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The Gambling of National Soccer Teams

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August 14, at 10 o 'clock in the morning, SuoFei wanda Beijing big hotel, the Chinese football association officially announced and signing wonderfully. The primary task is wonderfully with China team in three years before his term in the 2014 World Cup, for the trip to the east, the Spanish coach behave very optimistic, and says the pressure and challenges not afraid, called "good tasks". After nine days, in kunming ShengZhang wonderfully soldier, 24's list, LiWeiFeng, zheng, such as SunXiang former heads to the nations impressively, HuangXiYang is wonderfully handpicked by get-together, casual, will China's wonderfully has "human" understanding. The former veteran in succession in local newspapers reported on new handsome said support and praise, kunming's training session also feel happy.

The wonderfully capturing, indicating that the new leadership of the fa after his proposed learning Spanish football slogan began to implement. However, the past few seasons in charge of wonderfully achievement was not ideal, from October 2008 took over osasuna, to February after class, two and a half season, his team has been the relegation. As for the football association leadership vision of a "western football", in the past few seasons wonderfully coaching career is very rare.

Wonderfully in osasuna main "4231", the midfield player, only old captain at technology, AC Milan Jerseys, in the role of conan is more after attack on doors and a penalty, and like at 1.91 m the soriano, although standing in the attacking midfielder position, but actually is one of the engineers, the personnel allocation on the technical level and the Spanish many teams are far apart. As wonderfully osasuna is the highlight of his side with the continuation of the style, the KuiDa, behold, skin have, which has side shu jia raid impressive, before both even so in the Spanish national team, but now is not the raid on the side "western football" essence, this and the football association and virtually intensions, so for the newly wonderfully, each big famous sports people, media opinion mixed, more show is questioned and anxiety.

Don't fear the challenge of the tough guy

Although the past few seasons, the coaching wonderfully level dropping, but he also have a glorious past. Wonderfully is a responsible coach, the 1992-1993 season, lead and listed the carnot up on the Spanish and the smooth the relegation after, wonderfully Barcelona away, picked up the Spanish team pointer, and that of Spanish is still in the west b. As he appeared in China boss says on ceremony, "I accept a beautiful challenge."

The Spanish team although Barcelona and a neighbour, but far less than record but city rivals well, nearly 40 years, only 1972-1973 season holy Mali and and the 19861987 season will bring into its clement the Spanish top three, in the summer of 1994 wonderfully rate team return to la liga after two seasons, the Spanish were obtained 6 and the excellent result of the 4, this has been the future in Spain wonderfully capital. In the integration of existing resources, and on the basis of maximize the wonderfully mining Spanish team internal potential: veteran Francisco play for sevilla period is a regular national team, at which time is the midfield core; And raul eponymous genius lal d is wonderfully in their hands flying, as a playmaker player he, in the 1995-1996 season with incredible 17 league goals, and then he joined the ur Seth together, and in a few years in the wonderfully in Spanish.

It is not difficult to understand, why in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa in, scored the winner iniesta, after five sets of commentary as TV will be excited to shout out wonderfully, "iniesta in my life!" Because, in some extent wonderfully contributed to the transformation of Spanish football. General speaking, the characteristics of

Spain's wonderfully period has the following: first, the mainstay clear, the competition is fierce.

Raul and jeroboam the central position of the unshakable, other position is not drop talents; Second, the training session will be wonderfully time general control in 75 minutes to 90 minutes, try to make with the pace of the game to be coordinate; Third, emphasize the possession of the ball, this thought is the first of the implant for Spain wonderfully, "matador" is no longer the zone defense system, the game DaKaiDaGe, very good. Fourth, wonderfully with the player in accordance with their aptitude and advocated communication. Tony Jimenez wonderfully described this way: "the coach with his personality and character to give the players infusion, this is his usual style." In communication with the player, wonderfully never ambiguous, even blame word, wonderfully will not hesitate to speak face to face, Fifth, pay attention to the environment around international wonderfully construction, this also change clement times to the style of the Spanish media.

To sum up, the wonderfully is a national coach performance is better than the club's coach, in the personnel of abundant, the wonderfully tactical approach can be effective implementation, this also is he can in part to Spain reform, but not in LvAo SaSu success as weak, the reasons of the only hope his idiosyncratic, to the country foot can help. Wonderfully like to use ur Seth such high center, in the list for the Chinese football, GaoLin, Yang xu get position ripe. Wonderfully in mind, high center of the play is the important role of game changing, in conventional control ball is not working, the long ball to find high center is the best way to solve the problem. Euro 2000 Alfonso group beat Yugoslavia, only after a goal before long josep guardiola and ur Seth's elano.

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