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Internship Opportunities Our partnerships with public, private and parochial schools in surrounding urban, suburban, and rural school districts offer students a rich tapestry of classroom teaching experiences. Chestnut Hill College education programs require students to begin as volunteers, advance to teaching lessons two half-days a week, and then finally take charge of a full classroom of 20 or more young students. These classroom environments increase the opportunities for our majors to gain valuable real-world experience. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a student teaching experience to lead to full-time employment upon graduation.

Education Department

Faculty Contact Carol M. Pate, Ed.D. Chair: Education Department 215.248.7127

Career Opportunities Across the nation, teachers who have been teaching for 25 years or more are retiring from the profession. Since 2010 this has opened up more than 10,000 new teaching positions per year. New teachers can choose from a variety of classroom settings that match their background, college preparation, and particular philosophies. Positions are currently available in the following settings: •

Private schools which offer specialized curricula, usually connected to a specific philosophy.

Parochial schools which offer specialized curricula woven with specific faith teachings.

Public schools; including Charter schools which offer curricula aligned to state and national standards, with many varieties of organizational structures. Undergraduate/Programs/ Education/

Majors: Early Education (PreK4), Middle Level Education (4-8) & Secondary Education (9-12)* Minors: Special Education *Must be accompanied with a major in a content area. Please refer to the academic catalog.

Why Study Secondary Education at CHC?

Name: Chris Schaffer Graduation Year: 2014 Major: Middle Level Education (4-8th) Math & English Concentration “Why did you decide to study education at CHC?”

“I always wanted to teach and CHC offered the new middle level concentration.”

Why Study Middle Level Education at CHC? Why Study PreK - 4 Education at CHC? A major in PreK-4 Education prepares students for challenging and rewarding careers teaching children from nursery-school to early elementary grades (K-4). Students who choose this major become competent in a variety of classroom environments. In addition, students work with children in both Pre-K and elementary education as part of a comprehensive and in-depth program.

A major in Middle Level Education prepares students for challenging and rewarding careers teaching children in grades 4-8. Students in this major will have substantive content courses in two areas and will be eligible for teaching in those areas in the 7th and 8th grades. The Middle Level Education program offers five concentrations including: •

English Reading Language Arts (ERLA)

Social Studies

Math & Science

ELRA & Math

ELRA & Science

Students who desire to obtain a Pennsylvania Department of Education teaching certification in Biology, Chemistry, English, French, Spanish, Mathematics or Social Studies must declare a comajor in Secondary Education. Students are to obtain the appropriate form and have it signed by the Education Department. Students who are registered for a Secondary Education co-major are expected to complete all courses for secondary certification including student teaching. Students may complete student teaching after graduation but the co-major will not be included on the transcript without successful completion of student teaching.

Education Department Brochure  

Chestnut Hill College offers majors in Pre-K - 4 (early elementary education), Middle Level Education (grades 4-8) & Secondary Education (gr...

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