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LED300 Digital Art Projector




Technology never sleeps: and in the case of Artograph’s new LED300 Digital Art Projector, the artistic benefits are asy etup tremendous. This substantial upgrade to the popular 200 Apple ® iPhone4 ® Series features brilliant, razor sharp 300 lumen illumina- or new iPad® compatible! tion and maintenance free LED lamps that last over 20 years. In addition there are 18 exclusive built in grids to NEW and aid composition and layout; a convenient multi-card USB Improved reader and the ability to input images from virtually any Technology! digital source. The LED 300 is compact, portable and is augmented with a complete line of accessories to secure, enhance and expand the projector’s capabilities. Item #

Description LIST Price

A980 A702 A701 A995

LED300 Digital Art Projector Deluxe Hard Case 16” x 12” x 7” Economy Hard Case 16” x 12” x 4.5” Tripod

749.99 645.00 219.99 159.99 119.99 89.99 119.99 89.99


DL1072 DL0005

Hobby Floor Lamp 99.99 71.99 Replacement Bulb 15.99 13.49

LIST Price

With 250w of pure white light, this is a professional high-power workstation lamp, lighting up wide areas on your desk, work station, drawing board or large painting. The lamp has three 14-watt energy saving Daylight tubes offering an incredible 42" pool of light. The shade can be smoothly adjusted to any desired position. The low heat, full spectrum Daylight light with 6,500°K improves contrast, reduces glare and is the best lighting available for color rendering. Save 33% off List Price! Item#


DL32500 DL12623

Triple Bright Lamp 14-watt Replacement Bulb

Save up to 38% off List Price!

hobby floor Lamp


Triple bright Lamp

Deluxe Hard-Sided Case


Daylight’s “Naturalight Lamps” produce a full spectrum light that reduces glare and eye-strain making close-up tasks like painting, reading, writing and sewing much easier. “I have several in my house and studio and can’t imagine living without them.” 51" tall. Includes a 27-watt energy saving replacement bulb. Joe Save up to 28% off List Price!


List Price

179.99 119.99 16.99 12.29

Save up to 28% off List Price!



Ideal for the beginning artist or student on a budget. If you can afford to purchase the Super Prism, we highly recommend it; however, if you are on a student’s budget, this projector is just the ticket! 10x magnification. Includes one energy efficient, 23-watt fluorescent bulb.

This lightbox is great for smaller workspaces and is used by comic artists, designers, paper crafters, photographers and more. Features Solid State LED technology with instant on and off, a long lamp life of 50,000 hours and no hot spots. The cool, durable acrylic work surface has rounded edges for comfort and the thin profile makes it perfectly portable. 10-7/8" x 14-1/4". Weighs only 3 lbs.

Tracer Projector





ComicMaster Lightbox







Daylight Clip-on

Studio Lamp & Stand

Daylight’s “Naturalight Lamps” are as green as lighting gets because they use much less energy and last up to ten times longer than ordinary light bulbs. 18" tall. Includes a 27-watt energy saving replacement bulb.

Get maximum portability and true color rendering all in one with this lamp and stand duo. The metal stand will extend up to 7 ft. in length and features a wide, sturdy tripod base that will support up to four clip-on lamps. Each lamp features a functional cone shaped shade with a reflective coating for maximum light spread, instant “on” switch, a 10 ft. extra long cord, a flexible 5” arm to direct light where you want and a unique Clamp-lock system to keep the lamp firmly in position. Each lamp includes a powerful 20-watt energy saving (100-watt equivalent) bulb. Additional Clip-on Studio Lamps sold separately. Save up to 40% off List Price!





DL1062 DL0005

Hobby Table Lamp Replacement Bulb

DL31175 DL31275 DL15200

Studio Lamp & Stand Studio Lamp Only 20-watt Replacement Bulb

Under $



hobby table Lamp



LIST Price

69.99 44.99 15.99 13.49

and studio lighting

Save up to 31% off List Price!


LED LightPad

Take your projects to the next level with a LED LightPad. The super-bright, cool LED lamp technology illuminates the surface evenly and is built to last a lifetime of up to 30,000 hours. Plus, the lamps are maintenance free and save energy. Other features include a sleek, compact 5/8" profile, durable and attractive extruded aluminum frame, chrome steel corners and the double-layered illuminated surface provides a firm work surface. Includes AC/DC adapter and a custom protective storage sleeve. LIST Price

149.99 99.99 24.99

98.99 59.99 19.99



A920 A930 A940 A950

6" x 9" 9" x 12" 12" x 17" 17" x 24"

You never know when a bulb will burn out -be sure to get a spare!

LIST Price

99.99 75.99 149.99 103.99 249.99 169.99 349.99 269.99


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