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A closer look at the life of a young Verduzco.

And the Stars of Tomorrow

Chaz Verduzco


Chaz Verduzco Biography September 26, 1996. On a beautiful fall morning, Chaz was born on the Division 1 campus of Washington State University in Pullman, WA. At birth he was introduced to the competitive nature of athletics and academics. He spent most week day evenings listening to the sounds of witnessing the achievements of Pac 10 sports. The sound of the whistles, oiled gloves, and baseballs of the bat were his lullaby. When his father accepted the head baseball coaching job at Missouri Western State University, he was moved to Saint Joseph, Missouri as well as his two sisters, Sara and Samantha. They brought with them the same love for competition and pursuit in academic excellence. One of his earliest memories of Saint Joseph was Phil Welch Stadium. He was in the dugout all the time and the Griffon Ball Players loved raise him as a sibling of there own. By the time he was five, attending Saint Joseph Christian School, he was sporting the full Griffon uniform and carrying out his bat boy duties. He spent his youth playing youth baseball, basketball, and soccer, knowing that sports were going to be an intricate part of his life. A great influence on his passion for basketball started with a coach by the name of Chad Rucker. He fed Chaz’s hunger for the game. Another great influence of Chaz’s passion for athletics was his father. He’s been coaching him ever since he was born to be the most elite player he could be, in whatever sport. During these pursuits there was always a favorite teacher that kept learning exciting. Mr. Carroll in 6th grade challenged his math skills. His own mother in 4th grade advanced his abilities in literature. Starting freshman year, he introduced to industrial arts which showed him a whole new way of creating things. Through his years, these coaches and teachers have helped him achieve his dream of excellence.

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Q & A Interview with Buzz and Tracy Verduzco

What was the first sports-related action you saw me do?

Why did you choose the name “Chaz Antony”?

Buzz Tracy What do you know about me that a lot of people wouldn’t know? What’s your favorite sport to watch me play and why? Tracy

What’s is one of your most humorous memories of me?


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“The Ultimate Griffon Ball Player”

The biggest influence on me, as I aspire to become a college athlete, would be the “Ultimate Griffon Ball Player”. The “Ultimate Griffon Ball Player” is a student-athlete who approaches a their sport with integrity, and uses his experiences to become successful in life. In my eyes, there have been 4 Missouri Western State University baseball players that have exemplified the character it takes to become the “Ultimate Griffon Ball Player”. Spencer Shockley is one of those players. He’s revealed to me how powerful leadership is, and how simple encouragement can push any player to improve. Another player who has shown what it takes is Nik Jurado. Through his tough persona, he’s demonstrated that a winner never backs down. Even through a loss, he found his own victory by leaving it all on the field. Having a record of 11-2 and being the Griffon’s ace, it seems easy for Brandon Simmons to take credit for the team’s success. However, Brandon’s humility has taught me that every victory is a complete team effort and to respect every teammate’s contribution. His hardworking attitude inspires me to know that my past victory is not the most important, but it’s how I approach the next game, challenge, or hurdle. These Griffon players know that this way of approaching the game of baseball is a stepping-stone on how to approach life. During his playing years, Courtney Jackson has exemplified all of these traits: leadership, toughness, encouragement, and most of all humility. And now that he’s graduated, he’s become the “Ultimate Griffon Ball Player” because he’s used his gift to give back. Through coaching and education, he’s teaching young kids, as well as myself, these attributes so they too can become successful in life. Watching these guys on and off the field just makes me want to be more like them: more like the “Ultimate Griffon Ball Player”. The most disappointing thing about these guys is that most of them will graduate by next year. However they have made their mark on me and I hope that some day, they can look back at what I’ve accomplished and feel proud.

A Map of My Family Inspiration

Charles Verduzco Jr. (father)

Daniel Graham (great uncle) Played baseball and football at Merced Junior College and Baseball at Washington State University. Currently coaches baseball at MWSU

Jason Verduzco (uncle) Graduated from United States Military Academy. 4 star General

Tracy Verduzco (mother) Played softball at San Francisco State University. Graduated from WSU

Played football at the University of Illinois. Became offensive coordinator of Kansas City Chiefs. Retired.

Sam Verduzco (sister)

Marquita Verduzco (aunt) Recruited to swim and graduated from Texas A&M Will attend United States Military Academy 2012-2013

Wanted for:

Chaz Verduzco

Will stop at nothing to insure victory

Multiple Stolen Bags Robbery of Hits Successful Hit-and-Runs

opponents consider him

Armed and Dangerous Armed with:

Heart of the Hide Rawlings Glove Easton S1 Baseball Bat Nike Hurauche Cleats

Verduzco Style

In-teg-ri-ty [in-teg-ri-tee] • adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty. Verduzco’s Definition • The guy who paints the trim behind the fridge

Team-work [teem-wurk] • cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting together as a team or in the interests of a common cause. Verduzco’s Definition • Griff Up

Sor-ry [sor-ee, sawr-ee] • feeling regret, compunction, sympathy, pity, etc.: to be sorry to leave one's friends; to be sorry for a remark; to be sorry for someone in trouble. Verduzco’s Definition • My Bone Gors

Mission Statement I will use these characteristics to glorify God and increase His Kingdom

C - Character ! I will use the Word of God to build my character to be one who acts justly, loves mercy, and walks humbly with his Lord. Micah 6:8

H - Health ! I will live my life in a healthy manner and abstain from using drugs or alcohol so that my judgement is clear. 1 Peters 2:11-12

A - Athletics ! I will use athletics to provide a training ground for perseverance, character, and integrity. 1 Corinthians 9:24

Z - Zeal !

I will approach every task with zeal and steadfastness. Philipians 4:13

“Not that i seek the gift, but i seek the fruit that increases to Your credit.� Philipians 4:17

Upon my death, I bequeath the following: To my sisters, I leave my headphones so that they may drown-out the judgements and un-Godly opinions of others.

To my Father, I leave my shoulder because his are worn down from all the BP.

To my mother, I leave my Sonic happy meal toys so she can be reminded of all the “pic-nics” we had.

To my neighbor and best friend Dayton, I leave my cellphone and all my contacts so he can finally have some friends Finally, to the rest of the world, I leave my passion to follow one’s dreams. ”Love never fails; Character never quits; & with patience & persistence; Dreams do come true.” -Pete Maravich

You better lose yourself in the music, the moment You own it, you better never let it go You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow This opportunity only comes once in a lifetime.

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Biography 6 Word memoir Q & A Interview with Buzz and Tracy Verduzco *Live interviews from both Buzz and Tracy Verduzco PERSONAL ESSAY A Map of My Family Inspiration * WANTED POSTER Dicionary * Mission Statement *The Holy  Bible MY WILL


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