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Those Things between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

Run the club in henan WangZhongRen press official under the help, we, the day of rest, the current Chinese super high interview top scorers of the Brazilian striker. Sit in a cafe, "within the curiosity through in his sight two this" football club ", if you are not a focus on football, will be more inclined to think that he is a Russian, because for this cold weather, has been living in Argentina jerseys for three years in the "is not new, he's wearing very have specific aim.

Two games into four ball, "and not within overjoyed, in his view, manchester city shorts is not the strength can do," I want to thank you for the help of his teammate and the support of the fans, especially the enthusiasm of zhengzhou fans, they make me flattered, this is what I should do." If can get Chinese super golden boot this season, torre will be run in henan the first super league top scorer, to this, "see very weak in:" I'm just not think so many, there is another round to play, I am league goal is the striker, my job, my present hope our best efforts to help the team from relegation."

Soccer in the game, and the Brazilian foreign aid everywhere is visible, but has no special within and good friend, he is always emphasized that he is a professional players on the pitch won't have the game content outside of the exchange: "we, the Brazilian foreign aid wife in private, they will be linked in chat tools for a chat. But after all, we are professional, only on the field while playing communication, is our first responsibility." But for the first foreign aid super hole card, "in very praise," he really is very good, you know, as the Argentine league for the best player in Brazil to how well, he did that, like many years ago that carlos tevez."

Tough approach was born in the famous "in the Portuguese league, where he played seven years ball, for Portugal and China's football environment," inside have words to say: "Portugal smaller, Portuguese player stadium for a position, they get the ball is single-minded after first choice is passing; Chinese player on the body is not better than Portugal players inferior, just is not strong, their confidence in the court should be much more confident. And some of my homeland Brazil, there are players prefer ball." "In the states was born in Rio DE janeiro, brew, Roy, that is a beautiful seashore city, the beach has countless chasing the young football dream, and in many years ago" within was also the beach hone their football skills. "Within the said:" zhengzhou is very beautiful, my wife and daughter more and more like it here....... But, I will miss my hometown, as long as have long vacation (6-8 days), I will take them to Hilton sanya resort &spa, because there the sea and days is very beautiful very blue, and

my hometown is very like." "Within the said:" when I was a kid, I often play football on the beach, that kind of feeling great, very nostalgic!"

In present Chinese super pitch, have two Portuguese coach, a is the national security PaQieKe of Beijing, the other is a rooting for shide, dalian, add up to, and the "play in Portugal when the two men have noted. Talking about two Portuguese, "within said:" well, I know them, and they are very famous coach, it is a pity that I play in Portugal when they have not and team managed to battle. In my opinion, they will certainly to the arrival of the Chinese football have help, but China has very good coach, TangYaoDong coach is very well, he'll encourage players."

Japan football great progress in recent years, the body in China football, "obviously for journalists in next asked the Japanese football is prepared," we Brazilian players in private, they often speak of Japan football for new things to accept faster, their learning spirit. Many years ago is very sufficient zico, was in Japan, he led the league play Brazil player to J leagues, he later did the Japanese team manager. And Japan, China football than football learning harder shortage, it will need to improve."

2010 season, henan province in Brazil jersey run under the leadership in the champions league, but Brazil jersey is a pity that team was eliminated, "and no score in, talking about this period of the past," not in some regret. "Within admitted:" first time playing the champions league team and everyone more nervous, we lack experience in comparison, but we have to, but the result is hussle playes disappointment. Osaka, Japan, this powerful and steel let us know the difference." Next, "in the henan run away to challenge champions shandong luneng recovered, this is this season's fa cup quarter-final, if can get this season's fa cup champion," and again in the team for the Asian football club symbol the highest level of the champions league.

Leisure time, "will also be looking at in the European league and South American league, he said:" the European league my greatest concern, and the Spanish league I will obviously be more South America focus on the Brazilian league." When reporters asked about "can compare Lionel messi and cristiano ronaldo", "and no thinking in too long, give the answer:" in my opinion, the rest of the technology better, he's too smart, is a real talent, and cristiano ronaldo count on him to play a good physical quality. I think, the rest of the DianFengQi than cristiano ronaldo longer." At the same time, "also appreciate Barcelona in the style of the football," they played football, works very passing art tacit understanding."

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