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In the studio, photos of Krun with his suit and guitar.

Filming in Wigan, where the two characters meet. Out and about in Liverpool, mainly of Sian searching for her love ‘Miles Kane’.

Before we started on the digipack, we looked at a number of various other digipack so we knew what exactly we’d be expected to create. We also had started filming before we even started on the digipack, and while we had been out and about filming we’d made sure we’d documented it and took a lot of photos so we had things to experiment with on Photoshop for our advertisement and digipack. The three screen shots above are from our three different location shoots that we can use in making our digipack.

These are the best images from the Liverpool shoot. As Miles Kane is actually from Liverpool, it’d make sense for his home town to be on the cover of his record. The street photos are of the backstreets and church street (the very busy ones) but it kind of suits the genre as it’s simple yet arty. The other images are of Sian, these photos were actually took in McDonalds toilets and the one with a pink background was took in ‘Leaf’s toilets. We liked these images as she’s got a pretty appealing face and looks as if she’s the same age as Miles Kane, and someone Miles Kane would be interested in. We thought these images we’re really glam and her facial expressions worked well.

These are the best images from Krun in the studio. The simple profile shots worked best as its a clear shot and can be easily experimented with to create a variety of outcomes. He also has good body posture and stands tall and confident, facing the camera. We thought the top right image would be a good image to use also as he looks he’s being interviewed yet looks natural. The other two images are useful as well as the image has been took with the camera straight and it’s a full length body shot, so if we wanted to crop him out and just use his body we could.

These are the best images from the photo shoot in Wigan. Krun seems to take the best photos naturally, when he isn’t asked to pose for the camera or anything and that's why he isn't exactly looking head on at the camera. When walking through the centre of Wigan, we’d found a little side street with a barbers and little pathway down so we went and filmed down there, which is the images with the cobbled path on.

After looking through all the photos and experimenting with a few off the best ones, we thought that these two pictures of Sian we’re really glam and stunning images, and with the right effects and tones could be made to look really appealing. These two images have been changed to black and white and then had an effect called ‘Halftone Pattern’ applied to them, with circles instead of lines. The colour palate was in black and white at the time so the images still came out in black and white. The exposure has also been increased and the saturation decreased. On the top image we liquefied it and made the eyes a bit bigger an to look more smouldering. We thought these images were really class and glam and fits our ‘Miles Kane’ theme, as on some of his album covers he just has a ‘fit’ girl, which is what we’re going to use as our album cover too.

Starting off, this is the edited version of Sian after we changed the exposure and colour.

We experimented with the size of the image and what placement works best, as the front of the cover would be a square and our image is a rectangle.

We placed the text on the image in various positions to see what worked best and what was easy enough to read and notice, but as we wanted to keep the same colours and we had a face on the page we couldn’t place the image of top on it as it wouldn’t make sense and wouldn’t be able to read it. We thought that that size worked best as it wasn’t too striking on the page yet you could still clearly see it. To make it more noticeable and bolder, we added a stroke around the text and gave it a red noised drop shadow to make it stand out more.

When we were happy with the effects we’d used on the text, we still thought the image needed something to make it look more edgy and have the Miles Kane vibe. So we thought about giving the image some texture and a bit more colour, so this brown paper we’d scanned in was perfect to use.

After we felt like we’d chosen the right size and placement of the image on the square grid, we starting to look at typography for the cover. We wanted to keep the same themes as we have used on our advertisement, so we wanted something easy to read yet modern and trendy. After testing different fonts, we just thought we’d stick to the text we used on our advertisement to keep to the continuity.

We stretched the brown paper out to fit the screen and then placed it on top of our cover image. We then reduced the opacity so the two layers blended into one image. This image now looks more textured and slightly vintage.

Once we’d done that, we still needed to put the name of our record on the front of the cover. We started again at looking at typography to use and what existing Miles Kane records used for their album name. The trend seemed to be handwriting typed fonts, so that's what we started looking at.

Then we typed out the desired text of ‘come closer’ which is the record name. We thought that we’d have the text smaller than ‘Miles Kane’ as it’s not as important as the artists name.

We came across this font we liked called ‘writing something by hand’. We then tested it with ‘come closer’ to see what it’d look like, as it was easy to read yet still handwritten like we went with it.

And we experimented with different colours as it was too hard to see the text if it was in a dark or really bright colour. To stick to the red black white theme, we went with red as black and white was too hard or read. We also experimented with the filters and effects and chose this effect of charcoal as it gives a bit of texture to the text and would stand out more than just block colour.

So we downloaded it.

After we’d decided on the typography, we still didn’t think it stood out that much so we added a drop shadow and a darker red stroke around it.

(top images) After we’d finished on the typography for the cover, we cut the extra brown paper off the sides and fitted the image to size on the digipack template. (left) This is our final image for our cover of our digipack. It’s the same theme as our advertisement and suits our genre well. We got feedback in the process of making it to do with what colours and what images we should use, so at the end we didn’t get any negative feedback.

We started then on other parts of the digipack and looked at other things we could include. So we decided on doing a lyrics page. We needed a photo with a lot negative free space that wouldn’t be too distracting so the lyrics could go on top of it. We looked through our photographs and this fitted what we thought would be a suitable image. We then changed the colours to black and white and adjusted the colours so it would be brighter and the text would be easier to read on top. However adjusting it to make it lighter also made Krun a lot whiter and lighter too, which looked a bit odd. So we duplicated the layer of the original black and white copy before we edited it and then selected Krun out off it and placed that copy on top of the edited copy, so Krun remained the same colour yet the background was lighter.

When we were happy with the image, we googled the lyrics to Miles Kane and then wrote them out on Photoshop, so we could edit and change the text. We decided to go with the red text again as it shows up clearly on a black and white back ground. We experimented with the text and went with one called ‘Letter gothic pro’.

(above) We still thought it might be hard to see though, so we added a drop shadow and inner glow of a darker red. Then we made it smaller and placed it on the image. (right) When we’d placed it on the image, we got feedback and alot of people said it was hard to read. So then we went back to our text and might it a lot brighter and made the text larger, we also changed the drop shadow colour to a brighter red than the actual text to it looks as if it’s glowing. We adjusted the image also by brightening the back layer (the background layer), and viola.

Then we decided to make a ‘thank you’ page next, so we copied and pasted the ‘Miles Kane’ from the cover of the digipack.

To make the page a little more interesting to the eye and vibrant, we then changed the background to a bright red. As there was the brown paper layer on top, that sort of washed the colour out a bit.

To keep the continuity and themes going for the digipack, we copied and pasted the brown paper background again to give the background some texture. We reduced the opacity so it looks more faded and the text would be easier to read.

Then we experimented with some filters and liked the outcome that film grain had on the red background. Gave it more a vintage, old picture frame feel that links in with the glam cover.

We downloaded this font called ‘LANE A’ so we could use it in Photoshop.

This is what the background image now looks like with the film grain filter applied with the brown paper layer placed on top.

(above) When we’d finished designing our background, we started to write down names of people we though Miles Kane would know like Alex Turner and such and people like his family members. We also included people in our media team and his record label, and then from there we added random names of people we know like you see in other digipacks. After that we wrote ‘would like to thank’ out in Lane A and used the same effects on it as we did to ‘Miles Kane’ except on top of this we added a charcoal effect which is why it has more black on it. (right) This is our final thank you page. We chose that font for the names as it’s clear and easy to read. The colour scheme matches the other pages in the digipack, so far so good.

To make things a little different, we were experimenting on what we could do on Adobe Illustrator and figured that we could warp and transform the text so it could fit the disc shape, instead of having Now for the disc page. To give it the obvious circle. So we wrote the text some background we used the out and then transformed t into a circle, brown paper bag again and then repeating itself. drew the circle where the disc would go.

This is what it looked like finished.

Then we copied and pasted the Adobe Illustrator layer onto the Photoshop layer we’d been working with and fitted it to size around the circle template

This is what it looks like fitted to size on Photoshop, with the proper background.

(above) We then added a drop shadow of a lighter red so it looked as if the text was glowing, and added more film grain effects to the image as a whole so it looked darker. We thought it looked better like that. We then got feedback and people had said it was to boring and plain, so we added an image of ‘Miles Kane’ onto the back ground and reduced the opacity so he appeared more faded. (right) Our final image.

After we’d done all them pages, we couldn’t really think of another page to add to our digipack, so we looked at other digipacks. We though we’d go with an artsy photography page.

We though what else could we put on the page and looked at the lyrics and thought these lyrics sounded pretty cool. So we typed them out and experimented with the composition to see where we could place them but still have room for the images.

Then we chose two other images and put a black and white filter on all three images. We increased the exposure on the three images so they appear brighter and the difference between white and black is more noticeable.

When we’d placed some tester text on the background, we started looking through our images and decided to chose images from the studio shoot of Krun. We liked this image as it was natural and just reminded us of a man sitting round tired, like what they’d do backstage.

We placed all three images on the page and centred them in the middle. We put the portrait one in the middle as it looks more professional and more organised. However you can’t really see the text..

So we experimented with different We then experimented with colours and sizes of the text, but in different fonts and went back that font it didn’t really look good. to this previous text we’d used in the digipack.

We then inversed the colours to give us the black background and white text that’s easy to read.

On a new Photoshop document, we typed out the lyrics again in this font and changed the size of some lines so it all looks relatively the same size.

We then experimented with different colours of the text, like here we’ve experimented with red and some of the filters on Photoshop. While we thought this looked good on the plain background, once we had a look at it on the black background it was hard to read and the text looked stringy.

So we changed the text back to black and white and added the images back onto the document. This overall looks more professional and sticks to the theme of the digipack giving it continuity. The text was a lot easier to read in black and white and we liked the way it appeared as if it was someone's handwriting, as if it was the actual lyrics written down on the page. The whole image works well as the black and whites compliment each other and the images have that glam vibe which compliments the rest of the digipack.

When we’d gone out filming, we’d made sian do this on a napkin as a joke but we scanned it anyway and it looked really interesting and classy.

We typed out ‘Miles Kane’ in Lane A but kept it just in black, we then typed out ‘come closer’ in Writing Something By Hand font and kept that in black. We added effects to this however to make it stand out more and make it bolder. We then copied the 3 logos of the advertisement and pasted them onto the back.

We then started on the back track list of the CD. We wanted to keep the same vibe of simple yet glam and classy on the digipack, so we thought we’d get all the little tiny details and the things that needed to be on this page down first before we started on anything dramatic.

We shrunk them down to size however and changed them to black so you could notice them. We added a bar code as that’s what you’d normally see on the back and a address for his website.

We then googled the tracklist for this EP and typed them out. We experimented with a variety of different fonts and liked this one in the end. We tested out different size’s to see which worked better and in the end we thought it looked better smaller. After this we went back to the scanned in image of Sian kissing a napkin and used it as the background. The opacity has been reduced with a plain white background behind it. We added a red warming filter to the image to make it appear more red and more colour to the image. We duplicated the napkin image however and cut out the lips, so we ended up with the two versions of the lips on top of each other. We did this to make the lips seem more fuller and more of an image to look at. We placed the bar code on top of all the layers so the white behind it remained white



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