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Top ideas for wedding favors

We remain happiest during the way when we tie the nuptial lock with your beloved. Thus, we do not wish to compromise on anything that would prevent us from making the wedding party a successful one. We even wish to greet our guests heartily for attending the wedding, blessing us and felicitating the occasion. But we remain perplexed about the wedding favours which will make our guests overwhelmed. So, here are some grand ideas which you can implement on your wedding party. •

Personalised favours

If your wedding party features ensemble of a few close friends, relatives and colleagues then you can always think of greeting them with personalised favours. You can welcome your wedding guests with handmade chocolates, lip balms and soaps. You can even frame the wedding invitation card and the group photo of your wedding party and gift them to your guests as memoirs. Since personalized presents make your guests get the feel of your personal touch, you can experiment with anything that has been made by you. •


Since wedding is an auspicious occasion, it must be sweet and blessed all throughout. Thus, you can reciprocate back to the good wishes which have been showed upon you and your spouse by your guests by gifting baskets full of candies, pastries, cupcakes and donuts. Your ‘sweet’ favor will make your guests happy. •

Season based favors

There is an even exciting idea for you if you wish to present a theme based Party Favours to your guests. You can gift your guests branded sunglasses and umbrellas if your wedding falls in a summer month. Similarly, you can greet your guests with beautiful woolen scarves and hand warmers when you tie the wedlock during the winters. Your wedding guests will thank you for these highly functional wedding favors. •

Miniature flora and fauna

If you are a nature lover then you can spread the idea of eco-consciousness through the wedding favors you give to your guests! You will certainly find bonsai plants and miniature cactus plants and succulents in petite containers when you visit the local nursery in your area. Simply pick them up, put a name tag bearing the name of your guest and the occasion they attended, wrap in nice boxes and gift them. They will be overwhelmed with your unique idea! •

Etched coffee mugs

You can pick up fine China or porcelain coffee mugs from a reputed store and gift them away as wedding favours. It will be even better if the store provides you the option of etching the names of your guests, date and details of the occasion on each of the coffee mugs. They will become remarkable keepsakes for them!

Party favours  

we remain perplexed about the wedding favours which will make our guests overwhelmed. So, here are some grand ideas which you can implement...

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