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Giving the CHS Way Donor Report 2013

Thank You “This report is an opportunity to show my appreciation for the generous support you’ve given to Cheadle Hulme School since I began as Head in September 2010” always grateful for your generosity and enthusiasm.

As you will see, it’s not just Old Waconians and Friends of the School that contribute to the School; fundraising activity by current parents, students, governors and staff shows that the spirit of philanthropy on which the School was founded is still very much alive today.

It is a privilege for me to be leading CHS at this time and I look forward to working closely with all our stakeholders to ensure that the School continues to go from strength to strength.

From giving financial gifts to mentoring students to helping with trips, OWs and parents are more involved in School life than ever. However you choose to give – be it time or money - we are

Lucy Pearson, Head

Simon Gleave Chair of Parents’ Association Since Simon joined the PA eleven years ago, it has raised over £300,000 for the School and funded a wide range of projects including an Artistin-Residence scheme, playground equipment for the Junior School, the redesign of Pentagon Yard and Simon’s personal highlight, a new minibus. Simon stepped down as Chair this year and is keen to encourage parents with younger children in the School to get involved in fundraising.

“The PA focuses on funding the extra things that fees can’t cover. Parents can give in a number of different ways but, whichever way they choose, their money will have a direct impact on their children.” Simon Gleave

Helen Lynch Old Waconian (Class of 1977) & International Donor Helen is an active supporter of the School. In February this year she hosted an Old Waconian reunion in New York and is also a donor to the Bursary Fund. She says she gives out of a profound sense of gratitude for the broad education she received, the abiding friendships she made, and the innumerable happy memories she has of her time at CHS.

“I would encourage all OWs to give to continue this legacy, to help the School thrive in the 21st century, and to ensure that this fine education always remains available to deserving pupils who need a helping hand.” Helen Lynch

Jim Gardner and Millie Blower (née Kirby) Old Waconians (Class of 1938) Jim and Millie were at School together in the same year, and now both support the Bursary Fund to give something back to the School. They are both passionate about the School and how it has shaped their lives. Jim, who trained as a pilot with the RAF feels his time at CHS furthered his career, particularly in the forces, while Millie is always grateful to former Headmaster, Mr Lockhart, for helping her get her first job in a bank.

“Through the Bursary Fund, students can go on great trips and have wonderful experiences, like we did, regardless of their background.” Jim and Millie

Jackie Prosser Current Parent & Parent Governor An active member of the CHS community, Jackie supports the Hardship Fund as it gives parents the opportunity to assist families who are experiencing difficult times, either as a result of serious illness or a sudden loss of income in these economically challenging times.

“I felt compelled to do something after hearing about the plight of one such family who were tremendous supporters of the School and had been for many years. Life can throw anything at us and I’d like to think that at CHS we are a community that cares and believes in offering a safety net when we can.” Jackie Prosser

Ben Milner Current student, Upper 6th Ben is one of a growing number of students making a donation to the Leavers’ Bursary, set up by outgoing students from the Class of 2012 as part of their ‘50 Days to Graduation’ Campaign.

Ben also helped promote the Bursary Fund during Philanthropy Week at the Charity Gala Dinner and says this opened his eyes to the importance of bursaries in the School’s history.

“The Leavers’ Bursary is a fitting way for outgoing students to show their appreciation to the School for all the opportunities it has given them, and a chance to leave their mark on the School.” Ben Milner

Rob Lawton & Andy Willcox Rob, CHS’s Catering Manager, and Andy, our Head Chef, are co-chairs of the Charity Committee, a staff and student fundraising body Andy and Rob co-ordinated a number of high profile events during Philanthropy Week, which was designed to raise awareness of the role philanthropy has played in the School and raise money for CHS and other charities. The week included some gastronomic themed events, one based around World Food

and a Charity Gala Dinner. The students even donated their Easter Eggs for non-uniform day instead of money. The flagship event for the week was the Head’s Lecture given by the FT’s columnist, Mrs Moneypenny. Her message for the School was “Philanthropy can lead you to places you never imagined”.

“Philanthropy isn’t all about money; it’s also about volunteering time. It’s important for people to see how they can make a big difference in a small way.” Rob Lawton

Kate Vokes (née Oglesby) Old Waconian (Class of 1987) & current parent Kate supports the School through The Oglesby Charitable Trust, a philanthropic organisation founded by her family. The Trust funds the Thorn Grove Partnership which sees Sixth Form students providing co-curricular lunchtime activities for pupils from Thorn Grove Primary School, many of whom have severe learning difficulties. It also funds an Outreach Science Programme for Year 5 students at local state primary schools.

Damian Walsh Old Waconian (Class of 1980) & Current Parent After seeing how much CHS has improved since his own school days Damian wanted to do something to ensure it carries on for a lot longer and has pledged to leave a legacy to the School.

As someone who remembers the poor state of the School’s infrastructure in the 1970s, Damian plans to leave a gift in his will to maintain and develop the School’s buildings.

“Anyone who feels that the School has given them a foundation on which to build their life should support the School and provide opportunities for current and future students.” Damian Walsh

“By giving through my family’s Charitable Trust, we are enabling the School to broaden its outreach and its impact on the local community and ensures CHS continues to play an important role in the wider community.” Kate Vokes

Facts & Figures

(September 2010 - April 2013) Development Fund Total raised

£205,240.00 % of total donations 12%





Current Governors


Current & Former Parents

Waconian Fund Total raised

£142,064.58 % of total donations 10%







Current & Former Parents

Bursary Fund Total raised

£471,104.25 % of total donations 4%





Current & Former Staff


Current & Former Parents


Current & Former Governors

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CHS Donor Report 2013  

"This report is an opportunity to show my appreciation for the generous support you've given to Cheadle Hulme School since I began as Head i...

CHS Donor Report 2013  

"This report is an opportunity to show my appreciation for the generous support you've given to Cheadle Hulme School since I began as Head i...