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Shelving Solutions This Mt. Pleasant homeowner was tired of straining her back in the kitchen and needed a quick solution to make the space more functional.


he kitchen is one of the most sacred rooms in a home. It’s where families gather and memories are made, so it’s crucial that the space functions well. When Patricia Warner and her husband began doing updates on their Mt. Pleasant home, their kitchen was at the top of the list. Their existing kitchen was unorganized and it was causing a lot of discomfort for Patricia, who was constantly on the ground to grab items she needed from the back of her cabinets. A postcard from ShelfGenie seemed to be the answer to Patricia’s prayers. When design consultant Shoshanna Szuch met Patricia, it was apparent that the two would be a force to be reckoned with. Both detail-oriented, they immediately started working on creative solutions to Patricia’s kitchen annoyances. The first issue came with a blindspot in one of Patricia’s lower cabinets. The cabinet originally had a lazy Susan in it but everything kept getting stuck because nothing fit properly. This led to Patricia having to crawl on the floor and strain her back to reach behind to grab things, which isn’t convenient for anyone. Another issue Patricia had was the way the kitchen was organized in general. “My husband and I both cook and we both have family who like to join in, but the kitchen wasn’t organized in a way that made it easy to find things or for me to direct people,” explains Patricia. By adding glideouts and slopes to Patricia’s kitchen, Shoshanna was able to immensely increase the function of the space without having to completely redo it. Glideouts come in different heights, so it makes it easy to store a


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variety of sizes. Slopes are shallow in the front and deep in the back, providing an easy sightline to the back. Shoshanna’s design process begins with a walk-through with her clients. “I look at functionality, at spacial use, how often they use certain items, and where they use it. Sometimes we move items all over the place, but we don’t always think to put something in a location even though that’s where we use it,” explains Shoshanna. ShelfGenie isn’t limited to what’s in the catalog or on the website so clients can customize if they don’t see what they need. Within about an hour and a half or two hours, Shoshanna is able to provide her clients with a design and an estimate. Once that’s done, she reviews it with her client, makes any necessary changes, and they go from there. Over the years, Shoshanna has perfected the way she goes about conducting a client meeting and that includes asking her favorite question. “Are you a shakeas-you-go person or do you measure your spices carefully?” By asking this question, Shoshanna is able to pinpoint where homeowners should put their spices and other equipment, which will help eliminate the annoyances and improve the accessibility and usefulness of the space. Patricia’s experience with Shoshanna has made her home more liveable, more functional, and more thoughtout. For homeowners who are desperately looking to get rid of the annoyances like Patricia was, think about how you work in your kitchen. Ask yourself are you getting tired, are you breaking

(inset) Homeowner Patricia Warner and ShelfGenie design consultant Shoshanna Szuch. (opposite top left) By installing a glideout in this cabinet, Patricia had ample space to store her heavier items like her food processor. (opposite top right) A custom pantry display cabinet was an added bonus to Shoshanna’s design. The cabinet maker hand-picked the wood so that the grain from top to bottom aligned. (opposite bottom left and right) Adding a glideout or slope to an existing cabinet can triple the amount of storage space and makes it much easier to organize and find what you need easily.

things, are you having trouble getting things out? “If you’re finding, as I did, that you are struggling to work in your kitchen, then it’s time to think about a permanent solution. I couldn’t be happier with the results,” adds Patricia. v For more information, call ShelfGenie at (888) 491-6191 or visit shelfgenie.com.

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