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Commitment It is with great pleasure that we recognize in this donor report the many committed donors who provided financial support to Chestnut Hill College this past year, helping the College to maintain its mission as a Catholic liberal arts institution. It’s much easier to make and keep a commitment when we deeply believe that our investment in time and attention will pay off in a big way. In this report, six donors share their personal stories of why they are committed to supporting Chestnut Hill College. With the support of loyal alumni and friends such as you, we will continue the proud work of building Chestnut Hill College into an even more outstanding place of higher learning than it is today. Your unfailing generosity profoundly affects the lives of our students and, indeed, the larger world as well. We are deeply grateful to each of you.



Chestnut Hill College, founded by the Sisters of Saint Joseph in 1924, is an independent, Catholic institution that fosters equality through education. Faithful to its strong liberal arts tradition, Chestnut Hill College offers academic programs of excellence in the areas of undergraduate, graduate, and continuing studies. True to its Catholic heritage, Chestnut Hill College espouses the beliefs and values inherent in the Judeo-Christian tradition while it respects the contributions made by other faith traditions in the development of the whole person. The College nurtures a sense of integrity, spirituality, and social justice in all. The College community dedicates itself to four purposes in fulfilling this mission. It seeks:

• to provide avenues for students to achieve academic excellence and to pursue research in their major field or in interdisciplinary studies. The College encourages students to explore and experience diverse curricula and to participate in exchange programs with other institutions of higher education.

• to initiate links between the world of learning and the world of work through curricular planning, technological opportunities, and career preparation. The College guides students in applying theoretical learning through experiential education designed collaboratively by faculty and students.

• to uphold an atmosphere of communal respect in which all may clarify and articulate personal values and beliefs while exploring the ethical and moral dimensions underlying all relationships. The College encourages inter-faith opportunities by acquainting all students with Catholicism, its theology and its Judeo-Christian roots, and by engaging in dialogue with women and men of other beliefs.

• to create local and global connections that enable students to respond to the needs of others through serviceoriented enterprises. The College educates students to identify and to address issues of social justice and to work toward systemic change.

Approved by the Chestnut Hill College Board of Directors October 7, 2002

CONTENTS 2 Letter from the President Letter from the Chair of the Board 5 Financial Report 6 The Caritas Society 8 President’s Circle 10 Hallmark Society 14 Aspire. Believe. Commit. Campaign 16 Tribute Fund 24 Alumni Giving 26 • School of Undergraduate Studies 26 • School of Continuing & Professional Studies 42 • School of Graduate Studies 44 Reunion Giving Fund 32 2013 Senior Class Gift Drive 34 Endowed Scholarships 38 Parents & Friends 46 Matching Gift Companies 50 Gifts-in-Kind 51 53 Corporations, Organizations & Foundations Annual Scholarship Gala Committee & Sponsors 54 2012 Golf Invitational Committee & Sponsors 55 CHC Board of Directors 56 Alumni Association Board of Directors 57 Supporting the Future of CHC 58 When, How, and Why to Plan a Gift 60 Sources of Commitment: • James and Frances Maguire 11 • Ryan and Krista Murphy 15 • John C. and Kathryn S. Redmond Foundation 31 • Robert and Shelley Sprague Guerard ’66 41 • Jacques and Blanche Haviland Moore ’50 45 • Bernard and Joan Rafferty 49



give is because they are thankful for what

financial situations. Now when one asks a routine question, one expects

as we welcomed a larger number of new students than anticipated.

they have received. Philanthropists and donors

a routine answer. One evening I was leaving the building and greeted an

This result is especially noteworthy in a year when institutions

are women and men with grateful hearts.

SCPS student by asking how she was. She paused, looked at me, and said

throughout the country were adversely affected by declining numbers

They appreciate what their talents, hard work,

thoughtfully, “I am blessed.” I was drawn up short by this unexpected reply.

of high school graduates.

good fortune, and/or birthright have

Long after I left the building, I was still pondering the extraordinary

provided them. In looking at the plight of

answer to my routine question asking what quality of person sees herself in

people around the world, they ask themselves

such a light. Since that encounter, I never ask “how someone is” without

the question, “why am I so fortunate?”

hearing her answer. This morning, as I ask myself how I feel, my only

Our new students hail from all over the United States and abroad. Internationally, they come from Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, France, Mexico, Canada, The United Kingdom, Montenegro, China, Germany, and Brazil.

thought is that I am blessed; blessed in each and every one of you and the

From across the nation, we welcomed students from 13 different states —

Often, I ask myself, why was I lucky enough

the staples such as PA, NJ, NY, and DEL, as well as VA, NC, CA, OH,

to be born in the United States to a family

FL, GA, KS, NH, and TX.

that could provide for all of my needs and

Your investment in the College supports all of our students in a variety

even many of my wants. Why have I never had

of ways. Contributions to the Griffin Fund augment the College’s operating

to know hunger, been without a home, been

budget and thereby provide financial assistance for students who need

without clothes, been without money, been

additional funding in order to attend college. As you know, more and

without love, been without a solid education?

more students are increasingly unable to afford to pay for their education.

While there are many differences and disconnects between students today and yesterday, there are also many similarities and connections. They still fall in love with our campus and grand old buildings. They appreciate the warmth and friendliness of students, faculty, and staff. Some are already launched in the direction of a career and others are still wondering which

Why have I been so well taken care of?

good you do for our College community.

College activities from clubs to the music program to the yearbook,

road to take. They enjoy clubs, service projects, dramatic and musical

When we ponder questions such as these, we

newspaper, and literary magazine are supported by your generosity.

performances, athletics, holidays, and Christmas decorating night, just

cannot help but desire to assist those who have

Athletics benefits from your dollars as does the academic program of

as students did in the past. And like students from years ago, they have

less than we do. It is our gratitude, the fullness

the College which includes the curriculum, supplies for classrooms and

dreams of who they want to be and hopes for a better world. You would

of our hearts that compels us to reach beyond

laboratories, and faculty development. Improvements to the physical plant

like them. They are friendly and energetic young women and men who

ourselves and give from our abundance, or our

are possible because of gifts received. There is no area of campus life that

give us reason to believe in the future that is theirs. The future in which

adequacy, or even from our want.

your contributions do not enhance. We are grateful for your gifts and

you have generously invested as donors to Chestnut Hill College.

When I am leaving the office in the evening,

better operate the College because of your thoughtfulness.

It is said that people give for reasons of the heart. As I have reflected

students in our School of Continuing &

Your financial commitment to the ASPIRE. BELIEVE. COMMIT.

on the subject of giving and what motivates generosity, it occurs to me

Professional Studies (SCPS) are arriving

campaign also ensures the future of our College and that of its students.

that one of the prime reasons, if not the paramount reason, that people

on campus. Many of them are in challenging

During the silent phase of the campaign, the goals were to provide student

donor report 2013 » letter from the president » 2


life and social spaces necessary to sustain the undergraduate population

facilities; prepare graduates for success in the

and to make the necessary renovations to the SugarLoaf Hill campus.

professions and advanced study; and cultivate

Since 2008, we raised more than $37 million in cash, commitments,

the next generation of college students.

and bequests. These gifts, grants, bequests, and pledges have afforded

Chestnut Hill College has changed in many

us the ability to fund the complete restoration of the Commonwealth

ways over the years, but our founding story

Chateau, Loyola Lodge, the pool, and the pool house on SugarLoaf.

continues to inspire the pursuit of excellence.

New and restored facilities on campus include the Jack and Rosemary

Writer C.S. Lewis noted, “The proper aim

Murphy Gulati ’61 complex, featuring a state-of-the-art fitness center,

of giving is to put recipients in a state where

the Michael and Margaret Carney McCaffery ’77 Lounge, a student lounge

they no longer need our gifts.” Your gifts to

and meeting space, and a landscaped piazza connecting the outside spaces.

Chestnut Hill College put our students in such

In addition to the physical campus improvements, funds were also raised or committed in support of various aspects of our academic programs such as new and existing endowed scholarships and awards. As we continue into the public phase of our comprehensive campaign, academic space for our student population and increasing the College’s endowment will be the focus.

a state by helping to create a stimulating, life changing campus environment that prepares students to live personal and professional lives that are meaningful and productive — for that, we are grateful. With heartfelt thanks,

Like every successful institution, Chestnut Hill College must be able to adapt, grow, and prepare for the future. Educational spaces that are

Sister Carol Jean Vale, SSJ, Ph.D.

flexible, adaptable, and incorporate technology are important to support


multiple new and traditional formats for learning. Our second goal, to increase the College’s endowment, will serve to strengthen the long-term financial stability and the stature of the College and our rankings. To ensure the future excellence of Chestnut Hill College, we must continue to increase efforts to attract gifted students and faculty; provide more financial aid and scholarship support; enhance teaching and research

3 » letter from the president » donor report 2013



I am deeply grateful for your loyal and

Join us and encourage everyone in our extended Chestnut Hill College

excited about and proud of the growth at my alma mater over the

generous support of the College. Whether you

family to do the same, for NOW IS OUR TIME!

past decade. The College has brought transformative change —

are an alumnus, a parent or family member,

going coed, moving to NCAA Division II athletics with 18 women’s

a friend or neighbor, your support affirms

and men’s varsity teams, and expanding campus to include 30 acres at

your commitment to our mission.

Sugarloaf Hill — while strengthening the commitment to its legacy.


My participation and involvement on the

The College continues to balance a first-rate academic program with

board of directors of the College for the past

35 areas of study and outstanding faculty with its mission of serving others

eight years has raised my awareness of the

Margaret Carney McCaffery ’77

and forming life-long relationships. It offers enriching experiences to its

tremendous dedication of the Sisters of

Chair, Board of Directors

community each and every day while strengthening its financial vitality

Saint Joseph and the challenges of building

for the future. The theme of NOW….IS OUR TIME is most fitting.

upon an institution during these difficult

Last October at the Barnes Foundation, we celebrated the public announcement of ASPIRE.BELIEVE.COMMIT. The Campaign for Chestnut Hill College, with Sister Carol and I expressing our excitement and commitment to advancing the goals of CHC. Like any successful liberal arts institution, the College must

economic times. But I am extremely confident in the expertise of our board members, and I extend a special thank you to each of them for sharing their time, talents, and financial support of the College.

continue to adapt and expand its academic programs; respond to

My husband, Michael, and I made a conscious

the needs of our growing undergraduate, graduate, and continuing

decision to make a difference and give back

studies populations; retain and recruit the finest faculty and staff; and

to the institution that has influenced my life

strengthen our long-term financial stability. We have a unique

as a woman, a wife, mother, and educator.

opportunity to serve a generation of students looking for a Catholic

I thank you for your continued and steadfast

liberal arts education in a supportive family atmosphere —

financial support of the College.

one committed to preparing them not just to make a living but “learn how to live.” Since 2008, we have raised more than $37 million in cash,

Over the past 10 years, we have been witness to the transformational changes that have brought us to where we are today.

commitments, and bequests toward our campaign goal of $55 million.

5 » letter from the chair of the board » donor report 2013


JULY 1, 2012 - JUNE 30, 2013


CURRENT OPERATIONS Undesignated Purposes2

CURRENT OPERATIONS Designated Purposes3






































Includes all outright gifts and pledge payments both designated and undesignated for the campaign. Includes undesignated gifts to Griffin & Reunion funds; undesignated bequests; tribute funds; miscellaneous other. 3 Includes designated gifts; gifts/grants for academic & non-academic departments/programs; Golf Invitational; Scholarship Gala; library acquisitions; campus ministry; academic scholarships; tuition awards. 4 Includes designated gifts/bequests to the general endowment; specific endowed scholarships; academic programs; library acquisitions; lectures. 5 Includes contributed services of the Sisters of Saint Joseph. 6 Includes new pledges and bequests designated to the campaign and the endowment fund. 1




CURRENT OPERATIONS Undesignated Purposes 9.3% CURRENT OPERATIONS Undesignated Purposes 41.3%



ALUMNI 41.7%

NEW BUSINESS New Pledges 17.1%



donor report 2013 » voluntary financial support for chc » 6 The music department presents “Hairspray.”




Caritas is one of the three core values in Chestnut Hill College’s motto – Fides – Caritas – Scientia (Faith, Charity, Knowledge). The Caritas Society recognizes alumni and friends who have contributed or made irrevocable gifts of at least $500,000 in cumulative lifetime giving. Chestnut Hill College is most grateful to these donors for the transformative impact their gifts have on the College, its students and faculty.

PLATINUM MEMBERS ($5,000,000 +)

SILVER MEMBERS ($500,000 - $999,999)

The Sisters of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia

The Annenberg Foundation

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

The Association of Independent Colleges & Universities / PA

GOLD MEMBERS ($1,000,000 - $4,999,999)

Elinor Balsama*

Anonymous (1)

Dwight V. Dowley*

The Connelly Foundation

Francis J. “Tim” Dunleavy* and Albina Dunleavy*

Regina Cuta, M.D. ’56

Ruth Horcher ’50*

Joseph & M. Kathy Tigh Detrano ’67

James and Frances Maguire

J. Hugh & Anne O’Shea Devlin ’64

Joan Menaquale ’53*

Suzanne K. Dufrasne ’58

The Navesink Foundation

Mary Jackson Fitzsimmons ’35*

John Charles & Kathryn S. Redmond Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. John R. Cochran, III

Jack Gulati (D) & Rosemary Murphy Gulati ’61 Rocco & Barbara D’Iorio Martino ’60


Michael & Margaret Carney McCaffery ’77 (D) Elizabeth Clime Lockyer Merriam ’42* The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources The Pennsylvania Department of Education The Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency F. Michael Sharp in memory of Beverly Sharp The W.W. Smith Charitable Trust Harold & Ann Rusnack Sorgenti ’58 Rita Tofini ’38*

donor report 2013 » the caritas society » 8 A Reunion Weekend alumna glimpses yesteryear.


PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE Platinum Members ($100,000+)

Marjorie Binder ’43

Jack Gulati (D) & Rosemary Murphy Gulati ’61

Rocco & Barbara D’Iorio Martino ’60

Francis X. Keeley, M.D. & Marie McDermott Keeley ’52

Estate of Robert H. Agnew*

Hilda E. Bretzlaff Foundation, Inc.

James & Frances Maguire

Thomas & Jill Nerney ’83 SGS

The W.W. Smith Charitable Trust

Estate of Cecile P. Speranza*

Silver Members ($10,000+)

160over90 James & Patricia May Agger ’63 (D) Judith E. Campbell ’69

Crown Holdings, Inc.

Regina Cuta, M.D. ’56

Estate of Ellen Logue ’47* RAdm. Thomas C. Lynch, USN, Ret.

Katherine Marschall, M.D. ’69 The Navesink Foundation

Michael & Margaret Carney McCaffery ’77 (D)

Gold Members ($50,000+)

Robert & Carol Lockyer

Shaun F. O’Malley (D) & Lyn Buchheit C. Lowell Parsons, M.D. & JoEllen Noonan Parsons ’66 (D) John L. Melvin, M.D. & Carol Melvin Pate, Ed.D. (F) Kenneth & Janet Brown Quintal ’70 Francis Reynolds ’94 SGS Vincent Zarro, M.D. & Barbara Hogan Zarro, Ph.D. ’73 SCPS (F)

Bronze Members ($5,000+) Eileen O’Rourke Atkinson ’54

The Arthur Jackson Company

John M. Bellwoar

Harry J.J. Bellwoar, Esq. & Joan McDermott Bellwoar ’55 William & Clare Hamilton Bohnett ’71

Ann Holloway Charlesworth ’45

Frank Davey (D) & Elaine Bennett Davey ’65

Joseph P. Denny (D) & April Denny

Timothy J. Croak

Joanne Hayes-Rines ’68

J. Hugh & Anne O’Shea Devlin ’64

Thomas & Midge DeSimone

Kenneth Hicks (A)

Suzanne K. Dufrasne ’58 Stephen A. Gardner (D) Robert & E. Michelle Sprague Guerard ’66 Steven Gordon, Ph.D. (D) & Mary Zuccarini Gordon ’85

William & Anne Daly Holland ’56

Marie Conn, Ph.D. (F) Joseph & Patricia Connolly (D)

Catherine Devlin ’63 Michael F. Dunleavy (D) & Nancy A. Dunleavy

Angelo & Amy Falcone Tibor & Gertrude Dearie Frekko ’63

Marcia Gehman, SSJ ’63 James Ginty, J.D. (D) & Carol Ginty

Kent Griswold, Ph.D. (D) & Lori Griswold, Ph.D.

Richard & M. Joan McGonigal Hofmann ’63

James & Catherine Hogan

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers - IBEW Local

Charles Koch Foundation

David & Carolyn Sagendorph Montgomery ’97

donor report 2013 » president’s circle » 10

Anna Connor O’Riordan, M.D. ’53 Susan M. Pisano ’71

Copper Members ($2,500+)

Susan Prince ’75 John Charles & Kathryn S. Redmond Foundation Robert Riethmiller, Jr. (D) & Anne Riethmiller

Mary Ann Miller Beatty, Ph.D. ’59 Vincent & Marion Williams Berry ’63 Mary E. Brandt, Ph.D. ’76

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

John & Maureen Tierney

Lee A. Casaccio

Clara Tucker, Ph.D. ’52

John L. & Rosemarie C. O’Brien Cleaver ’58

Jack Sandoski (D) & Kathleen Sandoski

Joseph & Bernardine Keeler Abbott ’51

Harry & Marianne McGurk Wallaesa ’87, ’92 SGS

Joseph & Patricia Connolly (D)

Without the support of the Maguire Foundation, Sunaina Gohil ’16 might not be at the College. And without the College, she might not have become her best self.

‘A Lifeline

FOR STUDENTS AND FAMILIES IN NEED’ “Each day that I’m here, I awaken with a smile on my face and an appreciation for the life I have been given.”

In April, scholarship beneficiary Sunaina Gohil ’16 (below) thanked James and Frances Maguire for their generosity.

Born into an

Sunaina benefits from the Maguire Scholars

women for others, stressing education as the

honorary Doctor of Laws degrees in 2007,

Indian family that

program, which provides students from

path to “believe what you are and become

the College noted their instrumental role

moved to the

Catholic institutions with yearly scholarships

what you believe.”

in acquiring and developing SugarLoaf,

U.S. in the 1970s,

of up to $25,000.

Sunaina faced a cultural learning curve and felt lost in the crowd at her 4,000-student high school. At the College,

Amy T. Holdsman, the foundation’s executive

a multibillion dollar, publicly traded company

director, “and this program is a lifeline for

with approximately 50 offices and 1,600 employees.

students and families in need.”

Frances assisted with the business while

In her first year, Sunaina embodied the Maguire

pursuing art and gardening and serving on

Scholars vision, excelling in biology as part

the boards of institutions such as Woodmere

of the interdisciplinary honors program while

Art Museum, Gwynedd Mercy University, and

coming into her own as a person. In April, she

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

attended a luncheon that gave all of the scholars

and personal attention.

College, which will provide scholarships to

to develop into myself at CHC,” she wrote to foundation co-principals James and Frances Maguire. “Each day that I’m here, I awaken with a smile on my face and an appreciation for the life I have been given.”

benefits to not just the College community

transformed a small insurance agency into

The foundation pledged $600,000 to the

generosity and kindness, I have the opportunity

for which Frances’ “artist vision” saw the

“Education is the great equalizer,” said

however, she relishes the close-knit community

“I am eternally grateful that through your

A Korean War veteran, James Maguire

four more students beginning this year. It requires them to remain in good academic

but the ecosystem of gardens and woodlands along the Wissahickon.

a chance to meet and thank the Maguires.

standing, participate in extracurricular and

The long-time Chestnut Hill residents have

community activities, and undergo weekly

been loyal supporters of the College and the

academic advising/counseling to ensure a

Sisters of Saint Joseph, who educated their

“I actually remember her the most,” Holdsman

smooth transition to higher education.

children at Norwood-Fontbonne Academy

said. “She was so lovely, and so very grateful.”

The foundation’s mission is grounded in the

and cared for James’ dying mother at

St. Ignatius of Loyola ethic of being men and

the Villa. While awarding the Maguires

But this time, Sunaina wasn’t lost in the crowd.

Visit for more information.

11 » sources of commitment » donor report 2013

President ’s

The President’s Circle donor categories provide an opportunity for Chestnut Hill College to recognize the generosity of our leadership donors whose consistent annual support is essential to the College’s financial strength. Members of the


President’s Circle are individuals who have made a minimum contribution of $1,000 to the College for any purpose.

Mary Catherine Gallagher ’70

Anne E. Tezak ’76

Helen Gruber ’52

Diane & John Walker

George J. Hartnett, Esq. (D) & Linda Hartnett

Eileen Long Hessman ’60 Quita W. Horan T. James Kavanagh Foundation

Carol Consorto (S)

Ronald Zemnick (D) & Carol Voelmle Zemnick ’75

Pewter Members ($1,000+)

Janet Colaianni (F) George & Beverly Kray Connolly ’56 Paul & Sally Ayerle Corbley ’73 Martin & Mary Lee Rothwell Corr ’60

Cozen O’Connor

Edward Dachowski, M.D. & Alice Ann Gricoski Dachowski, M.D. ’77

Anonymous (1)

Thomas & Lynn Kluepfel

Allied Barton Security Services

Deborah Davies

Christian R. & Mary F. Lindback Foundation

Linda A. Avila ’75

Louis & Frances Horan Del Duca, Esq. ’50

Karen Spencer Kelly, Esq. (D)

The Martin Foundation Donald & Joanne McFadden McBride ’63

James & Anastasia Hagan Bacon, Ed.D. ’60

John Basile

Margaret Mary Green McLaughlin ’62

Wallace & Natalie Nolan Berkey ’63

The Montessori School

Robert M. Ryan & Brighid Blake

Dianne Borges ’88

Ryan Murphy (S) & Krista Bailey Murphy (A)

Edward & Janet Rutan Bowers ’56

Kathleen Clauss Borkowski ’68 Louise Bradley ’52

Bill & Mary Noel Page Martha Ranc, Ph.D. ’86

Stan & Sherri Retif ’09 SGS Joan Toohey Rochford ’52 Arthur & Mary Kaufmann Ryan ’66

Maureen T. Savage

James & Patricia Duffy Shacklett ’06 David & Jodie King Smith ’94, ’01 SGS (A)

Kenneth J. Soprano, Ph.D. (F) & Dianne Soprano, Ph.D. Israel Concepcion & Lauri Strimkovsky, MBA (A) John & Regina Voelker Tauke ’60

Nastia Shcherbakova ’13.

donor report 2013 » president’s circle » 12

Barbara Donovan ’61 Ruth Wingel Doyle ’52 Joan Mathers Eaves ’52

Blank Rome, LLP

Sean & Catherine Lockyer Moulton ’92 (D)

Bernard & Joan Rafferty

Marie DiBerardino, Ph.D. ’48

Carolyn Bensel, Ph.D. ’63

Linda Davis Evans ’63 Barrie Thomas Fahey ’59

Rosemary McCarron Flannery, Esq. ’43

Brilliant Graphics

Theodore & Deborah Dougherty Flint ’59

William Brobst, Ph.D. & Susan Wentland Brobst, Ph.D. ’83 Sandra Bumgardner, Psy.D. ’76, ’89 SGS, ’03 SGS (S)

William A. Cafiero Robert & Kathleen Vath Campbell ’70 Joseph & Roberta Rini Cartlidge ’49 Young-Shin Chang ’59 Patricia Chapman

W. Robert Abbot & Claire Cifaloglio, M.D. ’70 Helen Devine Coen ’55

Kevin & Lisa Feeley ’00 SCPS, ’13 SGS

The Honorable James J. Fitzgerald, III & Carol McCullough Fitzgerald (D)

Bruce & Elissa Imbriaco Breiling ’61

Joseph & M. Kathy Tigh Detrano ’67 Michael & Gillian Horna Dezzutto ’84

John & Maude Meehan Belli ’49

Austin & Margaret Bennett McGreal ’60 (D)

Margaret C. Moran ’67 (AD)

Mary Katherine Schubert Denny ’40

Maryann Boehmer Froehlich ’58 Betty Lou Froustet ’43

Chip & Susan Gahr

William & Adrienne Donaghue Gallagher ’62 Kathleen Reilly Gallagher ’65 Mary Isabel Lambert Glenn ’61 George Hourigan & M. Paula Nyhart Gowen ’63 Cecilia Hunt Gregory ’63 Donald & Pamela Orsini Grimmé ’54

Kristine Gross ’04 SGS

Seymour & Miriam Gibbons Mandell ’61 Robert & Joan Fitzpatrick Marvin ’51

Robert & Isabelle Walsh Gundaker ’65

Patricia McAdams ’63

Shearon Environmental Design Company, Inc.

Mary Ann Conway Gursky ’63, ’03 SGS

Robert & Marilyn Johnson McCarron ’61

Thomas & Sandra Cupini Hagenbarth ’63

Frances McCarron Harper ’48 Nan Hechenberger, Ph.D. (D)

Thomas & Joan Wood McEnaney ’53

Edward & Mary-Jo Heile Hogan ’48*

F. Patrick & Mary Tyler Muldoon Holmes ’73

Marilyn Heitzman Kehoe ’53 Patricia F. Kelleher ’48 Edwin Kellerman, M.D. & Wilma Carson Kellerman, M.D. ’55 Peter Kelsen Mary Crecca Kenny ’50

Keough Electric, Inc.

David & M. Catherine Kronbar Kibler ’63 Patrick & Julia Heitzman Koechlin ’66 Barbara Forrester Landis ’07 SGS

Lou Lanzalotto

Robert & Jo Anne DiGiacomo Lechowicz ’66 George & Mary Simmons Limbach ’75 Janet Dugansky Lonney ’59

Thomas & Virginia Lynch Francis & Patricia Crane Lynch ’54 Dorothy Kushlis Macfarlane, M.D. ’67

Charles & Patricia Wallace MacGillivray ’53 John & Elizabeth Harvey Majane ’57 Peggy Grant Malone ’46

Ruth Mulligan ’41

The Estate of Natalie Nevins ’47*

Catherine Theobald George Hines & Lois Trench-Hines ’64

William & Helen Mikula Vassily ’60 Susan Vath ’86

Jay J. Vigdor

Brian Ortale, J.D. & Lynn Ortale, Ph.D. (A)

Margaret Seidel Walton ’66

Mary Katherine Ortale ’16

Mary Gallagher Wattis ’60

John & Cheryl Paci

Woodrow Wendling, M.D., Ph.D. & Susan Wendling

Kathleen Wagner ’60

Judith Perkins ’70 Patricia Harper Petrozza, M.D. ’74 Carter & Frances McCullen Pierce ’63 James Quaremba, Esq. & Amelia Petitti Quaremba, Ph.D. ’64 James & Margaret Jackson Quinn ’64 Maurice Ranc, Jr.

Religious of the Assumption

Laura Hentz Remmey ’52

Stan & Sherri Retif ’09 SGS

Steven R. Loeshelle, Esq. & M. Gervase Rosenberger, Esq. ’73 David & Roberta Cartlidge Roth ’83

John Sabia, Jr. (D) & Ginger Sabia Mary Sabia

Jeff Niessen & Elizabeth A. Schlosser ’84

Donor names listed in this Donor Report reflect the donor’s total contribution, for all purposes, received by the College between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.

Ralph & Lois Hoffner Udicious ’58

Dorothy H. O’Brien ’50*

Pennsylvania Veterans Foundation

Gifts to The Griffin Fund each year are the cornerstone of Chestnut Hill College’s giving program in support of annual unrestricted operations. The generous financial support of these donors is critical to the success of each academic year.

Richard W. Vassallo, M.D. & Mary Vassallo

The Griffin Fund

Lynn Tubman (A)

Elizabeth Nolan ’11 SCPS Daniel Mathews & Kathleen O’Boyle ’84, ’97 SGS

Colette Robillard Kelly ’53

Robert & Anne Brannan Teufel ’60

Blanche Haviland Moore ’50

Francis & Nonie Glennon Murphy ’66

Joseph E. Imbriaco

Louis Keeler, M.D. & Margaret Mary McDermott Keeler ’57

Vincent & Angela Clement Tague ’61

Paul & Frances McCormick Murphy ’73

Joseph & M. Eileen Franz Janssen ’64 Kevin & Jennifer Johnson Kebea ’05, ’08 SGS (AD)

Marilea Swenson ’67

Janet Smith Murphy ’48

Timothy & Aurora Marrero Hughes ’77

Isabel Porreca Johnson ’63

Robert & Margaret Hetzer Stuart ’72

Hardy & Nancie Ann Kenny Moebius ’75

Gwendolen Forsyth Hurley ’58

Kathleen McDermott Strott ’59

John & Helene Boffa McGuinn ’47

The Honickman Foundation

Russell Roofing Company J. Clark & Alice Steinman

Philip McGovern, Ph.D. & Mary McGovern

Richard & Linda Sofranko Hostelley ’71

Mary Lou Stafford McGill ’54

Margie Henry

Catherine Sladowski, M.D. ’66* Harold & Ann Rusnack Sorgenti ’58

Maureen MacLean McCord, Esq. ’58

Thomas Curran & Mary Ann Haggerty, M.D. ’70

Mary Lou Sciarrillo ’66

John & Sarah Mansell Guilfoyle ’58

Ralph & Nina Buckley Yeager ’68

George Yu & Lotus Leong

Donor List Designations A Chestnut Hill College Administration D Chestnut Hill College Board of Director AD

Chestnut Hill College Alumni Association Board of Director


Chestnut Hill College Faculty


Chestnut Hill College Staff

SUS School of Undergraduate Studies SCPS School of Continuing & Professional Studies SGS School of Graduate Studies * Deceased Griffin Fund (a portion of the donor’s gift was designated to the Griffin Fund) Donor names that are bolded indicate 10+ years of consecutive giving to the College. All matching gifts were included in the donor’s giving totals.

Richard & Mary Hutko Scholl ’71 Jean Schwartz, M.D. ’55 Kathleen Bonner Schwartz ’55 Stephen & Regina Maxwell Schwille ’65

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hallmark society


Members of the Hallmark Society have expressed their commitment to Chestnut Hill College through a very special and

important form of financial support. These donors have named the College as the ultimate beneficiary of a planned gift. Such gifts might include a bequest and/or charitable income gifts, such as charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder unitrusts, charitable remainder annuity trusts, or gifts of life insurance.


Anonymous (3) Joseph & Bernardine Keeler Abbott ’51 Robert Agnew* Rita Ciotti Altman, Ed.D. ’53 Eileen O’Rourke Atkinson ’54 Linda A. Avila ’75 Elinor Balsama* Anna Marie Barone ’57 James F. Barr* Marita O’Reilly Beckum, Esq. ’61 Harry J.J. & Joan McDermott Bellwoar ’55 Mary Merz Berko ’52 Margaret Betz ’71 Marjorie Binder ’43 Margaret Farley Bold ’49* Elizabeth M. Bowden Louise Bradley ’52 Elissa Imbriaco Breiling ’61 Catharine Gallagher Brockway ’51 Betty Buckley* Doris M. Byrnes ’49 Patricia M. Canning ’70 (S) Barbara A. Carli ’52 Marie Conn, Ph.D. (F) Margaret Conner ’43* Madeline Conti ’40 Elizabeth Marron Cooper ’71 Sally Ann Ayerle Corbley ’73 Joan Coyne ’52 Marjorie Piga Crain ’48 Elizabeth Croake ’52 Robert C. & Ellen Jane Pariset Crosson ’50* Robert* & Leonore Smith Crowley ’37*

Barbara Cruse ’64 Ann Tushim Csink ’61 Christopher Papa, M.D. & Regina Cuta, M.D. ’56 Theresa Stepkowicz Cute (S) E. Loretta Daly ’47* Deborah Davies Donald & Carole Sarubbi de Castro ’54 Mary Katherine Schubert Denny ’40 Joseph & M. Kathy Tigh Detrano ’67 Adelaide DiBerardino ’48* Marie DiBerardino, Ph.D. ’48* Sally Ann Donnelly ’53* Barbara Donovan ’61 Clara McNierney Doyle ’54 Suzanne K. Dufrasne ’58 Joan M. Enright ’58* Mary Catherine O’Brien Fallon ’45 Patricia O’Conor Farley ’47* Joanne Fink ’76 Mary Jackson Fitzsimmons ’35* Kathleen Heidere Ford ’63 Adele M. Foy* Betty Lou Froustet ’43 Rita Gallo ’78 Bettyanne Geikler ’52 N. A. Gillen ’69 Robert & Susan Berko Glass ’75 Lynn Cozza Goodman ’63 A. Marie Fath Greenwood ’33* Helen A. Gruber ’52 Joseph & Carol-Jane Piltz Guardino ’66 Joan Burnham Guokas ’40* Joseph C. & Barbra Bianco Hagan Mary Margaret Hamill ’70

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Marguerite Maguire Hauser ’53* Barbara Henkels Paul Henkels* Mathilde Wackerman Higgins ’36* George G.* & Shirley Keiser Hoberg ’47 Mary-Jo Heile Hogan ’48* Ruth Horcher ’50* Elizabeth A. Rowley Jones ’66 Mary Ann Keegan ’45 Margaret Mary McDermott Keeler ’57 Kathleen Corcoran Keene ’68 Edwin Kellerman, M.D. & Wilma Carson Kellerman, M.D. ’55 Nancy Day Kelley, Ph.D. ’71 Patricia Kilmartin ’40 Cecile Heebner Knies ’63 Joan M. Kristoff ’65 Helen Kurz ’50 Joan Gerard Larkin ’52 Anne Rogers Law ’43* Ellen Logue ’47* Patricia E. Lyons Jane M. MacDermott ’45* Janice Maffei ’75 Elizabeth Harvey Majane ’57 Adele Przybylowski Majka ’43 Peggy Grant Malone ’46 Katherine Marschall, M.D. ’69 Isabel Elcock Martin, R.N. ’39* Theresa Regina Mazeika ’57* Barbara Wenthe McCarthy ’60 Catherine J. McConville* Patricia Lawson McDaniel ’50 Catherine Winter McDonnell ’45 Peter McGlinchy

Anna Marie McKenna ’58 Elizabeth Meehan ’52* Rita Hunter Squires Meehan ’46 Delia Schiavi Melograna ’42 Joan Menaquale ’53* Ellen L. Miller ’68 Margaret Quinn Mohr ’58 Anne E. Moore ’51 Alma Dea Morani, M.D* Natalie Nevins ’47* Robert & Christine Nydick ’94 SGS Helen C. Oels, M.D. ’53* Diane Napoli O’Grady ’57 Virginia Mitchell O’Neill ’50 Kathleen O’Pella ’76 Anna Connor O’Riordan, M.D. ’53 Dorothy Palatucci ’64 John & Patricia Plunkett Mariann Pokalo, Ph.D. ’77 Joan Pollitt ’69 Mary Pollitt ’58 Christine Westrum Porter ’94 M. Nancy Burczewski Portland ’64 Catherine E. Quinn ’78 SCPS (S) Kenneth & Janet Brown Quintal ’70 Bernard & Joan Rafferty Patricia Johnson Rauch, Ph.D. ’55 Frederick Rehmus* Joan Toohey Rochford ’52 Mary Lou Sciarrillo ’66 Clare Shanahan ’56 F. Michael Sharp Hugh J. P.* & Joan Eichenberg Sinclair ’53* Catherine Sladowski, M.D. ’66* Christine Desrochers Smith ’60

Mary Schuhsler Spangler, Ed.D. ’64 Marion L. Steet ’46* Mary Steppacher ’58 Marilea Swenson ’67 Rosemarie Walsh Taima ’57* Regina Voelker Tauke ’60 Anne E. Tezak ’76 Maureen Schmidt Thielens ’62 James V.* & Mary Connelly Tripodi ’37* Mary Thompson Wagman ’39* Kathleen Wagner ’60 Ann Meagher Williams ’50

NEW MEMBERS Anonymous (2) Eileen Menegus Debesis ’67 Cecile P. Speranza* Kathleen Reilly Gallagher ’65 Robert L. & Shelley Sprague Guerard ’66 Patricia R. Kane-Vanni, Esq. ’75* Joseph Kulkosky, Ph.D. Blanche Haviland Moore ’50 Dorothy H. O’Brien ’50* Judith Anne Paul ’70 Maurice P. Ranc, Jr. Adam & Joan McFadden Sawoski ’57 Nicholas & Marianne Murphy Semchuk ’07 SCPS, ’10 SGS (S) Nina Buckley Yeager ’68 * Deceased

An Investment

of Mind, Body, and Spirit

“We felt so blessed to be a part of this magnificent moment in the College’s history.” It didn’t take long for Ryan and Krista Murphy to feel a connection to the College. Right from day one, they felt a part of an extended family that genuinely cared about them and the work they did. Then, the College community gathered in Sorgenti Arena to celebrate the SugarLoaf acquisition, and the Murphys marveled at the sense of common purpose. “It was really special, like nothing I had experienced on a campus before,” Krista said. “We felt so blessed to be a part of this magnificent moment in the College’s history.” That moment inspired the Murphys to make a donation to the College in honor of their

wedding guests, rather than the traditional

Indeed, the College’s mission of being inclusive

favors, which they’ve followed with consistent

and serving the underserved resonates with

support of the Griffin Fund.

the Murphys, in both their day-to-day and

“We wanted to, in our own small way,

larger perspectives.

express how committed to the College we are,”

“It’s the feeling of working for something

Ryan said. “To not just say that or collect a

larger than me,” Ryan said. “The mission

paycheck but to be invested — mind, body,

inspires the work I do and how I want to live

and spirit — in the success of the institution

my life.”

and our students’ lives.”

“The College and the Sisters have given us so

“We knew our dollars would make an impact

much,” Krista added, “which makes us want to

here,” Krista added, “and that giving to other

give back.”

places wouldn’t feel as personal or meaningful.”

The Murphys recently affirmed that with a

Ryan and Krista are integral members of the

significant contribution to the Aspire. Believe.

community as director of service-learning

Commit. comprehensive campaign, for which

and dean of student life, respectively.

the College seeks to raise funds to enhance the

They both work closely with students and

academic and social experience for all students.

relish the opportunity to guide them through pivotal moments. “They’re not always fun moments,” Krista said with a smile, “but even the tough times just make us want to work harder to give them great experiences.”

William “Liam” Ignatius Murphy, whom the couple welcomed in May, may well be one of them. “This is where we envision him going to school,” Ryan said, “which makes everything feel that much more real.”

Ryan and Krista Murphy welcomed William “Liam” Ignatius Murphy in May.

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Rolls Out in Style

PRODUCING RESULTS CHC Voices on Faculty, Facilities, and Finances Influencing Their Future


e thank our donors who

public phase through June 30, 2013.

are making the Aspire.

These charitable gifts from alumni,

Believe. Commit.

parents, friends, businesses, foundations,


and government agencies have created

campaign a priority in their philanthropic

student life enhancements and expanded

lives. These early donors of gifts and

social spaces that are vital to sustaining

pledges can be proud of their multiple

an undergraduate and adult student

accomplishments now visible across

population in a highly competitive

our campus.

recruitment and retention market.

The public phase of Chestnut Hill

Through inspired, adaptive re-use of

College’s Aspire. Believe. Commit.

existing space, students now work out in

campaign launched on September 15, 2012

an attractive bi-level fitness center carved

at a gala celebration in one of the art

from the “old gym” and enjoy a comfort

world’s most celebrated new venues,

and camaraderie in the former Fournier

the Barnes Foundation, which graces

Hall Social Room, now McCaffery Lounge —

the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in

two elements of the Gulati Complex.

Center City Philadelphia.

They also now live in a residence hall transformed from converted conference

Led by campaign co-chairs Margaret

center housing on the restored and

Carney McCaffery ’77 (early childhood

beautified SugarLoaf Hill campus.

education) and Jack and Rosemary

Elegant income-generating public spaces

Murphy Gulati ’61 (English), the

join attractive seminar rooms in the

campaign has generated $37.8 million in

Commonwealth Chateau located on

gifts and pledges during the quiet phase

that side of the campus, as well.

WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY! “My education at Chestnut Hill is continuously providing me with the tools to succeed in the sciences. Last summer, I was fortunate enough to be one of eight students selected from around 200 applicants for the National Science Foundation’s Summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program held at Xavier University in New Orleans. For about three months, we researched a particular DNA sequence called Long Interspersed Element-1. This experience is one of the highlights of my college career, and I’m grateful to my professors for suggesting this research program to me and for supporting me with letters of recommendation.” Jason Scott Wasserman ’16 (biology/biological sciences) back home in the CHC molecular biology lab explains how to amplify a piece of DNA to produce multiple copies of a DNA sequence by using a PCR thermocycler.

from 2008 and the first portion of the

17 » aspire. believe. commit. » donor report 2013


In addition to focusing campaign priorities

exciting programs and academic

on essential campus upgrades, donors

experiences when optimum, to respond

to Aspire. Believe. Commit. have

to opportunities of multiple dimensions

contributed gifts and pledges, including

when presented, and to weather

age-eligible bequest intentions, totaling

economic fluctuations when they occur.

$5.7 million specifically designated for the College endowment.

Chestnut Hill’s campus is blessed with breathtaking vistas, sloping lawns, and

“When we were freshmen, our dorms were the place we all got together. Now, with this McCaffery Lounge, we have special space to do our work by the fireplace and more places to be with other groups than we had in the dorm. We’re able to see more people, and we basically now have a social meeting spot to catch up with people from all classes, not just our own. It’s great, a great place to work on projects together, to have a snack, and to just hang out!” Jennifer Golding ’15 (history), Trevor Phelps ’14 (marketing), and Chris Shriver ’15 (computer and information technology) appreciating the transformed Fournier Social Room. Trevor’s legacy connections include many members of the BennisDegnan families, including his mother, Mary Degnan Phelps ’76 (French); his great-aunt, the late Sister Ann Edward Bennis, SSJ, M.A., professor of English; and grandmother Madeleine Bennis Degnan ’42 (fine arts), who celebrated her 70th reunion in June 2012.

Our graduates tell us in countless

striking architecture, dominated at its

conversations, surveys, and additional

entrance by the century-old, six-story,

opinion-gathering media how much they

turreted St. Joseph Hall (1903). Science

value academics above all other aspects

labs greatly updated from a major

of the total CHC experience. Aspire.

renovation there, 20 years ago, today

Believe. Commit. speaks to this priority

are bursting with an unprecedented

as it moves into its next phase, one set

number of declared science majors

squarely on two goals: building academic

and students from other disciplines,

assets and bolstering financial vitality.

all challenging the space and enviable research instrumentation used every

Through the duration of this campaign,

day. Classrooms in Fournier Hall’s (1929)

primary attention will center on the

Clement Hall wing, fondly recalled for

amount, size, and configuration

faculty and courses associated with them,

of academic space needed to

revel in their period charm while exhibiting

accommodate a growing student

technology and other upgrades added

population, to support the particular

here and there throughout the years …

needs of existing and transformational

to keep pace. What was once considered

academic programs, and to enhance

the new, large Logue Library (1962)

the opportunity for faculty and students

must be recognized for the 50-year-old

to engage in rigorous and innovative

building that it is, distinguished by the

teaching and learning. Companion to this

expansive open Alumnae Reading Room

priority is the goal of strengthening the

so representative of that period but not

College’s financial position to introduce

donor report 2013 » aspire. believe. commit. » 18

necessarily ideal for today’s education-

could be considered for programs

to-career demands.

across the curriculum at the baccalaureate and advanced degree levels.

As Aspire. Believe. Commit. moves forward with gift solicitations conducted

Prudent use of funds also implies the

throughout the broader College donor

need for additional and increased dollars

base, plans will unfold regarding

for annual operations — the Griffin Fund

proposed use, re-use, and configuration

checkbook that fuels the daily functioning

of existing space and new space.

of the College. The Aspire. Believe.

Prudent use of funds will improve on

Commit. comprehensive campaign looks

what the College already claims in

to increase both the total funds raised

remarkable physical assets. Prudent use

each year and alumni class participation

of funds will produce the appropriate

rates, all directed at empowering the

academic setting that inspires unique

life of the mind through challenging

methods of teaching; new forms

academic programs and internships,

of learning; ample opportunities for

scholarship grants for academically

faculty-student engagement; additional

deserving students, and other exciting

labs for student and faculty research;

academic-driven endeavors.

defined areas for group and individual study; and suitable amenities, facilities,

Aspire. Believe. Commit. — much

and technology for resident students,

has been achieved … much remains

commuter students, visiting students,

to be accomplished … much promises

virtual students, and students who

to be celebrated.

arrive after 5 p.m., following a full day’s work. Simulation labs, large and small seminar rooms, modular research bays, and nooks for solitary

For questions regarding the Aspire. Believe. Commit. comprehensive campaign, contact Patricia Canning, senior director of development, at 215.248.7144 or

WHAT PERSONAL ATTENTION! “I was also accepted at some larger colleges, but I’m glad I came to Chestnut Hill. The size is perfect for me. My classes aren’t any larger than 11 or 12, and I can interact with my professors really easily. I’m planning to go on to grad school in finance, especially after spending the summer in Germany on an internship at the University of Bonn, where I worked on testing the efficiency of the renewable energy program at each of the university campuses.”

First baseman, catcher, and outfielder Joseph Mullin ’14 (international business, language and culture) conducted his Senior Seminar research on the American and German banking systems.

study or for study groups are only a few constructs that other institutions have found productive in supporting their curriculum-driven space needs that

19 » aspire. believe. commit. » donor report 2013


Aspire. Believe. Commit. Campaign Gifts and Pledges Donors recognized on this list

Anonymous (3)

include those who have made:

160over90 James & Patricia May Agger '63 (D)

• Campaign gifts of any size since

Estate of Robert H. Agnew

the public phase launched in

The Annenberg Foundation

September 2012

Eileen O'Rourke Atkinson '54 Estate of Elinor Balsama

• Pledges and gifts of at least

Estate of Grace Banks, Ph.D. (F)

$10,000 during the campaign silent

Mary Ann Miller Beatty, Ph.D. '59

phase (July 2008-September 2012)

Richard & Constance Murray Becker '57 Harry J.J. Bellwoar, Esq. & Joan McDermott Bellwoar '55

• Pledges and gifts of at least $10,000 for SugarLoaf Hill

Marjorie Binder '43

renovations during the

Albert* & Rose Anne Alfisi Blomer '47

campaign nucleus phase “In American Foreign Policy, we simulated a meeting of the United States National Security Council. We were challenged to respond to a hypothetical foreign policy crisis based on real-life events happening in the East China Sea and the South China Sea, areas that continue to grow in world significance. The simulation gave our class an idea of what it’s like to be faced with the daunting decisions these officials must make on a regular basis as members of the NSC. This was an experience everyone in our class valued. We went at this with great preparation and intensity.”

Vincent & Marion Williams Berry '63

(July 2006-June 2008) • Estate bequests, if over the age of 70

Kathleen Clauss Borkowski '68 Mary E. Brandt, Ph.D. '76 Bruce & Elissa Imbriaco Breiling '61 Hilda E. Bretzlaff Foundation, Inc. Scott Browning, Ph.D. (F) Anita Louise Bruno, SSJ '62 SCPS

A comprehensive list of all donors of

Estate of Betty Buckley (F)

gifts and pledges of any size will be

Sandra Bumgardner, Psy.D. '76, '89 SGS, '03 SGS (S)

celebrated at the conclusion of the Aspire. Believe. Commit. campaign.

Barbara Carli '52 Lee A. Casaccio Young-Shin Chang '59 Chappell Culpeper Family Foundation

Aizaz Gill ’14 (political science), who emigrated from Pakistan in 2002 and in the role of the Vice President, offering an important insight on the crisis, as Danielle McDermond ’15 (political science), in the role of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, considers the military implications for U.S. policy.

Chartwells College & University Dining Services, Inc. Pat & Renee Clifton John R. Cochran III Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Marie Conn, Ph.D. (F) Joseph & Patricia Connolly (D)

donor report 2013 » aspire. believe. commit. » 20

Paul & Sally Ann Ayerle Corbley '73

Estate of Mary-Jo Heile Hogan '48

Joan Coyne '52

William & Anne Daly Holland '56

Timothy J. Croak

Estate of Ruth Horcher '50

Barbara Cruse '64

James & Joan Edmund Husted '68

Christopher Papa, M.D. & Regina Cuta, M.D. '56

Joseph E. Imbriaco

Estate of E. Loretta Daly '47

Michael & Kathleen Boyle Jarvis '62

Glenda Battistini Daulerio '73

Marguerite Kearns, SSJ '39*

Frank Davey (D) & Elaine Bennett Davey '65

Louis Keeler, M.D. & Margaret Mary McDermott Keeler '57

Louis & Frances Horan Del Duca, Esq. '50 Joseph P. Denny (D) & April Denny Estate of Sally Donnelly '53 Barbara Donovan '61 Estate of Jane Harney Donovan '45 Doran Family Foundation Suzanne K. Dufrasne '58 Michael F. Dunleavy (D) & Nancy A. Dunleavy Joan Enright '58 Jane Marie Fearn-Zimmer, Esq. '88 (AD) Kevin & Lisa Feeley '00 SCPS, '13 SGS The Honorable James J. Fitzgerald III & Carol McCullough Fitzgerald (D) Estate of Mary Jackson Fitzsimmons '35 Estate of Adele M. Foy Betty Lou Froustet '43 Stephen A. Gardner (D) Marcia Gehman, SSJ '63 James Ginty, J.D. (D) & Carol Ginty Steven Gordon, Ph.D. (D) & Mary Zuccarini Gordon '85 Kent Griswold, Ph.D. (D) & Lori Griswold, Ph.D. Jack Gulati & Rosemary Murphy Gulati '61 David & Deanna Drake Hagan '63 George J. Hartnett, Esq. (D) & Linda Hartnett Nan Hechenberger, Ph.D. Eileen Long Hessman '60 Kenneth Hicks (A) Estate of Mathilde Wackerman Higgins '36 Shirley Kieser Hoberg '47 Richard & M. Joan McGonigal Hofmann '63


Francis X. Keeley, M.D. & Marie McDermott Keeley '52 John & Kathleen Corcoran Keene '68* Edwin Kellerman, M.D. & Wilma Carson Kellerman, M.D. '55 John & Nancy Day Kelley, Ph.D. '71 (AD) Karen Spencer Kelly, Esq. (D) Patricia Kilmartin '40 The Patricia Kind Family Foundation Charles & Patricia Walsh King '67 Joseph Kulkosky, Ph.D. (F) Richard Lackman, M.D. & Doranne Lackman Ernest & Sandra Glynn Lippe '62 Robert & Carol Lockyer Estate of Ellen Logue '47 Thomas & Virginia Lynch Thomas Lynch, RADM, USN (ret) Estate of Jane MacDermott '45 James & Frances Maguire John C. Del Buono & Bette A. Mammone Katherine Marschall, M.D. '69

“I really didn’t plan to move into this field, but my undergraduate foundation at Chestnut Hill was right on target for this newer field of computational biology. It’s also referred to as bioinformatics because it integrates biology, computer science, mathematical modeling, and statistics to solve data-heavy biological problems. Major teaching hospitals are among leaders in this area, as are pharmaceutical companies, as they look more and more to developing personalized medicine and examining pharmacogenomics. And I wasn’t even a biology major at CHC!”

The Martin Foundation Rocco & Barbara D'Iorio Martino '60 (D) Estate of Theresa R. Mazeika Michael & Margaret Carney McCaffery '77 (D) Peter J. McGlinchy (D) & Cheryl McGlinchy Austin & Margaret Bennett McGreal '60

Maureen Stolzer ’04 (computer and mathematical sciences); dual degrees: Ph.D., biology, and M.Sc., machine learning, Carnegie-Mellon University, August 2011; during a visit to CHC in September and describing the paper she presented at an international conference on the mathematical model she developed to infer how changes in gene content arise.

Robert L. McNeil, Jr.* Estate of Joan Menaquale '53 Metanexus Institute

21 » aspire. believe. commit. » donor report 2013

George & Anne Duffy Mirsch '52

Jack Sandoski (D) & Kathleen Sandoski

David & Carolyn Sagendorph Montgomery '97

John & Margaret Higgins Schmitt '92

Blanche Haviland Moore '50

Mary Lou Sciarrillo '66

The Morris Charitable Trust

Frank* & Veronica Sessa '93 SCPS*

Sean & Catherine Lockyer Moulton '92 (D)

F. Michael Sharp

Ryan Murphy (S) & Krista Bailey Murphy (A)

Estate of Hugh J. P. & Joan Eichenberg Sinclair '53

National Collegiate Athletic Association

Sisters of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia

The Navesink Foundation (J. Hugh & Anne O’Shea Devlin ’64)

Catherine Sladowski, M.D. '66*

Thomas & Jill Nerney '83 SGS Jeff Niessen & Elizabeth A. Schlosser '84 The Estate of Natalie Nevins '47 Thomas & Margaret Conlan O'Brien '62 Shaun F. O'Malley (D) & Lyn Buchheit Anna Connor O'Riordan, M.D. '53 Margaret Richardson O'Rourke '51 Brian Ortale, J.D. & Lynn Ortale, Ph.D. (A) Mary Katherine Ortale '16 Bill & Mary Noel Page C. Lowell Parsons, M.D. & JoEllen Noonan Parsons '66 (D) Charles & Nancy McCarthy Pashley '78 John Charles & Kathryn S. Redmond Foundation Patricia Harper Petrozza, M.D. '74 Susan M. Pisano '71 M. Nancy Burczewski Portland '64 James Quaremba, Esq. & Amelia Petitti Quaremba, Ph.D. '64

David & Jodie King Smith '94, '01 SGS (A) The W.W. Smith Charitable Trust Kenneth J. Soprano, Ph.D. (F) & Dianne Soprano, Ph.D. Harold & Ann Rusnack Sorgenti '58 Estate of Cecile P. Driscoll Speranza J. Clark & Alice Steinman Peter & Sara Young Stoll '62 Israel Concepcion & Lauri Strimkovsky, MBA (A) Surdna Foundation, Inc. John & Regina Voelker Tauke '60 Alyce Taylor '97 Robert & Anne Brannan Teufel ’60 Alexis & Maureen Schmidt Thielens '62 M. Regina O'Neill Thomas '51 Mary Connelly Tripodi '37 Clara Tucker, Ph.D. '52 Kathleen Wagner '60 Richard & Denise Bonner Wall '58 Harry & Marianne McGurk Wallaesa '87, '92 SGS

Kenneth & Janet Brown Quintal '70 (D)

Karen S. Wendling, Ph.D. '03 (F)

Philip F. & Susan Roberts Radomski '86

Woodrow Wendling, M.D., Ph.D. & Susan Wendling

Laura Hentz Remmey '52

J.J. White Inc.

Stan & Sherri Retif '09 SGS

Vincent Zarro, M.D. & Barbara Hogan Zarro, Ph.D. '73 SCPS (F)

Robert Riethmiller, Jr. (D) & Anne Riethmiller The John Sabia Family

Ronald Zemnick (D) & Carol Voelmle Zemnick '75

Co-chair Margaret Carney McCaffery ’77 leads guests in applauding the public launch of CHC’s comprehensive campaign.

donor report 2013 » aspire. believe. commit. » 22



Norman Bell & Leslie Wilson-Myers • Brenda Simmons ’12 SCPS Frank & Rosemary Magee Cicchiello ’61 50th Wedding Anniversary • Jack Gulati & Rosemary Murphy Gulati ’61 In Honor of Class of 2016 • Mary Katherine Ortale ’16 Nancy DeCesare, IHM, Ph.D. • Leslie Hoover Joan Mathers Eaves’ ’52 Birthday • Maryann & John Whalen For my father who always encouraged me to excel • William & Valerie Greco-Hunt, M.D. ’82 Winifred Antoinette Taylor Ford ’63 • Melvin & Winifred Taylor Ford ’63 In Honor of Olivia Gorczynski • Olivia Blaszka Marie & Robert Janosov • Jason Janosov ’12 Jessica Kahn, Ph.D. (F) & Dominic Cotugno, Ed.D. (F) • Vernon Cheatham ’12 Dr. Meredith Kneavel (F) for Undergraduate Psychology Department • Karen Gould The Marino/Kelly/O’Toole Families • Cecilia Marino Bri Meade ’16, Gabbie Valvano ’16, Emorie Keimig ’16 & Chelsea Rachwal ’16 • Mary Katherine Ortale ’16 Julia McBride • Patricia McBride Haines Carol Melvin Pate, Ed.D. (F) • Sheena Harris ’12 Janice Arleth Reilly ’54 • James & Caroline Reilly Dignan, M.D. ’89 Margaret Anne Reynolds • Francis Reynolds ’94 SGS Phyllis Roche ’65 70th Birthday • John & Joanne Kozin Sister Margaret Mary "Margi" Savage, SSJ • Maureen T. Savage Sisters of Saint Joseph • Mary Katherine Ortale ’16


Student Activities Office • Caroline Stutz ’12 Raymond Thomas & Helen Branagan Thomas ’52* • Mary Merz Berko ’52

contributions honoring or memorializing the following individuals.

Jan & Dan Vile • Kaitlyn Marie Vile ’12


Mary Eichorn Adams ’58 • William & Marguerite Stein Zuccarello ’58 Maryanne Hahl Anderson, Ph.D. ’58 • Jolande Jong Chiu ’58 Joseph Baldino • Anthony & Camille Maglio James D. Barry, Husband of Mary Dougherty Barry ’48 • John & Catherine Wilson O’Brien ’48 • James & Mary Campbell Simons ’48 Marie Badecker Benas ’48 • Thomas & Midge DeSimone Michael Branca • Anthony & Camille Maglio Regina Brimmer, SSJ ’40 (S) • 160over90 • Anonymous (2) • Anthony Acquaviva • Alpha Lambda Delta • Helen V. Bambino & Family • Frank & Nancy Brown • Buccafuri Family • Raymond & Wilhelmina Capriotti • Carol Consorto (S) • Helene M. Dick • Kathleen D. Donahue • Kimberly & Thomas Donahue • Veronica M. Donahue • Edward & Corinne Doyle • Patricia McCrossen-Friedrich • Jeanne M. Golden • Maureen & Robert Graul • Elaine R. Green, Ed.D. (A) • Mary Groome • Albert & Claudia Jaskel • Kevin & Robin Kelley • Doris J. Kerker • Mary P. Larario • Constance A. Lemongelli

donor report 2013 » tribute fund » 24


During the 2013 fiscal year, Chestnut Hill College received

Margaret Thompson, SSJ, M.F.A. ’04 SGS (F) • Amri Love ’12

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Co-Workers of James Lemongelli Joseph & Carolyn Lemongelli Matthew & Mary Groome Lewis ’67 Kay & Raymond Lukas Dennis & Janice McCrossen Joan B. McCrossen Paul & Donna Myers Brian Ortale, J.D. & Lynn Ortale, Ph.D. (A) Mary Katherine Ortale ’16 Kenneth & Mary Pennington Rita M. Petela Psychology Graduate Division Mark & Cheryl Rosenfeld Maureen R. Shaw Irene Siatkowski Lori Wyatt & Jeanne VanOsten Bernice N. Zgalich

Kate Britt • Valerie L. Adams • Rick Andrews • Mary Augustine ’79, ’85 SGS • Deborah Baker • Sutapa Bakshi ’12 SCPS • The Bala House Montessori School • Noreen Brandt Boggi • Marti C. Bondelid • Ann O’Donnell Breen • Earl & Maureen Britt • Robert & Cathlene Britt • Patricia M. Caporale • Childrens House of Exton • Childtowne, Inc. • Enes Colaianni • Janet Colaianni (F) • Mark & Marie Zdebski Conti ’80, ’85 SGS • Neepa Dahr • Phyllis A. Ditlow • Marie M. Dugan • Kathleen Dzura • Sharyn Foster ’83 SGS • Kathleen Galvin

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Nancy Gavin Joel Marucheck & Helena Grady Thorsten & Sandra Graef Andra Dicesare Gurin ’12 SGS Marsha Kurman Hirschhorn Mary Ann Jackson & Craig Jackson Maria Kaminstein Danielle DiLeo Kim Marie T. Kneidinger Lansdale Montessori School, Inc. Marjorie Lawless, SSJ ’82 SGS Mary C. LeFever Patricia M. McGrath Joseph & Maureen McKernan Media Children’s Inc. Mary Christella Mitchell, RSM Montessori Community School of Newtown, LLC The Montessori School Terry Black & Patricia Ann Nardone Vincent & Patricia McLaughlin Navitsky ’79, ’85 SGS William & Maria Pascale-Boni ’82 Joan & Peter Raiti Douglas & Cynthia Roberts Ellen Rosenberg Christine E. Sapp Patricia Sinot Linda Stulz Roseann Tribuiani, SSJ ’82 SGS Bunny Verbit Jay J. Vigdor The Walden School Suzanne Wallace

Jane McGuckin Buczkowski ’53 • Rita Ciotti Altman, Ed.D. ’53 • Dolores Sejda Aversa ’53 • Josephine Sciarrotta Bagley ’53 • Francis and Marilyn Bryan Birkmeyer ’53 • Patricia Malloy Cavanaugh ’53 • Robert & Elaine Burchill Corcoran ’53

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Annette Seiler Coyle ’53 Peggy Derham Dolan ’53 Eugene & Joan Kaul Donohoe ’53 Eileen Haviland Finegan ’53 Patrick & Charlotte McClaskey Friel ’53 Francis & Mary Silcox Gleason ’53 Thomas & Odette Scharr Goodsite ’53 John & Gloria Massey Harkins ’53 Colette Robillard Kelly ’53 Donald & Eileen Kelly Lammers ’53 Maureen Reilly Leonhardt ’53 Eileen Connors Linehan ’53 Margaret Linnehan ’53 Henry & Margaret O’Neill Lipinski ’53 Thomas & Joyce Scheer Lynch ’53 Charles & Patricia Wallace MacGillivray ’53 Barbara Piga Marcouiller ’53 Mary M. Martire ’53 Patricia McDonald ’53 Thomas & Joan Wood McEnaney ’53 Edward and Jeane Rossberg McGinn ’53 Anne McGeehan McGovern ’53 James & Kathleen Canedo Mee ’53 Jeremiah & Nancy Leonard O’Connor ’53 Agnes Dorasavage Palko ’53 Mary McCabe Shields ’53 Helene Hornyak Tuckwood ’53 Carmen Costanza Veit ’53 Louis & Janet MacCausland Welsh ’53 Selma Koury-Wunderlich ’53

Martha Ann Murphy Burns ’61 • John & Mary Alice Butler Warwick ’61 Elizabeth Kincaid Canapary ’58 • William & Marguerite Stein Zuccarello ’58 Sister Marie Therese Cogan, SSJ, Ph.D. • Michael & Rosemarie Litterio Shannon ’68 Harriet Corrigan, SSJ, Ph.D. ’54 • Robert & Ellen Whiteside Byrne ’56 • L. Kevin & Evelyn McCrossen McChesney ’54


Elvira Guinta Criniti • Anthony & Camille Maglio

Jane "Skippy" Donnelly McGoldrick ’53 • Anna Connor O’Riordan, M.D. ’53

Deceased Members of the Class of 1952 • Maryann & John Whalen

Regina Casey McGinley McLean ’50 • Paul & Annette Coleman • Margie Henry • Kathleen V. Lyons

Patrick Marie Flood, SSJ, Ph.D. • John & Mary Jo Calhoun Egoville ’63 Rita Madeleine Gruber, SSJ ’30 • Kathryn Gruber Satori ’54 Edward Leo Hennessy, SSJ, Ph.D. & Maria Sancta • Glenda Battistini Daulerio ’73 Mary Iannello • Anthony & Camille Maglio Doris Kelly ’56 • Robert & MaryEllen McFadden Barry ’56 • John & Patricia Andris Walsh ’56 Alice O’Neill LaPlante ’53 • Julie Deardorff • Meg Trausch Catharine "Kay" Kiely Leydon ’48 • Georgene Ambrose • Mary Joan Carson • Mary T. Connor • Marie DiBerardino, Ph.D. ’48 • Malvin & Patricia Dougherty • Michael & Nancy Curtis Duzy ’46 • Peter Galipault & Nancy Bellantone • Patricia McBride Haines • Margaret Mary Kiley • John & Catherine Wilson O’Brien ’48 • Michael J. Olley Vincent Lemongelli • Co-Workers of James Lemongelli • Kevin & Robin Kelley • Joseph H. Van Osten III • Alan Wendell • Bernice N. Zgalich Eva Maria Lynch, SSJ, Ph.D. • Anna Marie Barone ’57 • Grace Corr Haenn ’54 • John & Cecilia Mohl McAleer ’78 • Louis & Patricia Parrella Orlando ’68 • Bonnie Word, M.D. ’78 Sister Marge Matthews • Margaret Matthews ’69 Miriam Elizabeth McCoy, SSJ, Ph.D. • Theodore & Deborah Dougherty Flint ’59 Kathleen Martin McFadden ’65 • Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Larkin

Salvatore Merlino • Anthony & Camille Maglio

Dorothy Miller • Anonymous

Mary Ann Cunningham Pierfy ’63 • Mary Flannery Calise ’63

Eleanor Marie Miller, SSJ, Ph.D. • Zachariah & Sharon Smith Gardlund ’61

Evelyn Guarnieri Powers ’69 • Madeleine DuPree • N. A. Gillen ’69

Sister Gini Mc Menamin • Thomas & Sandra Cupini Hagenbarth ’63

Elaine Capparell Minger ’63 • Mary Flannery Calise ’63 Linda Walsh Mita ’63 • John & Mary Jo Calhoun Egoville ’63 Dolores B. Metzke Mitchell ’66 • Francis & Mary O’Connor Gentile, Ed.D. ’66

• • • • • • • • • • •

Jonathan & Francine Klein Michael & Nancy Lipski David & Shirley May Kathryn A. Panzitta Daniel & Rita Reven Mary A. Schleher Karlyn Sibel Dennis & Lois Warburton Lee Michael & Betheny Warburton Terrance & Constance Warburton Mary Beth Wood

Emma Pukas ’88 • Richard & Beth Davey Rosso ’88 Rosemary Carr Rinehart ’50 • Thomas & Sheila Rinehardt, Jr. William Sauer • Anthony & Camille Maglio

Raymond Joseph Murphy, SSJ • William Brobst, Ph.D. & Susan Wentland Brobst, Ph.D. ’83

Nedra Saxon • Scott Saxon

Martha Hentz Murray ’56 • Philip Murray

Ann Malaney Savage ’57 • John & Mary Ellen McClain Carson ’57 • Catherine & Robert Savage

Roselyn Naselli • Anthony & Camille Maglio Our Parents • Philip McGovern, Ph.D. & Mary McGovern Rosemarie Paci & Bill Adams • John & Cheryl Paci Dorothy Lawler Patterson ’37 • Gary & Betsy Patterson-Patterson ’68 Matthew Robert Pattley • Wayne & Anne Almond • Gary & Cynthia Amoss • Stephen & Margaret Barker • Gerald & Pamela Cutchineal • Kristin Delucci • Joseph M. Fedorchak • Charlotte Grodzki • Louis & Theresa Groves • Jeffrey & Cynthia Haines • David & Carol Hendrickson • Elizabeth L. Henry • Frances Hrabchak • Patricia Ann Hulse • Johnna S. Kelbaugh

Leonard Siegel • Philip & Lisa Alandt • Daniel & Eileen Alva • Automobile Dealers Association of Greater Philadelphia • Paul & Marie Pelliccio Berenato ’57 • Lois Edelstein • Marilyn I. Eisner • Murph & Gladys Hertzfield • Hoffman Ford • Harold R. Isdaner • Isabel Long • John Luciano • McCafferty Ford Sales, Inc. • Paul & Wendy Rosen • Carl & Carole Seligman • Robert & Ellen Seltzer • Alfred & June Waber • Bonnie R. Young Catherine Sladowski, M.D. ’66 • Peter & Stephanie O’Connell Siegrist, M.D. ’84 Margaret Callaghan Steficek ’77 • Carl & Irene Ampthor Tori ’77

Tess Stempler • Anthony & Camille Maglio

Mary Lou Welding • John Welding

Helen Branagan Thomas ’52 • Anonymous

Gerald F. Wible & Elizabeth Oswald Wible ’39 • Joseph Wible

Mark Ulakovic • Maureen Clarie Ulakovic ’64

Anne Butler Wigmore ’58 • John & Mary Alice Butler Warwick ’61 • William & Marguerite Stein Zuccarello ’58

Jean F. Vale • Brian Ortale, J.D. & Lynn Ortale, Ph.D. (A) Kathryn Hibbs Voit, Ed.D. ’58 • William & Marguerite Stein Zuccarello ’58 Joan Loughlin Welch ’49 • William, Ruth & Brenda Collins • Thomas A. Loughlin

Anita Wilson • Brian Ortale, J.D. & Lynn Ortale, Ph.D. (A) Mr. and Mrs. George Wilson, Sr. • Brian Ortale, J.D. & Lynn Ortale, Ph.D. (A) David Zukauskas • Tan Tang ’07


Stephen Berk, Ph.D. • Tamara April-Davis • Diane Arnold (S) • Scott Browning, Ph.D. (F) • Born To Run, Inc. • Marykate Burke • William A. Cafiero • Thomas Cafiero • Patricia M. Canning ’70 (S) • Richard & Joanne Cohen • Marie Conn, Ph.D. (F) • Bancroft Davis • Jeanne DiVincenzo, Psy.D. ’04 SGS, ’09 SGS (F) • Joseph & Ann Voorhees Durshaw, Psy.D. ’98 SGS • Jay Efran • Event Strategy Group • Saul & Stephanie Finkle • Claudia Garcia-Leeds (F) • Kathleen & Raymond Gardner • Steven Guerriero, Ph.D. (A) • Alfred J. Hillwig, Psy.D. ’03 SGS • Susan Hoey • Huntingdon Valley Bank • Iron Hill Brewery • Gloria Jones • Rutvi Kapadia • Meredith Kneaval, Ph.D. (F) • Ann Kneavel • Debra Lawrence (F) • Sylvia Loumeau • Rosemarie Manfredi

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Susan McGroarty, Ph.D. (F) Monique Melmed (S) & Anthony Schifano Merck & Company, Inc. Meridian Counseling Services LLC Elizabeth Michener-Wall Joseph Micucci, Ph.D. (F) Sara Mix Ryan Murphy (S) & Krista Bailey Murphy (A) John L. Melvin, M.D. & Carol Melvin Pate, Ed.D. (F) Philadelphia Society of Clinical Psychologists Nancy Porter, Ph.D. (F) Professional Psychology Students Deborah Roderick Jana Rostocki Cheryll Rothery, Psy.D. (F) Laura Serbonich ’10 SGS Thomas Serbonich Leslie Shralow (F) Shannon Snellman Jessica Stripp Lisa Taylor Christina Villani Eileen Kirby-Webb ’07 SCPS (S) Eric Weinstein ’05 SGS Elissa & Christopher Werner Sarah Seth Whalen Fred & Teri Meniketti Wiedeman-Rouse ’05 SGS (AD) (F) Christopher Wood Vincent Zarro, M.D. & Barbara Hogan Zarro, Ph.D. ’73 SCPS (F)

25 » tribute fund » donor report 2013




Gifts up to $99

The percentage listed next to each class represents the total

Vera Kolarsick Balceniuk Jacqueline Carroll O’Donnell Pia Badt Troutman

participation rate for the fiscal year. For the 2013 fiscal year,


the SUS alumni participation rate was 20 percent.

CLASS of 1940 (43%)

CLASS of 1942 (25%)

CLASS of 1944 (23%)




Mary Katherine Schubert Denny


Regina Brimmer, SSJ* Lee Bailey MacMurtrie

Madeleine Bennis Degnan Rita Cook Lade Delia Schiavi Melograna Jeanne Sweeney Nelson

Jane Delaney Blank Sarah Hodson Connor Lucille Cox Novotny

Gifts up to $99

Gifts up to $99

Mariagnes O’Neill Brown Helene Purtell McIntyre Patricia O’Malley Pfizenmayer

Dorothy Platner Way

Gifts up to $99 Madeline Conti Mary Barbara O’Neill Philpott Margaret Walsh Ryan

CLASS of 1943 (28%)

CLASS of 1945 (27%)


CLASS of 1941 (6%)


Marjorie Binder Rosemary McCarron Flannery, Esq. Betty Lou Froustet


Ann Holloway Charlesworth



Ruth Mulligan

Mary Ann Keegan

Anne Buchy Elden

PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $1,000+ Peggy Grant Malone

$100-$249 Joan Haran Gloe

Nancy Curtis Duzy Mary Therese Joyce Margaret Boyle Mahon Marjorie Erickson McDevitt Elizabeth MacFarland McKeown Florence Brennan Ricciuti, Ph.D.

CLASS of 1947 (47%) PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $1,000+

Estate of Ellen Logue* Helene Boffa McGuinn Natalie Nevins*

Catherine Austermehle Hrybyk

Number of Donors


Kathryn Angelo Bacon Elizabeth Brown Foley Patricia Garrity Kasper Jeanne Grant O’Neill Jeanne Carpenter Hanes Romano Marianne Connor Warnick

PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $1,000+ Marie DiBerardino, Ph.D. Frances McCarron Harper Mary-Jo Heile Hogan* Patricia F. Kelleher Janet Smith Murphy

$500-$999 Gertrude O’Donnell Donze

$250-$499 Marguerite D’Auria Szawlewicz Helen West


Rita Luczynski Brzezinski Joan Van Bourgondien Condit Mary Frances Kenny Fay

Mary Catherine O’Brien Fallon

Gifts up to $99

CLASS of 1948 (43%)

Gifts up to $99



Gifts up to $99

CLASS of 1946 (29%)

Anne M. DeVenuto Grey Eileen Regan Plichta Juanita Covas Swain

Ann Donoghue Conley Mary Claire O’Keefe McIntyre Catherine Wilson O’Brien H. Jaixen Rabinovitz

Participation Rate

















donor report 2013 » school of undergraduate studies class giving » 26





Gifts up to $99


A. Klair McGlynn Filarsky Ellen Richardson Klammer Catharine Kiely Leydon* Loretta C. Moya Mary Grace Uttinger Palis Mary Campbell Simons

CLASS of 1949 (26%) PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $1,000+ Maude Meehan Belli Roberta Rini Cartlidge

$250-$499 Kathryn Lippman Conte Carmen Echevarria Garcia


Patricia Tully Bannan Margaret Roe Diemer Kathleen Allen Kehoe Florence Jurewicz Korzinski Dolores Topoleski Pontone

Gifts up to $99

Elizabeth Webb Dixon Helen Austermehle Dykhoff Isabel O’Connor Egan Rita Sokol Eisler Irene Smith Gillespie Ann Manning Honeycutt

CLASS of 1950 (45%) PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $1,000+ Frances Horan Del Duca, Esq. Mary Crecca Kenny Blanche Haviland Moore Dorothy O’Brien*

Joan Byrne Murphy



Number of Donors

Mary Connor Brandt Joan McGuigan Evans Gerda Steinhauer Koetter Helen Kurz Elizabeth Laufer, M.D. Virginia Mitchell O’Neill Margaret McKernan Pfeifer Rosemary Campbell Romasco Marianne Taulane Ann Meagher Williams Helen Zeiser

Irma Ashenbrenner Barbara MacCausland Clarke Rosemary McGranery Dougherty Helen Robertshaw Emge Mary Levin Englebert Sally Quinney Ryan Patricia Stillmun Shelton Patricia Regan Sullivan Veronica Petrusky Suppa Frances Pickess Woods

CLASS of 1951 (47%) PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $1,000+ Bernardine Keeler Abbott Joan Fitzpatrick Marvin

$250-$499 Bernadette Power Barnhurst Genevieve Koehler Sweet M. Regina O’Neill Thomas


Caryl Brown Anne Callery Carney Carolyn Baldino Conboy Mary Mahoney Corini Barbara Murray Dennen Kathleen Gillespie Barbara Alexander Kegelmeyer Phyllis Basenfelder Kennedy Susan Maloney Mary Elizabeth Murphy Murray Ellen Mullany O’Laughlin Bernadette Fortune Pettine Helen Miller Sexton

Gifts up to $99

Patricia Whalen Bolger Patricia Higgins Green Theresa Hunt Imms Suzanne Gleason Kennedy Joan Amberg Kineke Helen Gross King Nancy Schmidt Murphy

Pura Bigles Brennan Eileen Downey Farrell Mary Clare Martin Guinther Mary Brady Mommessin Anne Crowhurst O’Brien Joyce O’Neill

CLASS of 1953 (68%) PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $1,000+

CLASS of 1952 (47%)

PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $1,000+ Louise Bradley Ruth Wingel Doyle Joan Mathers Eaves Helen Gruber Marie McDermott Keeley Laura Hentz Remmey Joan Toohey Rochford Clara Tucker, Ph.D.

Marilyn Heitzman Kehoe Colette Robillard Kelly Patricia Wallace MacGillivray Joan Wood McEnaney Anna Connor O’Riordan, M.D.

Rita Ciotti Altman, Ed.D. Charlotte McClaskey Friel Carmen Costanza Veit

Barbara Carli Bettyanne Geikler

Mary Merz Berko Joan Gerard Larkin Betty Ann O’Donnell Richter

Gifts up to $99

Josephine Sciarrotta Bagley Marilyn Bryan Birkmeyer Elaine Burchill Corcoran Annette Seiler Coyle Joan Kaul Donohoe Eileen Haviland Finegan Odette Scharr Goodsite Margaret Linnehan Anne McGeehan McGovern Kathleen Canedo Mee Nancy Leonard O’Connor Helene Hornyak Tuckwood




Patricia Malloy Cavanaugh Peggy Derham Dolan Mary Silcox Gleason Gloria Massey Harkins Eileen Kelly Lammers Margaret O’Neill Lipinski Joyce Scheer Lynch Patricia McDonald Agnes Dorasavage Palko Mary McCabe Shields Anne Reynolds Smart Janet MacCausland Welsh Selma Koury Wunderlich

CLASS of 1954 (40%)





Claire Harrison Cocklin Mary Alexander Graham Elizabeth Dinan Lutz Joan Schmitt Markham Louise McCoy Marie Harbina Mockler Margaret Stehli Morris Marita Howard O’Rourke Helen D. Hoag Strobel Rosemary Boccella White

Gifts up to $99

Gifts up to $99

Elizabeth Allen* Catharine Gallagher Brockway


Elizabeth Meier Greene Shirlee Repak Gubernat

Dolores Sejda Aversa Constance Peacock Feraco Maureen Reilly Leonhardt Eileen Connors Linehan Barbara Piga Marcouiller Mary Martire Jeane Rossberg McGinn

Eileen O’Rourke Atkinson Pamela Orsini Grimmé Patricia Crane Lynch Mary Lou Stafford McGill


Joan Hartmann Bamberger Marie McCridden Burke Madeleine Gercke Costigan Clara McNierney Doyle Mary Wiesner Edell

Participation Rate

















27 » school of undergraduate studies class giving » donor report 2013


Grace Corr Haenn Mary Harrington Leonard Anne Branagan Letter Ann Brosseau McCall Evelyn McCrossen McChesney Joan Shelley McLaughlin Mary Resinski Murphy, M.D. Janice Arleth Reilly Mary Jane Maher Smith Joan McCafferty Stapleton* Judith Sullivan Anita Esposito Varga

Gifts up to $99

Muriel Watman Dreswick Virginia Redmond Grover Margaret Keegan Lawn Ernestine Petorella Medeck Catherine O’Flaherty Kathryn Gruber Satori

Elvira Cordasco Sax Gwendolyn Feaster Trautwein

Gifts up to $99

PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $1,000+ Janet Rutan Bowers Beverly Kray Connolly Regina Cuta, M.D. Anne Daly Holland

Joan McDermott Bellwoar Helen Devine Coen Wilma Carson Kellerman, M.D. Jean Schwartz, M.D. Kathleen Bonner Schwartz



Number of Donors

Constance Bissell Bissell Gleeson Christine Brennan Conover Beatrice Jungblut Dante Nancy Quinton Falls Charlotte Branagan Farley Margaret Fleming, SSJ Jane Ellen Higgins Kelly, Ed.D. Marianne Miller Martha Freiling Peterson Clare Shanahan Agnes Costello Walker Lynn Murray White

Gifts up to $99


Margaret Mary McDermott Keeler Elizabeth Harvey Majane

$500-$999 Marie Pelliccio Berenato Arlene Hausmann Annunciata Torrese Milani


Maryann Wessel Beitel Ellen Whiteside Byrne

Kathryn Peters Hill Joan McGrath Reynolds Diane Napoli O’Grady Miriam Fenerty Sullivan Anne Marie Boehnke Winkle

Anne Dever Bancroft Anna Marie Barone Constance Murray Becker Mary Ellen McClain Carson Patricia Amend Ellard Mary Jane Harford Ferro Mary Spence McCue Beverly Johnston McIntyre Irene Nowak Musman C. Patricia O’Hara Rutter Joan McFadden Sawoski Katherine Labrecque Skiba

Gifts up to $99

Kathleen Gercke Silk Phyllis Sullivan Stacy

Rosemarie Schmitt Clark Margaret Walsh Davies Clare Anne McDonald Diviny Maryanne Rafferty Dunmire Lynne Fowler Scarpiello

CLASS of 1958 (51%) PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $1,000+

Rosemarie O’Brien Cleaver Suzanne K. Dufrasne Maryann Boehmer Froehlich Sarah Mansell Guilfoyle Gwendolen Forsyth Hurley Maureen MacLean McCord, Esq. Ann Rusnack Sorgenti Lois Hoffner Udicious



Barbara Costigan Brennan Patricia Andris Walsh

Catherine Condon Johnston Lois Steppacher Lazzarino

Mary Juel Rockwell Boast Emily Landers Boyan Dorothy Stemmler Maurer Barbara McGurn Barbara Beers Oberle Mary Elizabeth Peek Judith Dougherty Reidy


MaryEllen McFadden Barry Barbara Griffiths Olivieri Eleanor Craig Utzig


Betty Amici Larson Esther Moriarty McCarthy Patricia Belcher Monaghan Marylou Dughi Sklar

CLASS of 1957 (40%)



M. Carol Snyder Collins Joanne Rossberg DeSantis Sonia Bredderman Kolota Mildred Renner Pfeifer Madeleine Glynn Whittaker

CLASS of 1956 (54%)

CLASS of 1955 (38%) PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $1,000+

Regina Gercke McConnell Margaret Quinn Mohr Barbara Hurlbrink Schwitzer Dorothy Holmes Wentland


Mary Jane Pasha Franco Barbara Merck Kearns Cecilia Greene McCarthy Anna Marie McKenna Jean Campbell Sterling


Mary Dugery Brandenstein Clare McConnell Brown Jolande Jong Chiu Virginia Reilly Coester Mary Catherine Curran Myra Hayes Sonia Gotay Hernandez Marianne Sim Lee Joanne Ryan Luecke Angela Romano Moore Nora Golden O’Malley Joanne Pascuzzi Mary Pollitt Carolyn Inglesby Rusin

Deborah Werst Seigman Margaret Walsh Shubnell Ruth Tushup Tierney Helen Gleeson Wachendorfer Janice Kitley Yurasek Marguerite Stein Zuccarello

Gifts up to $99

Patricia Gallagher Fleck Joan McDermott Forry M. Eileen Foxhill McGlone Dolores Moriarty, SSJ Joan Kleckner Rice

CLASS of 1959 (40%) PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $1,000+

Mary Ann Miller Beatty, Ph.D. Young-Shin Chang Barrie Thomas Fahey Deborah Dougherty Flint Janet Dugansky Lonney Kathleen McDermott Strott


Patricia Turvey Dellomo Kathleen M. Donnelly Anna Dechet Reller Barbara Stoll Russell

$250-$499 Aminta Woodley Burnett Carole Storch O’Dwyer


Miriam Quinn Blimm Martha Wohlfert Cacciamani Anne Harvie Howard Patricia Harford Hueber Charlotte Kelley Hyer Phyllis Gott Shea Jane Grasso Sinek Ann Brennan Toner

Participation Rate

100 100


80 80











donor report 2013 » school of undergraduate studies class giving » 28




Gifts up to $99

Margaret Dickinson Campbell Carol Brokars Carr Therese Rowley Cechony Anne Caruso Desy Eleanor Mason Gulczynski H. Barbara Johnson Hock Raimonda Binkis Kontrimas Mary Gallagher O’Neill E. Barry Dolaway Woolson

Bernadine McGrath Brown Helen Kates Casey Patricia Kisielewski Juenger Mary Magee Onofrietto, Ph.D. Margaret Ryan Joanne Grimm Seaver Patricia Walsh Sterner


CLASS of 1961 (39%)

Anastasia Hagan Bacon, Ed.D. Mary Lee Rothwell Corr Eileen Long Hessman Barbara D’Iorio Martino Margaret Bennett McGreal (D) Regina Voelker Tauke Anne Brannan Teufel Helen Mikula Vassily Kathleen Wagner Mary Gallagher Wattis

$250-$499 Deborah Daly Bohan Anne DePiano Holderness Christine Desrochers Smith Barbara Wenthe McCarthy



Carol Cheleden Alcorn Patricia Doran Benkovic Aida Berzins Mary Hurley Birch Mildred Murphy DeRiggi, Ph.D. Marie Micale Dumbra Mary Serroi Jaklevic, M.A. Susannah Linton Kirchner

Ellen Barrett Lynne Smith Brown Patricia Orna LeVarn Barbara Holm Quinn M. Jane Rosener Kathleen Mahoney Sykes Mary Louise Tackas Elaine Bevevino Trevey

CLASS of 1962 (31%)



Elissa Imbriaco Breiling Barbara Donovan Mary Isabel Lambert Glenn Rosemary Murphy Gulati Miriam Gibbons Mandell Marilyn Johnson McCarron Angela Clement Tague

Barbara Gallo Draper Sandra Johnson Helverson Kathryn Coyne Keegan

Judith Bourgeois Jensen

Ann Tushim Csink Catherine Brannan Dunn Beatrice Gallagher Grabish Sharon Smith Gardlund Judith Hadden Lutolf V. Sheila Boyle Otto Susan Enright Ryan Nancy Koonmen Schmidtmann Rosemary Amberg Spezzo Barbara Walter Ullery Mary Alice Warwick Suzanne Pfizenmayer Wiley

Gifts up to $99



Gifts up to $99

CLASS of 1960 (35%)

Michele Mustello Mary K. Reeber Anne March Roan Marie Gallagher Sweeney

Maureen Gillen Chan Jeanne Labrecque Gagliano Helen Baum Miller Linda McKenna Roxe Kathleen McBride Shoup


Carol Gray Bacica Maripat Martin Brophy Nancy Nuffort Brown Jo Ann Ewadinger Connelly Rosemary Tighe Cozzolino

Adrienne Donaghue Gallagher Margaret Mary Green McLaughlin

$500-$999 Eugenie Callaghan Kathleen Boyle Jarvis Mary Laffan King Kathleen Kugler Sandra Glynn Lippe Catherine Ondrey Mailloux Annemarie Fliegel Quigley Sara Young Stoll Maureen Schmidt Thielens

$250-$499 Eileen D’Arcy Garvey

First-year students paint a classroom as part of a service-learning program.


Number of Donors

Participation Rate

100 100


80 80











29 » school of undergraduate studies class giving » donor report 2013




Catherine Albanese, Ph.D. Clare Cannon Breene Eileen Bradley Dever-Stonier Nancy Quinney Dominis Margaret O’Donnell Garrett Linda Hirsh Glasgow Denise Love McDaid Antoinette Gazzillo Morello Margaret Conlan O’Brien Alexandra Masiuk Rakowsky Mary Petriella Ruvo

CLASS of 1963 (64%) PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $1,000+ Patricia May Agger (D) Carolyn Bensel, Ph.D. Natalie Nolan Berkey Marion Williams Berry Catherine Devlin Linda Davis Evans Gertrude Dearie Frekko Marcia Gehman, SSJ M. Paula Nyhart Gowen Cecilia Hunt Gregory Mary Ann Conway Gursky, Esq. Sandra Cupini Hagenbarth M. Joan McGonigal Hofmann Isabel Johnson M. Catherine Kronbar Kibler Patricia McAdams, Ph.D. Joanne McFadden McBride Frances McCullen Pierce


Anita Louise Bruno, SSJ Marian Brogan Ehnow Jane Gillen Hymas Kathleen Kane Mann Diane Gillies Momich Ellen Kelley Sheehan

Number of Donors

Mary Jo Calhoun Egoville Elizabeth Nace Gumprecht Deanna Drake Hagan Geraldine Eble Hamilton Zenaida Ancheta Krablin Susan Murray Lybrook Angele Vial McGrady, Ph.D. Patricia McGee Sharkey Rosalie Papa Shaw, Ed.D. Martha Shockey Ruth Walker Elizabeth Tucker Werner


Elizabeth Sieburg Richter Carroll Lanman Schleppi Anne Siegfried Katherine R. Roach Sullivan Joan Willey Thirion Adriana D’Alessandro Walheim


Margaret Fick Edmonds Patricia Mullins Evans Winifred Ford Anita Jeutter Gledhill Lynn Cozza Goodman Jeanne Bireline Henderson Margaret Hennessy Kathleen Brown Hyland Joanne Santarone Johnston Lucille McGrenra Kelly Mary Grall Killmer Cecile Heebner Knies Louise Mann M. Eileen McDonough, Ed.D. Margaret Meade Sara Lee Hayden Murphy Dolores Horrigan Ozar

Mary Louise Malfatto Alexander Mary Ruth Wiegard Becker Sondra Bergey Catherine Smith Burton Carole Wimberg Cadora Sabina Clarke Margaret Atanasio Colucci Carol Scudo Delgado Diane Driscoll, SSJ Elizabeth Dugan Theresa Ertel Dianna Watson Fellows Kathleen Finnegan Alison Turnbull Kelley Mary Aldrich Merman Cynthia Burlick Murphy Nancy Hoffner Orr Josephine Cimino Rudolph Anne De Stefano Salvatore, Ph.D. Joan Signorovitch Denzer Constance Stark Kathleen Szautner, Ph.D. Christine Weimann Mary Ellen Gransbach Zajac

Anne O’Shea Devlin M. Eileen Janssen Amelia Petitti Quaremba, Ph.D. Margaret Jackson Quinn Lois Trench-Hines


Marylee Noonan Amato Mary Moore Baker Barbara Cruse Margaret Jarosh Doyle Diane Neary Ewing Mary Tynebor Fearn Paula Murphy Gallagher Joyce Finnegan Garrison Marianne Carlson Hall Virginia Hayes Mary Jo Bonner Lubas, M.D., Ph.D. Carol Neri Denise Murphy Phillips M. Nancy Burczewski Portland Susan Reed Sally Cavanaugh Strike Jerilyn Louis Tierney Maureen Clarie Ulakovic

Gifts up to $99

CLASS of 1964 (27%) PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $1,000+


Dorothy Palatucci Mary Ellen Scanlan, Ph.D.

Gifts up to $99


Gifts up to $99

Mary Flannery Calise Mary Jo Collins Griffin Catherine O’Donoghue Helwig Eleanor Lang, Ph.D. Joan Pietras McAuliffe Jane Wylie Quest Joanne Casacio Regli Gertrude Carlin Rutledge Joanne Cardelia Thorn

Terese Wolf DeCamara Lois Love Deibert Regina Fleming Dolores Furlan Mary Goldschmidt Galloway Phyllis Coppola Neill Gail Larkin Peach Nancy Connelly Straka Mary Ann Costello Yankosky

CLASS of 1965 (29%) PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $1,000+

Elaine Bennett Davey Kathleen Reilly Gallagher Isabelle Walsh Gundaker Regina Maxwell Schwille

Helen Chaykowsky Marie Sclafani Goldkamp Sheila Murphey, M.D. Phyllis Roche


Carol Lowe Ambacher Patricia Chiri Bell Elizabeth Newmiller King Mary Hennessey Krutulis Martha Wilderotter McDevitt Elizabeth Wible Molloy, Ph.D. Mary Flood Rellick

Gifts up to $99

Sheila Corcoran Doyle Edwina Jaworski Kirkowski Marybeth Honeyman Leary Patricia Jeskey McDermott Bonnie Vasey McDonald Elaine Palmer Meisinger Susan Brown Penrose Nancy Diamond Roche Zdanna Krawciw Skalsky Loretta Canalichio Steinmetz Rebecca Barney Timmes Denise Duckworth Tumelty

CLASS of 1966 (28%) PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $1,000+ E. Michelle Sprague Guerard Julia Heitzman Koechlin Jo Anne DiGiacomo Lechowicz Nonie Glennon Murphy JoEllen Noonan Parsons (D) Mary Kaufmann Ryan Mary Lou Sciarrillo Catherine Sladowski, M.D.* Margaret Seidel Walton

Participation Rate

100 100


80 80











donor report 2013 » school of undergraduate studies class giving » 30



Redmond Foundation


Sister’s Legacy

“Train students to independence, give them the best of a liberal arts education, and open their minds to the world around them.” Sister Catharine (third from left) began the tradition of Family Day, which she presided over with Mrs. George Porreca, Mrs. Stanley Duckworth, and Henry Schmidt in 1962.

The College presidency of Sister Maria

Begun by Sister Catharine’s brother,

Its support of two capital gift initiatives helped

Sister Catharine “exemplified for her students

Kostka Logue was a tough act to follow, to

John C. Redmond, Jr. — a highly successful

to realize projects such as Martino Hall, the first

the ideals with which she sought to inspire

say the least. But Sister Catharine Frances

manufacturing engineer and executive and a

new building on campus in more than 40 years,

them,” the Alumnae Bulletin noted upon

Redmond, Ph.D., proved a fitting successor.

longtime Flourtown resident — the foundation

whose second floor features The Redmond

her departure. “Particularly, the philosophy

has donated more than $500,000 to the

Foundation Classroom.

that a woman’s life is one of loving service to

As Sister Mary Helen Kashuba, DML, notes in Tradition & Risk, the leaders followed the same philosophy: “Train students to independence, give them the best of a liberal arts education, and open their minds to the world around them.” As president from 1954 to 1968, Sister Catharine presided over the construction of Fontbonne Hall and Logue Library and guided the College through the turbulent late sixties. She left an impressive legacy, one that is upheld

College across several decades. In the early 1980s, it created a four-year scholarship in honor of John’s parents, as well as a scholarship geared to middle-income families. “My feeling is that a needy family has many avenues of help available, but the middleincome family is in a perpetual financial squeeze,” he wrote. “This is the family we want to help.”

“We hope God will bless you with the good health and continued wisdom to carry out all of

her God, to herself, to her family, and to all whom her life touches.”

your worthwhile projects,” John C. Redmond III

Through its unwavering support of education,

wrote in a recent letter to College President

the Redmond Foundation continues to touch

Carol Jean Vale, SSJ, Ph.D.

the lives of countless men and women.

The legacy of Sister Catharine carries on tangibly, as well. The College re-named the West Parlor of St. Joseph Hall the Redmond Room in her honor in the early 1970s,

today by the support of the John C. and

Now managed by John’s son, John III, the

and a plaque bearing her name greets visitors

Kathryn S. Redmond Foundation.

foundation remains a steadfast supporter of the

to Martino Hall.

College and a member of the President’s Circle.

31 » sources of commitment » donor report 2013


JULY 1, 2012 – JUNE 30, 2013


EVERY FIVE YEARS, ALUMNI ARE ASKED TO CONSIDER A special gift to honor their memories of Chestnut Hill College and each other. For some, it is to increase their most recent gift, and for others, it is to make a special gift for the first time. Reunion year alumni are invited to choose from a variety of options that reflect their interest in specific needs of the College. These options include:

• The Griffin Fund – essential unrestricted support for day-to-day operations.

• Endowment – restricted gifts for student scholarships; academic programs.

• Other Gift Designations – such as student life, campus ministry, athletics, counseling center, Logue Library, special class funds, or specific department programs.

All Reunion class gifts received from July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013 are counted toward the total dollars each class raises and toward their respective class participation rate.


Elizabeth Jachimowicz Fanuzzi Mary Angela Heller Howard, Esq.





Sandra Denenberg Hohberger Nancy McDonald Mason Mary Mulderry Mattson Mary Delia Tye Neuman, Ph.D. Lorraine A. Revello













































































Kathleen Rex Anderson, Ed.D. Martina McCarthy Ball Frances Coyle Brennan Nancy Denny Chancler Mary Alice Stein Feichtel Maribeth O’Connor Gentile, Ed.D. Carol-Jane Piltz Guardino Sara Murphey Bernadette Cosenza Prozzillo Patricia Brumberger Shields

Gifts up to $99

Jane Bentz Atesoglu Elizabeth Burns Cusack Helen Anne Quinn Lawlor Rosemary McFadden Joan Coletti Metallo Mary J. Salzmann

CLASS of 1967 (31%) PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $1,000+

M. Kathy Tigh Detrano Dorothy Kushlis Macfarlane, M.D. Margaret C. Moran (AD) Marilea Swenson

$500-$999 Noreen Kraska Caivano Margaret Kress Carson Kathleen Keirle Dougherty, Ph.D. Sandra Kuback Dowling Barbara Jani Marian Fanning McNamara, M.D. Mary F. Quinn Mary Kunberger Wehrmann


Joanne Bonavita Budwick Eileen Menegus Debesis, Ph.D. Linda Taraborrelli Donahue Katherine Ferguson Knox Barbara Merdiushev

donor report 2013 » school of undergraduate studies class giving & reunion giving fund » 32



Constance Miller Anderson Judith Brown Anne McDyre Cheney Frances Shumen Dwyer Maryl Michiels Hitchings Angela Galla Huntley Joan McFadden Jernée (AD) Patricia Walsh King Mary Groome Lewis Mary Jane Briggs Morgan Elizabeth Ann Smith Mary Hurley Sullivan Antoinette Whitmore

Catherine Devlin Suzanne Dames Gibbs Mary Lynn Kuhn Patricia Le Pera Marlene Bonacci Lynch Dorothea Klebacher Magyar Karen Seiler Marquis Jean Brennan Pivetz Kathleen Campbell Schugsta Pilar Pinili-Silva,Esq. Margaret DiSanto Storti Carmela Buccieri Sullivan

CLASS of 1968 (38%) PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $1,000+ Kathleen Clauss Borkowski Joanne Hayes-Rines Nina Buckley Yeager


Number of Donors

PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $1,000+ Judith E. Campbell Katherine Marschall, M.D.


Barbara McNamara Cubby Eleanor Cugini Faith Peoples Dillon Joyce Maurin Fonash, Ph.D. Marlyn Tome Formidoni Jane Foulkrod Galvin Maureen Burns Heacock Anne Fatkin Heim Frances Goldkamp Heim Rosa Teresa Lee Margaret McKee Madison Rosemary Marino Mangano Constance Brown Masciangelo Maryanna Massey Paula Ippolito McCarthy Judith Farrell Schadl Teresa Clark Trudeau Elizabeth Arquin Walker, DSN Carole Weizer Wynstra

Regina Mellor Dudney Margaret Matthews

Rosalie Marinari Akouka, M.D. Anna Marie Judge Croney Josephine Papso Ferguson Maryann Campbell Gans Judith Vanstone Golderer Margaret Hagerty Patricia Egan Hardy Patricia Markert Marion Jannetti Patterson Rosalie Calandra Swanson

Denise Gervase Ferrier, Ph.D. Gil Gillen Gertrude Betz Mihalcik Rebecca Preece Katherine Safford Ramus, Ed.D.


Eleanor Yoa Ayers Madeleine Dupree Dosch, M.D. Susan Rapp Halczenko Eileen Walker Phoebus Joan Pollitt Teresa Rhodes Wolliard

Gifts up to $99

Gifts up to $99

$500-$999 Joan Edmund Husted Ellen L. Miller Penny Grelis Morrison

CLASS of 1969 (18%)



Gifts up to $99

Maureen Colleran Doyle Patricia Quinn Hayden Kathleen Engel Marshall, Ph.D. Miriam Berry Moore Patricia Parrella Orlando Betsy Patterson-Patterson Patricia Scott Rosemarie Litterio Shannon Constance Parsons Wickersham

Eileen Husted Anderson Carol Dragonetti Avicolli Gioia Cianciosi Mary Hickam O’Connell Kathleen Nugent O’Driscoll Judith Lee Rieder Sally Ruttle Melanie Schultz Scott

CLASS of 1970 (26%) PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $1,000+

Kathleen Vath Campbell Claire Cifaloglio M.D. Mary C. Gallagher Mary Ann Haggerty, M.D.

Judith Perkins Janet Brown Quintal (D)

$500-$999 Judith Anne Paul Diane Stanczak

Patricia M. Canning (S) Mary Margaret Hamill Elizabeth Shafer Tetenbaum

Barbara Brand Roberta Rothwell Schillo Kathleen Wall


$100-$249 Marilyn Sutton Adomanis Felicia Corsaro Barbieri, Ph.D. Barbara Walker Erhard Sally Mauchly Fitzsimmons Mary Jane Logue Foelster Teresa Hagan Christina O’Neill Keogh Jane Serrada Lang Joan Loreng Nadine Morse Noble Judith Perkins Donna Plamondon Scully

Gifts up to $99 Maria Pugliese-Hieble, M.D. Bernadette Houghton, Ph.D. Grace Wu Ku Susan Forster Lowery Christine Peterson Lynn Diane Hugues McGinty Suzanne Talarico Russo

CLASS of 1971 (25%) PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $1,000+

Mary Ann Ballisty Bonner Roseanne O’Hanlon Duzinski Anna Marie Baker Ennis Nancy Day Kelley, Ph.D.




Clare Hamilton Bohnett Linda Sofranko Hostelley Susan M. Pisano Mary Hutko Scholl

Margaret Betz, Ph.D. Monica Cetrullo Costlow The Honorable Frederica Massiah-Jackson Rosemary Hunt Kurtz Ann O’Connor Levering Mary Virginia Ebbecke Mayer Rita McCloskey Miziorko Mary Anne Moffa Nancy Arauz Monnat Ann Marie Smith Sielski

Gifts up to $99 Blanche Goffredo Haughton Barbara Sailer Hee Susan Beyer Henschel Marilyn McCarthy Marschel Geraldine Nuzzo Antonia Palumbo Plick Frances Rafferty, Esq., Ph.D. Joy Supil Siegel Mary Kelly Whalen

CLASS of 1972 (15%) PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $1,000+ Margaret Hetzer Stuart

$500-$999 Margaret Helbling Baumann Carol A. Crisci, Esq. Frances Bonanni Hay

Participation Rate

100 100


80 80













33 » school of undergraduate studies class giving » donor report 2013



Elizabeth Lunney Joanna Rizzo Mastronardo


$250-$499 Margaret Durkin, Esq.




Hannah Brown ’13

Ann Curran Brown

Amy Bryan ’13

Christine Scott Beck Patricia Caldwell Pauline Chung Denise Errico Duffy Anna Faris DiFranco Kathleen Mooney Hennessey Ellen Loughran, Ph.D.

Gifts up to $99

Patricia Clemmer ’13 Anfrzej Debinski ’12

Kathy Gowdy

Linda Malinowski Cunningham Kathryn O’Neill Fisher Mary Ann Conway Kennedy Joanne Schmidt, Ph.D.

Elsa Dias ’13

Margarida Dias; Oliver and Elias Hernandez

CLASS of 1973 (20%)

Kaycee Flore ’13

Karen and John Flore

Maura Gilbert ’13

The Education Department

Tyrese Givens ’13

Angela Givens

Hadiya Gladney ’13

Anasia and Kyla Gladney

Alexandria Golding ’13

Biology Department and Thomas Doyle

Donald Lynch ’13

David J. Lynch, Jr.

Romona Mercer ’13

Mr. Lyman R. Mercer


Sally Ayerle Corbley Mary Tyler Muldoon Holmes Frances McCormick Murphy M. Gervase Rosenberger, Esq.

$500-$999 Frances Ciurcina Mary Little Collins

$250-$499 Cecilia Haskins

Anne Brennan Glenda Battistini Daulerio Joan Courtney Leicht Anne O’Neill Barbara Mercer Panek

Gifts up to $99

Jessica O’Neill ’13 Jessica Veazey ’13


Ann and Bob Veazey

Judith Webb ’13

Nadine Wright

Ronnie Young ’13

Sister Patricia Mengel

Anita Melograna Horth Maureen Ryan Irwin Mary Catherine Lowery Mary Ann Tancredi Maria Colella Wiemken

donor report 2013 » school of undergraduate studies class giving & 2013 senior class gift drive » 34

CLASS of 1974 (18%)




Patricia Harper Petrozza, M.D.


Elizabeth Sauter Weber

$250-$499 Carlota Garcia Colberg Madelyne Kasper McKee Mary Kinahan-Ockay

$100-$249 Janet Powers Dunne Elizabeth Mallon Hunter Anita Kan Mary Sher Kenney Mary Lenore Keszler, M.D. Joan Cawley Watson Virginia Bendinger Wischhusen

Barbara Barth Faherty Christine Fitzpatrick Valerie Mikula Hughes, D.D.S. Susan Lyons Rosemarie Tort-Schroeter Ann King Vaccaro Anne Guardino Yaccarino

Mariann Pokalo, Ph.D.


Joanne Fink (AD) Katherine Crosson Hylinski Paulette Kruk Mattia, D.C. Mary Degnan Phelps Anita Haskins Wise

CLASS of 1978 (24%) Ann Curran Brown Anna Giacalone, D.M.D. Patricia Hoffman Killion Bonnie Word, M.D.

Christine Ferraro Daniels Regina Kenny Davenport Margaret Burns DiGiacomo

Cynthia Strolle

Number of Donors

Marie Zdebski Conti Margarita Mongil-Kwoka (AD) Barbara Boyd Ward

$100-$249 Joann Bowes-Taylor

Gifts up to $99

Merce Chafey Kathleen Farrell, Esq. Susan Carpenter Kraft Helene Regetta Loretta Spanier Cecilia Cordua Stanton Bernardine Hugues Steinmetz Denise Vernon Toland

$250-$499 Amy Doyle Welin

$100-$249 Mary Augustine Diane Heverline DeWitt Patricia McLaughlin Navitsky Mary Patricia Walsh Christina Demetrovits Woody

Gifts up to $99 Eileen Miller Adelizzi Elizabeth Videira Levins Claudia Robertone


Gifts up to $99


Alison Franks Babiarz Mary Jo Dagney Maria De Luca Rita Gallo Mary Goetz Laura McCandless Green Suzanne Raymus Kuhn Marjorie Mannix Cecilia Mohl McAleer Debra McGady Nancy McCarthy Pashley

CLASS of 1979 (10%)

Kathleen Carney Cecelia Englebert-Passanza, CRNP (AD) Joanne Thomer Facci Rosy Fernandez, Ph.D. Teresa Barth Gervasio Lucille Palaszewski Kwasizur Marina Giachin Sues Irene Ampthor Tori



Lauren Maria Phillips Brennan Cecily Craig Patti Grossman Deutsch Doris Blizzard Kurash Joan Dougherty Pierson Ina Negron Zorrilla, D.M.D.

Gifts up to $99

Sharon Cameron Baldwin

Patricia Shustock Scott, O.D.

Gifts up to $99



Linda Avila Mary Simmons Limbach Nancie Ann Kenny Moebius Susan Prince Carol Voelmle Zemnick



Constance Way Dempsey Myra DiNicola Catherine Cardamone Duarte Marian Princivalle Ellis Maureen Clynes Gardiner Virginia Flynn Morris Veronica Sauter, Ph.D. Deborah Irwin Scholtz Angela-Jo Castranova Wetzel

Mary E. Brandt, Ph.D. Sandra Bumgardner, Psy.D. Anne E. Tezak


Alice Ann Gricoski Dachowski, M.D. Aurora Marrero Hughes Margaret Carney McCaffery (D)


CLASS of 1975 (24%)


CLASS of 1976 (18%)

Gifts up to $99

CLASS of 1977 (22%)

Kathleen Boran Gotthelf Jane Tomalonis Gursky Denise Roney McGonigal Denise Haskins Paolella Regina Williams Tate, Esq. Mary Capece Weinstein

Gifts up to $99


Alida Scarafone Freeman Mary Ann Velten Gilman

Patricia Kane-Vanni, Esq.*

Mary Boyle Marianne De Rosa De Alessi Barbara Hynes MacIntosh Monessa Hurley Van Cise

CLASS of 1981 (10%) $100-$249

Joanne Corini Burrell, D.M.D. Angela Promutico DiSanto Piera Infranco Gravenor Mary Ellen Boland Radloff Tracey Dever Simpson Susan Doyle Tumulty Jane Randall Conlon-Werner, Ph.D.

Gifts up to $99

Elaine Patelunas Copeland Samuella Lazzara Donnelly Mary Elizabeth Ranieri Genevieve Dagney Sparano

CLASS of 1982 (16%) $250-$499

Ellen Seiberlich Hardy Valerie Greco-Hunt, M.D. Lynnanne Kasarda, M.D. Beverley Patrone Uniacke, M.D.


CLASS of 1980 (7%) $500-$999 Lynne Silverio Carpenter

Maureen Keashon Dwyer Kathleen Madden Marina Muccio Maria Pascale-Boni Theresa Smith Deborah Sonntag Tredinnick

Participation Rate

100 100


80 80


















35 » school of undergraduate studies class giving » donor report 2013


Gifts up to $99

Colleen Finley Lisa Porter Kuh Mary Beth Higgins Livolsi Alison Porter Joanne Selinski, Ph.D.

PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $1,000+ Susan Wentland Brobst, Ph.D. Roberta Cartlidge Roth

$250-$499 $100-$249

Mary Anne Campellone Anne Dwyer Cyliax Marion Clinger Hanuschek Patricia Schrader McDonnell, Ph.D. Janine Stratton Alice Mary Connolly Zenner

CLASS of 1984 (13%)



Gifts up to $99

Number of Donors


Jane Marie Fearn-Zimmer, Esq. (AD) Beth Davey Rosso Cecilia Haenn Turner

$250-$499 Beth Jarrell Collins Gretchen Ann Reilly, Ph.D.


Gifts up to $99 Erin Clarke

Gifts up to $99

CLASS of 1996 (1%)

Kelly Jenkins Kristin MacDonald King


CLASS of 1992 (9%)

Delony Logan Langer Jeannette Defrancesco Sherman


Marjorie Scott

Gifts up to $99

Catherine Lockyer Moulton (D)



Caroline Reilly Dignan, M.D. Carole Trone, Ph.D.

Lori Gambone Lankin Carol Nash Purcell, Esq. June Ryan Odelee Wint

CLASS of 1995 (1%)

Julianne Grady, VMD Karen A. Korman


Pamela Fiugalski-Prevoznik (AD) Amy McLeer Christine Westrum Porter

Gifts up to $99

CLASS of 1991 (9%)

CLASS of 1989 (14%)

Lisa Anne Roney Haas Laurie Mayer Susan Melillo

Mary Agnew Dunleavy Stephanie O’Connell Siegrist, M.D.

Deirdre Kurian

Patricia McKelvie Kathleen Nace, SSJ

Ana Mai Wong-Trainor, Esq.


Gifts up to $99

Gifts up to $99

Susan Roberts Radomski Linda Buchanan Smith, M.D.

Jodie King Smith

Lara Doyle Iannetta

Bridget Rochford Atzinger Karen Murphy Harris Maureen Kelsey O’Hara



Brenda Gala DeStefano Renee Haggerty



Martha Ranc, Ph.D. Susan Vath

Gillian Horna Dezzutto Kathleen O’Boyle (AD) Elizabeth Anne Schlosser M.S.




Karen Wilderotter Judge Beth Griech-Polelle, Ph.D. Kathleen Prihoda Schwartz

Dianne Borges

CLASS of 1986 (9%)

CLASS of 1994 (9%)



Catherine Ard Laura Malisheski Connelly Joann Gallagher Jones, Esq.

Gifts up to $99

Dianne Vagnini

CLASS of 1988 (12%)


Gina DiGiuseppe, Esq. Mary Patricia Perri, Esq.


CLASS of 1990 (5%)

Gifts up to $99

Mary Zuccarini Gordon

CLASS of 1993 (1%)

Alice Campbell Barbara Miller Dunne Abbie Johnson

Linda Gambone Diane Wasyluk Iardella Kathleen Shea Pié

CLASS of 1985 (4%)

Maria Santoro Conway Kathleen McKenna Pestich

Gifts up to $99


Margaret Barry Patricia Klammer MacCluen Maria Rivera Waldman Jean Marie Koch Williams

Gifts up to $99

Susan Monaghan Williams

Marianne McGurk Wallaesa


Regina McDonald Gebka



Gifts up to $99

CLASS of 1983 (11%)

CLASS of 1987 (8%)


Lisa Rounds Hoke Catherine Spollen Holt Mary Tobin Macaluso Maryellen Britt Miller Suzanne Olivieri O’Donnell, M.D. Joyce Adams-Wert

Jane Bond Adams Blanca Gonzalez Canney Nancy Burton Dellavecchia Margaret Morris

Kristin Heiser Krywy Heidi Landes-Cox Agnes Mukasa Abigail Louise Palko Joan Trainor Simmons

Participation Rate

100 100


80 80

















donor report 2013 » school of undergraduate studies class giving » 36






CLASS of 1997 (13%)

CLASS of 2000 (5%)


Gifts up to $99


CLASS of 2006 (3%)

Felicita Medina Deanna Leonard Miller


CLASS of 2003 (14%)

Gifts up to $99


Cindy Marx Davidson Debra Washington Hathorn Michelle Leshko Kaschak Jennifer Kelly Melissa Mavour

Branden Youngman

$100-$249 Mary Amrhein Devlin Anna O’Conor Hinson Margaret E. Mitchell (S)

Ellen Keeler Moore Rachel Ray Petyk Kathleen M. Spigelmyer (S) Maryanne L. Walsh


Coleen Bant Melissa McCoy Billingsley Kena Carroll Bwembya, Esq. Jazmin Delgado Rozier Sarah Thornburg

Jessica Bowman Dodson Lauren Ann Rossi

CLASS of 1999 (2%)

Number of Donors



Brian Lackman

Gifts up to $99

Ryan P. Donahue Leslie A. Zemnick

Gifts up to $99

Jeffrey Ambrose Kierstin Teske-White Capaldo Jessica Day Anne Pearsall

Kelly Kolson Dana Maner Maria Pelone

CLASS of 2008 (6%)

CLASS of 2010 (7%)

CLASS of 2012 (5%)




Christopher Cordaro Gabriela C. James Ryan T. Spinka Kathryn Sprandio


Diana Pavlecka Karen Speers Maureen Stolzer Stephanie Sylvain

Mark Hammons (AD)

Gifts up to $99 Amanda Favreau Kevin Kuczynski Michael Mitchell Stefanie Paternostro Ryan Kimberly Wehrle

Derek Pascarella Cherice Stewart Richardson Lindsay Sladowski Ashlinn Steele Charquinta Sullivan

Jennifer Johnson Kebea (AD)

Owen Ward

Gifts up to $99

Gifts up to $99


Andrea Desantis Kerr


Christian P. Kuczynski

CLASS of 2005 (7%)

Gifts up to $99

CLASS of 2011 (3%)

Heather M. Noel Cicely J. Rendleman Rosaleen Wilke

Gifts up to $99

Gifts up to $99

CLASS of 2009 (4%)

Gifts up to $99

CLASS of 2004 (6%)

Heidi Hudek

CLASS of 2007 (5%) Tan Tang (AD) Andrew Wiemken

Gifts up to $99


Patricia Duffy Shacklett

Gifts up to $99

Karen S. Wendling, Ph.D. (F)

CLASS of 1998 (10%)


Katie Carlino Frances Vorsky

Gifts up to $99

Ann M. Keer Linda Nicole Tarini Alyce R. Taylor Bridget Mahon Willoughby

Gifts up to $99

CLASS of 2002 (3%)


Theresa Klein Abraham Jennifer Mowad

Jacqueline Gura Ciaverelli Bethann Price Barbara Sliker Weikert

Carolyn Sagendorph Montgomery

Diana Barnett Kudes, M.D.


Vernon Cheatham Sheena K. Harris Leslie Hoover Jason R. Janosov Amri Love Caroline Stutz Kaitlyn Marie Vile Brandon Williams

Participation Rate

100 100


80 80

























37 » school of undergraduate studies class giving » donor report 2013







Chestnut Hill College thanks the following donors for contributing to established scholarships during the 2013 fiscal year.


GRACE BANKS AWARD Arthur & Alice Lintgen


Sean Johnsen ’14

Anonymous Scott Browning, Ph.D. (F) William A. Cafiero Patricia A. Canning ’70 (S) Marie Conn, Ph.D. (F) Denise Costello (S) Jeanne DiVincenzo, Psy.D. ’04 SGS, ’09 SGS (F) Joseph & Ann Voorhees Durshaw, Psy.D. ’98 SGS William Ernst, Ph.D. (F) Kristine Gross ’04 SGS Johnson & Johnson Nicole Kelly-Walker ’12 SGS Aviele Koffler Debra Lawrence (F) Robert & Sandra McCarthy Susan McGroarty, Ph.D. (F) Monique Melmed & Anthony Schifano Merck & Company, Inc. Joseph Micucci, Ph.D. (F) Neuropsychological Evaluation Consultation Services, LLC

donor report 2013 » endowed scholarships » 38

Etta Lee Nurdick Philadelphia Psychotherapy Study Center Psychology Graduate Division Suzanne E. Roussel Jennifer Thorpe (S) Eileen Kirby-Webb ’07 SCPS (S) Fred & Teri Meniketti Wiedeman-Rouse ’05 SGS (AD) (F)

KATE BRITT ENDOWED MONTESSORI MEMORIAL AWARD Valerie L. Adams Rick Andrews Mary Augustine ’79, ’85 SGS Deborah Baker Sutapa Bakshi ’12 SCPS The Bala House Montessori School Noreen Brandt Boggi Marti C. Bondelid Ann O’Donnell Breen Earl & Maureen Britt Robert & Cathlene Britt Patricia M. Caporale Childrens House of Exton Childtowne, Inc. Janet Colaianni (F) Enes Colaianni Mark & Marie Zdebski Conti ’80, ’85 SGS Neepa Dahr

Phyllis A. Ditlow Marie M. Dugan Kathleen Dzura Sharyn Foster ’83 SGS Kathleen Galvin Nancy Gavin Beatrice Golden Joel Marucheck & Helena Grady Thorsten & Sandra Graef Andra Dicesare Gurin ’12 SGS Marsha Kurman Hirschhorn Mary Ann Jackson & Craig Jackson Maria Kaminstein Danielle DiLeo Kim Marie T. Kneidinger Edward & Lisa Porter Kuh ’84 Lansdale Montessori School, Inc. Marjorie Lawless, SSJ ’82 SGS Mary C. LeFever Nora Manz Patricia M. McGrath Joseph & Maureen McKernan Media Children’s Inc. Mark & Colleen Arntz Mele ’01 SGS Mary Christella Mitchell, RSM Montessori Community School of Newtown, LLC The Montessori School, Dresher The Montessori School, Morrisville Terry Black & Patricia Ann Nardone

Vincent & Patricia McLaughlin Navitsky ’79, ’85 SGS William & Maria Pascale-Boni ’82 Joan & Peter Raiti Douglas & Cynthia Roberts Ellen Rosenberg Christine E. Sapp Patricia Sinot Joan Smyth Linda Stulz Roseann Tribuiani, SSJ ’82 SGS Bunny Verbit Jay J. Vigdor The Walden School Suzanne Wallace

CLASS OF 1950 ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP Elizabeth Laufer, M.D. ’50 Ann Meagher Williams ’50

CLASS OF 1967 ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP William & Anne McDyre Cheney ’67 James & Eileen Menegus Debesis, Ph.D. ’67 Joseph & M. Kathy Tigh Detrano ’67 Catherine Devlin ’67 James & Linda Taraborrelli Donahue ’67 Sandra Kuback Dowling ’67 Robert & Suzanne Dames Gibbs ’67 William & Maryl Michiels Hitchings ’67 Barbara Jani ’67 Joan McFadden Jernée ’67 Michael & Marlene Bonacci Lynch ’67 Barbara Curran Merdiushev ’67 Margaret C. Moran ’67 (AD) Mary Jane Briggs Morgan ’67 Mary F. Quinn ’67 Francis & Pilar Pinili-Silva ’67 Robert & Elizabeth Ann McGarvey Smith ’67


CUTA-PAPA ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP Christopher Papa, M.D. & Regina Cuta, M.D. ’56




Grace Corr Haenn ’54

Harry J.J.Bellwoar, Esq. & Joan McDermott Bellwoar ’55 John M. Bellwoar Hartford Matching Gift Program

THE BRIGID ERIN GAFFNEY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Exxon Education Foundation John & Patricia Plunkett

GENERAL ENDOWMENT FUND Barbara Carli ’52 Denise Costello (S) Eileen Long Hessman ’60 Francis X. Keeley, M.D. & Marie McDermott Keeley ’52 Mary Katherine Ortale ’16 Brian Ortale, J.D. & Lynn Ortale, Ph.D. (A) M. Nancy Burczewski Portland ’64 John & Regina Voelker Tauke ’60 Clara Tucker, Ph.D. ’52

HONOR KEIRANS, SSJ, ED.D. ENDOWED MEMORIAL Pennsauken Intermediate School Robert & Mary Slinkard Richard W. Vassallo, M.D. & Mary Vassallo

YUKI KUWATA TRAVEL FUND Thomas & Lynn Kluepfel


TERESA LUCIANO ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP Philip & Lisa Alandt Daniel & Eileen Alva Automobile Dealers Association of Greater Philadelphia Paul & Marie Pelliccio Berenato ’57 Lois Edelstein Marilyn I. Eisner Murph & Gladys Hertzfield Hoffman Ford Harold R. Isdaner

Isabel Long John Luciano McCafferty Ford Sales, Inc. Paul & Wendy Rosen Carl & Carole Seligman Robert & Ellen Seltzer Alfred & June Waber Bonnie R. Young

EVA MARIA LYNCH, SSJ ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP Anna Marie Barone ’57 Grace Corr Haenn ’54 Louis & Patricia Parrella Orlando ’68

CATHERINE MCDONALD, SSJ ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP Margaret Mary Green McLaughlin ’62 Robert & Christine Nydick ’94 SGS




ANNE KEELER MCBRIDE ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP Patricia McBride Haines Mark McBride Nancy Keeler McBride, Esq. Mary Beth McBride Peabody

39 » endowed scholarships » donor report 2013

In the mid 1960s, the field of engineering was all but closed to women. So when New Jersey Bell Telephone Company announced plans to hire three female engineers, Shelley Sprague Guerard ’66 fired off a letter.

Trailblazing Alumna and Husband

Give Back

“It’s important to give back so that other people can have some of the same life-preparing experiences that I had.”

Shelley and Robert Sprague Guerard ’66.

“I received a call the very next day,” she said,

For these reasons, Shelley and her husband of

mathematics majors. She also seized

which has nominated her several times for the

“but I figured it was someone playing a joke.”

42 years, Robert, are steadfast supporters of

extracurricular opportunities, such as serving

“Women of Distinction” award in the volunteer

the College. They are annual supporters of the

as the business manager of the Aurelian.

category that is presented by the international

Shelley got the job and excelled as the company shifted to Bell Atlantic and, finally, Verizon. She was the first female district operations manager, then the first to run operator

Griffin Fund, for which they take advantage of Verizon’s matching gifts program, and members of the Hallmark Society.

Above all, Shelley appreciates the high caliber

volunteer organization Soroptimist.

of education she received. She briefly taught

Although Shelley resides in Florida, she keeps

math at Lehigh University, where she impressed

close tabs on the College and serves as class

services for the state of New Jersey, then a

“It’s important to give back so that other

professors with the techniques she learned at

president. She is thrilled with the return of

vice president responsible for the company’s

people can have some of the same life-preparing

the College.

the mathematics major and the introduction

“Y2K” preparedness and 9-1-1 equipment.

experiences that I had,” Shelley said.

Shelley credits the College and the Sisters of

Her familiarity with the Sisters of Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph for giving her the confidence and

at her high school, St. Rose in Belmar, N.J.,

competence to blaze a trail, and she deeply

made the College a “natural extension.”

appreciates their efforts to procure financial aid

Shelley relished the camaraderie with her

to bridge a difficult time for her family.

classmates — which continues to this day — and enjoyed being one of just seven

“I quickly realized I was well prepared,” she said. The College’s emphasis on forming whole persons also prepared her to give back through volunteer work. She recently served two years as president of Martin Health System Auxiliary,

of the digital forensics program and, thanks to the leadership of College President Carol Jean Vale, SSJ, Ph.D., she is assured of the College’s ability to navigate the future. “The College is very lucky to have Sister Carol,” she said. “She could be the CEO of a company.”

41 » sources of commitment » donor report 2013




Gifts up to $99 Carol Fetterman Blauth ’78

Lisa Feeley ’00, ’13 SGS

Theresa Brady Chanko ’78

Elizabeth Nolan ’11

Celia Clark ’07 Judith Clark ’87


Patricia Clemmer ’07

I. Carole Christ ’06

Margaret Cort ’03

Joan Maier ’83 Jean Stotter ’73

Judith F. Foster Cute ’90, ’03 SGS

Francine D’Amore ’96 Lucille Fielding Emerson ’74


Dineen Foley Filoramo ’00

Mary Moran Mahal ’87

Mary Johnson Fitzpatrick ’73

Margaret M. McGinley ’05

Saori Fujiyama ’95

Catherine E. Quinn ’78 (S)

Bernice Fuller Garrison ’02 Lorna Glassman ’80

Marianne Murphy Semchuk ’07, ’10 SGS (S)

Robert Gleba, Jr. ’09 Gilda Caruso Gregori ’01


Sutapa Bakshi ’12

Mary Jo Bucceri ’98 Kathy McGee Burns ’86

Carol Harrison ’95 Lori White Harvey ’03, ’07 SGS Margie McDermott Herbert ’11

Anne Hipp ’96

Ann Marie McAleer Cullen ’94

Vaccine Irick ’09

Bonny Davis ’04

Marcia Moore Jones ’92

Marylou Mongiven Delizia ’78

John Mangan ’07

Eileen Hughes Gamberg ’72 Deborah Gleeson ’03

Monica Berthes McCullough ’84

Phyllis Flaherty-Hakeem ’91 Stephen Haraszkiewicz ’09

Lorna Hawkins-Bell Harmon ’01, ’04 SGS Ann Kuchinsky McAuliffe ’96

Mary Louise Montuoro ’77

Donna Mumford ’09

Brenda Simmons ’12 Susan Matlack Troemel ’87

Karen O’Neill Spencer ’85 Pamela Larsen Zeuner ’05

Tania Flynn Schultz ’95 Michelle Simmons ’08, ’11 SGS

Molly Papazian ’01 Joan MacFarland Rook ’91

Janice Edwards McGowan ’86 Diana Duda Mongo ’99

Jo Marie Victor ’04 Theresa Brown Wade ’93

Eileen Kirby-Webb ’07 (S) Kimberly Wingate-Ellis ’11

donor report 2013 » school of continuing & professional studies » 42


SCHOOL OF GRADUATE STUDIES PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $1000+ Sandra Bumgardner, Psy.D. ’76, ’89 SGS, ’03 SGS (S)

Lisa Feeley ’00, ’13 SGS

Kristine Gross ’04

Michele Dipasquale Elkes ’02

Sherri Retif ’09

Sharon Koob ’08

Francis Reynolds ’94

Donna Mumford ’09 SCPS, ’13 SGS

Jodie King Smith ’94, ’01 SGS (A)

Patricia McLaughlin Navitsky ’79, ’85 SGS

Lori Gambone Lankin ’94, ’99 SGS Marjorie Lawless, SSJ ’82

Margaret Jones Newman ’95

Pamela Ballwig Livingston ’04

Margaret Behre O’Neill ’95

Lauren Topps Malora ’87

Patricia Veneziale Orlic ’87

Mary Jo Mathis ’09

Mary Ann Ballisty Bonner ’71, ’00 SGS

Patrick Palmer ’93

Carol Renzulli McGinley ’06

Valerie DeFelice Downing ’95

Kathleen Shea Pié ’87, ’92 SGS

Grace McGuirl ’87

Colleen Arntz Mele ’01

Catherine Murtha Rudolph ’01

Donna Rimmer McManus ’04

Christine Nydick ’94

Elisabeth Steuble-Johnson ’98

Patricia Cunningham Murphy ’85

Teri Meniketti Wiedeman-Rouse, Ed.D.

Linda Nicole Tarini ’97, ’05 SGS


Dora Townsend ’05

Marion Dougherty Pallas ’05

Elise Artelt ’95

Marie Zdebski Conti ’80, ’85 SGS

Marianne Murphy Semchuk ’07 SCPS, ’10 SGS (S)

Heidemarie Hoesel Pickens ’02 Joyce Schnaubelt Platz ’95

Gifts up to $99

Madelyne Kasper McKee ’74, ’04 SGS

Margaret Roth ’83

Stefanie Paternostro Ryan ’08, ’10 SGS

Janet Almond Barcaro ’01

Amanda Shields ’08

Kadima Bukasa ’07

Eileen Siegler ’92

John Cushing Carnahan ’99

Michelle Simmons ’08, ’11 SGS

Virginia Toliver ’94

Cheri Briggs Confalone ’07

Joan Trainor Simmons ’96, ’00 SGS

Maryanne L. Walsh ’98, ’02 SGS

Sandra Frazier Connelly ’96 Sharon Cryer ’12

$100-$249 Mary Augustine ’79, ’85 SGS Joseph Bowers ’02

Geraldine Stock DiLisi ’92

donor report 2013 » school of graduate studies » 44

Roseann Tribuiani, SSJ ’82

Judith F. Foster Cute ’90, ’03 SGS Kenneth Devenney ’11

Betty Kroupa Wells ’95

Jeanne DiVincenzo, Psy.D. ’04 SGS, ’09 SGS (F)

Joseph Whitehead ’91 Pamela Kunkle Williams ’01

Maureen Drumm ’91

Eileen Coutts ’92 Nancy LaSpada Dachille ’01 (S)

Abby Slutsky ’08

Frances Vorsky ’05, ’07 SGS

Marilyn Sutton Adomanis ’70, ’84 SGS

Jeannette Briggs Klarman ’95

’05 (AD) (F)

Nicole Kelly-Walker ’12 Cynthia Killion ’90

Elizabeth Clauss McGovern ’99 Jennifer Mowad ’05, ’07 SGS


Debra Washington Hathorn ’97, ’13 SGS

Margaret Morris ’92, ’06 SGS

Marianne McGurk Wallaesa ’87, ’92 SGS

Lori White Harvey ’03 SCPS, ’07 SGS

Karen Korman ’91, ’93 SGS

Kathleen O’Boyle ’84, ’97 SGS (AD)

Charlotte Neolus Harris ’01

Lorna Hawkins-Bell Harmon ’01, ’04 SGS

Marianne Loney ’95

Andra Dicesare Gurin ’12 Cheryl Haeberlein ’87

Elizabeth Hughes Iaquinto ’85

Jennifer Johnson Kebea ’05, ’08 SGS (AD) Jill Nerney ’83

Margaret Pufnock Gunlefinger ’03

Mark A. Hammons ’08, ’10 SGS (AD)

Barbara Forrester Landis ’07

Karen Gould ’14

Sharyn Foster ’83 Jonathan Freeman ’12

Robert Giglio ’04

Mary Ann Conway Gursky ’63, ’03 SGS

Donna Erb ’95

Ann Voorhees Durshaw, Psy.D. ’98 Lois Glasgow Force ’89

Joseph Wood ’93

Donna Harp Ziegenfuss ’02

“Community service, spiritual growth, and commitment to family.”

Alumna and Husband

Dedicated Jacques Moore, Kathleen Matthews, Blanche Haviland Moore ’50, and broadcaster Chris Matthews at the College’s 80th Anniversary Gala in 2005.

to Catholic Education

Decades of service to and support of the

that a Chestnut Hill education emphasizes:

pharmacologist at McNeil Laboratories for

College President Carol Jean Vale, SSJ, Ph.D.,

College from Jacques and Blanche Haviland

community service, spiritual growth, and

two years. Her focus then turned to family,

hailed them as “visionary leaders in Catholic

Moore ’50 trace back to a chance encounter in

commitment to family.”

raising two children while Jacques started a

higher education.”

her senior year.

The Sisters of Saint Joseph guided Blanche

Cadillac dealership that became highly successful.

The Moores have supported the College

Attending mission-night activities on the eve

all the way through Little Flower Catholic

The Moores’ commitment to Catholic

steadily as well, making significant contributions

of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception

High School. With a plan to study medicine

education never wavered. They have served

to its funds and campaigns. Blanche served in

with a friend, Blanche met two young men

and a love of music, Blanche then came to

the boards of a variety of institutions, such

leadership positions for the Alumni Association

from La Salle University in the day-hop lounge.

the Hill. She credits the Sisters with giving her

as Catholic University, Mount St. Mary’s

and attended all but one class reunion.

the tools to excel in the laboratory as well as

University, The Pontifical North American

the freedom to perform in a singing group

College in Rome, and, most recently,

and the opera La Traviata.

Catholic Distance University.

recalled, laughing. “But Jack was persistent.

“I ended up with a bachelor of arts in

In 2005, they received the National Catholic

of the SSJ at Chestnut Hill to a life spent in

He kept calling, and finally we got together.”

chemistry, if you can believe it,” she said.

Education Association’s highest honor, the

pursuit of spiritual and intellectual perfection

“A marriage of my two loves.”

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Award, for their

through love and patient perseverance had a

commitment to the schools and parishes in

profound influence on my life as a Catholic

the Arlington, Va., diocese and beyond.

woman, wife, and mother.”

“Jack’s friend was dating my friend, and they introduced us. But wouldn’t you know it, I already had a date for that night,” Blanche

Fifty years later, the Moores returned to campus to accept honorary Doctor of Laws degrees,

After graduation, Blanche attended Women’s

in recognition of their “dedication to the values

Medical College and worked as a research

Her enduring connection to the Hill is perhaps best captured in her own words from a 1974 alumnae survey: “The example and dedication

45 » sources of commitment » donor report 2013


PARENTS & FRIENDS PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE $1,000+ Anonymous Estate of Robert H. Agnew John Basile John M. Bellwoar Robert M. Ryan & Brighid Blake William A. Cafiero Patricia Chapman Janet Colaianni (F) Marie Conn, Ph.D. (F) Joseph & Patricia Connolly (D) Carol Consorto (S) Timothy J. Croak Deborah Davies Joseph P. Denny (D) & April Denny Thomas & Midge DeSimone Estate of Cecile P. Driscoll Speranza Michael F. Dunleavy (D) & Nancy A. Dunleavy Angelo & Amy Falcone The Honorable James J. Fitzgerald III & Carol McCullough Fitzgerald (D) Chip & Susan Gahr Stephen A. Gardner (D) James Ginty, J.D. (D) & Carol Ginty Kent Griswold, Ph.D. (D) & Lori Griswold, Ph.D. George J. Hartnett, Esq. (D) & Linda Hartnett Nan Hechenberger, Ph.D. (D) Margie Henry Kenneth Hicks (A) James & Catherine Hogan Quita W. Horan Joseph E. Imbriaco Karen Spencer Kelly, Esq. (D) Thomas & Lynn Kluepfel Lou Lanzalotto Robert & Carol Lockyer RAdm. Thomas C. Lynch, USN, Ret. Thomas & Virginia Lynch James & Frances Maguire Philip McGovern, Ph.D. & Mary McGovern The Montessori School, Dresher Ryan Murphy (S) & Krista Bailey Murphy (A) Thomas Nerney Jeff Niessen Shaun F. O’Malley (D) & Lyn Buchheit Brian Ortale, J.D. & Lynn Ortale, Ph.D. (A)

John & Cheryl Paci Bill & Mary Noel Page John L. Melvin, M.D. & Carol Melvin Pate, Ed.D. (F) James & Margaret Jackson Quinn Bernard & Joan Rafferty Maurice Ranc, Jr. Robert Riethmiller, Jr. (D) & Anne Riethmiller John Sabia, Jr. (D) & Ginger Sabia Mary Sabia Jack Sandoski (D) & Kathleen Sandoski Maureen T. Savage Kenneth J. Soprano, Ph.D. (F) & Dianne Soprano, Ph.D. J. Clark & Alice Steinman Israel Concepcion & Lauri Strimkovsky, MBA (A) Catherine Theobald John & Maureen Tierney Lynn Tubman (A) Richard W. Vassallo, M.D. & Mary Vassallo Jay J. Vigdor Diane & John Walker Woodrow Wendling, M.D., Ph.D. & Susan Wendling George Yu & Lotus Leong


Anonymous (1) 02 Oxyfit Gym & Martial Arts Dojo Ann D. Claffey Baiada The Bala House Montessori School Robert & Cathlene Britt Raymond & Wilhelmina Capriotti Dominic J. Cotugno, Ed.D. (F) Thomas Goldkamp Grayboyes Commercial Windows Elaine R. Green, Ed.D. (A) Mary Groome Steven Guerriero, Ph.D. (A) Patricia McBride Haines Nancy Keeler McBride, Esq. Robert & Sandra McCarthy Bill Hine & Coco Minardi (S) Thorpe Moeckel Rebecca Randall Douglas & Cynthia Roberts Andrea & Theodore Stocklin Vincent & Helen Zukauskas

$250-$499 Anonymous (1) Alison Paul Builders, LLC Automobile Dealers Association of Greater Philadelphia David & Kathleen Boles Jason & Colleen Brennan Scott Browning, Ph.D. (F) Lucy Canning Century 21 Rauh & Jones, Inc. Richard Colvin Charles J. Day John Day, Esq. & Sandra Day Veronica M. Donahue Rafael Flores Barry & Mary Beth Day Ford Helen Griech Sallie Jackal Margaret Mary Kiley Janet Kuldosky Joseph Kulkosky, Ph.D. (F) Richard Lackman, M.D. & Doranne Lackman Anthony & Camille Maglio Mark McBride Gerald McGinley Joseph McPhillips Robert & Denise Miller Sheldon Miller, Ph.D. (F) Michael O’Donnell John & Patricia Plunkett Joanna Renzi Terence & Patricia Shea Cigus Vanni Helen Klein Ward


Alpha Lambda Delta Daniel & Eileen Alva John & Kathleen Anderson, Ed.D. Rick Andrews Marcos Aquino & Regina Einhaus David & LuAnne Ashcom Jerry Benn Arnvid & Arlene Bjorke Marti C. Bondelid Karl Bortnick Ann O’Donnell Breen

donor report 2013 » parents & friends » 46

Earl & Maureen Britt Richard Burke Patricia M. Caporale Gerald Chalphin Childrens House of Exton Walter C. Childs (S) & Elizabeth Childs Joseph & Maria Connelly Denise Costello (S) James & Margery Covello, Ed.D. (F) Thomas & Tammy Croak Jeffrey Culp Henry Culp William & Judith Curran Margaret Devinney & Edward Devinney, Jr. Ronald & Sharon DiGiovanni Edward & Corinne Doyle Dennis & Debra Dunlevy Madeleine DuPree Kathleen Dzura Daniel & Cassie Florenzo Peter Galipault & Nancy Bellantone Anne Gardner Joseph & Tracey Golding Joel Marucheck & Helena Grady Thorsten & Sandra Graef Ian & Megan Hatch Rod Hite Hoffman Ford Harold R. Isdaner Mary Ann Jackson & Craig Jackson K-Services, LLC Maria Kaminstein Ann M. Keer Kevin & Mary Ann Keith Timothy & Amy Kern Danielle DiLeo Kim John & Joanne Kozin Michael Kreppel Lansdale Montessori School, Inc. Elliott Lasky Angela Ledonne Joseph & Carolyn Lemongelli Constance A. Lemongelli Arthur & Alice Lintgen Amelia & John Longo Thomas A. Loughlin Cecilia Marino McCafferty Ford Sales, Inc. Dennis & Janice McCrossen Patricia McCrossen-Friedrich Susan McGroarty, Ph.D. (F)

Ellen M. McGuinn (S) John & Karen McKenna Mary McKenna Tim McShane Agency, Inc. Media Children’s, Inc. Dorothy Meehan-Ripa Monique Melmed (S) & Anthony Schifano David Metz Joseph Micucci, Ph.D. (F) Montessori Community School of Newtown, LLC The Montessori School, Morrisville Philip Murray Paul & Donna Myers Neuropsychological Evaluation Consultation Services, LLC Gabrielle A. Nortomaso Donald & Jeanne O’Callaghan Kathryn A. Panzitta Rosemary J. Parkinson Mary Beth McBride Peabody Philadelphia Psychotherapy Study Center John & Barbara Pierantozzi Christopher H. Poppe Theodore Prusinski Psychology Graduate Division Joan & Peter Raiti Thomas & Sheila Rinehardt Jr. Paul & Wendy Rosen Christine E. Sapp Catherine & Robert Savage Scott Saxon Gary & Christine Shereyka Karlyn Sibel Cathy Sienko Ernest & Donna Simmons Jerrold & Patricia Sipocz Robert & Mary Slinkard Joan Smyth Doris Stengel Avery Tatnall Thompson Chiropractic Center PC Paul Tracy Mary G. Turner United Speed Clinic LLC Stephen Valocchi The Walden School Suzanne Wallace Dennis & Lois Warburton Mark Ward Joseph Wible Linda Williams

Gifts up to $99

Anthony Acquaviva Valerie L. Adams Karen Agnes Philip & Lisa Alandt Wayne & Anne Almond Georgene Ambrose Gary & Cynthia Amoss Dorothy Annis Leighton & Elizabeth Annis Gregory & Eileen Anoia Edna Ashcom Kathleen Augustine Michael E. Augustine Deborah Baker Helen V. Bambino & Family Stephen & Margaret Barker Mary Ellen & Joseph Bednarski Leif & Kristen Bjorke Olivia Blaszka Noreen Brandt Boggi Jeffrey & Elizabeth Boles Julie & Robert Bond Earnest Boyd Frank & Nancy Brown Glenn P. Brown Joan Brown Buccafuri Family Peter & Denise Cappello John & Mary Carr Mary Joan Carson Brian & Danna Carty Anthony & Debra Cattolico Childtowne, Inc. Jean Ciancio Enes Colaianni Paul & Annette Coleman William, Ruth & Brenda Collins Edward & Susan Connolly Mary T. Connor Patrick J. Connors Corporate Ladders Ronald & Katherine Cunningham Gerald & Pamela Cutchineal Theresa M. Cute (S) Neepa Dahr Michael & Rosanne D’Alessandro Patrick & Lynn David Gloria De Jesus Edith De Jesus Cuevas Julie Deardorff Michael & Faith Delallo Kristin Delucci Helene M. Dick Linda & Frederick Dietzel Phyllis A. Ditlow Mr. Steven Pauls & Mrs. Jeanne Donaghy Kathleen D. Donahue Kimberly & Thomas Donahue

Malvin & Patricia Dougherty Marie M. Dugan Lois Edelstein Marilyn I. Eisner Joan Elsasser William Ernst, Ph.D. (F) Emilia Falcone Leo J. & Joan Farley Fidelity Information Services, LLC Joseph M. Fedorchak John & Jennifer Fell Barbara & Donald Fioretti David & Christine Fondren Barbara E. Foxman Mark & Anne Fried James F. Gallagher Kathleen Galvin Maria Garcia & Ramon Morales Michael & Dawn Gartner Stephen & Cheryl Gaukler Nancy Gavin John Gianettino, III Philip & Jo-Anne Gilligan Jeanne M. Golden Beatrice Golden Elsa & Francisco Gonzalez Irene Gorczynski Anne Gottschall Bob & Marie Grace Maureen & Robert Graul Charlotte Grodzki Louis & Theresa Groves Eduardo & Beth Gutierrez Jeffrey & Cynthia Haines Haircut-One-Hundred Darrell Hammons Harry & Eileen Heatherby David & Carol Hendrickson Janice Henigan Elizabeth L. Henry Murph & Gladys Hertzfield Christine & Alfree Heston Marsha Kurman Hirschhorn Frances Hrabchak Co-Workers of James Lemongelli Patricia Ann Hulse Vincent Iuliano Albert & Claudia Jaskel William and Nancy Jose Edwin & Carole Kehr Johnna S. Kelbaugh Kevin & Robin Kelley Doris J. Kerker Jonathan & Francine Klein Richard & Joyce Kleoderlein Marie T. Kneidinger Marie Koals Michelle Koals Violet & Michael Koehler Aviele Koffler

Karen & Jay Landau Mary P. Larario Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Larkin Debra Lawrence (F) Marcella M. Le Roy Dennis Leahy Brian & Peggy Leahy Paul LeBlanc Kay Ledoux Mary C. LeFever Brett & Jill Lehman Matthew Leon Michael & Nancy Lipski Theresa & Lance Litty James & Danielle Long Isabel Long Kay & Raymond Lukas Marcia Lundy Deborah & Terry Lutz Douglas & Laurie Lynch Robert Lynn Kathleen V. Lyons Dr. Hubert C. MacDonald Mr. & Mrs. Alan E. Maher Zelma Maldonado Nora Manz Joseph & Lillian Marotta John & Filomena Masciocchi David & Shirley May Tony & Margery Mazaitis Fred & Etta McCarthy Frederic & Patricia McCarthy Joan B. McCrossen Scott & Michele McGarry Patricia M. McGrath Francis L. McIntyre, Jr. John & Pamela McKelvey Betty Lou McKenna Joseph & Maureen McKernan Patrick McShane Michael & Sharon McShane Joseph & Rose McShane Frank McShane J. Patrick & Judith McShane Michael Mease Scott & Monique Miller Donald & Wilma Miller Marcy Miller-Golley Mary Christella Mitchell, RSM Luz Morales Beatrice Murday Terry Black & Patricia Ann Nardone Jim & Barbara Nicolardi James & Linda Nocella Dennis & Mary Noonan Grace Noonan Brian & Carol Anne Noonan Etta Lee Nurdick Tom Oechsle Michael J. Olley

Attendees catch up at the Alumni Fall Festival, “Coming Home.”

Alice Pardee Anthony Pauls Joann Pauls Jeffrey & Nancy Pauls Immaculata Pelone Michael & Susan Penezic Kenneth & Mary Pennington Pennsauken Intermediate School Rita M. Petela Charles & Jeanne Pierson Josephine Pisa Doreen Piper Cereida Pizarro-Rivera Ederlinda Pizarro-Rivera PKA Nancy Porter, Ph.D. (F) Joseph & Elaine Posa Jennifer Pusch Jacqueline & Stephen Reid Daniel & Rita Reven Eugene & Nikki Rinehimer Carolyn Roebuck Raymond & Gayle Rolak Brian & Erin Romani Ellen Rosenberg Mark & Cheryl Rosenfeld Suzanne E. Roussel Joseph & Regina Rudawski Nancy Ruffner Molly Sabia Michael & Crystal Santanello Mary A. Schleher Joan A. Schlindwein John R. Scioli, Ed.D. Carl & Carole Seligman Robert & Ellen Seltzer Jo Ann Serota, MSN, CPNP Charles D. Formica and Theresa J. Sewell Carl & Kathryn Shaifer Maureen R. Shaw Elisabeth Shellenberger Christopher & Melissa Sheppard Elizabeth Sher Constance Shereyka Irene Siatkowski

Angela J. Simmering Patricia Sinot Edmund Speece Joan & Michael Spinelli Helene Spinuzza John Stankard Amandus & Pauline Steigerwalt Michael & Jennifer Stengel Linda Stulz Robert & Maria Sucharski Henry R. (Ted) Taylor Richard Teske & Janet White Herbert & Jennifer Thiel Linda K. Thornton Jennifer Thorpe (S) Daniel & Jennifer Torcasio Meg Trausch Albert & Anne Valocchi Michael & Catherine Valocchi Philip Valvardi, Jr. & Helen Valvardi Judith & Rodger Van Allen Joseph H. Van Osten III Dolores Vandegrift Bunny Verbit Sharyn Vergare Alfred & June Waber Constance Waiksnoris Joseph Walinches William T. Walker, Ph.D. & Mille Walker Lee Michael & Betheny Warburton Terrance & Constance Warburton Susan Ward & Alan Pawlinski John Welding Alan Wendell Maryann & John Whalen Matthew & Kathy Wieliczko William & Linda Williams Paul & Ann Marie Wisliceny Mary Beth Wood Lori Wyatt & Jeanne VanOsten Bonnie R. Young Bernice N. Zgalich Denis Zielinski Joseph & Susan Zitolo Thomas Zyckowski

47 » parents & friends » donor report 2013

Bernard Rafferty didn’t attend the school where his sister, Grace Margaret, SSJ, administered discipline. But he may as well have. “The nuns were always kidding me: ‘You get yourself in trouble and we’ll call your sister over,’” Rafferty said, laughing. “They revered her work ethic and sternness. ‘Here comes Gracie, watch out!’”

Friends’ Support


Memory of Sister

But Sister Grace had a soft side and, well,

“She absolutely loved the College and was

Throughout their 64 years of marriage, the

grace toward her family.

completely dedicated to that community and

Raffertys have earned recognition and honors

God,” Rafferty said.

from Catholic officials across the globe, such

“My mother held her up with the angels, and she chose her to be my godmother,” Rafferty

To honor that dedication and the memory

said. “She was just a wonderful person.”

of his sister, Rafferty and his wife, Joan,

Sister Grace was drawn to the Sisters of Saint Joseph from a young age. Her father insisted that she gain professional experience first, so she

reflects the value they place on Catholic education.

regular visits to Lourdes, France to assist needy parishioners hoping for miracles, conducting marriage-counseling sessions in Chicago at the request of Cardinal Edward Egan, and running

Rafferty served in the Army during World

a Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

during the New Deal. But as soon as she turned

War II as a paratrooper and intelligence agent

program for their home parish in Connecticut.

21, Sister Grace came home to join the order.

before going to work for the multinational

disciplinarian role at Archbishop Prendergast before joining the College in the 1960s. She served for decades as school registrar and archivist, among other responsibilities, and earned the highest esteem of the SSJ and College community. And she cherished

Quidditch mania!

of the Hallmark Society. Their support also

Malta. Their service to the church includes

worked for the U.S. Department of Agriculture

She parlayed an education degree into the

The Raffertys’ support honors the memory of Grace Margaret, SSJ.

are steadfast supporters of the College as members

as inclusion in the Knights and Dames of

corporation Colgate-Palmolive, where he stayed for nearly 50 years and ascended to vice president. He and Joan raised five successful children — executives and public

Rafferty ascribes his zest for Catholic service to his mother and father, who told him, “Always remember that if god gives you success, he expects you to pass it on.”

servants and All-Americans among them —

“Well, the good lord has been very good

in whom they instilled the ethic of service

to us,” he said. “Now, we’re doing our part.”

to others.

every minute of it.

49 » sources of commitment » donor report 2013


MATCHING GIFT COMPANIES Aetna, Inc. ARAMARK Bank America Corporation The Boeing Company Chevron USA, Inc. Citizens Financial Group Dell Corporation

Ernst & Young LLP Exelon Corporation Exxon Education Foundation General Electric Foundation GlaxoSmithKline Hartford Matching Gift Program IBM Corporation

Johnson & Johnson McKesson Foundation Mellon Bank Corporation Merck & Company, Inc. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Pfizer, Inc. PPL

Procter & Gamble Company Prudential Insurance Company of America Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. State Farm Insurance Corp. Thomson Reuters Tyco Electronics Corporation United Technologies Corporation

United Way of Rhode Island Vanguard Group, Inc. Verizon Foundation

Alumni vie for sought-after auction items at the 4th Annual Scholarship Gala.

donor report 2013 » matching gift companies » 50


GIFTS-IN-KIND Vincent & Marion Williams Berry ’63 Brilliant Graphics Kenneth Hicks (A) Sallie Jackal Michael & Margaret Carney McCaffery ’77 (D) ParleeStumpf, Inc. Jim Rose Diane & John Walker

The College inducts its second Athletic Hall of Fame class. Front: Marjorie Bawduniak O’Brien ’68, Mary F. Quinn ’67, Mari Arroyo Bradley ’67, Jaime Lester ’03, Martina McCarthy Ball ’66, Joan McFadden Jernée ’67. Back: Kathleen Nugent O’Driscoll ’69, Lois Trench-Hines ’64, Joanne Sauer Burke ’82, Isaac Greer ’07, Barbara Cruse ’64, Joan Burger King ’67, College President Carol Jean Vale, SSJ, Ph.D.

51 » gifts-in-kind » donor report 2013


160over90 A Taste of Philly Able Plumbing Supply Aegis Property Group Allied Barton Security Services The Arthur Jackson Company Bellevue Communications Group, LLC St. Robert Bellarmine R.C. Church

Blank Rome, LLP Bredenbeck’s Bakery Hilda E. Bretzlaff Foundation, Inc. Brilliant Graphics The Budwick-Bonavita Foundation Lee A. Casaccio Cake The Campbell Family Fund

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Chartwells Educational Dining Services, Inc. Chesapeake Bay Golf Clubs Chestnut Grill Chestnut Hill Business Improvement District Chestnut Hill Sports Code Elevator, Inc. Collegiate Marketing Concepts, Inc.

Cozen O’Connor Crown Holdings, Inc. Duane Morris, LLP Endocrine Specialists, P.C. The Gulati Family Foundation Heirloom Restaurant The Honickman Foundation


International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers - IBEW Local 98 Jacobs Music Company T. James Kavanagh Foundation Keough Electric, Inc. Kitchen Kapers Charles Koch Foundation Christian R. & Mary F. Lindback Foundation The Maguire Foundation The Martin Foundation The Rocco & Barbara Martino Foundation Michael & Margaret McCaffery Family Fund McNally’s Tavern, Inc. Metropolitan Bakery Murphy Family Foundation The Navesink Foundation O’Doodles Toy Store Omaha Steaks Page Family Foundation ParleeStumpf, Inc. Paul M. Croak Transportation LLC Pennsylvania Veterans Foundation Poppy’s Seed Bakery John Charles & Kathryn S. Redmond Foundation Religious of the Assumption Jim Roese The Rosso Family Charitable Fund Russell Roofing Company S.R. Wojdak & Associates Sague Auto Service, Inc. Saint Joseph’s University Scarlet Begonias Shearon Environmental Design Company, Inc. The W.W. Smith Charitable Trust Tague Lumber Thomas Wayne Apartments Union Boiler Works, Inc. Voith & Mactavish Architects, LLP Walnut Street Theatre Wohlson Construction Company Woodmere Art Museum Zipf Associates, Inc. Zipf’s Candies

53 » corporations, organizations & foundations » donor report 2013 Travis Powers ’15.



Scholarship Gala Committee Members.

SCHOLARSHIP GALA COMMITTEE Christopher Cordaro ’10 Michael F. Dunleavy (D) Lauren Farrow ’10 Brittany Martyn ’10 John L. Melvin, M.D. Carol Melvin Pate, Ed.D. (F) Elizabeth Schlosser ’84 Kate Sprandio ’10 Jo Marie Victor ’04 SCPS (AD)

SCHOLARSHIP GALA SPONSORS A Taste of Philly James & Patricia May Agger ’63 (D) Baker Street Bread Company Sharon Cameron Baldwin ’76 John Basile Bellevue Communications Group, LLC Blank Rome, LLP Alison Borden ’10 Bredenbeck’s Bakery Cake Cancer Treatment Centers of America Lucy Canning Patricia M. Canning ’70 (S)

Lee A. Casaccio Gerald Chalphin Francis & Maureen Gillen Chan ’61 Chestnut Grill Chestnut Hill Sports W. Robert Abbot & Claire Cifaloglio, M.D. ’70 Carolyn Baldino Conboy ’51 Marie Conn, Ph.D. (F) Joseph & Patricia Connolly (D) Patrick J. Connors Christopher Cordaro ’10 James & Margery Covello, Ed.D. (F) Cozen O’Connor Crown Holdings, Inc. Patrick Curtin ’11 Thomas & Nancy LaSpada Dachille ’01 SGS (S) Michael F. Dunleavy (D) & Nancy A. Dunleavy Thomas & Cecelia Englebert-Passanza ’77 (AD) Lauren Farrow ’10 Kevin & Lisa Feeley ’00 SCPS, ’13 SGS The Honorable James J. Fitzgerald III & Carol McCullough Fitzgerald (D) Anne Gardner Joseph & Tracey Golding Elaine R. Green, Ed.D. (A)

Steven Guerriero, Ph.D. (A) Robert & Isabelle Walsh Gundaker ’65 Margaret Hagerty ’68 Renee Haggerty ’90 Derald & Frances Bonanni Hay ’72 Heirloom Restaurant Kenneth Hicks (A) Gabriela James ’10 Mackenzie Kaplan ’11 Kevin & Jennifer Johnson Kebea ’05, ’08 SGS (AD) Peter Kelsen Kitchen Kapers Janet Kuldosky Joseph Kulkosky, Ph.D. (F) Joan Gerard Larkin ’52 Peter Levinson Robert & Carol Lockyer Thomas Lynch, RADM, USN (ret) Dana Maner ’11 Mary M. Martire ’53 Brittany Martyn ’10 Michael & Margaret Carney McCaffery ’77 (D) Austin & Margaret Bennett McGreal ’60 (D) Amy McLeer ’94 McNally’s Tavern, Inc.

Metropolitan Bakery Bill Hine & Coco Minardi (S) Thorpe Moeckel Margaret C. Moran ’67 (AD) Sean & Catherine Lockyer Moulton ’92 (D) Jeff Niessen & Elizabeth A. Schlosser ’84 Gabrielle A. Nortomaso Daniel Mathews & Kathleen O’Boyle ’84, ’97 SGS (AD) Michael O’Donnell O’Doodles Toy Store Omaha Steaks Shaun F. O’Malley (D) & Lyn Buchheit C. Lowell Parsons, M.D. & JoEllen Noonan Parsons ’66 (D) John L. Melvin, M.D. & Carol Melvin Pate, Ed.D. (F) Judith Perkins ’70 Poppy’s Seed Bakery Robert Riethmiller, Jr. (D) & Anne Riethmiller Arthur & Mary Kaufmann Ryan ’66 Jack Sandoski (D) & Kathleen Sandoski Scarlet Begonias Stephen & Regina Maxwell Schwille ’65 James & Patricia Duffy Shacklett ’06 Lindsay Sladowski ’10 David & Jodie King Smith ’94, ’01 SGS (A)

donor report 2013 » annual scholarship gala committee & sponsors » 54

Ryan Spinka ’10 Kathryn Sprandio ’10 Diane Stanczak ’70 Israel Concepcion & Lauri Strimkovsky, MBA (A) The Arthur Jackson Company The Boeing Company Francis & Ruth Tushup Tierney ’58 Paul Tracy Jo Marie Victor ’04 SCPS (AD) Kathleen Wagner ’60 Walnut Street Theatre Maryanne L. Walsh ’98, ’02 SGS (AD) Owen Ward ’12 Elizabeth Sauter Weber ’74 Woodrow Wendling, M.D., Ph.D. & Susan Wendling R. Jay Werner, Ph.D. & Jane Randall Conlon-Werner, Ph.D. ’81 Fred & Teri Meniketti Wiedeman-Rouse, Ed.D. ’05 SGS (AD) (F) Wohlson Construction Company Woodmere Art Museum George & Lotus Yu Leslie Zemnick ’11 Zipf’s Candies



GOLF INVITATIONAL COMMITTEE Rick Colvin, Jr. Duke Kennedy Robert C. Lockyer John Paci John Sabia, Jr. (D) Albert Stroble (S) Jennifer D. Thorpe (S) Lynn Tubman (S)

GOLF INVITATIONAL SPONSORS 160over90 Able Plumbing Supply Academy Bus Adelphia Window Contractors Aegis Property Group James & Patricia May Agger ’63 (D) Allied Barton Security Services Anonymous ARAMARK Jason & Colleen Brennan Sandra Bumgardner, Psy.D. '76, '89 SGS, '03 SGS (S) Robert & Ellen Whiteside Byrne '56 Lee A. Casaccio Chartwells College & University Dining Services, Inc. William & Anne McDyre Cheney '67 Chestnut Hill Business Association Chestnut Hill Dental Group Code Elevator, Inc. Collegiate Marketing Concepts, Inc. Colonial Electric Supply Company, Inc. Richard Colvin Marie Conn, Ph.D. (F) Peter & Therese Conn Crown Holdings, Inc. D. M. Sabia & Co., Inc. Joseph P. Denny (D) & April Denny Design Network, Inc. Sheila Corcoran Doyle '65

Sister Carol and student-athletes at the 2012 Golf Invitational.

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2012 - 2013

CHC BOARD OF DIRECTORS CHAIR Margaret Carney McCaffery ’77

VICE CHAIR Anne P. Myers, SSJ, Ph.D. President, Sisters of Saint Joseph

PRESIDENT Carol Jean Vale, SSJ, Ph.D. President, Chestnut Hill College

DIRECTORS Patricia May Agger ’63 Regina Bell, SSJ Member, General Council Sisters of Saint Joseph Patricia Connolly Managing Director for the Center of Corporate Governance Drexel University LeBow College of Business Mary Dacey, SSJ Vice President, Sisters of Saint Joseph Frank L. Davey* Chairman John Evans’ Sons, Inc. Joseph Denny* Michael F. Dunleavy* Vice President of Corporate Affairs & Public Relations Crown Holdings, Inc. Stephen A. Gardner* Partner Deloitte &Touche, LLP

donor report 2013 » chc board of directors 2012-2013 » 56

Constance Gilder, SSJ* Member, General Council Sisters of Saint Joseph

Jo Ellen Noonan Parsons ’66*

James B. Ginty, J.D. Commissioner Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board

Robert Riethmiller Jr. *

Steven J. Gordon, Ph.D.* Founder/CEO Intelligent Bio-Systems, Inc. Kent Griswold, Ph.D., M.B.A.* President and CEO GRISWOLD SPECIAL CARE Jack Gulati Founder/Owner Safety Care Technologies George J. Hartnett, Esq. Chairman of Executive Committee & Managing Partner White and Williams, LLP Karen Spencer Kelly, Esq. Stephanie King, M.D. ’79 Thomas Lynch, RADM, USN (ret.)* Managing Director The Musser Group Margaret Bennett McGreal ’60 Catherine Lockyer Moulton ’92* Project Manager Merloc Partners, L.P. Shaun F. O’Malley* Chairman Emeritus PricewaterhouseCoopers

Janet Brown Quintal ’70*

Catherine Robinson, SSJ* Ministry Coordinator Sisters of Saint Joseph Jack J. Sandoski Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (retired) Abington Community Bancorp Ronald Zemnick* Senior Manager MEP Services Shoemaker Construction Company Carol Zinn, SSJ* Member, General Council Sisters of Saint Joseph *Missing from photo




VICE-PRESIDENT Jo Marie Victor ’04 SCPS*

SECRETARY Margaret Moran ’67

DIRECTORS George Roitzsch ’07, ’09 SGS* Mark A. Hammons ’08, ’10 SGS Cecelia Englebert-Passanza, CRNP ’77 Jane M. Fearn-Zimmer, Esq. ’88 Joanne Fink ’76 Margarita (Margo) Mongil-Kwoka ’80 Teri Meniketti Wiedeman-Rouse, Ed.D. ’05 SGS Pamela Fiugalski-Prevoznik ’94 Joan McFadden Jernée ’67 Lynnette Perez-Santos ’99 SCPS* Tan T. Tang ’07

DIRECTORS-AT-LARGE Jennifer Johnson Kebea ’05, ’08 SGS

EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS Carol Jean Vale, SSJ, Ph.D* President Ken Hicks* Vice President for Institutional Advancement Catherine E. Quinn ’78* Director of Alumni Relations * Missing from photo

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SUPPORTING THE FUTURE OF CHC The needs of a private college in today’s world

A Gift to the Endowment

are many. As a small Catholic institution

Contributions to the College’s endowment

dedicated to teaching and the liberal arts,

are invested and only the income from the

Chestnut Hill College is largely tuition driven.

earned interest is used each year. You can make

Although tuition for undergraduates at

a designated gift to the general endowment

Chestnut Hill College exceeds $30,000,

or choose to invest in the College’s future by

it provides only 70 percent of the real cost of

funding a new or supporting an existing named

educating a student. To maintain its tradition of

scholarship, academic lecture series, and other

excellence in education, Chestnut Hill College

specially designed programs.

is grateful for your generous contributions since the College receives no financial assistance from the Catholic Church or the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, and funding from state or federal agencies is given only for specific projects or programs. Contributions from you to any of the designations listed below are investments in the College’s future and help ensure that a Chestnut Hill College education will be available for future generations.

Designating Your Gift A Gift to The Griffin Fund

A Reunion Gift Every five years, you celebrate the anniversary of your graduation. We invite you to consider making a special gift to your alma mater during your reunion year. You may choose to designate your gift to The Griffin Fund, the general endowment, scholarships, campus ministry, athletics, Logue Library, special class gift funds, or specific academic programs.

A Gift of Securities

If you need further information or assistance,

Your gift of securities to Chestnut Hill College

please contact Denise Costello, associate

A Tribute Gift

can be sent electronically to the College’s

director of donor relations, at 215.248.7089

Often in our lives someone comes along who

broker, Haverford Trust.


The online form to complete this process

A Matching Gift

is located on our Web site at:

If you or your spouse is employed by a

company with a Matching Gift Program,

has touched us in a very special way. You can

These gifts are used to supplement the general

pay tribute to that individual by making a gift

operating budget by providing assistance with

in his or her honor or memory. A personalized

everything from library acquisitions and faculty

card is sent from the College to the designated

salaries to utilities and instructional supplies.

individual(s) advising them that a gift has been

The Haverford Trust

This fund is critical to the day-to-day operations

made on their behalf.

DTC Code 901

of the College.

Brokerage Account No. 302466 for Chestnut Hill College

donor report 2013 » supporting the future of chc » 58

you can provide additional support for Chestnut Hill College by designating the College as the recipient of matching funds. To learn whether your contributions may be eligible, contact either your company’s

personnel office or the Office of Institutional

If you have any questions, please contact

Advancement at the College. Matching gift

Denise Costello, associate director of

funds are not tax deductible for employees of

donor relations, at 215.248.7089 or

matching gift companies.


In administering matching gifts, the College

For assistance with any payment plan option,

follows national guidelines. You may have

or to discuss, in confidence, specific

your gift matched by your employer and receive

opportunities for providing support,

recognition for the value of your out-of-pocket

please contact:

gift plus the value of the matching gift. Hence, you may make a gift of $750 that is matched with $750 and you will receive recognition for $1,500. Designation of matching gift funds is determined by each matching gift

Kenneth M. Hicks Vice President for Institutional Advancement Phone: 215.248.7085 or e-mail

company. Funds are used for the same purpose

Patricia M. Canning ’70

as the employee’s gift when received from

Senior Director of Development

corporations that so stipulate. For funds

Phone: 215.248.7144 or

received from corporations that designate t


he match as unrestricted, the purpose is determined by the College.

Mary Theresa Shevland, SSJ Director of Planned Giving

Supporting Chestnut Hill College

Phone: 215.753.3617 or e-mail

Chestnut Hill College is a tax-exempt charity, acknowledged by the Internal Revenue Service as rating 501-C-(3) status. Your contributions to Chestnut Hill College are fully tax deductible. For your convenience, you can make a gift online by visiting Contributions may be sent to: Chestnut Hill College Office of Institutional Advancement 9601 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19118

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Real Estate

Personal Property


How does it work?

Give cash

Give appreciated securities

Give appreciated real estate

Give artwork, collectibles, equipment or other types of tangible property

Simplest form of gift planning (plan now, give later)

What do you want to do?

Maximize the deduction; minimize the gift details

Avoid tax on capital gains; afford a larger gift to us

Make a substantial gift, avoid capital gains tax, receive a large income tax deduction

Put assets you no longer need or can maintain to good use

Make a gift that costs nothing during your lifetime

How do you make the gift?

Write a check payable to Chestnut Hill College or give online now at

Contribute long-term appreciated stock or other marketable securities

Donate the property to us

Donate tangible personal property related to our tax-exempt function

Name us in your will or living trust by designating a specific amount or a share of the residue

Reduce estate tax

Removes taxable assets from estate

Removes taxable assets from estate

Removes taxable assets from estate

Removes taxable assets from estate

Donation exempt from federal estate tax

Reduce income tax

Immediate deduction for full value

Immediate deduction for full value

Immediate deduction for full value

Immediate deduction for full value if we can use the asset

Complete avoidance

Complete avoidance

Complete avoidance

Donor Benefits

Reduce or eliminate capital gains tax

Complete avoidance

Get income back from the gift Control of assets during lifetime

Give an asset but keep enjoying it Still like the stock? Use your cash to buy at today’s price and lock in a higher cost

More How does it benefit us?

Delivers immediate benefits

Delivers immediate benefits

Delivers immediate benefits

donor report 2013 » when, how, and why to plan a gift » 60

Can be used to make a significant gift without cash outlay

Make a substantial gift when you no longer need the assets

Delivers immediate benefits

Ensures our future strength



Life Insurance

Retained Life Interest

Bargain Sale

Charitable Gift Annuity

Charitable Remainder Trust

Charitable Lead Trust

Name us as the beneficiary of the plan

Give old or new policy with us as beneficiary and owner

Give real estate but keep the right to use and enjoy it for life

Sell real estate or other valuable property to us for less than fair value

Simple gift contract that provides lifetime payments to one or two persons

Trust that pays income for life or a term of years to donor and/or others. Assets ultimately benefit us

Trust that makes payments to us for a period of years. Assets ultimately pass to donor or heirs

Avoid double taxation at death; give tax-advantaged assets to heirs

Make a large gift at little cost

Make a significant gift that doesn’t affect your lifestyle

Make a significant gift while still receiving lump sum or cash flow from asset

Supplement income with steady payments that are partially tax-free

Diversify assets, avoid capital gains tax, secure often greater income and possible inflation protection

Reduce gift and estate taxes on assets you pass to heirs; lower income tax liability; retain control of assets

Name us as whole or partial successor beneficiary on your plan’s form

Donate a paid-up policy you no longer need or take out a new policy

Give real estate to us but retain a life estate

Sign a contract to sell property to us at a discounted value

Establish a gift annuity contract with us that pays a set amount for life

Create a trust that pays income to donor and/or others, principal (remainder) ultimately goes to us

Create a trust that pays income to us, principal (remainder) ultimately returns to heirs or donor

Donation exempt from federal estate and income tax

Donation exempt from federal estate tax

Removes taxable assets from estate

Removes gifted portion of value of asset from estate

Removes taxable assets from estate

Removes taxable assets from estate

Can remove taxable assets from estate

Your heirs will avoid income tax

Current income tax deduction for paid-up policy. Future deductions for premium payments on new policy

Deduction for value of the asset, less value of your right to keep using it

Deduction for discount from fair market value

Deduction for gift portion of asset

Deduction for gift portion of asset


Complete avoidance

Partial avoidance

Partial avoidance

Partial avoidance


Determined by your agreement with us

Fixed payments for life for one or two individuals

Variable or fixed income for life

Continue to take withdrawals from plan during your lifetime

Property reverts to donor, or to heirs with reduced gift and estate taxes

Use of asset during lifetime

Often overlooked and easily given

Simple to set up; small financial commitment for large ultimate gift

Ensures our future strength

Ensures our future strength

Use proceeds to help fund needs at a later stage in life (retirement facility, etc.) Ensures our future strength

Chart courtesy of

Great retirement income supplement

Delivers immediate benefits Ensures our future strength

Significant income and estate tax advantages

Best for assets expected to appreciate rapidly

Ensures our future strength

Delivers immediate benefits

61 » when, how, and why to plan a gift » donor report 2013



Catherine E. Quinn ’78

Founded in 1924 by the Sisters of Saint Joseph,

Please include your full name, address,

Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Director of Alumni Relations

Chestnut Hill College is a four-year Catholic

phone number and class year.



college in the Ignatian tradition offering a

traditional liberal arts undergraduate program,

Kathleen M. Spigelmyer ’98

Marianne Murphy Semchuk ’07, ’10 SGS

Director of Communications, Editor

Director of Constituent and Prospect Records



The College is an equal opportunity employer

that recruits, advertises and hires without

Ryan Dougherty ’11 SGS

Mary Theresa Shevland, SSJ

Publications Manager, Associate Editor

Director of Planned Giving



Patricia M. Canning ’70


Senior Director of Development

Linda Johnson


Jim Roese

Address all correspondence to:

as well as accelerated undergraduate degrees,


graduate and doctoral degree programs.

Chestnut Hill College Donor Report

regard to race, creed, color, national origin, age or sex. Reprinting any material herein requires written consent of the College. The editor of this report makes every effort to include accurate information.

Chestnut Hill College 9601 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19118 Email to: The information in this donor report recognizes gifts received from July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013.

Comments, questions, concerns, and opinions are welcome in the form of letters to the editor. Denise Costello Associate Director of Development Operations 215.248.7089

In keeping with the mission of Chestnut Hill College and our concern for the earth, this Donor Report was printed with soy ink on paper that contains ten percent recycled content. Please recycle after use.

Svetlana Smolina performs at the annual Steinway Master Artist Series event.

donor report 2013 » donor report contributors » 62

ANNUAL SUPPORT OF THE GRIFFIN FUND from alumni, parents and friends is the foundation of giving at the College. Your yearly gift ensures that all students have the opportunity to receive a superior education in the liberal arts, sciences, and professions within a dynamic learning environment.


Gifts under


added up to $218,280 last year.



of full-time students receive financial support.

Last year, students received

$14.2 million in financial aid.

The Griffin Fund raised


in unrestricted dollars for the 2013 fiscal year.

For the 2013 fiscal year, the SUS alumni participation rate was

Let’s increase that to




next year!

DID YOU KNOW THIS ABOUT CHESTNUT HILL COLLEGE? Chestnut Hill College was named one of 226 institutions by the Princeton Review, in the “Best in the Northeast” section of its “2014 Best Colleges: Region by Region.” Chestnut Hill College students represent 21 states and 28 foreign countries.

18 – The number of Steinway pianos on campus since the College received the prestigious “All-Steinway School” designation in 2011—the only Philadelphia Catholic college to have this distinctive status.

8 – The number of international universities where Chestnut Hill College students can study abroad through the College’s new Global Education Office.


– The number of students living on campus. Improvements to the residence halls—Fontbonne, Fournier, Fitzsimmons and Loyola Lodge—are made possible through funding from the Griffin Fund.

SUPPORT THE GRIFFIN FUND BY MAKING YOUR GIFT BY JUNE 30, 2014. THE GRIFFIN FUND Chestnut Hill College :: PO Box 41552 :: Philadelphia, PA 19101-1552 215.248.7085 :: Make a gift online at

1,164 – The number of hours provided in tutoring sessions through the Office of Student Success. No-cost tutoring is available to students in math, writing, foreign language and more.

47 – The number of Biomedical Lecture Series speakers since its inception in 1994.

World renowned scientists—including two Nobel Laureates—have presented on topics such as gene therapy, cancer research, and infectious diseases.

1 – The number of people it takes to make a difference in a Chestnut Hill College student’s life, regardless of the size of the gift. Please make your gift today.


9601 Germantown Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19118

Chestnut Hill College

AnnualScholarship Gala SAVE THE DATE Saturday, April 5, 2014 Cocktails and Dinner

Chestnut Hill College strives to keep a college education rooted in Catholic values within reach for students and families. Now, more than ever, academic scholarships play a crucial role in the pursuit of higher education. Please plan on joining us at the fifth Annual Scholarship Gala at Chestnut Hill College. For more information, visit

2012-2013 Annual Donor Report  
2012-2013 Annual Donor Report