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… ‘it is not a matter of saying “the bicycle is…” –a machine, for instance, but rather the bicycle and the person riding it, the bicycle and the person, and the person mutually supporting one another’… — Gerald Raunig, A Thousand Machines.

We begin to realise the effect that inhabiting systems has – the rhythms and flows of passengers, the intimate (but ignored) moments. The forms and movements allow a performative element to the space. Another set of systematic identities. Spaces then become forum for new ideas, performed through the everyday.

Physical site is only one part of the whole. Site is in flux. Never static, but rather a complex and countless series of relationships, layered systems, that form and change over time. Affecting effect. It’s not really about time or space, digital or analogue, personal or external but rather how these could come together to create space in a kind of expanded site.

Spark Presentation  

A series of panels that explore the scope of my thesis