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Welcome to Solar Earth Lawn Care! We are very proud to be Indiana’s first and only eco-friendly lawn care company. Our equipment is solar battery powered which means we do not emit harmful gases into the air and our machines are much quieter than traditional lawn mowers. We know you do your part, but here is yet one more way to keep your worl clean and safe for your family and future generations. When you choose Solar Earth Lawn Care you are choosing to receive a professional service from a company that genuinely cares. Lower your carbon footprint, become more sustainable, and “Go Green” with Solar Earth Lawn Care.

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Solar Earth Lawn Care was founded by Gus Mariscal after he realized how damaging gas-powered lawn equipment is to our environment. After learning about the shocking amount of pollutants that are expelled into the air during just one hour of lawn mowing, he went to work to find an alternative way to keep lawns beautiful. Mariscal founded Solar Earth Lawn Care out of a conscientious need to save the planet. He aims to offer an alternative method of lawn care to homeowners who share his environmental concerns. He also wishes to provide education to those who may not be aware of the effects traditional mowers have on the planet. At Solar Earth Lawn Care, we pride ourselves on offering options to keep families healthy and their lawns beautiful. This is our way of contributing to the sustainability of our planet. We know that our efforts now will plant the seeds to help future generations. It just makes sense.

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Eco-Friendly Mowing

Solar Earth: Power

Choose the earth... Choose Solar Earth!

Did you know?

Approximately 20% of the gas and oil used in regular lawn mowing machines is not burned, but is dispensed directly into the air as vapor? The amount of pollution released while running a regular lawn mower for 1 hour equates to the damage done by 11 new cars running for 1 hour!

At Solar Earth Lawn Care we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality lawn services available. As an eco-friendly company, we make sure we not only satisfy our customer’s needs, but also to exceed their expectations. At Solar Earth Lawn Care we use cutting edge technology with minimal noise and no pollution. We maintain our equipment to guarantee that our blades are sharp and our lawn mowers operate highly effectively. Using our service not only means a reducing your carbon footprint, but an even, smooth cut to your lawn, every time.

Many lawn mowers run at 100 db, which can cause hearing loss!

Your yard and the atmosphere will thank you!

Gas mowers emit hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen, particularly matter carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. These both contribute to global warming. According to the EPA, one gas mower spews 88 lbs. of carbon dioxide and 34 lbs. of other pollutants into the air every year

Solar Earth Lawn Care Trifold  

Brochure I created and had printed in spring 2016

Solar Earth Lawn Care Trifold  

Brochure I created and had printed in spring 2016