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Cheap Web Hosting - The Raging Debate Between A Dedicated Server and an VPS For the possibility of your own Cheap Host web presence for your business or individual needs, you may want to consider a dedicated server. A dedicated server may provide a number of advantages for your company, whether big or small. Consider some of these benefits and then you can see when a Virtual Private Server (VPS) may be right for you. Remember that this server is a different animal than a true dedicated server. A virtual private servers, often these share space with other websites, but on a dedicated server your segment on this server is totally private. When you consider dedicated hosting, it is most likely because your website is getting a lot of traffic. With many webmasters, shared hosting is sufficient. But when you have a site which is very popular, it simply requires more resources. Quite a few hosting companies prefer that when you use resources extensively, you should have your own dedicated server. This is because your demands will lower available resources for all the others who might have a shared server. In recent years, prices have fallen drastically for dedicated hosting. This has been a boon for many webmasters, as now they have is a robust platform for hosting to enjoy without a tremendous cash outlay. A good way to know if you need a dedicated server is to examine the CPU utilization in a joint account. This is a useful measure used to determine whether you might not better served by a dedicated account. Another thing to consider is that many people do not always know or what type you are providing as a webmaster. All that is really important to the visitors to your site is that your pages load without any delay and without errors. You will notice that with the decision to use a private server, instead of a dedicated server, you will save money. Websites which are smallerg will not require a server which is truly dedicated and a virtual private server will end up being ideal for your needs and your budget. You are granted complete administrative rights on the server, which you can utilize to manage your account and every sector within it. For example, you can configure your server section without worrying about affecting other sites that on the same server. It can be a relief and of critical importance for any business - having worry-free conrol over the specific requirements of your website and the programs which you will want to run. If you have these servers, you can expect complete and favorable support from the company who is providing your hosting. You will not undergo downtime like you would if you were on a dedicated host server and it crashed. If problems arise, the web host can be expected to rectify them quickly, if you can communicate with them. They will put the things in place to get everything functioning properly again. With many different performances, you can see why a significant amount of small and medium enterprises, choose VPS for their websites. It offers all that a company needs and at a reasonable price. It is an interesting decision for a webmasters to make. On one side, it makes sense to save money. On the other it is not worth it, if this method of saving a few dollars means you are using shared hosting which limits what you are able to do by your cheap host.

4/19/2010 1:23 AM

Dedicated Server versus VPS at a Cheap Host  

The ongoing debate between using a dedicated server host and a cheap host at a VPS