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An enormous online store of e-products that people can download immediately - that's ClickBank. As an affiliate making a sale of such a product, you can earn revenue of anywhere between 30% and 70%. Or to say it another way, for each product in the "marketplace" in ClickBank, you can earn between $8 and $100. So how does ClickBank know that you sold the products? It's done with your "nickname", which is ClickBank's way of giving you an affiliate identity. You can sign up right away to get your nickname and then start to sell ClickBank products to earn commissions right away. The range of products in the "marketplace" is immense and ClickBank adds new ones regularly. Thousands of niches are covered and the chances are almost sure that there is a product that matches what you are writing about on your site. But how do you become the ClickBank Boss where you make the ClickBank products work for you to start cash flowing back to you every day? First, understand that this is not a "get rich quick" scheme, even if working at it can start to generate results in under 30 days. To really become the boss, you have to actively sell as many ClickBank marketplace products as possible and as widely as possible. Starting with 5 products from ClickBank is good. You can select them from different categories, but I suggest that you avoid the "make money on the internet" products, which are typically over-promoted already. When you have made your choice, it's time to pick some keywords to go with them. Internet has a number of keyword tools for this. WordTracker for example has a free trial level that you can try. And in addition, it will hunt out related keywords for you and tell you how popular they are. Try around 30 keywords per product for the products that you selected and look for a WordTracker score of between 100 and 400 if possible. With each group of 30 keywords, it's time to write some articles, one per keyword and focusing on the keyword concerned. Make sure that in each case you put the keyword in the title as well as the text of the article. Visit the main article site to see how they accept submissions (typically simple to do) and then get busy writing your articles. With practice, reckon on around 4 articles per hour for a minimum of 250 words. And when you're done, submit the articles, one per site, across the major article sites. Even if you are not working at it full-time, fifteen articles each day is still a reasonable objective, which allows you to cover the five products you chose in ClickBank in under 15 days. Next step? select the next five products in ClickBank and do the same thing over and over. Check back in ClickBank under your user profile to see which ones are bringing you money. For those, create a further twenty articles on new, related keywords or even do new articles on existing keywords. The name of the game? Stake your claim and be the boss for the keywords corresponding to your chosen products.

At the same time you can reinforce your keyword activity by using USFreeAds for placing classified ads. Note that for ads relating to affiliate products, you will need to buy a subscription to a premium account for $9.99 per month. After that the only limit is your capacity for putting ads there and there is virtually no restriction on subject matter either. It's another powerful way to promote the ClickBank products that you selected. USFreeAds is a powerful magnet for Google and your ads get indexed all the quicker. Plus, compared to AdWords, the budget is a lot less. RSS feeds and ads for ClickBank can work too. Note that you need to put the effort in upfront to get these systems to work for you, but that once you have created a large enough number of ads and articles, the revenue will arrive by itself because of the base of material that you have written. And you can accelerate the process by using RSS feeds and ads for ClickBank products in a variety of other contacts like a blog or website, and emails to a mailing list or to an ezine. The exposure you can get for your ads and articles over the Internet, the more chance you have of a reader clicking on your affiliate link to buy what you are selling. And the more that happens, the more real money will come to you from the Internet.

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==== ==== How do you get 1000 mail list within five days ? ==== ====

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But how do you become the ClickBank Boss where you make the ClickBank products work for you to start cash flowing back to you every day? Fir...