Kuching into a sales gallery housing 7 show units, gallery space, toilets, mini theatre and gourmet kitchen. Existing structure and framing are retained and reinforced as required. Stripping off the existing skin, the 2 boxes intends to juxtapose each other: solid vs open. With both at the same time complimenting each other in terms of functions and presence. The transparent open box is set in carefully planned landscape, creating a seamless inside-outside relationship of the gallery space, taking charge during the day, allowing transparency of its use. The solid box housing all show units are dressed up in vertical strips equipped with concealed led lights, makes its statement when night falls, showcasing vibrant light play and character.

Completed project

Ecosky sales kiosk

Built from 27 numbers of recycled shipping containers of varying sizes (21 nos of 6m x 2.4m, 6 nos 12m x 2.4m) the gallery houses an office, gallery spaces, reception area, a show unit and an open concept restroom. The use of recycled shipping containers greatly reduces on-site construction period and effectively lowered the carbon footprint. Different container sizes have been selected to appropriately cater for the use of each space, embracing the existing form of the containers. In circulation spaces, the original skin of the containers has been deliberately exposed, allowing users to experience and understand the potential and values of reuse and recycle, reinforcing the notion of “eco� and environmental sustainability.


PAM tandok

The main drive for the idea is to create an event space for PAM centre, from which all the different components radiates. This is done by creating a multiuse adaptable space, which can accommodate all possible programmes: ranging from a lecture venue to a public gathering space. This fluid auditorium projects the building as a catalyst to the area, acting as a focal point seeking to redefine the notion of public space. We were shortlisted in the final 10 in 2012.


Professional Portfolio

selected works Chapter 02 2015-2018

Completed project (2015-2018)

Symphony Square Office tower in PJ area consists of 20 storey tower with 2 wings on a 6 storeys podium housing 3 floors of retail shops. The GBI compliance building opens up opportunity for our design utilizing the performance spec of the glazing. We articulated the colors glass panels, focus on impression of shifting ice The cubes effect is then return glass at corners, flat elevation into a more

and specs of typical creating depth and cubes along the road. emphasizes by having composing a somewhat 3 dimensional form.

The language of ice cubes are reiterated throughout the building, specifically the entrance canopy and the carpark faรงade.

On-going project

Clio 2 residences

The tri-towers comprises of 2 wings, carefully orientated, providing unobstructed views and shading. Units are stacked and arranged in a stepped formation that creates depth and the impression of movement. The quadruple volume at the main entrance features aluminum louvres that resembles a lantern when lit at night.

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