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Making money online sounds so easy that people get excited and jump in before they have a good understanding of the marketing process. When things don't happen like they had expected or as quickly as they had hoped, they get frustrated and just quit. Another dream goes up in smoke. While earning money on line appears relatively easy when compared to most other things you can do to earn money, it's still not easy, at least in the beginning, until you get the knowledge of what you must do. It is, however, a cake walk when you compare it to what you have to put up with a regular day job, punching a time clock and having to account for every minute of every working day. With Internet Marketing there are still several rules you have to follow and a number of pitfalls you have to avoid to actually make it work for you. Most people when they start will not make a dime and yet there are others who will make more money in a single month than most people make in a whole year. Why is that? In Internet Marketing there are 5 keys to success: 1. Those that make it big have a dream and pursue it with a passion. They make the conscious decision to adjust their income to their dreams instead of adjusting their dreams to their current income. 2. They choose an educational resource (teacher, tutor, or mentor). There are many out there, many more bad ones than good ones. Whoever they chose must be able to give them all of the basics as well as all of the advanced methods and all the software and other tools they will need. They must be able to give them

everything they need to be successful from novice to guru. (My recommendation is at the bottom of this article.) 3. The successful concentrate on learning and understanding the basics, not in making their first dollar online. It's so easy to get sucked into the unrealistic feeling that "I've got to make my first sale NOW or I'm going to be failure". That's a bunch of nonsense. Learn and understand how to do it right before you start doing it, or chances are you'll be spinning your wheels in the mud. 4 The successful stay focused. This is a biggie. The internet is a marvellous place but it can become a dreadful distraction. That's why the second point above is very important, most get stuck with an education resource that has some pieces missing, and they then go searching for the answers and most get lost in the internet maze. 5. The successful take real action. Once they are ready, they jump in and go at it. And because they have educated themselves, they do the right things the right way, and they see early success, and their dreams become reality. There you have it. Follow these steps and, with a little time and effort, you will be making money in no time. Mack is a Professional Marketer and wants you to succeed. Have a look at

How to Get Started to Make Money at home  

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