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A wave of hair rebonding has just started! Why is it that everyone is so crazy about rebonding? By Ariel, Sze Rui, Robina & Linda. Introduction of Hair rebonding

Benefits of hair rebonding

Hair rebonding is a chemical treatment that will make your hair straight, sleek and shiny. It can be permanent but an expensive procedure. This treatment changes your natural hair structure and restructures it. It is actually the most damaging thing that anyone can do to their hair. Without correct post-care treatment, one can even be bald.

Conventional methods such as straightening hair using hairstraightening lotion can cause our hair to become dry, brittle and split-end prone ends. However it will give you a softer and sleeker hair.

Origination of Hair rebonding It is a Japanese innovation that started in 1996. It uses the permanent waving chemical called “thio� which is actually in a cream or lotion form. Instead of the curling iron or rollers, it uses a hair flat iron with some other hair treatment chemicals.

Does hair rebonding harms our hair? As hair rebonding is a chemical process, any process that requires chemicals will affect our hair quality. Excessive use of chemicals will make our hair dry and weak which may lead to hair loss. So, post treatment care is important. If you are suffering from hair loss, it is best to avoid chemical hair treatment. The important thing is not to ignore your hair condition even if it looks shiny and straight, it may cause problems.

Process about Hair rebonding Perming lotion is often added to soften the hair and break down the bonds. After washing off, hair will be placed onto 2 metal plates of an electric styling device that uses heat to pull the hair straight. Neutralizer is then applied to reset the bonds stabilize the hair.

Steps for rebonding

First, apply straightening cream. Then, thermally iron the hair into straight configuration. After that, apply neutralizing cream which will stabilize the hair into straight shape permanently. Lastly, rinse hair, apply protein conditioner, rinse again and blown dry and quickly iron as a finishing touch ... Then silk and shiny hair is done!


There are 2 case studies that shows hair loss may occur after rebonding. The first case study is about a 14-year-old girl having big clumps of hair falling off after rebonding. The second case was a woman having bald patches after a similar rebonding. When actually during the process her scalp started stinging.

Hair after rebonding After rebonding, our hair shafts become weaker and may fracture more easily and can result in hair loss. Even tucking our hair behind our ears in the first month after rebonding may damage our hair.

HOWEVER, IT CAN LEAVE YOU BALD! How long does a rebonded hair last?

Many people wonder how long will their hair last and the factors that will affect the lasting of the hair after rebonding. Well, the hair will remain straight for an average of 9-12 months for wavy hair and 4-6 months for curly/frizzy or kinky hair. As compared to the conventional methods, these last longer. Unlike hair relaxing or straightening which can only last up to 2-3 months, it cannot produce straight, soft, shiny and smooth hair that rebonding can.

Types of hair suitable and not suitable for rebonding: Those who have curly, thick, coarse hair are the most suitable for rebonding. Those hair which look dull can also benefit from rebonding, as it’ll be shinier. Fine hair are not suitable for rebonding as after rebonding, the hair may feel limp (without volume) which not many people like. Fine and fragile hairs are also not suitable as the hair will not be able to withstand the heat of ironing. Chemically treated hairs are also not encouraged to reborn unless with trained and experienced hairstylist recommendation.

What do you say? Haritha 13, who have rebonded her hair once before, “said that she would rebond her hair again if she had the money.” Linda 13, who would want to rebond her hair if she had the money. Jeslyn 13, who love to have straight hair and would also wish her partner to have straight hair but she thinks that its a waste of money. We have done a survey with 100 people and 70% wanted straight hair, mostly teenagers. The main reasons for wanting it straight is because it is easier to manage, it looks elegant and neat. However, those who preferred curly hair thinks that it is unique and cute. Most teenagers wanted their partner to have straight hair. However there are still some who wanted their partner to have curly hair. If they have the money, most of them would want to reborn their hair so that they can gain more confidence. Those who don’t, finds it a waste of money.


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