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January 2011

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CH Baptist  Impacting Our World for Christ

The Pastor’s Page So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom. - Psalm 90:12 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom . . . - Proverbs 9:10


ERE WE STAND at the precipice of another new year. As we look over the horizon of 2011 what do we see? Are you looking at opportunities, questions, challenges, maybe some fears? I know this: whatever we see out there 2011 holds some things we don’t see at all yet. But whatever is out there, whether we see it coming or not, we want it to go well. We want things to work out. We want this to be a good year. The question is how. In the two verses above we are reminded that the passing of time counts. It should make us stop and evaluate, stop and refresh, stop and recommit. As time passes we can get stuck just doing the same things, doing the next thing. I think the Bible is saying that is stupid living. Don’t just do the next thing. Do what counts. Do what moves you forward. Do what lasts. Actually take strides to get better at what you always talk about getting better at. We need to ask the Lord for that wisdom to do with these days, to do with 2011 what He wants. We ask Him because this year is His and we are His. That is what it means to live in the fear of the Lord. We acknowledge that we, and time, belong to Him and we answer to Him for it. The fear of the Lord is living in light of that each day. Do your days show that kind of wisdom? Some thoughts on how we might begin praying over what God wants us to do with 2011:

Dr. Randall T. Hahn Senior Pastor Rev. Mike Osborne Administrative Pastor Rev. Dale Wilbur Worship Pastor Rev. Edwin Parker Instrumental Music Pastor Rev. Mike Connor Media Pastor Rev. Ronnie West Education Pastor Rev. Jim Reeves Outreach Pastor

1. Lord, what do I need to do today so that it counts? 2. Lord, where do you want to see my character grow this year? 3. Lord, what priorities do you want me to have as I start this year? 4. Lord, what am I neglecting? 5. Lord, would you give me the wisdom to hear your answers to these questions, and live each day so that it counts when I stand before you.

Rev. Wes Rose Missions, College, & Singles Pastor

Happy New Year!

Rev. Buddy Hamm Children’s Pastor

Randy Hahn A Note about the Connection:

In order to keep our members and guest more informed with up-to-date information about our programs and events, we’ve switched to a monthly Connection magazine that will be available in the Concourse rather than mailed to each home. We encourage you to pick up a copy at the kiosks located at the North and South entrances on the last Sunday of the month. 2  Connection January 2011

Rev. Jerry Witte High School Pastor

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Do What Counts

Winter / Spring Classes

Parent Summit | New Sermon Series City on a Hill Church: Boston, Mass.

Life Ministry Teams | YEC | LHGH Worship Arts | Others

On Schedule and Within Budget Upcoming Events

Winter/Spring Discipleship Classes Most classes will begin Wednesday, January 5, but others will begin throughout the spring. A list of classes with dates, instructors, room assignments and fees is available at the Information Desk. Classes this semester include: Chronological Bible Storying, Prayer Walking, Praying for your Spouse, FAITH, Love & Respect, DivorceCare (support group), GriefShare (support group) and others.

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CH Baptist  Impacting Our World for Christ

Raising a Christ-centered Family. This seminar is designed to help parents recognize and celebrate spiritual milestones in the life of their family. The upcoming seminar will feature a General Session taught by Dr. Hahn, two break out seminars of your choice, and a Q & A session with seminar leaders. Break out seminar topics to choose from include: First Step (baby dedication), How to Lead Your Child to Christ, Rite of Passage, and Preparing Your Student to Leave Home, and many more.


8 AM - Registration/Check-in (Breakfast) 8:30 AM - General Session Begins 9:30 AM - Break Out Seminar 1 10:30 AM - Break Out Seminar 2 11:30 AM - Q & A Session

COST: $10/per family

Register online at or at the Information Center.

4  Connection January 2011


n the opening night of our Global Impact Conference, Colonial Heights Baptist entered into a Partnership with City On a Hill Church in the Boston, Mass area. Along with financial and prayer support we will be sending volunteer teams up throughout the year to do construction, service and outreach projects, and Vacation Bible School (VBS). We are excited about this partnership with Bland Mason, lead pastor, and his church. From his Prayer card, Bland writes,

CityOurOn a Hill Church New Partner in Boston, Mass by Wes Rose

“Today, Boston is one of the least Christian cities in the United States, with less evangelicals than even a city like Seattle. Only 2.5% of Boston’s population (6 million) claim to hold to salvation by faith alone in Christ alone. That means 5.85 million people in the Greater Boston area do not know Christ as their Savior and Lord! When we moved to Boston in the fall of 2008, our vision was to start a new, urban church, in the Brookline Area of Boston, that will

grow and plant other churches across this great big, beautiful, and desperately lost city. God has been incredibly good to us by allowing us to plant City on a Hill Church in the fall of 2009. We are a new church in a densely populated, unchurched, and young area of the city. The challenges are real (including Boston being one of the most expensive areas to live in the U.S.), but my family feels called to invest the rest of our lives in Boston to see the city impacted for Christ.”

The Mason Family

Please keep these items in your prayers for the Mason family: • Family Pray God will keep their family close to Him and to each other as they face the challenges of living in Boston. • Wisdom For Bland as he leads City on a Hill to be a church in the city for the glory of God and the good of the city. • Needs Pray that the Masons will trust God for their “daily bread” (Matt. 6:11) and for Him to meet all of their financial and personal needs. • Church Planting Pray that City on a Hill church will be a church that plants churches across Boston and around the world. • Gospel Pray for God to give grace and strength as Bland and other leaders at COAH share the gospel with people trapped in sinful patterns of life and devastated by the sin that has been done to them by others.

Bland & Teresa and their children Jordan, Hannah, and Sarah January 2011 Connection  5 

CH Baptist  Impacting Our World for Christ

6  Connection January 2011

Who do you think deserves better? by Debbie Heuermann

“At Wendy’s®, we won’t cut corners on anything. Not on fresh, quality ingredients. Not on how we treat people. Not on giving back. And certainly not on being the defender of good taste for people everywhere.”

I hope the holidays were a special time for you and your family. Bethlehem Inn was a joy to present. I do want to say a very special thanks to Julie Cox for all of her hard work in making the event possible. She worked countless hours in writing, directing, organizing, and recruiting. She is truly a blessing to this church and to the Worship Arts Ministry. New Years Resolution #1: Come be a part of the Worship Ministry. There is a place for you in the ARTS at CH Baptist. Choir and orchestra will be back to rehearsing on the 4th of January. This would be a great time to join us. We have a choir retreat planned for the 15th of January. You won’t want to miss this. We will premiere the music that we will be using for the spring. Finally, let me say how blessed Erin and I feel about serving here at CH Baptist. We thank God for allowing us to serve with such an awesome community of believers. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do in us and amongst us in 2011. Blessings

I saw this comment on the Wendy’s® website a few weeks ago and it spoke to me, not about Wendy’s® but about CH Baptist. How do we treat others in the church family? How do we treat those that come through the doors searching and seeking? I believe that those that have connected and become involved as volunteers here find that they are encouraged by the people they touch and by the things they see each and every week. It is about giving our all for the Lord. It is about doing our best and using those gifts that the Lord has given us. We won’t cut corners on anything. The volunteers in the parking team, greeters, ushers all give 100%. That is what makes it work here. We believe people deserve better and better can only be our best when we are using our gifts to serve. Visit the Information Center to learn more about volunteering. Here are just a few of the opportunities where you can get involved and use your gifts: First Touch

Ushers, Traffic Team, Shuttle Drivers, Greeters, Information Center, Baptismal Team, Security Team, and Medical Response Team

Children’s Ministry

Nursery, Preschool, and Kids Worship (K-5th Grade)

Youth Department

Small Group Leader (Wednesdays) and Table Group Leader (Sundays)

Worship Arts Ministry

Choir Members and Orchestra / “The 3RD” Band Members

Media Ministry

Camera Operators, Sound and Light Crew Members, Web Content Developers, and IT Support


Campus Support

Facility Maintenance, Grounds Maintenance, Facility Set-up and Teardown, Heavenly Hands, and Interior Decorating January 2011 Connection  7 



Project Update: Phase 2A

By: Roger Hamrick

The exterior work on the expansion of our children’s wing is mostly complete, due in large part to the excellent weather last fall. The building has been “dried in” and internal work is in progress. Project completion is expected by about mid March with move in shortly thereafter. For the remaining months of construction it will appear from an external view that not much is going on but let me assure you this is not the case. The interior construction is in full swing. Stud walls are going up with electrical, plumbing and HVAC soon to follow. The audio, video and theatrical lighting for the additional children’s worship rooms will be completed by about March 1. Phase 2A includes the relocation of the present storm water collection pond on the rear of the building and the addition of about 400 more gravel parking spaces. We are in the process of finalizing the Joint Permit Application (JPA) with the Corp of Engineers and DEQ to permit and mitigate some additional wetlands. Once this is done we will move forward with construction to relocate the pond and provide the additional gravel parking. The actual construction work is scheduled to begin around May 1 when weather is more suitable with completion in July. The project is within budget and is not expected to change. One of the major project cost is financing the loan necessary to fully fund the project. Our church has been faithful in giving and we encourage our members to continue giving to the building fund. Every dollar given in effect lowers the amount of money that must be borrowed from the bank. With our Senior Pastor’s emphasis on lowering debt before we embark upon phase 2B, our giving will determine to a large extent when the church moves forward with the next phase of construction. For up-to-date information and pictures on the status of the internal construction work please visit the Project Team blog on the church website,







Passion Conference (Singles)


Winter Discipleship Classes Begin


Women’s Bible Studies Kickoff Event


The God Questions Sermon Series Begins

13 Women’s Bible Studies


14-15 Youth Evangelism Conference


Choir Retreat


Kids’ Movie Night


Legacy Milestones Parent Summit Seminar

28-29 Women’s Ministry Retreat

Find all of our events on the online calendar at or call the church office, 804.526.0424, for information.

CHBaptist Connection January 2011  

CHBaptist News Magazine Volume 5, Number 1

CHBaptist Connection January 2011  

CHBaptist News Magazine Volume 5, Number 1