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Acme pest control services is pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the professional pest management services in Chennai. Acme was started before a decade ago to provide effective and quality pest control services. We are equipped with the well trained team of experienced and professional operators to control and manage our valued client’s pests and its related issues.

We offer pest control services in Chennai to residences, IT companies, malls, hotels, factories, god owns, government offices commercial shops, corporate offices, hospitals etc. We ensure that we provide our clients a pest control service that is convenient, hassle free, odorless services using the new generation pest control techniques. Why Acme pest control? Acme pest control has the main aim to provide permanent and quality services to our valued clients. We give our genuine efforts to understand your pest problems in your house. Our recommendations are based on this and we provide our wide range of service to solve all your pest problems. Managing and controlling Pest has become a very important to lead a hassle free life. We specialize in providing all types of pest control services to provide a complete pest free environment to our clients. We make your pest problems vanish by understanding the pest problems of every client and understand the habitat of the pest and resolve it accordingly.

We use different methods as per the existing situation and the requirement of individual clients. Pest Control Chennai Acme sincerely evaluates its work, which helps us to continuosly improve and tackle all kind of pest problems. We strongly believe that the complete satisfaction and appreciation of the client is the best reward to our work. We always look forward for a long term association with all our clients. Why do we pest control? There is nowadays an considerable increase in our common household pests due to uncertain climate changes. These conditions becomes favorable to different kinds of pests, and enter our peaceful lives convienently. Lot of pests like the cockroaches, rats, flies, mosquitos, termites, wood borers, mites ,bed bugs etc cause loss to our health and wealth either directly or indirectly. Many diseases like malaria, dengue etc also are caused because of these dangerous pests. Termites attack our woods silently and bring great damage our wooden things, valuable documents and expensive clothes etc. Rodents damage all the things it comes across in our premises and bed bugs and mosquitoes live on human blood and transmit various diseases to us. Thus pest control services has become important in our everyday life. So pest control has become the part of sanitation and hygiene, which helps to control many diseases. Pest Control Service in Chennai Corporate offices work 24/7 and most of them find it difficult to get the pest control treatments done and so they are not able to maintain a healthy and disease free environment. Acme provides an efficient and odourless pest control services without disturbing their work timings. Our wide range of services include:        

Cockroach treatment Lizard control Bedbugs control Mosquito control Termite control Spider control Ticks treatment Rodent control treatments etc.

Acme first does proper inspection to identity the pest and decide control measure. It is important step to identify the root cause of pest problem and then to decide on the appropriate treatment.

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Pest Control Chennai