Page 1 This experiment is installed on a 3D platform virtual reality, Virtual reality (VR) is an interactive computer-generated experience taking place within a simulated environment. It incorporates mainly auditory and visual feedback; by setting up visualization on the overlaying between unfolding two objects in three different scales(small, medium and large) and introduced color switching strategy for inviting interchanging effect crossing between different scale.


x 4 m. (ABOVE GROUND LEVEL 2 m.) 0.6 x 4 m. (ABOVE GROUND LEVEL0.6 2 m.)

0.6 m

1.1 m

0.9 m

0.9 m

0.6 m

1.1 0.8mm

0.9 mm 0.8

0.90.9 m m

0.8 m 0.6 m

0.80.6 mm

0.9 m m 0.6

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Big Mountain is the birthplace of Big Mountain

Music Festival (BMMF), held at the Khao Yai

Bonanza Racetrack about 2 hours northeast of Bangkok, has grown into the largest



music festival in Southeast Asia. The fifth

edition recently took place December 7-8, hosting 65,000 attendees each day and



over 200 acts performing across 8 stages.

             

This is a painting by Salvador Dali which executed in Surrealist epoch on 1992. This

painting refers to the themes and ideas Dali

commonly explored. He lays bare some of his inner thoughts: his fears, personal anxieties, and

persistent obsessions.However, I resolve to see

this painting as merging of differentiate figures. With gentleness combination of figurative in this

painting such as; human figures, insects, or even irregular forms; relations between partials are

constructed. It consists of many delicate details to emphasis transforming of shapes become more

sophisticate. Curvy and continuity elements

are express in coherence of shaping. Refers to colors, Yellow and blue are main colors of this

painting. Rendering gradient is also introduced from shape to shape and, create an effect that

expands shading on the painting become more

variations. For example, yellow color on main body gradient to be light yellow and become

cream while transforming from body shape to be human figure.

Also some parts that including with black color and dark tone, deepness is formed and visualized more precisely. Some of red color can

be seen in some detail in this painting.For this

drawing, I decided to see yellow irregular shapes and human figures become as a main part of exterior. Black color has seen as ground space that create deepness for area. In addition, Blue sky gradient and couple figure are refer to interior space for representing painting’s story.

TALE OF IMAGINE ft. Platform sandbox V.3

“Tale of imagine� is the story which talking about journey to finding definition of multiplicity by using architecture

elements as one of apparatus for blowing an imagination. Firstly started from choosing objects from architecture elements to performed as actors for this story. The idea

is to experiment on formalism and finding ways to con-

structed meaning. In this case, on experimental process is

used to understand more in material properties how it can works or what is their identities in each element or

between compilation. However, by repition in numbers is not the one that interested to used as a solution to find the

meaing. After experiment with among of huge numbers in repeating objects, what interested is new meaning

which come from multiplicity in definition not only numbers without direction.

In exploring the imaginary of a swamp—a living organism in which borders defined by social, political and cultural factors are porous and permeable— the Swamp School will

investigate an open artistic/architectural form, effective

workshop and publication methodologies. The Swamp School will act as a pilot for future learning environments, informed by and informing the architecture and installations of

its own space. Research questions will focus on creating public interfaces and manuals that support adaptation

and learning to meet the demands of a changing environment.

SWAMP RADIO PAVILION Lithunia pavilion, Venice Bienale 2018

TRACK 00 - A piece of crab Song of Venice nature

Arranged by: Jana Winderen Jan Moszumanski Ashwin Bharathi Velupillai Sugumar Chawapol Watcharasukarn Dua Nur CIftci Fiorella Gomez Silva Gencay Derbentoğulları Mijail Alexei Fraunulic Sarah Ather Kashmiri

SUPER IMPOSITION Representational Objects The workshop is structured as an anti-reductionist thought

experiment - a conceptual installation exploring new modalities and working methods by which architecture makes

archietcture and the city. Situated within contemporary discourse on appropriation and representation.

SUPER IMPOSITION Workshop by Peter Testa & Devyn Weiser Team members: Chawapol Watcharasukarn Fiorella Gomez Silva Mijail Fraunulic Nur Ciftci

VIRTUAL OF EXQUSITE CORPSE “Contextualize of digital ready-mades� In this experiment, built-up software was introduced to precede on speculative purpose

by providing the result from setting two different cameras which work as a sectional plane on different objects, projected back on interface plane through controlling parameter on

this interface, two separated views are able to rotate on three different axis (x, y, z) and the shifted position is for joining and creating interchange effect on center line (folding

line). Referring to this built-up interface, results are generated in real-time activated by controlling through parameters which many possibilities are created through rotation,

shifting and scaling. In terms of real time, an intense and creative mode of seeing is invited by observer. Choosing where, when and for how long to observe is very important. The observation must be attentive and open to differences and change. It is an activity that requires practice to become skilled.

Long time ago, “Vernacular architecture” is


needs, availability of construction materials and


an architectural style, designed based on local

also reflecting local traditions various ways. Gently emerging accompanied by strong characteristics that appeared explicitly among context and architecture in each location, provocates us

to rethink about the relation between context

and location for the city nowadays “how to use the idea for vernacular as an apparatus to formulate

alternative definition of characteristic to the city which is composed of modernism heritage.”











Moving onto the present; needs and traditions


might consider vernacular design as too obsolete


in our society has changed so far. Some people

to be in everyday content, but if penetrated deeper in essence of vernacular meaning as

“a relevance of local needs”, What is desired

inside the society which is located in the city? Apparently, architecture is not only based on edifices, they are also concerned with human

and life style which possibly to diffrentiate by cultural and tradition in each society. Nowadays we

are all surrounded by many objects in daily life which are derived from crystalization of society characteristics. For instance, cooking tools, animal










sculptures for worships, stuffs in everyday life which

related to activities and habitations, aggregation of those materials and rearticulation in eccentric way perchance reflected and extracted alternative identity inside the society to engender and

reintepretation on relation between “vernacular

architecture and the city”. With deliberation in synthesis characteristic, to amplified the content

between vernacular and the city explicitly, intially to see city as a local, local as a landscape, landscape as a context that surrounded by

human, and human also surrounded by daily objects which are consequence from human needs. All of them are relevance in each other, referring

from this idea, daily objects are used to be material for finding and multiplicity characteristic in the city which generally loses identity by obsession of modernism heritage somehow. Here-in, introduce a

new perspective of those daily objects we are accustomed to, according to each of its stories, to see

how it would lead us towards a new way of perceiving things and to see each of it through other dimensions. As far as out eyes could see,

“Doesn’t Matter.”

WEAVING WEAVING Bengal island, Takamatsu 2014 In 2013, participated in the bamboo weaving workshop called “Ami-ami� by Takashi Nishibori in Takamatsu city, Japan. The workshop was initiated from learning how to weave bamboo lines together and after that try to create a big installation by using weaving pattern to connect and cover along the workshop space.

NARRATIVES IN BOUNDLESS SPACE Narratives in Boundless Space comprises of dramatic reflections in virtual reality on Venice in the age of hyper-consumption of images. The installation counts eight projects, produced by students of Johan Bettum in Städelschule Architecture Class. Within the installation, the projects are presented on physical islands under hovering clouds - both digitally abstracted from the urban fabric of Venice.

Untitled Universe Drawing on the interlinked seclusions of the Venice Ghetto and the Jewish Cemetery, Untitled Universe presents a collection of hybrid objects extracted from objects found in the two locations. The project collapse and embeds forms and identities that are distinct yet belong to one and the same within one another. Untitled Universe reflects specifically on the two discrete locations where Jewish culture, life and death have played out over the centuries, but also reverberates with the complex, historical manifold that is Venice.

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