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CHAR RLOTT TE Graphic Designer & Illustrator


I have skills in both Adobe Muse and Wordpress sites and have used this to my advantage and have made websites for clients. They vary in their involvement but I have taught myself the basics of both. Wordpress has involved me picking out suitable themes for the client and keeping this up to date as and when needed. Using Adobe Muse I have made this site from scratch to help create a branding for the client, including the logo. All PC, Apple Mac, Tablet and mobile phone compatible.

Wordpess: Adobe Muse:


Another competition brief, this time from YCN. Looking for a redesign of Graze’s logo and packaging. This project turned out to be one of my most enjoyed projects which incorporated design and improving of my skills in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The idea of using natural ingredients suited the design for the logo, so by adding food images you could see what the company was about. The following pages show my ideas.

I entered a competition from the ‘Brief Encounters 2011 Award’ for Paper.Co. I was fortunate enough, along with my colleague, to win a Bronze Award for our entry. We had to make a direct mail piece to encourage people to recycle. Our final product was intended to make the whole process of recycling fun, but it also had to make people aware of the company and its efforts to support the cause. The piece also included a concept for an App that was based on collecting paper to recycle within a certain time limit.


5:00mins 10 Points


The Mascote Dear customer, We send you this letter to introduce you to our new paper toy! It’s not only fun to make but it can be used for on your desk as a paperclip box perhaps or for all those elastic bands you find? Its there for you to make and have fun doing so. The coupon below this letter also ensures that if you had as much fun making this as well as using it, there is a bigger version out there for your larger objects. Yes, if you want a life size version of the paper toy for all that paper you will need to recycle, this is where it comes in handy. At Paper Co we are determind to show people that recycling no matter how small can make a big difference. So help us bring us that step closer to making the world a lot more green. Open his mouth and chuck in that paper, and remember recycling helps save the world! Not only are these available to you but you also get a chance to name this Paper Co toy. Have any suggestions go onto the Paper Co website for more information on how to enter. We here at Paper Co hope you enjoy your new objects! PaperCo

coupon recycle bin


This a personal project that got me using my illustration. I used sayings and phrases and tried to describe the saying with only images. The most successful saying, that has had the most positive feedback, is ‘All you need is Love’. I have used this to my advantage and have T-shirts of this design which my family and friends kindly wear for me. Book above made by Corynne Bailey

My most current project was with the theme of dogs. This was chosen due to my passion for dogs and I felt this would be a great platform for my design work to flourish. I drew the dogs by hand and then enhanced them in Adobe Illustrator. The book was then handmade using screws to have the dog collar effect. This project meant my perfectionist side could come out to make sure the layout and design was right for when it went to print.



One thing I love to do is make up cartoon characters. Since I was little I have always been playing video games and I feel this is where my passion comes from. I do not limit myself when it comes to my illustration. I am adaptable to styles and also enjoy observational drawings.

The following pages are a variation of projects and drawings of my own.

There are different things you can do if you want to know more, or would like to contact me; Email me directly at Check out Or Contact me through my website on contact page. More projects can be found on my website

Thank you

Portfolio 2013  

Recent Portfolio of 2013 showcasing my work as a Graphic Designers and Illustrator

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