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==== ==== How do you get 1000 mail list within five days ? ==== ====

One of the main vehicles for direct marketing is direct mail. This is done by determining who exactly your ideal customer is and then making them an irresistible offer. The main ingredients in a direct mail campaign consist of: 1. The mailing list 2. The marketing materials 3. The offer Let's look at each one of these components in depth. First, there is the list. If you don't currently have an in-house customer list you can go to a major library and look in a directory call the Standard Rates and Data Service (SRDS). This directory has every type of mailing list that you can imagine. You should know beforehand who your ideal customer is for your product/service. What is their income level? Where do they live? What types of magazines do they read? You can get virtually any mailing list for your prospects by determining their demographics. The mailing list is the most important component in direct mail arsenal. If you mail your offer to people who have no interest in what you are selling, then you're wasting your time and money. The second component to an effective direct mail campaign is the marketing materials that you send in your package. By far the most important item in your marketing arsenal is the sales letter. Writing sales copy that compels a prospect to buy is one of the most, if not the most, important skill that you can learn as a direct marketer. In addition to the sales letter you should also include testimonials from other satisfied customers who have bought, and are satisfied with your product/service. It's one thing to "toot your own horn" explaining how wonderful what you're selling is, but when other people rave about how great you and your product are it adds as strong element of credibility to the offer. You can also add a brochure if your product/service warrants it. The brochure should definitely include pictures with captions under them. Remember: a picture is worth a thousand words. The third component is the offer itself. Ultimately what you want your prospects to say to themselves, "I'd be crazy not to buy this!" You want to structure your offer so that it is irresistible to the potential buyer. As an added incentive you should include free bonuses in addition to what you're selling. Any time someone sees the word free their antenna automatically goes up. FREE is the most important word in a direct marketer's vocabulary. Everybody likes something for nothing and it's a good way to pique a prospects interest in what you're selling. However, your free bonuses, or premiums, must have a high perceived value. As an example of this, a financial planner may send out a sales letter as a lead generation vehicle,

meaning all she wants is a prospect to raise his hand and say, "I'm interested." As an incentive to get him to do this she might offer a free report entitled, How to Save $500 a Year on Your Taxes." All the prospect has to do is reply to the offer to get the free report. The financial planner then knows that the prospect is at least somewhat interested in what he has to offer and can follow up. The free report is called a lead generation magnet and is extremely effective in getting prospects interested in your offer. This free bonus should be something related to your business. The financial planner offered the "Save Money" report. A construction company may offer a report entitled, "5 Traps to Avoid When Building a House." Bear in mind, a lead generation magnet doesn't have to be a free report. A travel agent may offer a pocket atlas to generate new business. Direct mail is a great way to attract new customers as well as to sell new products/services to your existing customers. It's, by far, the most powerful strategy to employ to generate consistent and never-ending business-even in the toughest of economic times.

Tim Piccirillo is a professional speaker from Ridgway, PA who presents keynotes, workshops and seminars all over the U.S. on topics that include marketing, motivation, leadership and stress reduction. You can contact Tim at or by phone at (814) 772-1291.

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==== ==== How do you get 1000 mail list within five days ? ==== ====

Grow Your Business With Direct Mail  

How do you get 1000 mail list within five days ? ==== ==== ==== ==== 2. The marketing materials As an ex...

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