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If She Can Help Someone, She Will Regina “Jeanie” Maxwell Schwille ’65 Regina “Jeanie” Maxwell Schwille ’65 calls herself “very much a SSJ product,” when discussing her educational background. Having attended Catholic elementary and high schools where she was taught by Sisters of Saint Joseph, Chestnut Hill College was a logical extension for her.

Regina “Jeanie” Maxwell Schwille ’65

“It had what I wanted in every sense and was the perfect place for me,” she remembers.

Schwille participated in Mask & Foil, wrote for the College newspaper, and volunteered with the group that offered religious training for the mentally disabled adults who lived at Pennhurst.

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Academically she excelled as a math major with a minor in physics, which although uncommon for a woman in the early 1960s, never stopped her from pursuing her interests. Schwille found encouragement and support at every turn, and one sister, in particular, helped her understand the importance of supporting others after graduation. “Sister Dorothy Hennessy was my major advisor,” says Schwille. “She was wonderful, and I loved her. She encouraged us to do everything we could, in every way. Her support for all of us was so strong. She would say, ‘Do everything you can do in your life and stay close to the College.’” With that in mind and with the support of her sons, David and Vincent Freeman, Schwille established The Stephen G. and Regina Maxwell Schwille ’65 Endowed Scholarship which will be awarded for the first time in the fall 2016 semester. “We all have things that we support and believe in. CHC is my biggest, and I feel that if someone can be helped, I want to do it.” — Brenda Lange

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Chestnut Hill Magazine, Spring 2016  
Chestnut Hill Magazine, Spring 2016