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E-4/Specialist Baldwin on a security mission in Afghanistan.

CHC is a Yellow Ribbon School and was recently designated as “Military Friendly.”

Drexel, it was a no-brainer when I was given the chance to play football again.”

By Brenda Lange

That kind of one-two opportunity doesn’t come along every day and Baldwin is happy with his choice.

onathan Baldwin, 23, is at the age when most of his peers have already graduated from college. Instead, he has just begun. And for a good reason. He was busy serving his country in the U.S. Army — deployed for a year in Kunar Province, Afghanistan, an area known for its high Taliban activity.

He joined 40 other veterans currently enrolled at CHC, a number that has been growing over the past few years, and a group whom CHC has made a concerted effort to support as they transition to campus life.

Today, Baldwin is a criminal justice major on track to graduate in 2019 with plans to become a federal agent with either the FBI, ATF or DEA after graduation. He chose Chestnut Hill College because it is military friendly — and so he could play sprint football. “I applied to other Philadelphia schools, but chose CHC because it is a part of the Yellow Ribbon Program,” Baldwin says. “Then Coach Pearson contacted me because I was an all-state player for my high school in New Hampshire. Although I was planning on


Part of that process includes recognizing the academic policies that work for veterans and providing personal counseling and career counseling that helps in translating the skills and expertise gained in military service to civilian professional life. “We’ve been working hard to improve the College community for students who served in the military, finding out what their experiences are as servicemen and servicewomen and as students and how we can better serve them to make their time here successful,” says Michael Reig, J.D., registrar and chair of CHC’s Veteran’s Committee.

Chestnut Hill Magazine, Spring 2016  
Chestnut Hill Magazine, Spring 2016