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Bright Sprout Bright Sprout is a wooden fixture designed to hide the light bulb sockets on energy saving bulbs. With its soft, Nordic design it turns an important everyday function into an aesthetic experience. Bright Sprout must be combined with a cord and a light bulb at your wish and is designed to fit most incandescent and energy saving bulbs. The product arrives in a special designed, reusable packaging. Inside you find Bright Sprout enclosed by wood shavings. Ready for picking and mounting as soon as you get home.


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N o r d i c Ta les – W i nter 2013 / /


Hazel Hazel is the second pendant by Nordic Tales. It is a tiny light in the dark wintertime. The lamp is made by wood and metal in neutral colours: black, white and cobber. The petite pendant uses the latest LED-technology and provides a warm light imitating daylight by 90 percent. The light is adjusted by a tiny lens, which offers total control over direction. Thus, the lamp also appeals to professionals. Hazel is part of Nordic Tales’ story of sustainable high quality design. The lamp is designed, developed and produced in Scandinavia and has an estimated lifetime of 50.000 hours. That corresponds to 45 years when using the lamp three hours a day. Like all Nordic Tales products, Hazel arrives in a wrapping that can be reused in many ways. But the wrapping does not just make a difference to you. The package is processed by a group of autistics in a workshop in Holstebro, Denmark. The workshop gives its attendants an opportunity to work and earn their own money. That, we think, is a beautiful tale.


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N o r d i c Ta les – W i nter 2013 / /


Weather Plaids

Nordic Tales welcomes late summer nights by introducing Weather Plaids. Inspired by nature the color schemes of the rugs vary from dark blue shades to warm pink and yellow tones. The color combination of each rug is reminiscent of different natural phenomena and seasons.





A |talented, up-coming designer from Copenhagen named Fanni Baudo designs the Weather Plaids. Fanni believes in universal color codes deriving from various, natural occurring events. The idea is that these color harmonies outlives every shifting trend and tendency due to their natural origin. There are three different designs to choose from; thunder|summer, sundown|fall, dawn|winter. All are they woven of pure merino wool. The inversion of the plain and purl side of the plaid adds two expressions to each rug. Weather Plaids are almost like hugging a piece of nature.


\\ N ordic Tal es – Wint e r 2 0 1 3

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N o r d i c Ta les – W i nter 2013 / /


Design by Martin D. Christensen

Poet Poet is the story of exclusive furniture. It is a desk whereby thoughts and creativity can unfold and generate new ideas and projects. The table is an ode to classical Scandinavian handcrafted furniture in which quality in materials and detail is highly prioritized. But Poet is more than just a desk. It is a tool equal to your computer and your coffee mug. Poet, besides from the primary desktop, has two built-in shelves and a drawer where you can store your laptop, notes and pens. This way, your desk always appears tidy and clean.

Poet is made by FSC-certified oak veneer and is handcrafted in Denmark by Nordic Tales’ own joiners. Legs and desktop are wedged together and so eliminates the need for superfluous materials and components.


\\ N ordic Tal es – Wint e r 2 0 1 3

N o r d i c Ta les – W i nter 2013 / /


Framed FRAMED is a clothing rack reflecting the times. It is inspired by the ruling order on social media: Frame yourself - or others will frame you. The design has emerged from the intersection between fashion, interior and photography. The clothes rack creates the perfect balance between functional storage and nordic aesthetics. It puts your favorite outfits on display in a beautiful and neat way every day. FRAMED consist of a frame with two legs that fold for easy transportation. The original FRAMED was developed for the Danish fashion designer Stine Goya‘s showroom in Copenhagen in 2013. FRAMED comes in two variations. Oil treated oak wood with brass hanger rail and bleached birch with a steel hanger rail.


\\ N ordic Tal es – Wint e r 2 0 1 3

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Preliminary Product Catalog made in InDesign for Nordic Tales.

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