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Recent Chestnut Hill College Student Internship Choices • • • • •

Foreign Language & Literature Department

Travel and education (study abroad in Salamanca) Art gallery in Paris, France Fashion design company in New York City Assistant in the Mayor’s Office, Florence, Italy After-school programs in Spanish and French in local schools

Recent Chestnut Hill College Graduate Career Choices • • • • •

Teachers in local schools European Union in Brussels, Belgium Access Industries, New York City Publishing firm in Philadelphia Adjunct Professor, Chestnut Hill College

Faculty Contact Mary Helen Kashuba, SSJ, DML Chair: French and Russian 215-248-7124 ForeignLanguage/

Majors: French & Spanish Minors: French, Spanish, Latin & Classical Civilization

Why Study with Foreign Language Professors at CHC? Chestnut Hill College has an outstanding Foreign Language Department with professors from Spain, Colombia, Cuba, Uruguay, Italy, China and Congo. They hold major offices in professional associations, have written scholarly books and articles and present papers nationally and internationally. They are available to students on a regular basis and guide them to a high degree of excellence in small classes. They provide activities beyond the classroom, foster study abroad experiences and keep in touch with students after graduation. They lead students to an appreciation of the spiritual dimension of literature and culture and integrate the study of languages with the college’s overall mission.

Additional Language Classes Offered at CHC: Chinese





Why Study a Foreign Language at Chestnut Hill College? Students choosing to major or minor in foreign languages will have the opportunity to study with nationally and internationally recognized professors. They will benefit from small classes, individual attention and dedicated teachers. The department maintains a rigorous curriculum but helps each student along the way. We live in a global society and must learn the culture and language of other nations in order to promote mutual understanding and peace. Chestnut Hill College also offers foreign language classes in Chinese, German, Italian and Russian.

The Benefits of a Degree in a Foreign Language Many careers are open to graduates competent in another language. Teaching is an obvious choice. However, government work, business and non-profit organizations are open to all graduates, especially those with a foreign language background.

Foreign Language and Literature Department brochure  

Chestnut Hill College offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in French and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Spanish. Minors may be pursued in French, Span...

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