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Multilateral Youth Exchange 13 to 22 of December 2012 Coimbra Portugal

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IN generation Multilateral Youth Exchange 13 to 22 of December 2012 Coimbra Portugal

Review and Edition: Ant贸nio Gomes S茅rgio Mago Design:



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Check-IN Team



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What and why INGeneration" it’s a multilateral youth exchange that took place in Coimbra, from13-22 December

( including travel days ) , organized with the aim of gathering 30 participants ( 18-25 years) from 6 countries ( Portugal , Italy , Estonia , Poland and Spain ) on the European year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations, under the Youth in Action Programme approved with the reference No. EN - 11 - E83 -2012- R2 .

OBJECTIVES - Sensitize the young participants , as well as the local and international community , for European theme of active aging ; - Find ways for young people to actively contribute to and participate civically and intercultural way in promoting solidarity between generations ; - Create and disseminate instruments to avoid intolerance / discrimination towards the aging population ; - Find ways to meet the challenges of aging;


- Provide the sharing of experiences and lessons learned among the younger and older segment of the population ;


- Create awareness of the existence of different social and cultural realities

Organization Check-IN – Cooperation and Development is a non-profit organization, and works in close cooperation with public and private entities, actively participating in everyday quality improvement activities. Check-IN was created in 9 of April 2010. The aim of Check-IN Association is to be a resource of information, training and access to lifelong learning opportunities for young and adult people in order to promote: social and communitarian integration; education and cooperation for sustainable development; personal competencies, interpersonal and social development; active citizenship; the respect for human rights; gender equality; tolerance, intercultural dialogue and solidarity between the peoples, among others.

In order to achieve its aims, the association organises activities at local, national and international level, including national and international workshops, seminars, activity buildings and training courses (some of them within the Youth in Action Programme) as well as volunteering activities (ex: european voluntary service, national volunteering), international traineeships (ex: Leonardo da Vinci), etc. Our success lies in the quality and professionalism of our Staff, which are a group of dynamic and motivated people, with exceptional organizational and customer service skills. Check-IN staff shares a common experience and/or will of being involved in the field of international youth mobility projects, volunteering (especially EVS but also national volunteering), non-formal education and Long Life Learning Projects.


Check-IN has also a special concern for those young and adult people with less privileged access to information due to their geographical location, their economic status or their personal situation.




This project counted with a team of experts that helped and support this project so it would be possible to reach the objectives proposed.


Ant贸nio Gomes

- general coordination

Tiago Torrinha

- music facilitator

Johana Sousa

- dance facilitator

Jo茫o Melo

- performing arts

Roberto Nesta

- support staff

International Partners Associazione Agrado is a local youth organization which manages projects, activities and actions in order to improve the social and cultural life of the youngsters in Vinci, mainly but not only, for those with social problems (families with difficulties, the integration of peple with disabilities, school problems and so on). Agrado manages the local Youth Centre on behalf of the Local Council. Toru ska Agenda Kulturalna is a public cultural institution. Its main objective is to organize, coordinate and promote cultural events in the city of Toru . It organizes festivals, concerts and exhibitions at both local as well as international level. Within the framework of our activities we cooperate with other cultural institutions, local artists, NGOs and a group of young volunteers. We also promote young artists and financially support their work in form of micro-grants. The aim of OMIX Ribadavia is to carry out a youth policy aimed to create a free and efective participation of young people in political, social, economic and cultural development of our town. We encourage the involvement of local young people to be engaged and innovative in creating and organising free time activities, their initiatives and ideas, to participate in international events and to become active and self-aware European citizens.

Eesti Erinoorsootöö Ühing noOR is relatively young non-governmental organisation founded in 2004. The organization is comprised of young social and youth workers who are committed to supporting youngsters with fewer opportunities on Estonian, European and international levels. Working within community and regional partnerships, ESYWO facilitates activities, trainings, and exchanges that encourage youth participation in civil society, personal development, European mobility, and international volunteer opportunities. The main aim of these activities are to help help at-risk youth to have similar possibilities with mainstream youngsters.


Trex was created in 2007 with the aim of providing common space for Turkish Ex EVS volunteers. The associarion’s center is in zmir but we are doing youth works in national level. We mainly doing our activities online except for the activities and meetings of local group. Soon we would like to create a hosting project in the topic as youth information.





António Gomes - team leader Carla Lopes Patricia Mendonça Diana Amaral Joana Sousa Pedro Nave

Hamza Cinar - team leader Derya Sen Melike Kekec Alkim Engin Rumeysa Dogan Aslı Kacar



Laris Guerri - team leader Rachele Beconcini Chiara Vanni

Jaanika Palm - team leader Evelina Nõmme Tanel Sõrmus Fred Möls


Lorenzo La Vecchia Paolo Zucchi Federico Menichetti


Verner Palk Tea Tellismäe



Manuel Araujo Montero - team leader Silvia Pelleiro Brais Fernandez Martinez Lorenzo Miguel Dominguez Laura Alvarez Rodriguez

Tomasz Kowalski - team leader Aleksandra Skwarczy ska Joanna Wysocka Agata Grzecznowska Paulina Lewandowska

Christian Canda Campo

Piotr Stacho




Arrival of the participants


On arrival all participants started to get to know each other with name games and ice-breaker activities. Even with the tireness of the travels, everybody had fun and joy and participated actively.


14th December

Team Building - Getting to know each other Visit to the City Hall of Coimbra

Presentation of the program and the team

Team building activities

Getting to know each other

Name games


1sr day


15th and 17th December

2nd and 4th day

European Year for active ageing and the Solidarity between the Generation

Presentation of the senior reality in Coimbra


Presentation of the intergeneration reality in each countries


Visit to local senior organizations

3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th day Workshops During 4 days the participants were involved in 4 different workshops: performing arts, dance, music and communication. Each group prepared something to present in the last day to the local community.



Performing arts


3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th day Dance




Nights Intercultural Nights The nights are always more informal moments, even being with activities. In the intercultural nights all countries presented their traditional food, drinks, dances and other things.

In this night the participants told traditional stories that old people told to them. Myths and legends of their regions and countries.


Active Ageing Night


Other activities During the Youth Exchange there were other activities that we present here, like the constant evaluation in reflection groups, in the middle of the project and in the final day; the presentation of the institutes that worked during the year with activities related with the European Year of Active Ageing; and finnally the cultural visit to Coimbra.

Cultural Visit Final Presentation

Organizations that presented their work and results: Associação Apojovi /Aposenior Cáritas Diocesana de Coimbra Centro Paroquial Bem Estar Social de Almalaguês


Centro Social da Legião da Boa Vontade


Escola Superior de Educação de Coimbra Escola Superior de Enfermagem de Coimbra Câmara Municipal de Coimbra



Facebook page


Local Newspaper report

Portuguese National Television Report - RTP


Promotional Material made during the youth exchange


Participants opinions This project for me was...


Excellent!! A beautiful experience, and an opportunity to know new adorable people from other countries An eye opener. I needed it to meet new people and gain experience Wonderfull I think this project is amazing Opportunity to meet with beautiful people, with beautiful hearts souls, to meet in the intercultural atmosphere.


A good experience and it gave me a chance to learn new things/skills and also gave me an excellent chance to nut different, people from different countries. My sixth European exchange and at the same time the most passionate one Very important because I need something like this, to be with more people and learn about the others. And to do not feel alone and open my mind. Very important for learn to speak inglish and make new friends Fantastic and bombastic. Really fulfilling Most certainty it was best part of my life in this year. Perfect way to finish 2012 Very good experience because I met very nice people and it was my first time in Portugal Travel, something new, new experience because I have new from me and the other country A great time and time to know a lot of great people An extraordinary experience Quite good for me Precious More important because met different people other country Because it was special amd we worked hard to do it International fun Perfect Important to open my mind Exciting

IN generation Multilateral Youth Exchange 13 to 22 of December 2012 Coimbra Portugal

This manual it’s the result of a project organized by Associação Check-In, aproved by the portuguese National Agency for the Programme Youth in Action with reference number PT-11E83-2012-R2 and it was held between 13th to 22th of December 2012. All content in this manual is the responsability of Associação Check-In. If you want to use this content or need any information, please contact us

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Ingeneration manual  

Manual about the Youth Exchange INgeneration, that happened between 13th to 22th of December 2012, in Coimbra, Portugal