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REAMFASHION 12 June, 2013

Pitti Uomo

The Pitti Uomo event in Florence, Italy where all the world’s best dressed men gather to socialize about the latest in tailored fashion and prestige Streetwear.

Fresh to death and nothing less, the distinguished Gentlemen of Pitti Uomo “The Defining Menswear Trade show” Pitti Uomo is the worlds main event when it comes to mens unique and outstanding clothing. Started in the year 1972, this trade show takes place in beautiful Florence Italy and is held in the city twice a year where men explore the fashion system and its culture as a means of aesthetic expression. Sartorialists from around the world gather to converse and intermingle with one another sharing information on the latest and greatest

Styling Group Project

in menswear coupled with a great atmosphere. These driving factors make this event the one to attend as well as the place to see and to be seen.

Table of Contents 2 Mood Food 3 The Shoot 4 Hair, Make-up & Accessories 5 The Shoot 6 Hair, Make-up & Accessories 7 Casting 8 Photographer 9 Location and Props 10 Credits 11 The Blueprint

Sam Tran & Reece Branion





Burberry London Grey Suit Holt Renfrew White V-neck T-shirt Nike Air Jordan 3 White Cement

Class, with a modern touch By Reece Branion

The average person would never dare put a 1500 dollar top quality suit together with a pair of Nike air Jordan's. At Pitti thats what its all about, breaking out of the mold and moving so far away from the box. Thats the beauty of the event, daring and risky clothing attire is recommended. The outfit above as described to the right, is a Burberry London grey suit with a subtle white v neck from Holt Renfrew and last but not least pair it all together with classic Nike Air Jordan's, White cement 3 to be exact. As said before Pitti is all about turning something into your own. We personally love suits and adding a white v neck to the mix to make it more casual

is a brilliant pairing. Throwing in the Jordan’s really makes it your own style. The pairing of the White Cement Jordan's and Grey suit is in that of perfect harmony. An outfit like this, which some may find awkward or weird is completely normal within the borders of the Pitti Uomo event. Like we said before “Out of the box ideas are fully recommended and welcome and this event.”


Hair, Make-up & Accessories By Reece Branion

Hair and make up treatment is very simple. Light cover up will be used to hide up any blemishes on the face. A matte make up look will be used instead of a shine, the reason being the camera could give off a shine from the lens and it may distort the final picture; as well as glare from the eyes.

Hair would be a tough one to master. The sides of the head would be shaved up 3/4 of the way creating a undercut of the top hair . The hair on the top will be very long and will flow back to the center of the head. When product is used a very sleek and nice shine will be added to the over all picture.

Nike Air Jordan 3 Tom Ford Black & Tortoiseshell Rectangular Sunglasses

White Cement

Breitling Chronomat Black Leather Strap

Alexander McQueen Indigo Silk Skull Scarf 5

Places and spaces of a distinguished Gentleman By Sam Tran

From the extreme fashion forward to the redefined Sartorialist, one only needs to look at the men attending Pitti Uomo to find an array of inspirations for your outfit of the day. One of the stand out combinations taking high note is the recent scene of a fine tailored suit jacket paired with nice camouflage trousers or cargo pants, and it seems to be an emerging sight this season and a trend we at ream are quite the fans of the recent look. We have put together our version while adding our twist to the outfit by adding a blue smoking jacket with a black satin lapel giving a leading contrast into the classic white dress shirt while complementing the camouflage

print giving the feel of an eccentric style yet tasteful and classy quality that can be respected in any setting. Adding black desert ankle boots which is a perfect blend of the classic black boot and the styling of a military silhouette lends the edgy look of a confident man.

Asos Navy Blue Smoking Jacket Alexander McQueen White Dress Shirt Scotch And Soda Camo Skinny Pant Dr. Martens Black Desert Boot


Hair, Make-up & Accessories By Sam Tran

The hair and treatment for the second look has a military influence with having a very clean cut comb-over fade that is blended on the sides and back which displays a sleek and orderly gentleman, the style helps contrast every facial feature demanding that second glance reinforcing focus on the rest of the image. While having a light glow and a bit of a rouge

to further accentuate the overall attention, the simple make-up treatment will be appropriate under any lighting condition and time of day or night. The rosy glow is inviting yet speaks confidence but also carries a certain level of a mysterious wonderer or a “rolling stone.�

Damir Doma Black Leather Woven Biago Belt Christian Dior Black Tie Aviators

Saint Laurent Black Matte Silk Tie

Vintage Rolex Day Date Black Leather Band Dr. Martens Desert Ankle Boot 7

‘Gorgeous George’

George Clooney

George Clooney is without a doubt a classy man, someone who can wear something so simple yet make the outfit look so complex and pleasing to the eye. All though some say he is short, in reality George is 5’11 and has and triangle shape body, being that of bigger in the chest and a bit slimmer in the waist. Clooney would be a great fit for Pitti Uomo. He has a sense of an old man being, to elaborate, he has a great sense of maturity and class when dressed for a movie event or a talk show night.

When it comes to his facial features George has it all, a very chiseled jaw line which would work perfectly for shots with a high performance camera. He also has the tenacity to either go clean shaven or to have the perfect amount of stubble, a feature that can make him a lot more user friendly when it comes to being in a photo shoot. His hair is that of a medium length and has a speckled grey color to it, again another quality adding to his classy and mature being. Overall George Clooney has a lot of diversity that allows him to not only be professional looking behind a camera lens, but has the style ability and sense to dress classy and fresh every single day and night.


Sartorially Inclined, An Original Badass. Nick Wooster is without a doubt one of the most prominent men that is regularly showcased on streetstyle blogs and a glance at the man would immediately indicate why. Having been a part of some heavyweights in fashion and at the forefront as Men’s Fashion Director for companies such as Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and JC Penny along with his own company Wooster Consulting, it is no wonder

why Wooster is revered as one of the world’s best dressed and with the attitude to suit with his unique approach to fashion. His mien is always sharp and sophisticated which leads to control of his environment with his “take no shit” type vibe and with a perfect physique to match, as dude is built like an ox! The oval shaped structure of his head compliments his figure and at the age of 52, he’s more distinguished than ever with impeccable style and a leader in the fashion game.

Nick Wooster


The Sartoralist By Sam Tran & Reece Branion

American blogger and fashion photographer Scott Schuman has been clicking away with his camera since 2005 and since then has made quite a career from it. Creating the website named “The Sartorialist”, he quickly became a regular read for fashion enthusiasts along with the fashion industry’s elite and has been the site to see for your everyday street snapshots of some of the world’s finest dressed connecting his vision of fashion and everyday street life creating a two-way dialog about the world of fashion. His extensive work since his entry to photography has been a quick acceleration as he has had worked for as well as his coverage of New York’s Fashion Week for Saks Fifth Avenue. In 2008 Schuman appeared as a model in Gap’s fall campaign and has also contributed portraits to Burberry’s “Art Of Trench” marketing campaign. For nearly four years Schuman has been featured in GQ Magazine where he was given his own page in every issue along with appearances in Vogue Italia, Vogue Paris and Interview Magazine. Schuman has aslo commissioned to work on advertisements for various companies such as Gant and DKNY Jeans. In 2009 Penguin published an anthology of his images and since has sold over 100.000 copies with some of his work residing in the permanent collections of the Vitoria & Albert Museum in England and the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.

Overall this Photographer in the opinion at Ream is one of the worlds best. How he only takes street pictures and makes everything look so raw and untreated is absolutely brilliant. It really shows a different side of professional photography, a side that many of us consumers never really get to see done.


Location And Props

The where’s and what’s The Location The location scouted for the photo shoot is in the heart of New York City’s Soho District which the name refers to the area being “South of Houston” in lower Manhattan where many of New York’s historic buildings and landmarks reside along with many of the world’s upscale fashion brands and stores. Settings all around make for wonderful shoots as the cast iron buildings surrounding the area create and old world feel aside with the many sculptures that lay along the

streets gives diversity within a small geographic area. There is no place beyond compare to the uniqueness that the area carries and the ideal location which captures the sophisticated styling of a sartorial gentleman. The three concepts for this location would be amongst the cobblestone streets outside one of the many fashion stores or sitting in front of a side street café or bakery, also one standing on the street corner with the many signs hanging from the street pole, a gloomy day with just the right amount of light breaking through the clouds is the ideal scene for the photo shoot.



Sam Tran: Stylist Editor Writer Photographer

Reece Branion: Stylist Editor Writer Photogrpaher



Burberry London Grey Suit $1495 Holt Renfrew White V-neck T-shirt $79 Nike Air Jordan 3 White Cement $200 Tom Ford Black & Tortoiseshell Rectangular Sunglasses $475 Alexander McQueen Indigo Silk Skull Scarf $260 Breitling Chronomat Black Leather Strap $8,010

Asos Navy Blue Smoking Jacket $495 Alexander McQueen White Dress Shirt $340 Scotch And Soda Camo Skinny Pant $89 Dr. Martens Black Desert Boot $140 Vintage Rolex Day Date Crocodile Strap $22,830 Saint Laurent Black Matte Silk Tie $280 Damir Doma Black Leather Woven Biagio Belt $535 Christian Dior Black Tie Aviators $375


Tyler Udall 460 Robson Street Vancouver, BC V6B 0H3


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School Styling Project For Blanche Macdonald Center *The images/material used in this project are for private use only for student learning...

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